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" BH "

Kinson BH11
Farley found 7 July 2014
  • Farley a young adult entire Fluffy male
  • Creamy Ginger with White and Feint stripes
  • In scratty condition
  • Found on Mount Road
  • With PDSA  01202 533630 email

Westbourne BH4
Ginger found 15 February 2014
  • RTA involving a young DSH Female
  • Ginger Tabby with very stripey tail
  • in good condition and very friendly
  • found on Alumhurst Road
    With PDSA 01202 533630 email

Bournemouth BH8
Tabby found 18 January 2014
  • An 8-9yr old DSH Female with Greeny Yellow eyes
  • Tabby with tiny White patch on chest
  • Quite thin, looks elderly, very vocal and friendly
  • Found on Jewell Road 
    With PDSA 01202 533630 email

Bournemouth BH2
Toots found 19 November 2013
  • A 4yr old DSH male .. chipped but number not recognised..
  • Black with few White hairs on chest
  • Found on Durley Chine Road
    With PDSA 01202 533630 email

Bournemouth BH11
Tortie found 4 October.2013
  • A 15yr+ DSH female with Golden eyes
  • Dark Tortie.. Ginger Black Brown.. no White
  • Found on Turbury Park Avenue
  • Generally unkempt.. has bronchitis
    With PDSA 01202 533630 email

Christchurch BH23
'Carlos' found 25 December.2011
  • Carlos a young DSH male with Orange / Copper eyes
  • Grey
  • Found on Wilton Close
    contact :01202 482895 email

Merley BH21
'Tabbs' found May.2010
  • Tabbs a DSH young adult cat, unsure of sex. Gold eyes
  • Ginger: Thick dark ginger stripes. Has a large round head
  • Found on Sopwith Crescent
    contact: 01202 884667 email

Bournemouth BH5
'Boscombe' found 4th Dec.2008

'Boscombe' a long haired cat with Yellow-Green eyes
White, Brown &  Black: Mostly White with Brown and Black splodges
Found in the area of Argyll Road...
Very dirty and thin. Was really thirsty so I think he/she had
been trapped for a while. Seems very happy now and is obviously from a caring home as she is very affectionate and well natured.

contact: 01202 250583 email