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" FY4 "

Blackpool FY4
Fatal RTA found 13 October.2014
  • Victim of Fatal RTA
  • Watson Road Park, by bus stop
  • A Black cat wearing Red / Orange collar
  • Photo held  .. text to 07974 671689

Blackpool FY4
Fatal RTA found 21 August .2014
  • Victim of Fatal RTA
  • Squires Gate Lane by Lindale Gardens in dual carriageway
  • A Ginger & White cat
  • Later removed.. any information please inform

Blackpool FY4
Found August .2014
  • A young DSH cat entire male
  • Ginger and White
  • Found by Harcourt Road
  • contact: 07714 003503
  • more

Blackpool FY4
Found July .2014
  • A DSH cat involved in RTA  Rather poorly
  • Black
  • Corner of Lytham Road / Windermere
  • Owner needed urgently
  • contact: Bob Jones Vets 01253 402255

Blackpool FY4
Found July .2014
  • A DSH cat
  • Grey and White
  • Visiting residence on Bournemouth Road
  • contact: email
  • more

Blackpool FY4
Found March .2014
  • A DSH male cat
  • Tabby and White
  • Visiting residence on Lytham Road
  • Contact:  01253 407838
  • more

Blackpool FY4
Found March .2014
  • A Fluffy cat with Green eyes, unsure of sex
  • Classic Tabby with White boots , chest and whiskers.  A small cat
  • Was wearing Black collar when began visiting. residence on Marton Drive
  • Contact:  email
  • more

Blackpool FY4
Found June .2014
  • A DSH entire male
  • Possible long time stray
  • Found deceased Watson Road park
  • Now with Bob Jones Vets 01253 402255

Blackpool FY4
Found June .2014
  • a DSH Tortie cat
  • wearing Ancol collar
  • Visiting residence on Ivy avenue
  • contact 07762 081554
  • more

Blackpool FY4
Felix Found April .2014
  • a DSH Black and White female cat
  • Black teardrops around the eyes
  • Visiting residence on Chislehurst Avenue
  • contact : email
  • now with RSPCA Longview
  • more

Blackpool FY4
Bubbles Found May .2014
  • a DSH female with Green eyes
  • Black with White tummy & 4 White paws
  • Wearing Pink collar when found on Seventh Avenue
  • contact 07728 875765 email
  • More

Blackpool FY4
Found April .2014
  • A 4-5mth old kitten
  • Black and White
  • Found on Willowbank
  • Now with Cats Paws 01253 760007

Blackpool FY4
Found April .2014
  • An elderly DLH chipped...8888 Black and White cat
  • Found on Lawn Tennius Court
  • in unkempt condition
  • contact: 01253 440051 / 01253 344396

Blackpool FY4
Bert Found c.9 February .2014
  • A DSH Grey and Black striped entire male
  • Wearing new Blue Diamante studded collar
  • Found on Lytham Road
  • contact: email

Blackpool FY4
Bilbo Found 29 January .2014
  • A young DSH male with Yellow eyes
  • All Black
  • Found at Home Bargains by Asda
  • contact: 07866 617415 email

Blackpool FY4
Found 28 March .2014
  • Subject of fatal RTA by 502 Midgeland Road
  • Involving a Black and White cat
  • In situe on grass verge
  • at time of reporting

Blackpool FY4
James found 14 January.2014
  • James an aprox 6 - 12mth old DSH male with Bluey Green eyes
  • Ginger with White face feet and belly.
  • Found on Hill Street
  • contact : 07818 556940 email

Blackpool FY4
Blackie Found 11 January .2014
  • A young DSH male
  • Black.. underweight
  • Found on Waterloo Road  now with RSPCA Longview
  • contact: 07971 354272 email

Marton FY4
Found January .2014
  • A Senior DSH female with associated ailments
  • Mainly White with Black and Ginger
  • Found on Falkland Avenue
  • Now with Easterleigh  01253 789185
  • More

Blackpool FY4
Found 1 January 2014


  • A DSH Black cat
  • A few flecks of White in coat and small White mark on chest
  • Found on Arnott Road
  • Now with PDSA (sadly pts)
    contact: 07598 227310

South Shore FY4
Found 5 February 2014


  • A young DSH male
  • Tabby cat wearing collar
  • Found in garden on Lytham Road / Watson Road
  • contact : 01253 405266  more

Blackpool FY4
Found 25 December 2014


  • An older DSH neutered male with Yellow eyes
  • Black with sprinkling of White on chest and long thin tail.
  • Has gone blind, vet thinks recently, so may not have been when lost. Very thin, very affectionate and trusting.
  • Found on Preston New Road.. Now with The Vets Centre Greenways, Lytham  01253 691745

Blackpool FY4
RTA Found 28 January 2014


  • Victim of fatal RTA
  • A DSH Tortie cat Dark Tortie with White and some Ginger Tabby
  • Found by Mini Showrooms, Whitehills business park
  • Now with Bob Jones Vets.. contact: 01253 402255

South Shore FY4
Urgent Found January 2014


  • A Fluffy Tortie
  • involved in accident, in a bad way .. need owners
  • Found on Station Terrace off Bond Street
  • contact PDSA 01253 838585

South Shore FY4
Found January 2014


  • A DSH male ?
  • Ginger and White
  • Wearing collar when found on Hill Street
  • contact: 07818 556940
  • more

Blackpool FY4
RTA found 7 January 2014


  • Victim of RTA
  • A DSH Grey cat
  • At the side of the road on the grass between the Windmill and the Clifton Arms on preston new road.. in situe
  • contact: 07974 671689 (text please)

