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" CM "

Southminster CM0
Found 4 October.2012
  • Sadly deceased a Grey Tabby with a Baby Blue diamante collar
  • Found off Main Street
  • Now with Southminster Vets
  • contact (vet) 01621 774747 finder email

Ongar CM5
'RTA' found 13 june.2012
  • A Large Black cat
  • By side of road on Blake Hall Road
  • In Situe (no other information)

Little Waltham CM3
'RTA' found 21.Jan.2011
  • A Chunky Tabby cat found by side of road, wrapped in towel
  • Found on Back Lane
  • In Situe

Little Waltham CM3
'RTA' found 15.Jan.2011
  • A Small cat found on Back Lane
  • Black with 4 White paws and white chest / abdomen
  • In Situe

A414 CM
'Douglas' found 19.Oct.2010
  • Douglas a DSH chipped & neutered male.
  • All White
  • In good condition - chipped in Cornwall but not registered.
  • Found on the A414, now with Cats Protection, Chelmsford.

contact:01245 478389 email

Old Harlow CM17
'Kitten' found 28.Jul.2010
  • Kitten a young DLH male with Dark Amber eyes
  • Ginger with White paws adn Chest
  • Coat good, ear mites, fleas. Don't think he has been neutered. Appears well.
  • Found on London Road

contact: 07725 024827 email

Sawbridgeworth CM21
'Tinkerbell' found 7.Jul.2010
  • Tinkerbell is the name on her tag, phone number no longer in use
  • around 2yr old DSH female with Green eyes
  • Tabby: Completely Tabby and beautiful, most pretty cat
  • She is in excellant condition, although was hungry and tired.
    Very very loving and affectionate. I have wormed and de-flead her.
  • Found on Lawrence Moorings
    Good home waiting if owner not found.

contact: 07850 861740 email

Galleywood CM2
'Smudge' found 5.Jun.2010
  • Smudge a long haired cat with Yellow eyes
  • Black and White: Black smudge on nose
  • In fair condition but thin
  • Found in Well Lane..

contact: 01245 281808 email

Hatfield Forest CM22
'Paddy' found 8.Oct.2009
  • Paddy a young entire DSH male with pale Green / Yellow eyes
  • Ginger Tabby
  • Found at Little Barrington Hall..
    contact: 01279 771635 email

Epping CM16
'PussCat' found c.Jul.2009
  • Found in the area of Pump Lane
  • A DSH cat with Pale Green eyes
  • Ginger and White: White chest, 4 White paws, Hooped tail+

contact: 07980 408249 email

Brentwood CM
'Teddy' found Dec.2008
  • Found in the Brentwood area, a large long haired male.
  • White whiskers, chin, bib, underbelly and feet. Distinctive White patches on the front elbows.

contact: 07852 166883  email

CM3 nr Danbury
7th May.2006
  • Seen at roadside , A414 between Danbury and A12 an RTA.
  • A Brown Fluffy cat, undercoat appeared lighter.
  • Body removed by Tuesday 9th.May.2006

CM18 Harlow
1st July.2006
  • Siamese or Siamese cross, a pregnant queen found in the Stewards area of Harlow
  • Finder willing to care for & adopt this cat if owner not found
    contact: 07866 129306

CM2 Chelmsford
19th July.2006
  • RTA - a (smallish) Tabby cat with White paws No Collar No Chip
  • Kitty was just under the A130 bridge that runs over the A138. So it is quite specific. I parked just past the bridge and walked back. It is a very busy road though.
  • On the map A130 road it is called White Hart Lane and A138 (old A12) Chelmer Road (in Springfield) you see them cross over on this map.
  • Cleansing department retrieved today. They can not hold the remains so probably moved out today..

CM17 Church Langley
'Langley' found c.16th July 2006
  • 'Langley' a DSH female around 5-8 yrs old
  • Tabby black and blonde: Black on Hind legs, Tabby, mackeral
  • Good condition although quite barrel looking not sure if she
    could have recently had kittens. Being fed by a lady although she wont take it in because she has a cat already

tel: 01223 873 420  email 

Brentwood CM
24th July.2006
  • RTA on the A12 (heading towards London) at the top of the Ingatestone slip road. a Jensen lookalike wearing a Silver irridescent camouflage collar. Died instantly - taken to Best Friends Vetinerary Surgery for scanning 
  • Another picked up just before the above also taken to Best Friends Surgery in Brentwood. This time a Black & White cat with Black collar & Mouse magnet. Also would have died instantly.
    Further details contact:
nb: Well done Brentwood Council & Best Friends for being so helpful and understanding.

