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" EN "

Enfield EN1
Penny found August.2011
  • Penny a DSH female
  • Black and White, Medium size, thin. Very friendly
  • Found on Hazelwood Road

contact: 0208 366 4613 email

Cat HIll EN4
RIP Cat found 19 October.2011
  • An aprox 5yr old entire male
  • All Black
  • Taken in to East Barnet Vet Surgery
  • Suffering from seizures.. and kidney failure
  • Sadly had to be PTS, will be kept at surgery for 7days.
  • Was a largy cat, good body weight and coat in good condition.
  • Found on residential road close to Cat HIl.

contact: 02084 405742

Barnet EN5
RTA 'Brian' found c. 26 Dec.2010
  • Brian an aprox 1yr old entire male
  • Small (still growing ) Maine Coon / x : Silver Tabby with White muzzle, chest and paws. Quite dirty. Very friendly.
  • RTA mld head trauma and paralysis of tail.
  • Found on Station Road
  • Now with East Barnet Vet Surgery

contact: 02084 405742

Bush Hill Park EN1
'George' found c. 26 Dec.2010
  • George an adult DSH cat with Green eyes
  • Black and White that is mainly White, with a White nose and conspicuous White patch on back.
  • Very scared indeed.
  • Found on St Marks Road

contact: 02083 729924 email

Barnet EN5
'Blacky' found 21.May.2010
  • Blacky a 2-4yr old Medium haired female with Yellow / Green eyes
  • Completely Black even her lips. Small to medium size.
  • No chip - more than likely spayed.
  • Found on Manor Road..
    contact: 02084 490665 email