Blackpool FY4
Spud found 21 November 2013


  • A young DSH entire male
  • Ginger with White socks and chest
  • Found Burton Road / Vicarage Lane
  • contact 07817 023943 : email
  • more

Blackpool FY4
Found November 2013
  • A DSH Full Ginger cat
  • Found Lyndhurst Avenue
  • contact: email
  • more

Marton FY4
RTA found 13 November 2013
  • Fatal RTA a DSH Black cat was seen this morning at 8.15 at the bottom of Penrose ave / Vicarage lane laying on the path, looks like the cat was moved as was gone by 3.15pm today

Mereside FY4
Merlin found 31 October 2013
  • A DSH Black cat , white flecks on lower abdomen
  • Found on Branstree Road
  • Collar mark but no collar when found
  • contact: 07936 224984 
  • more

South Shore FY4
RTA found 31 October 2013
  • Subject of fatal RTA
  • A DSH Black and White (Cowprint) cat
  • In situe side of the road by Aldi entrance, Waterloo Road
  • contact: email
    photo held.

South Shore FY4
Found October 2013
  • A DSH Ginger cat
  • Found on Powell Avenue
  • Sadly put to sleep.
  • contact Bob Jones Vets 01253 402255

South Shore FY4
Ross found 28 September 2013
  • Ross an aprox 6mth old Fluffy male with Green eyes
  • Black and White fluffy Black tail
  • Found on Amy Johnson Way
  • contact: 01253 407996 / 01253 312580 email

South Shore FY4
Ruby found September 2013
  • Ruby a DSH Black and White cat
  • Found back Ribble Road
  • contact:01253 344396
  • more

Marton FY4
Toby found September 2013
  • Toby an elderly Fluffy neutered male
  • Torbie
  • Found on Newhouse Road
  • contact: 01253 763162

South Shore FY4
Sally found September 2013
  • Sally a 12yr+ female
  • White with tabby markings. Face is mainly White
  • Snotty nose poss cat flue / rhinitis.. very bad teeth, few left
  • found on Watson Road
  • Now with Andrew Mellor Vets
  • contact: 01253 357380    more

Blackpool FY4
Found c.29 September 2013
  • An aprox 6mth old DSH female
  • Mackeral (full) Tabby
  • Found on Vicarage Lane
  • more

Marton FY4
Beauty found 27 September 2013
  • Beauty an aprox 8wk old DSH male with Grey / Green eyes
  • Black .. in ok condition
  • Found on Langdale Road
    contact: 07973 234011
  • more

South Shore FY4
Found c.24 September 2013
  • A young entire male
  • Ginger and White
  • Found on Kingsway
  • contact: 01253 344396
  • more

South Shore FY4
Salem found 17th August 2013
  • Salem a young adult cat unsure of sex.. with Goldy Brown eyes
  • Chipped to the Blackburn area, details haven't been updated
  • Black with White chest White paws at front, White socks at back. White hairs very finely thoughout the coat, White mouth.
  • Visiting residence on Boscome Road
  • contact: 07971 453657 email
  • more

Marton FY4
RTA found 1 September 2013
  • Found on Vicarage Lane by B&M
  • A DSH White & Grey cat with Tortie tail
  • Now with PDSA  01253 838585

Marton FY4
Found August 2013
  • Found on Hawes Side Lane, by Box Bros
  • A DSH Tabby and White cat
  • contact: Nine Lives 01253 344396

Blackpool FY4
Crystal found 25 August 2013
  • Found on School Road
  • A Fluffy female
  • White with Tabby head and tail
  • contact: 07860 921747

Marton FY4
RTA Found 22 August 2013
  • Fatal RTA
  • A Large Grey / Blue cat
  • Under the bridge by the Welcome Pub (now Cherry Tree) moved on to pavement by somone.
  • contact: 07787 532613

Peel FY4
RTA Found 16 August 2013
  • A Large Fluffy White cat
  • in hedgerow on side of road next to Whitehills Motors, Whitehill Road
  • contact: 07887 532613

South Shore FY4
Found 8 August 2013
  • On the Railway line by Raleigh Avenue and the Alexander Blind home
  • A DLH Ginger Tabby and White cat
  • contact: Text to 07708 972217

South Shore FY4
Tortie found July 2013
  • A young DSH female
  • Tortie.. seems to have a collar mark
  • Found in South Shore
  • Now with Nine Lives 01253 344396

South Shore FY4
Tabby found 12 July 2013
  • An older DSH female
  • Mackeral Tabby
  • Needs her owner Fast
  • found on Harrington Avenue
  • Now with Bob Jones Vets 01253 402255
  • more
    Sadly this little lady was just too weak, she passed on overnight, she will be kept at the vets for a few days.

