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Cats found in the 'CW' postal area

Madeley Heath CW3
Found .2016
  • A DSH Mackeral Tabby cat
Contact   ref: c8098

Winnington CW8
Ginge found .2014
  • Ginge an aprox 2yr old DSH male
  • White with Ginger Tabby patches
  • found on Burnside Way
  • more
contact:07881 503662 email

Middlewich CW10
Dave found c.January.2012
  • Dave a DSH male with Green eyes
  • Grey and white Has some missing side teeth. Has one flat ear
  • Found on St Ann's Road
contact:07706 869413 email

Barnton CW8
White Cat found 14,Sept.2011
  • On Runcorn Road. a Fatal RTA
  • Involving a Fluffy White and Tabby cat. Mainly White with Tabby Patches, bushy Tabby tail
  • Was on grass verge at lunchtime, gone by teatime
contact: email

Northwich CW9
'Fluffy' found c,12,Oct.2010
  • I have a black fluffy cat with Amber coloured eyes
    that has turned up at my house in Northwich 2 nights in a row.

contact: email

Kingsmead CW9
'George' found 2009

George an aprox.4yr old DSH neutered male
Black with White markings on toes and chest. Has lost part of left ear.
Very thin and looks like he has been lost for a while. Very friendly and likes company.
contact: 01606 330396 email

Winsford CW7
'Friend' found c.June.2009

An adult DSH entire male cat
Black and White : Distinctive features with Black marking across his face and has a small tear to the top of one of his ears
contact: email

Acton Bridge CW8
'Wisp' found Feb.2007

This poor cat was brought to us yesterday from the Acton Bridge area of Northwich. It is not possible to sex him/her at present because the cat is too distressed, if male he has been neutered.
Currently being cared for at Paws Inn Weaverham.

contact: 01606 851764  email

Middlewich CW10
'Hoover' found mid Nov.2007

Found in the area of Cross Lane...
A fluffy All Black cat with one White whisker - a Yng Adult with Yellow eyes
Nervous and hungry but healthy
contact: 01606 834733 email

Moulton CW9
'Ada' found c. Dec.2006

This cat was found by an old lady around Christmas 2006
Currently being cared for at Paws Inn Weaverham.

contact: 01606 851764  email