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" FY5 "

Thornton FY5
Found c.2 Julyl 2015


  • Fatal RTA.. by Cheers Off licence. Fleetwood road Nth FY5 4LD
  • A DSH Ginger cat.
  • Moved on to pavement

Cleveleys FY5
Found c.6 April 2015


  • A DSH Black and White cat
  • Found on Crabtree Road
    contact 07816 446426

Cleveleys FY5
Found c.13 October 2014


  • Fatal RTA on Bispham Road just before junction with Faraday way
  • A Grey cat  in situe on right hand side if travelling from Bispham
  • This cat needs picking up and taking to a vet for scanning.. is anyone nearby ?
  • contact (text) to 07974 671689

Cleveleys FY5
RTA Found 10 July 2014


  • Found on Warren Drive by the church
  • A neutered Ginger and White cat well looked after
  • Later PTS due to extent of injuries
  • With Norcross Vets   01253 854545

Anchorsholme FY5
Miss Cat Found April 2014


  • A DSH  with Green eyes
  • Tabby and White
  • Found on Maitland Avenue
  • contact email
  • more

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
Sooty Found October 2013


  • An aprox 3-4yr old DSH male with Yellowy eyes
  • All Black
  • Found on Braemar Avenue
  • contact: 01253 860052 email
  • more

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
Angel Found April 2014


  • A DSH older cat
  • In bad condition and not well when found
  • White with Dark and Tabby patches
  • contact: 01253 283349 betwen 10am - 5pm
  • more

Anchorsholme FY5
Found April 2014


  • A young adult cat
  • White with Ginger tortie
  • Found on East Pines Drive
  • contact 01253 344396

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
Sneaky visiting since April 2013


  • Sneaky aprox 3yr old ? DLH cat unsure of sex
  • Grey with White markings on face and White socks Green eyes
  • Seems in good health but matted in places
  • Visiting on Kirton Place
    contact: 01253 422847 email

Anchorsholme FY5
Raggy visiting since 15 December 2013


  • Raggy a DLH cat with Yellow eyes
  • Black with White chest and paws and slight White stripe down centre of the face
  • very unkempt with bald patches ..
    contact: email

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
'Bertie' Found December 2013


  • Bertie A DSH neutered male
  • Black with White bib front mitts back boots and bright White whiskers
  • Found visiting residence on Birch Avenue
  • contact: 01253 828556 email
  • more

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
Found 4 December 2013
  • A Sadly Deceased DSH Black cat 
  • Found on Thornton railway (Burn Naze)
  • Put to rest nearby
  • contact: 07842 733805

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
SpareCat found 28 September 2013
  • A young DSH Ginger cat with Yellow eyes
  • Found on Westbourne Road
  • contact: 07809 251006 email

Norbreck FY5
RTA found 29 September 2013
  • Subject of fatal RTA on Fleetwood road, top of Mossom Lane
  • placed by
  • A DSH Black and White cat
  • placed by the electric box near bus stop
  • contact: 07854 517340  email   
  • photo held

Cleveleys FY5
C10 found 3 June 2013
  • An aprox12 - 18mth old DSH female with Yellow eyes
  • Tabby .. friendly and in good health
  • Now with Andrew Mellor Vets (David Wadsworth)
  • contact: 01253 357380

Cleveleys FY5
Smudge found 22 April 2013
  • A DSH Fluffy cat found North Drive
  • Black with 4 White socks, Black face with White blaze and Black stripe from eyes to nose Quite a big cat very timid
  • contact 07903 388266
  • More

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
RTA found February 2013
  • A DSH cat was involved in RTA on Devonshire Avenue
  • Taken to Hillylaid Vets
  • Described as possibly Tabbyish ?
  • contact 01253 860346

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
Found November 2012
  • Sheltering in a Garage on Merlyn Road
  • a DSH Tabby and White cat with mostly White face
  • Very timid
  • contact : 07862 724767

Cleveleys FY5
Found 15 December 2012
  • Fatal RTA Beach Road area Cleveleys
  • Black and White cat wearing a Red Collar

Cleveleys FY5
Found December 2012
  • Found on Carr Gate / Thornton Gate
  • A young DSH Black cat with small White medallion on chest
  • contact : 07787 388557
    Finder willing to adopt if owner not found

Cleveleys FY5
Stray found  25 June 2012
  • Found on Fleetwood Road outside Esso Garage
  • An adult DLH Black female (with hint of brown) with small White patch on chest
  • Yellow eyes
  • Now with David Wadsworth Veterinary Surgery  Will keep for 7 days
  • Photo held
  • contact: 01253 357380