South Shore FY4
Found June 2013
  • An approx 1½yr old DSH female ?
  • Black with a slight brownish caste in some places
  • Found on Mossway
  • contact: 01253 765319

South Shore FY4
Tinks found 14 May 2013
  • Tinks an aprox 5/6mth old DSH female ? with Yellow yes
  • Classic Tabby cat
  • Quite thin probably unspayed. Thin.
  • Found in Dorset Street
  • contact: 07969 025543 email
  • more

Blackpool FY4

Found June 2013

  • a young DSH Cat sex unknown
  • Classic Tabby
  • Visiting residence on Wetherby Avenue
  • contact: 07708 972217
Blackpool FY4

Found June 2013

  • a DSH entire male
  • White with Tabby
  • Found on Osbourne Road
  • contact: 07708 972217
  • more
Marton FY4

Found May 2013

  • A Siamese (female ? )
  • contact:07565 745605
  • More
Blackpool FY4

Found May 2013

  • A Fluffy cat
  • Black
  • Found on Sawley Avenue
  • contact 07708 972217
  • More
Blackpool FY4

Found May 2013

  • A DSH cat
  • All White
  • Found on Lytham Road by Royal Oak
  • contact   07708 972217
  • more
Blackpool FY4

Found May 2013

  • A DLH cat (possibly persian mix)
  • Black.. teeth good though some missing.. matted and unkempt
  • Found on Bean Avenue
  • contact 07708 972217
  • More
Blackpool FY4

RTA found 8 May 2013

  • Involved in fatal RTA on Harcourt Road
  • A DSH Black cat entire male, quite slim but looks fully grown
  • Left with Bob Jones Vets
  • contact (finder) 01253 693319  / vets 01253 402255
Blackpool FY4

Lucky found April 2013

  • A DSH cat
  • Tabby with White paws chest and belly
  • Found on Hawes Side Lane by Howe Avenue
  • contact :07591 467952 email
  • More
Blackpool FY4

Found April 2013

  • A DSH neutered male
  • All Black
  • Had been at Asda for 3 days.. now with Blackpool Cats in Care
  • contact :07708 972217
  • more

Are these two cats one and the same .. time frames and location makes one think so

Blackpool FY4

Found April 2013

  • A small DSH cat
  • All Black
  • Followed someone from South Park Drive to by Winton Avenue

Blackpool FY4

RTA found 26 March 2013

  • Victim of Fatal RTA a large Ginger cat
  • On Preston New Road, by the Clarence Pub
  • Now with Bob Jones Vets
    contact :07970 479821 /  01253 402255 (vet)

Blackpool FY4

RTA found 18 March 2013

  • Victim of Fatal RTA a White and Ginger cat
  • Opposite Harrow Place on Clifton Drive
  • contact : 01253 344396

Blackpool FY4

RTA found 18 March 2013

  • Victim of Fatal RTA a White and ginger cat on Progress Way Blackpool
  • No chip moved to side of road
  • contact: email

Mereside FY4

Found 18 March 2013

  • A Young DSH male with Blue eyes
  • Black
  • Found on Langdale Road (Windmill end)
  • contact: 07973 234011

South Shore FY4
Found February 2013
  • On Waterloo Road by Iceland
  • An entire semi LH Black and White cat
  • Very nervous
  • contact: 07974 671689  More
  • Owner or new home needed

South Shore FY4
Found c.18 February 2013
  • On Horncliffe Road
  • A DSH Black and White cat wearing jewelled collar
  • contact: 01253 341576   More
  • Now with RSPCA Longview

Blackpool FY4
Found c. July 2012
  • Found on Daggers Hall Lane
  • a 1-2yr old DSH female
  • Grey coat with White marking on paws, chest and chin
  • contact: 07807 025419 email

South Shore FY4
RTA 16 February 2013
  • Fatal traffic accident corner on Halton Gardens and Mossbank Place
  • A Grey and White cat
  • This cat has now been moved

South Shore FY4
Found . February 2013
  • A DSH Black and White cat
  • visiting residence on Windermere Avenue
  • contact: 07939 867711
  • more

South Shore FY4
Found . 3 February 2013
  • A Fluffy Black cat
  • victim of fatal RTA on Squires Gate Lane
  • email

South Shore FY4
Found . 3 February 2013
  • A DSH White with Grey cat (tabby / tortie? )
  • Wearing Blue collar with Black clasp
  • Found on Condor Grove
  • Past Garage on incline towards Park Road
  • Now with cleansing  contact Customer First  01253 477477
  • nb.. judging by descriptions by finder and cleansing.. this cat seems to be White with Classic Tabby Patches with Blue Flea collar

South Shore FY4
Found . December 2012
  • A young DSH  female aprox 6mths old
  • Black with White
  • Found on Blackpool Pleasure Beach
    contact: 07742 398686
  • more

South Shore FY4
Found c. December 2012
  • A young DSH  female
  • Black with White
  • contact 07708 972217
  • more

Marton FY4
Found 5 December 2012
  • Found on Lindale Gardens
  • a DSH Elderly Blue Tortie
  • Owners needed urgently
    contact RSPCA

Marton FY4
Found 30 November 2012
  • Found on Thursfield Avenue
  • A DSH 3 legged cat
  • contact : 07969 408176

Marton FY4
Found 30 November 2012
  • Found on Ailsa Avenue
  • A young DSH Black and White Cat
  • contact

SShore FY4
RTA 15 November 2012
  • Under Waterloo Bridge near Aldi
  • A DSH Ginger / White / Black Tortie cat
  • Hit by a car.. taken to PDSA at aprox 2.15pm
  • contact :  01253 838585
    Said cat doing well with only a broken toe

SShore FY4
RTA 11 November 2012
  • Found Bond Street
  • A DSH entire male aprox 3yrs old
  • Black and White
    With Vets.. contact: 01253 402255

SShore FY4
Found 1 November 2012
  • Found Bond Street
  • a young cat no collar, no chip
  • All Black
  • contact 07708 972217

SShore FY4
Found 1 November 2012
  • Found St Annes Road
  • a young cat no collar, no chip
  • White with Black smudge on head
  • contact 07708 972217

SShore FY4
Found 2 November 2012
  • Found Highfield Road by Booths
  • A young large neutered male aprox 2yrs old.
  • A DSH pale Ginger
  • With Bob Jones Vets 01253 402255