S.Woodham Ferrers CM3
Found 27th Jul.2006
  • Found at Champions Manor Hall car park, Hullbridge Road, South Woodham Ferrers
  • Long haired female a very beautiful dilute tortie with Green eyes. Her coat is mostly blue/grey on the tips and white underneath. She has bits of ginger distributed through her coat. She is Very thin, coat a little rough.
  • Now with Scott Nimmo vet practice, Woodham Halt, South Woodham Ferrers, Essex. 01245 329942

A1016 CM1
Found 8th Aug.2006
  • RTA Large Tabby & White on the side of the road (A1016) Chelmer Valley Road. In the map link he is just above where the blue line stretches across the A1016 (Where the letters RD are).
  • Council notified.
Further details contact MyMoggy

B1018 CM9
Found 25th Aug.2006
  • I have just seen a dead cat lying on the grass verge next to the heybridge approach B1018 heading to Langford.(CM9 postcode)
  • Its a black cat wearing a black collar with yellow fluorescent eyes on it and a bell. I have asked the council to pick up and the details will be logged on the councils database.

B1018 CM9
Found 7th Sept.2006
  • My neighbour has just reported seeing a tabby cat on the B1018 Heybridge Approach someone must have moved it to the side of the road -
  • I went & found the cat its a beautiful tabby cat, quite large, white paws and a little white under chin. He/She hasnt got a collar.
  • Feel really bad leaving him/her there.

Woodham Mortimer CM9
Found Oct.2006
I didnt see the cat myself but it was reported as being all black and they didnt think he/she had a collar.
The cat was found in a layby of the bus stop opposite post office road in Woodham Mortimer, Its the main road between Maldon and Danbury

Latchingdon CM3
Found Oct.2006
  • A Black cat with no collar found on the Maldon Road on Thursday 2/11/06 just as you leave Latchingdon towards Mundon

Bellhouse Ramsden CM11
'Tibsey' found Mar.2007
  • Tibsey a DSH Black / Brown Tortie female 3-4yrs old.

Hutton CM13
Found c.Mid March
  • A Black/Grey Tabby cat with White Bib, legs and paws
  • Has been in and around our garden for approximately 6 weeks. From very early morning to late at night
  • In good condition
    contact: 07930 545641 email

Fyfield CM5
'Smokey Jo' found 13th Jun.2007
  • 'Smokey Jo' a long haired cat with Amber eyes.
  • All Grey, slightly lighter on the head.
  • Thin very nervous at being approached but condition otherwise
    v good eating++
  • Found in the area of Norwood End, Fyfield...

contact: 01277 899684 email

Billericay CM11
'Tabs' found 28th Jun.2007
  • 'Tabs' a 9-10yr old (estimated by vet) entire DSH male with Beige eyes
  • A Brown striped Tabby - a little timid. When found in the area of Bunting Lane, he was unable to use his left front paw due to an abcess. Also suffering from infection in right eye, and possibly flu.
  • Now treated by vet, and prescribed antibiotics, anti-imflamatory tablets and eye drops, so hopefully condition should improve.
contact: 01277 632527 email

Chelmsford CM1
'Cuddly' found 3rd Sept.2007
  • 'Cuddly a very young adult DFH male with Green / Yellow eyes
  • Black & White - all Black apart from White face and some White on paws, chest and on tummy. Pink nose and big ears & paws.
    very friendly, cuddly & squeaky.
  • Thin and small, but coat in good condition.
  • Found in the area of South Primrose Hill...
    contact: 07775 928942 email

Maldon CM9
'Tabby' found c. Nov.2007
  • An aprox. 2yr old DSH entire male
  • Tabby, with dark marking running down back and racoon marking on tail
  • Living at the back of shops (Emporium) on the high street for the past year.

contact: 01621855406 email

" CM "
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