Cleveleys FY5
C21 found  25 June 2012
  • C21 an aprox 10mth old DSH entire male with Greeny / Yellow eyes
  • Black with White whiskers, 4 paws, chin, chest and belly
  • In good condition
  • Found on Fleetwood Road North
  • Now with David Wadsworth Veterinary Surgery
    contact: 01253 357380

Cleveleys FY5
C12 found  30 April 2012
  • C12 an aprox 3yr old DSH Female with Yellow eyes
  • Chocolate / Black and White. Legs are lighter and slightly stripey.
  • Found on Mossom Lane
  • Looks to be healthy
  • Now with David Wadsworth Veterinary Surgery
    contact: 01253 357380

Cleveleys FY5
C13 found  4 May 2012
    contact: 01253 357380

Thornton FY5
RTA found  30 March 2012
  • Fatal RTA involving a Ginger Cat with White mittens on back paws
  • Wearing a collar with a broken ID barrel
  • Found in garden on St.John's Avenue
    contact: 07974 671689

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
Russell Found  29 February 2012
  • Russell a 1-2yr old DSH entire male with Green eyes
  • Black and White Little Black goatee on chin, All Black back with a White circle to the left on his back.
  • Good coat condition, friendly & talkative. Quite skinny
  • Found on Beechwood Drive

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
RTA  C5 Found  12 February 2012
  • RTA black cat Cleveleys prom north bound as you go into Cleveleys
  • Sorry no more details

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
RIP 'Ginger' Found  13 February 2012

contact:: email

Thornton FY5
Found  15 January. 2011
  • A Fluffy Grey cat
  • victim of RTA
  • On left hand side of the road, on way to Morrisons roundabout coming past Thornton Sports Centre

contact: email

Anchorsholme FY5
Found  14 January. 2011
  • A DSH Black and White cat wearing a Blue ? collar
  • victim of RTA
  • On verge a little further down from Warren Court

contact: 07944 096166

Thornton FY5
Found  28 December. 2011
  • A DSH male
  • Black
  • Male black cat found tonight in Thornton on Lawsons Road near the elderly sheltered accommodation.
  • This poor old chap is very frale & looks old.
    Looks like he has been either kicked out or run away
  • I have taken him to Milne and Shine Vets, now Norcross Vets who are going to contact RSPCA in the morning.
  • He has a warm bed and some food for the night, but it does not look good for him. His nails are very long, as are his teeth, he is full of flees and is emaciated

contact: email  01253 885522 (vets)

Thornton FY5
Boots Found  c.16 December. 2011
  • Boots a young adult neutered DSH male
  • Classic tabby with White chest and Boots
  • Found on Cookson Road

contact:  07926 352670

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
Found  November. 2011
  • A DSH cat
  • Tortie ?  Black and Ginger.. super friendly
  • Found on Merlyn Road

contact:  01253 823116

Thornton FY5
Charlie found c.6 November. 2011
  • A DSH male with Yellow eyes
  • Black and White, four White toes, White belly but Black back
  • Found on UnderBank Road

contact:  01253 823116

Cleveleys FY5
Lou found c.15 October. 2011
  • A DSH neutered male with Green eyes
  • Mainly Black with White bib and paws and nose with a dash of White between eyes
  • Skin and bone and very hungry
  • Found on Beach Road
    Update 28.Oct.2011
    Hello,  regarding lou that was found  on beach road, cleveleys, fy5.   sadly lou had to be put to sleep today.  the vet felt as we do that there was something seriously wrong with him.  he was unable to absorb nutrients from his food and therefore was wasting away.  all his teeth were decayed also.  he was suffering.  we wish the outcome had been a   happy one,    but as the vet pointed out, as least his last 2 weeks of life, he was cared for and given lots of  love and affection.   thanking you ron and brenda smith.

contact: 01253 692602 email

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
RTA found 27 September. 2011
  • A Ginger and White cat
  • Victim of RTA.. on grass verge
  • either on corner of Amounderness way and Whiteholme Lane / or / Amounderness way by Norcross cut off.
  • Now removed

contact: text to 07974 671689

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
Tabby ' found 1.October. 2011
  • On Amounderness Way going towards Fleetwood.. after Morrisons, towards Green Drive.
  • A DSH Tabby and White Cat Sadly victim of RTA
  • Mackeral tabby back and tail.  Bright White underneath. Big beautiful cat..
  • First seen at aprox 8.15am finder returned to find the cat had been removed..
    Any information please..