SShore FY4
Found  October 2012
  • Found Arnold Avenue / 6th Avenue
  • A DSH Ginger and White cat
  • contact : 07708 972217
  • more

Marton FY4
RTA Found  20 October 2012
  • Fatal RTA  outside 242, Vicarage Lane Blackpool
    Time:- 12.00 noon
    Collar:- no
    Chipped:- no
    Colour:- White with Brown patches
    With cleansing. contact 01253 477477

M55 FY4
RTA Found  c.8 October 2012
  • Fatal RTA at the start (Blackpool) of the M55 - under the bridge where there is no hard shoulder
  • A large Black cat wearing a light coloured collar

Marton FY4
Smokey found  c.6 September 2012
  • Found on Bridge House Road
  • a young aprox 6mth old fluffy cat with Yellow eyes
  • Grey
    contact 07981 914195

Blackpool FY4
RTA Found  10 September 2012
  • Found on Clifton Drive
  • A young entire DSH male
  • All Black
    contact email

Blackpool FY4
RTA Found  6 September 2012
  • Found on Waterloo Road
  • Possible victim of fatal RTA
  • a DSH Small Tabby cat
  • With cleansing. contact 01253 477477

Marton FY4
Daisy found   June 2012
  • Found on Stockydate Road
  • visiting garden for food and affection
  • a young DSH all Black cat
  • In situe
    contact 07971 852735 email

Blackpool FY4
Found   8 August 2012
  • Fatal RTA on Cherry Tree Road
  • a chipped DSH Full Tabby female (photo's held)
  • now with Greenways Vets will be kept for 7 days
  • contact  01253 729309

Blackpool FY4
Found   2012
  • Been around for a while
  • a DSH Tabby cat with White paws, neck and chest
  • Wearing collar
  • Visiting residence on Penrose Avenue
  • contact  email

Blackpool FY4
Found   10 July 2012
  • Fatal RTA on Preston New Road by Clarence Pub
  • Tabby cat
  • contact  email

South Shore FY4
Found   10 July 2012
  • RTA by Aldi on Waterloo Road
  • Large Black cat.. no collar, no chip
  • With Bob Jones Vets 01253 402255

South Shore FY4
Found   28 June 2012
  • Fatal RTA outside 180 Waterloo Road
  • Black cat
  • no collar, no chip
  • collected 8.45pm
  • contact: Customer First  01253 477477

South Shore FY4
Found June 2012
  • Mack a DSH neutered Tabby cat
  • Found on Stamford Avenue
contact : 07786 551701  email

South Shore FY4
Found May 2012
  • Nick a DSH Black and White Neutered male
  • Found on Sycamore Avenue
contact : 01253 344396

South Shore FY4
Found May 2012
  • Abbey a DSH Black and White cat, thought to be a neutered male
  • Found on Harrowside
contact : 01253 344396

Mereside FY4
Found 13 May 2012
  • By the side of Preston New road (by Meresisde) subject of fatal RTA
  • A Black and White cat..  Black cap, saddle and tail. rest mainly White
  • photo held
    :  email

Mereside FY4
Found 9 May 2012
  • Found on the field by skateboard ramps
  • A deceased DSH Black cat
  • Council informed
    text : email

Blackpool FY4
RTA found 22 April 2012
  • Victim of fatal RTA on Pickmere Avenue
  • Large Silvery White cat wearing a Grey collar.
  • Held by finder ..
contact: 07814 572721 email

Mereside FY4
Whiskas found 30 March 2012
  • Whiskas a DSH cat with Green eyes
  • Black and White - scars on nose
  • Found on Langdale Road
contact: 07540 801183 email

Blackpool FY4
RTA found 30 March 2012
  • Black and White cat subject of fatal RTA
  • On Chapel Lane
    07506 766356

Blackpool FY4
Ben found February 2012
  • Ben a DSH entire male with Green and Brown eyes
  • Black and White : White chin, bib, belly and paws
  • Found living under porter cabin at work (Lytham Road) and had been for days

contact: email 01253 362505

Blackpool FY4

Found February. 2012

  • A DSH cat
  • Black and White
  • Found on St Annes Road
    contact: 01253 404481

Blackpool FY4

Sighting 29 February. 2012

  • A Black cat with a Brown caste to the coat and Silver ? collar with tag
  • Walked past Bob Jones Vets and turned down Hemmingway..
    The same cat was seen taking the same route on Saturday  25th Feb.
  • This cat has something wrong with back leg.. walking with a limp
    Owner or any information please contact Moggy                

Blackpool FY4

RTA found 19 February. 2012

  • Fatal RTA  a DSH cat
  • Found at junction of Marton Drive and Loftus Avenue, on grass verge.
  • Black and White with Blue Collar
    Anyone with any information about this please contact us

Blackpool FY4

RTA found 24 February. 2012

  • Fatal RTA  a DSH cat
  • Found aprox 7.10am by the Traffic lights at junction of
    Highfield Rd and St annes Rd,
    Found in middle of road, moved to footpath and emailed council.
  • Black and White. Was a very handsom Felix look alike, shiny coat, well looked after.

contact:: 07854 719626   email

Mereside FY4

Found February. 2012

  • A DSH entire male with Blue collar
  • All Grey
  • Found on Branstree Road
  • This cat has now moved on.. need everyone in the area to look out for him
  • Or if owners recognise him  please get in touch

contact::  07936 224984   email

Blackpool FY4

Daisy Found January. 2011

  • A DSH female
  • Ginger
  • Found on Ryson Avenue
  • This is a chipped cat lost over a year ago.. the official owner traced and has signed her over to current fosterer..
  • Looking to return her to the person who may have adopted her over the last 12mths.

