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Walthamstowe E17
Found August 2014
  • A DSH female
  • White with Black / Tabby
  • Found on Erskine Road

contact:02085 212780

Barnet E3 / 9
Celeste found January 2012
  • Celeste an aprox 7-8mth old DLH female
  • Black and White with 3 White paws and left hind leg is White
  • Very loud and talkative no chip or collar
  • Found in Victoria Park
  • Now with East Barnet Vet Surgery

contact: 02084 405742

Chingford E4
Found October.2011
  • A DLH Classic Tabby cat
  • Very friendly but thin
  • Found in Rookwood Gardens

contact: email

Chingford E4
'Roni' found May.2010
  • In the area of Mornington Road
  • a Black and White cat with All Black tail
  • As yet i can not get anywhere near him so that is all i know
    contact: 02082 797436 email

Clapton E5
'Tabby' found c.Oct.2009
  • Tabby an entire DSH male
  • Marbled Tabby with White. Distinctive marking along back. White around the mouth White bib and paws
  • Recently lost his Red collar.
  • Visiting residence on Redwald Road

contact:078151 09501 email

Tower Hamlets E2
'Sam' found 23.Oct.2009
  • A young DSH cat
  • Black with White feet and White mark around nose and neck
  • Very affectionate and playful
  • Wearing Purple collar with bell
  • Found on Columbia Road / corner of Hackney Road..

contact: 07913 782 725 email

Millwall E14
'Tanner' found c.10.Sept.2009
  • 'Tanner' a Long haired cat - unsure of sex or age.
  • Black and White: wearing a Purple collar
  • Around this area since Sep 10th 2009. We have been feeding it. Seems fine, though rather hungry and scared. S/he tucks into Cat food!
  • Found in the Dockers Tanner Road area.
    contact: 02075 369826 email

N.Woolwich E16
'Poppy' found 4th Aug.2009
  • 'Poppy' aprox 4mth old DSH male
  • Tabby with White underneath
  • Overall seems in ok condition although was very hungry.
    contact: 07951 420966 email

Leyton E10
'Fuk-Fuk' found 10th Jan.2009
  • Found in the area of Cheltenham Road - Been around for 2-3mths.
  • Aprox. 1-2yrs old DSH male with Green eyes
  • Ginger Tabby: four White paws, White on stomach and on front chest,
  • Very affectionate, well-behaved, knows how to use litter-tray, very young and playful, misses owners cries a lot when he is outside
  • He is in good condition he has been well fed and is big build for such a young cat. but, has been outside for at least 2-3 months until I realised that I was feeding a cat and not a fox.
  • Has no home to go to since he is always there outside the garden no matter what time of day of what type of weather.
  • I have let him into the house now but can't keep this up for too long since my landlady is coming back beginning of feb and she hates animals
  • Please can some kind person take this lovely little boy home, he is very well behaved inside the house and so loving and affectionate and would make a wonderful companion in this journey of life or until his owners are found.
    contact: email

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