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" CF "

A469  CF83 ?
Found September 2016
  • A young DSH Grey and White male
  • Found A467 Dual carriageway between Llanbradach & Caerphilly
  • contact email

Pontypridd CF37
Howl found 13 November 2013
  • Howl a large adult neutered DSH male with Green eyes
  • Grey and Black stripes over cream undercoat.
  • Found at Pontypridd Train Station
  • contact: 07751 696695

Hensol CF72
'Zorro' found 25 December 2011
  • Zorro a 3+yr old Fluffy cat with Yellow eyes
  • White and Black coat with a 'mask of zorro' Black mask on face and Pink nose
  • In very good condition and well nourished for the time being
  • Moving around looking for food


contact:01443 22157  email

Pentrebach CF48
'Babes' found 20 November 2011
  • Babes a DSH entire male
  • Tabby
  • Found on Hafod Street


contact:01443 690257  email

Cathays CF24
'Pebbles' found 4 November 2011
  • Pebbles a young DSH female with Amber / Green eyes
  • White with Black blotches and tail. Black nose, Nice White teeth


contact: email

Llanishen CF14
RIP 'Fiddy' found AM.14.May.2010
  • Found Fidlas Road, Llanishen
  • On grass by bus stop nr junction of Station Road
  • 'Fiddy' an All Black cat sadly victim of RTA.
    contact: 02920 757339 email

Leckwith CF11
'Raif' found 23.Mar.2010
  • Raif an entire DSH male - No chip
  • Black and White
  • Found in the Leckwith area
    contact: 02920 404768 email

Barry CF62
'Berry' found Nov.2009
  • 'Berry' believed to be an older female
  • Fluffy White with Blue eyes
  • Found in Woodham Park..
    contact: 01446 730691 email

Caerphilly CF83
'Tigger' found 19.Aug.2009
  • 'Tigger' a young DSH cat unsure of age and sex Tabby with White bib.
  • Found in garden on Bartlett Street.. it just
    came up to us and won't go away.have taken it to the vets unfortunatly it has not been chipped, but is very friendly and must be used to humans., It has been in our garden,we have given it a box for shelter and some food but it doesn't look under weight or unkempt.
    contact: 07837 517761 email

Penarth CF64
'Cuddles' found 11th Jul.2009
  • Cuddles a DSH cat unsure of sex or age Black and White (white feet, stomach and chin). In great condition, very healthy looking and very friendly
  • Found in the Penarth area
    contact: 07833 222602 email

Old St Mellons CF3
'Claudiah' found Early Jan.2009
  • Claudiah an aprox. 4yr old DLH female with bright Green / Yellow eyes Charcoal Grey / Light Black coat, very long haired, high cheek bones. Found in the area of Began Road.
  • First saw her living in our garden, obviously a house cat as
    condition started to deteriorate in time, but she was too shy and quick for us to get close until early March - all we could do was leave a box and food out for her in garage. Now she trusts us enough to come into house and has had good brushing (had to cut clumps of fur out) she's starting to look better. Obviously very loving house-trained pet - someone must be missing her.

contact: 07971 172133 email

Aberfan CF48
'Dzu Dzu' found 20th June.2008

A DSH Male
White, Brown and Black with Green eyes
Found in the area of Bryntaf..
contact: would the finder of this cat please send a contact number - your email address is not recognised.

Canton CF5
'Tortie' found 19th Sept.2007

Found near Victoria Park
Grey tortoiseshell moggy type cat, female, quite vocal
but with a quiet voice.
Missing some teeth estimated age 10+, very very very friendly.
Very underweight. Very small appetite. Allergy to fleas
resulted in lots of scabs and sores but is not infested with fleas. Has been given topical bath and vet treatment via frontline.
contact: 07733 223499 email

Pontprennau CF23
'Mini' Found Jan.2006

Mini aprox 5-6mth Long haired cat with yellow eyes
Gray Tabby markings with White chest. Prominent dark line around small pink nose.
Found near ASDA, In general area
Very thin and timid but I've been feeding I feed it each morning
and take it in for a while during the evening, but my own two cats wont take to it so have to put it out at night as my two might pick on it.
contact: 029 20816701 email

Trethomas CF83
'Ruby' Found 1/2 July 2006

Found a DSH female Under 1 year old
Tabby cat, white under chin, no other white markings.
Sticky up tuffty bits down her back.
Has NO Mircrochip sadly.
Eye colour :Green
Condition :Skinny, has recently received invasive veterinary treatment, needs to be seen by her own vet asap. Very friendly, very vocal!
We have her in our possession & are willing to give her a home should her owners no longer feel able to care for her.
RSPCA & CPL have been informed she has been found.

contact: 07875 525861 email

" CF "