contact: 01253 344396 / 07708 972217

Blackpool FY4

Sooty Found December. 2011

  • Sooty a 2 - 5 yr old DSH neutered male with Yellow / Green eyes
  • All Black Strong looking cat in good condition
  • Found on Peel Hill

contact: email  07790 197567

Blackpool FY4

Found December.2011

  • Found on St Edmunds Road
  • A DSH female
  • All Black  with flea allergy
contact 01253 344396 email

Blackpool FY4

Found December.2011

  • Found on Dean Street
  • An aprox. 6mth old DSH Tabby and White cat
    contact: 01253 344396 email

Blackpool FY4

Found November.2011

  • Found on Second Avenue
  • A DSH Tabby and White cat
  • Wearing collar.. tatty flea collar with Red and Yellow curly fish ?
    contact: 01253 344396 email

Blackpool FY4

'Beau found 13 November.2011

  • Beau a DSH cat with Green eyes
  • All Black with few White hairs on chest
  • In good condition but very hungry, keeps coming for food
  • Found on Common Edge Road
    contact: 07939 671996 email

Blackpool FY4
RTA Found 20 November.2011
  • Subject of Fatal RTA
  • Found outside 3 Stretton Avenue
  • A Black cat.. no chip no collar
  • Collected 9.30am
contact: : Customer First 01253 477477

Blackpool FY4
RTA Found 18 November.2011
  • subject of fatal RTA
  • A Fluffy cat ( either Classic Tabby or Tortie)  White between eyes over chin and bib. White tummy and White back socks. White mittens at front.
    Tabby face including cheeks.
  • Looked well cared for / clean
    From Jnct 3 M55 Kirkham to Blackpool towards BMW roundabout / Yeadon way.
    On side of road just before you go under the bridge.
  • this cat has now been collected taken for scanning & now with the PDSA
  • photo held.
contact: : 01253 838585 / or text to 07974 671689

Blackpool FY4
RTA Found 14 November.2011
  • subject of fatal RTA
  • A DSH Ginger cat ( tabby stripes apparent)
  • Found on Lytham Road
contact: : Customer First 01253 477477

Blackpool FY4
Found November.2011
  • Found on Alderley Avenue
  • a DSH Grey and White cat
  • No collar.. very pretty... nervous
contact:07947 734207 email

Blackpool FY4
Urgent 11 November.2011
  • Injured cat subject of RTA
  • Ginger Tabby
  • Warley Road
  • With Bob Jones.. Vet St.Annes Road
  • Urgent - need owner
  • update .. Turns out there was no option but to PTS.. any prospective owners .. please send photo of your cat to 07974 671689 for ID.. photo held. .. or.. at Bob Jones vets til next Friday.
07974 671689 (text)

Marton FY4
FatCat found October.2011
  • This cat was taken into a local vet by the finders, a supposed stray
  • We would like to disprove this by finding the owners
  • Does anyone recognise him/her.. found on Ascrigg Close
contact : text to 07974 671689 quote c5273

Marton FY4
Found 29.September.2011
  • Unnoficial report of RTA..
  • Black and White cat
  • St Annes Road since thought to have been found outside Premier Shop on Watson Road..  Council did not find same when they went to collect.
contact : MyMoggy

Marton FY4
Found 18.September.2011
  • An aprox. 4mth old DSH cat
  • Grey all over with White paws and little White face
  • With Fosterer.. willing to keep if owner isn't found
  • Found on Vicarage Lane
contact:01253 312549

Blackpool FY4
RTA Found 27.Aug.2011
  • A tabby cat victim of RTA
  • Found on Acre Gate SS off Highfield Road
  • Council collected on the 27th.
  • Are there any owners out there missing a tabby cat in the immediate area ?
contact: 07974 671689

Blackpool FY4
Dave Found 18.Aug.2011
  • Dave a mature DSH neutered male with Green eyes
  • Black.. but with faint brown or tan colour on tail and paws.
  • Very thin not in good condition when found.. but improving.
contact:01253 406877 / 07814 793614 email

Blackpool FY4
Found 12.Aug.2011
  • An aprox 11 - 21wk old DSH kitten
  • Black with White bib White mittens at back
  • Very friendly
  • Found Harrowside / Dunes Avenue
contact:07714 003503. / 01253 402255

Blackpool FY4
Found c.10.Aug.2011
  • A young DSH kitten
  • White with Tabby. White underneath Tabby on top, Tabby tail.
  • Splodge on back of back left leg No Collar.
  • Found on Daggers Hall Lane
contact:01253 344396.

Blackpool FY4
RTA Ruby found 17.Jul.2011
  • RTA at Ballam Road nr Peel Corner
  • Ruby a Young Black and White cat
  • now with Nine Lives
contact: 01253 344396

Blackpool FY4
RIP. Willow found 10.Jul.2011
  • Willow a DSH entire adult male with Green eyes
  • White and Black
  • Found on Willowbank Avenue / Lindale Gardens
  • Now with Cats Paws Sanctuary
    19.Jul.11. Unfortunately Willow was put to sleep on Tuesday by the vets as it
    became obvious he wasnt going to recover from his injuries.

