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*Neutering and Spaying* will greatly reduce a cat's territory
and help towards preventing them from getting lost.
*Photo's & Microchip* - show them you care.."

If you are the owner of a missing "chipped" pet
please register with Scanner Angel

More and more traffic accidents are reported involving young unneutered males.
Keep your cat indoors until neutered.
If that is a problem then many vets will neuter earlier than the usual 6 months.

Not all cats appear on our front page - check the area pages too

Lost Cats - Click on the photo

 c6949 Boo a chipped DSH Black and White cat lost in St Annes FY8

There is nothing so heartbreaking than realising you have no photo's
See to it now - take photo's regularly

Found cats - click on the photo

May have travelled to its current location

         3 'Home Safe'  January - March 2015

Now rehomed NR31 Homesafe Angel c6185

In a nine-year period,
one unspayed female cat can be responsible for 11 million cats,
counting her off-spring and their off-spring.
And that is only if two cats from each litter survive"
Have your cat seen to !
Contact your local Vet or Rescue for advice.