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Cats found in the 'CB' postal area

Cambridge CB5
'Harry' Found 30 Sept.2009
  • A DLH cat with Green eyes
  • Black with some White.. White stripe around neck
  • Seen around the area of Newmarket Road
  • In situe

contact: 07737650357  email

Chesterton CB4
'Gobbolino' Found Sept.2009
  • 'Gobbolino' A young DSH male
  • All Black
  • Rather thin

contact: email

Ely CB7
'Fred' found 29.Sept.2009
  • 'Fred' an adult DSH male with Yellow eyes
  • Black and White: mainly Black with White socks,belly,muzzle
  • In good condition, a bit fat. It seems neutered.
  • Found on Bohemond Street..

contact: 07900 343425 email

Newmarket CB8
'Grace' found 6.Sep.2009 - 25. Sept.2009
  • 'Grace' guestimated at 6-12mths old a DSH female with Yellow eyes
  • Black and White. All four paws White socks with White bib
    covering tummy which has Black markings in.
    Grace now Meisha has decided to adopt her finder, a happy life seems well assured.

Chesterton CB4
'Doreen' found Aug.2009
  • 'Doreen'  a long haired cat thought to be female
  • Grey Tabby with Ginger
  • She has been begging at my door over the last couple of days, she is either lost or neglected.
  • I'm not worried about her health
  • Now with Arbury Road Vets who have someone ready to adopt if the owner is not found

contact: 01223 361911

Ely CB6
'Harry' found April/May.2009
  • Harry a young ? aprox 1 - 5yrs Fluffy male with Greeny Yellow eyes
  • Black all over and slightly long haired with a fluffy tail.
  • Possibly neutered (difficult to tell with his fluffy fur). Did have collar and tag when was 1st seen, but that was lost by the time I realised he was a stray.
  • Friendly(now)although a bit timid. Comes to me for breakfast and dinner most but not every day.
  • Found in the area of Hillside..
    contact: :07786 575155 email

Ely CB6
'Grandpappy Albert' found 11th Jul.2009
  • Around 3 - 6yrs old a Long haired cat - sex unknown
  • Black with Red tinge: White Bib, White paws, White streak on right cheek, long White eyebrows and White whiskers
  • Very very smart and friendly, used to people obviously a lost pet
  • He/she is under nourished, needs rehydrating, but is okay otherwise.
  • Wearing a Royal Blue collar when found in the vicinity of Alexander Close.

contact: 07720 841371 email

'RTA' 6th Apr.2006
  • Very very sadly I found a cat that had been hit by a car today. I'm devastatingly upset about it still.
  • He was a black male, short hair, youngish (under 5 years but thats just a guess), quite a tall cat, a big cat but not fat.
  • I found him on Huntingdon Road near to Howes Place. I found him at about 4.45pm , I moved him to the verge and a kind lady in a house nearby gave me a blue blanket to put over him
  • I've phoned the following vets and let them know, one of them said they would try and get someone out to check for a microchip.
    Cambridge Vet Group Cherry Hinton and Histon Road branches
    Arbury Road Vet group
    Companion Care Ltd
  • I would have taken him to get him checked but i dont live in Cambridge and didn't know what else to do. - RIP little fella, I'm sorry I couldn't do more

Girton CB3
'Charlie' found 14th Nov.2008
  • Charlie a 5yr old ? DLH neutered male
  • Ginger and white
  • In good condition, well fed (quite round!) but very hungry.
  • With neighbours. making himself at home and not showing any
    inclination to wander off. Very friendly, likes a fuss and human company.
  • No chip found
  • Found in the area of Hicks Lane..

contact: 01223 276609 email

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