    We like to find his owner so as to mark this as closure
contact:01253 760007 email

found .June .2011
  • A DSH entire Black and White male with Yellow / Green eyes
  • Black 'mask Pink nose Black spot on chin .. nearly all White underneath with a small Black patch under back legs. Black tail 2 large Black patches on his back.
  • Very affectionate but nervous of being approached suddenly.
  • Found on Haig Road

contact 07708 972217 email

South Shore FY4
found c.10.May .2011
  • A young DSH Black and White cat
  • Found on Aldi Carpark Waterloo Road
    Now with Blackpool Cats in Care

contact 07813 904838 email


South Shore FY4
found 6.Apr.2011
  • A DSH Marbled Tabby cat
  • Visiting garden on Harrowside

contact:01253 403563 email

South Shore FY4
'Sighting' 21 Mar.2011
  • A Black and White cat
  • on Bond street corner of Station Road earlier
  • Looked quite rough and had a bad limp on one of its back legs
  • No collar, tryed to catch it but it ran off.. any further sightings please contact.

contact: 07548 065067 email

Marton FY4
'Bella' found 17.Feb.2010
  • Bella an aprox 6mth old DSH female with Green eyes
  • Tabby. No White except on her chin.
  • Well cared for and extremely friendly. Vet says unneutered and unchipped.
  • Found on Common Edge Road

contact:07870 751119 email

South Shore FY4
'RTA' found 14.Feb.2011
  • RTA (rip) FY4- Black adult cat, he is on the ringroad (Seasiders Way) by aldi/travel lodge, opposite the toilets, at the side of the road, by a gate
  • Entire Tom. All Black. No collar No chip
  • Now with Bob Jones Vets.. St.Annes Road

contact: 01253 402255 email

Blackpool FY4
'RTA' found 23.Jan.2011
  • Outside Bagulays on Midgeland Road
  • A Black / Orange / White Tortie ?

contact:01253 305698 email

South Shore FY4
'Caroline' found Jan.2011
  • A 'Chipped' DSH Tortie cat - details not updated.
  • 'Caroline'  Found on Highfield Road / St.Lukes Road, has been fed by residents for a couple of months.

South Shore FY4
'Freckles' found January 2011
  • Freckles a DSH female
  • Dark Tortie
  • Found off Waterloo Road

South Shore FY4
'Fred' found 13.Dec.2010
  • Fred.. a DSH entire male
  • White with Black
  • Injured paw.. taken by RSPCA for treatment.
  • Found on Frederick Street

contact:07714003503 email

South Shore FY4
'Abbey' found 29.Nov.2010
  • Abbey, a DSH cat
  • Ginger and White
  • with Flea Allergy, v.friendly but nervous around other cats.
  • Found Abby Road

contact:01253 310641 email

Mereside FY4
RIP 'Tabby' found 24.Nov.2010
  • Possible RTA ?
  • A DSH cat
  • Marbled Tabby, wearing a Red Collar
  • Found on Rossett Avenue
    Photo available

contact: MyMoggy

Blackpool FY4
'Jessie' found c. Sept.2010
  • a DSH female entire male
  • Marbled Tabby: Gold ( shades of pale ginger) and White
  • Found on Horncliffe Road

contact:07856 358831 email

South Shore FY4
'Sandy' found 6.Oct.2010
  • Sandy a young DSH cat
  • White with Grey flash on head
  • Hungry and has fleas, otherwise seems ok
  • Found on Beach at South Shore

contact: 07901 714058 email

South Shore FY4
found 5.Oct.2010
  • A Black & White cat aprox 3yrs old
  • Neutered male wearing Black Studded collar with Pink bell
  • Found on Highfield Road
  • Now with a Fosterer - Blackpool Cats in Care


Mereside FY4
'RTA' found 4.Oct.2010
  • On Preston New Road by Grisdale Road
  • A Long haired / Fluffy Ginger Tabby cat with bushy tail
  • Photo available

contact:07870 493509 email

Blackpool FY4
found circa 2006
  • Living in a conservatory on Worsley Avenue for the past 3+ yrs
  • Dark Tortie, has no teeth.
    Now with NineLives

contact:01253 344396 email

Blackpool FY4
'Jude' found Sept.2010
  • Jude An adult persian chipped (....3584) in Derbyshire.
  • Was registered with Abbey Vets.
  • mix of colours - Grey / Fawn, looks rather like a dilute tortie
  • Found in FY4
  • Surname needed for identification.
  • Now with Spen Corner Vets

contact: 01253 699666

Marton FY4
'Pink' found 2010
  • Pink a DLH female was entire.
  • Tortie / Tabby, no White
  • Found on Cherry Tree Road been around for a while
    Now with Blackpool Cats in Care

contact: 07708 972217

Whitehills FY4
'Hugo' found 9.Aug.2010
  • Hugo a DSH male with Yellow eyes
  • Black.
  • The cat was found in a backroom at Moorland Motors Vauxhall Dealership on Whitehills.
  • The cat is thought to be a neutered male, completely black in colour. He is not chipped or wearing a collar. Looks healthy
  • He is very scared, but seems to be used to being handled.
    Now with NineLives

contact:01253 344396 email

Blackpool FY4
'Olly' found ?
  • Olly a DSH large entire male
  • Grey Tabby with prominent eye markings
  • Found on Morley Road

contact: 07831 659443 email

Blackpool FY4
found June 2010
  • A 'Mature' DSH entire male
  • White and Black
  • Found on Howe Avenue
    now with Blackpool Cats in Care

contact:07708 972217 email

It has been reported that 3 cats have been seen at different times recently on the field behind Morrisons, Squires Gate.. 1 x Black and White; 1 x Ginger & 1 x Grey.
If your cat/s frequent this area - or your cat is missing and you intend to check this out

please let us know

Blackpool FY4
found 30.June.2010
  • Found at the Lane Ends Pub, Haweside Lane
  • A Grey cat
  • Now with Blackpool Cats in care
    contact: :07708 972217 email

Blackpool FY4
'RTA' found 24.June.2010
  • By the side of the road opposite Penny Farm, Preston New Road, Peel.
  • A Black cat
  • Unable to stop - left in situe
    contact: 07800 734916 email

Blackpool FY4
'ChiChi' found 15.Jun.2010
  • ChiChi a DSH neutered male, unsure of age. with Blue / Green eyes
  • All White. Very thin and unkempt with a skin disorder and fur missing from tail and back.
  • Found on Marsden Road
    contact:07894 560982 email
    This entry has now been transfered to the 'lost page' under 'Lola'

Blackpool FY4
'Felix now Meeko ' found June 2010
  • A DSH cat unsure of age or sex
  • Black and White Felix type with long legs, one Black eye the other part Black. Black under chin, one White paw, another Black with White and White paw. Black tail.
  • Found on Penrose Avenue

Now with Easterleigh  01253 789185

South Shore FY4
'RTA' found 4.May.2010 RIP
  • Found sadly deceased. Lytham Road by the side of the road quite near to the Farmers Arms Pub (at the end of St Martins or St Lukes Rd)
  • Long haired Chocolate Brown colour. No collar
    contact: email

South Shore FY4
Kenny found Apr.2010
  • An entire male aprox 18mths old
  • Marbled Tabby a little White under his chin
  • Looks well cared for
  • Found on Kenilwoth Avenue
  • Now with NineLives

contact:01253 341319 email

South Shore FY4

'Mistery' found Mar.2010
  • Mistery an older ? neutered male
  • Black with White flash on chest
  • Very thin
  • Found on Kingsmede
    update.. Mistery hasn't been seen for the last month or so.. we would like everyone in the area to keep an eye open for him, contact us on the number below with any information

contact: 01253 305698 email

Blackpool FY4
'Pudsey' found March.2010
  • Pudsey, a DSH male
  • Tabby and White
  • Our visiting tabby cat isn't small he is quite beefy which makes me think he is being fed elsewhere as well.As soon as I can I will get him into a carrier and get him scanned,just in case.
    He is pretty grubby though and has taken a shine to our nine-year-old daughter who has christend him Pudsey.I think he might be staying if we can't find his owner!
  • Found on Westby Avenue

contact: 07846 710505 email

Blackpool FY4
'Tabby' found Mar.2010
  • A young entire male
  • Tabby and White - has distinctive White patch
  • Found in the area of Crossland Road
    contact MyMoggy

Blackpool FY4
'RTA' found 1.Jan.2009
  • A White with Black cat
  • By the side of the road on Squires Gate Lane towards Marton just past Half Way Garage by housing.
  • would appreciate contact if claimed.
    contact: 07940 494804

Blackpool FY4
'Gris' found c.13.Dec.2009
  • 'Gris' a young adult, looks to be neutered.
  • All Grey with touch of lighter hair under neck
  • Friendly with adults, children and other cats
  • Found on Crossland Road..
    contact:text 07974 671689 quoting ref. c3633

found Dec.2009
  • A slim Black cat (small face) found in Blackpool
  • taken to the Rowan Vets Centre in Kirkham 01772 682677

South Shore FY4
'Elmo' found 25.Oct.2009
  • 'Elmo' a young male DSH kitten with Amber eyes
  • Ginger and White: Ginger tabby with a White belly
  • Has been very well looked after must be someones pet and being missed
  • Found on Sandhills Avenue
    contact: 07708608784

Blackpool FY4
'Ginger' found c.12.Oct.2009
  • 'Ginger' a Ginger and White cat
  • Wearing collar..
  • Found on Lytham Road nr to Medical Centre
    contact: 07871 9277789

Blackpool FY4
found 15th Sept.2009
  • Found on Midgeland Road
  • A Fluffy Mostly Ginger and White cat with Bushy Tail
  • Now with Footprints Vets, Clifton Drive South
    contact: 01253 310483 vet: 01253 716736

Mereside FY4
'Noisy' found c.17th Aug.2009
  • 'Noisy'  an elderly DSH male
  • Black with hardly any teeth
  • Found on Mereside..
contact:Now with NineLives 01253 344396 email

A5230 FY4
'RTA' found 13th Aug.2009
  • On the dual Carriageway before M55, still on layby before railings at
    the back of Tesco, By the black and yellow striped board
  • A DSH Pure Black cat with Green eyes.
    contact: 07887 532613  email
    update 18th Aug.09: 'Sooty' has been moved to the grass verge but otherwise still in situe.

Mereside FY4
'RTA' found 11th Aug.2009
  • Found near the Windmill on Preston New Road, going towards M55 on the outside lane alongside the centre island.
  • An adult mainly Black with White DSH cat wearing a Pink / Red collar
  • Unable to stop - left in situe
    contact: 07973 195048

Blackpool FY4
'Two Torties' found Jul.2009
  • Two Young Tortie cats visiting a house on Cherry Tree Road
  • 1 a Dilute Tortie, fluffy
  • the other a short haired Dark Tortie with Broad Stripes across back.
    contact: 01253 693848

South Shore FY4
'Gingie' found c.27th June.2009
  • 'Gingie' aprox. 3-4yr old neutered DSH male
  • Full Ginger Tabby
  • In very good and healthy condition. Very friendly cat.
  • Found in the area of Stamford Avenue

contact: 07929 505220 email

Blackpool FY4
'Tabby' found c.Jul.2009
  • A Tabby and White cat found in the area of
  • Bournemouth Road
  • Timid

contact: 01253 401176

Blackpool FY4
'Ginger' found around Jul.2008
  • 'Ginger' has been coming and going for aprox 12mths.
  • Around the area of Faringdon Avenue
  • Was entire DSH Ginger Tabby cat.

Blackpool FY4
'Tabby' found 22nd May09
  • Living in a settee thrown out into the alley
  • At the back of 80 Withnell Road
  • A small Timmy lookalike with smudge on nose
  • Rather timid
    contact 07814 371973 email

Blackpool FY4
'New to the area'  26th May.2009
  • Just wanted to report a cat that has been in my area for a few days and just walks about crying (like hes lost )
  • Faringdon ave  LARGE  Black and White cat 2 collars one for a stay-well cat flap with magnet on  and an older looking collar think may have been blue pattern at one stage but well worn no id tag
  • Has piece of right ear missing very very friendly cat , shame as he is looking for someone
    update - this cat seems to have moved on - if anyone knows anything about him, please get in touch with Moggy

Marton FY4
'New to the block' c.13th Apr.2009
  • A Black and White cat seen in the Chapel Road area
  • Long coat - Black and White with half a tail
    contact : 07989 177406

Marton FY4
'RTA' found 17th Apr.09
  • Creamy coloured Fluffy cat wearing 2 toned Brown ? collar with tiger print pattern and amber stones
  • Found on Chapel Road at the bend in the road going towards the motorway On the left hand side in a cardboard box under the hedge.
  • If you are the owner, please contact us.
  • The cat will be left in situe until tomorrow morning 18th when the council will be contacted.

Blackpool FY4
RTA 18th Feb.2009
  • On the stretch of Squires Gate Lane between Chiswick and Wrights and Amy Johnson Way, coming from Common Edge road.
  • A large Ginger and White striped cat - in the gutter.
  • Seen before 9am Today. Would have died instantly.
  • If you are or believe yourself to be the owner, please contact us

Blackpool FY4
Found c.Dec.2008
  • Found in the area of Marton Drive
  • A large Fluffy Black cat with White Bib and White smudge to left of nose
    contact: 01253 405138

Blackpool FY4
'Found' Nov.2008
  • Found in the area of Marsden Road
  • A DSH cat - White with Ginger patches
    contact: 01253 402255

Blackpool FY4
Found Sept.2008
  • Found in the area of St.Annes Road
  • A DLH Tabby cat wearing a Silver reflective collar with Blue shapes on it.
    Contact: Vet  01253 402255

Blackpool FY4
Found Sept.2008
  • Found in the area of St.Annes Court
  • A Black neutered male, no chip, very friendly
    Contact: Second Chance Rescue 07708 972217

Blackpool FY4
'Red' found Sept.2008
  • In the area of Frederick Street..
  • 'Red' a Black and White (was) entire male cat with Black spot on his right side of nose, Black nose and Black on chin
  • Wearing his Red leather collar with Fish tag when found.
    Contact: Second Chance Rescue 01253 344396

South Shore FY4
'Pretty' found 14th Sept.2008
It is with regret that I am contacting you about a RTA and deceased cat. Near phone box on the park at Watson Rd. Cat is black and white, not huge, so presume a girl. Black saddle and top of head and distinctive black patches at mouth/ nose. Very pretty little soul.
 I saw this at 7am this morning (14th September).
Contact: email
update: it has since been confirmed that this cat was an entire male - a local resident took him to the PDSA.
Our thanks to this person for coming forward.

Mereside FY4
'Kitten' found 10th Jul.2008
  • Young Tabby cat with collar found in the area of Hawkshead Terrace..
    contact: Send text to 07974 671689. email

South Shore
'RTA' found 4th Jun.2008
  • Victim of RTA. found at the St.Annes Road end of Selby Avenue.
  • A Black cat with small White spot on chest.
  • Being kept by Bob Jones' Vets for 7 days.
    Contact: Rachel or Nicky 01253 402255

Found c.9th May.2008
  • In the area of Rawcliffe Street
  • Estimated at 4-5mth old DLH male
  • White with Black splodges, long and leggy.
  • Wearing collar with petlog 'chipped' tag, though no chip found.
    contact: 01253 343115

Blackpool FY4
Found Mar.2008
  • Found in the area of Marsden Road FY4
  • Aprox 8mths old DSH Tabby female with Ginger spots on face and White under chin.
  • Wearing collar, no tag.
  • In good condition, friendly but frightened.
    contact: 07813 904838

Blackpool FY4
'Yogi' found Jan.2008
  • Looking for Mr.Morgan formerly of Elaine Avenue
  • Yogi is a Ginger and White cat chipped and registered to this person.
  • Slight chance that he may be living in the Mere Road area, FY3.
  • If anyone has any information or knows of a forwarding address - however vague,

please contact 2nd Chance Rescue : 07708 972217 or email

Blackpool FY4
'Tigger' found 25th Dec.2008
  • Found in the area of Bentinck avenue
  • A DSH entire male
  • Ginger and White: White bib and tummy, tiger markings on tail.
    Good condition.
contact: 07841 714059 email

Blackpool FY4
Found c.9th Nov.2007
  • This young cat was found in the area of Bournemouth Road
  • Finders are offering him/her a home if the owners do not come forward
contact: MyMoggy