contact: MyMoggy

Cleveleys FY5
Tabby ' found c4..Aug. 2011
  • A DSH Tabby Cat
  • Looks thin and weak
  • Found in the eastern end of Luton Road..
    This cat has now moved on.. if anyone has information or is feeding..
    please get in touch

contact: MyMoggy

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
'Tommy ' found 4.June 2011
  • Tommy a DSH cat with Green eyes.. age and sex unknown
  • Black and White : mainly black with white paws, black head and ears and white down the front
  • unsure of the sex, but think he may be male. his fur is moulting very badly, and he looks very very uncared for.
  • Found on Glenarden Avenue

contact: 07958649955 email

Thornton FY5
'Bob ' found 16.June.2011
  • Bob a DSH male
  • Tabby with White socks / Paws
  • Found on Hornsea Close / Cathrow Way

contact: 01253 932581 email

Stannah FY5
'Mermal ' found 11.June.2011
  • Mermal an aprox 6mth old DSH cat unsure of sex
  • Grey Marbled Tabby with 4 white socks, very friendly, very hungry; otherwise in good condition
  • Found on Hornsea Close

contact: 07867 913117 email

Stannah FY5
'Lady cat' found June.2011
  • Lady Cat around 12/18mths old DSH female with Green eyes
  • Black / dark Tabby
  • Thin but healthy, could be having a phantom pregnancy or early stages of same. Friendly , likes cuddles
  • Found on River Road

contact: 07960 212646 email

Cleveleys FY5
'Persian' found May.2011
  • Grey Blue Persian
  • Found in Cleveleys

contact: :07796 796419 email

Cleveleys FY5
'Bollie' found 18.May.2011
  • Bollie a young DSH cat
  • Grey Tabby : A very young & very timid grey tabby cat. Wont let me
    near it but is very hungry. First appeared about 2/3 weeks ago. Appears mostly at night
  • Cat appears healthy perhaps a bit underfed...Think its a male
    and not neutered.
  • Found on Woodfield Road

contact: :01253 850259 email

Cleveleys FY5
'RTA' found 3.May.2011
  • Young adult ? DSH male sadly deceased
  • Pale Ginger  no collar, no chip
  • North Drive by school towards Golden Eagle turnoff
  • Council have collected. (photo held)



Thornton Cleveleys FY5
'Ginger' found 20.Mar.2011
  • Ginger a large adult entire DSH male
  • Ginger and White
  • Found on Cathrow Way

contact: 07834 159894 email

Cleveleys FY5
'Pandora' found Oct.2010
  • Pandora a young adult DSH female with Amber / Green eyes
  • Black and White : four White feet. White bib under chin. A White 'ring' around her nose. White Whiskers
  • Found on Cleveleys High Street with 4 tiny kittens - now rehomed and mum cat neutered. Very gentle and affectionate.

contact: 07713030128 or 01253 821089 email

Norcross FY5
'OopsiDaisy' found Oct.2010
  • OopsiDaisy a DSH cat
  • Black and White
  • Wearing collar with the name 'OopsiDaisy' and phone number (unobtainable) when found in Norcross

contact:01253 868572 email

Cleveleys FY5
'Tuesday' found 9.Feb.2010
  • 'Tuesday', a big Fluffy wellbuilt DSH cat
  • White and Black
  • Found on Ellerbeck Road
  • Wearing leather collar - no ID
    contact: 01253 865038

Note Dec09
  • 2 long haired - s/long haired Black cats taken to Meadow Green Cattery
  • 1 all Black
  • other Black with one White whisker, small White blaze and curly underneath - this one sadly PTS due to kidney failure
  • - if you have lost one please check them out.
    contact: 01772 687301

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
'Felix' found mid Oct.2009
  • 'Felix' around 4 - 6mths DSH male with Amber eyes
  • Black and White, longish nose, Pink, long White socks on back legs. He looks very much like the Felix of the cat food and Felix adverts.
    Thin but clean, with a good shiny coat. Appears to be non-neutered, but too young to spray. He's friendly and can be handled, even lifted.
  • Feeding at my house
  • Found on Maitland Avenue
    contact: 07787 750800 email

Cleveleys FY5
found 26.Oct.2009
  • A young DSH entire male
  • Jet Black, wearing collar with bell. Vocal with a siamese look about him.
  • Found on Kings Walk - followed the finder home.
    Now at Easterleigh 01253 789185

Thornton FY5
'Tabby' found c.Sept.09
  • 'Tabby' a large DSH female aprox. 10yrs old
  • Tabby with only 4 teeth, possible thyroid..
  • White from under nose, down to belly, White front paws more on right one. Lots of White on both back feet going up both legs. Left ear got a big half moon cut out.
  • Found on Cathrow Way
  • Now with Blackpool Cats in Care
    contact: 01253 344396 / 01253 304245

Anchorsholme FY5
found 15.Sept.2009
  • Found on Brentwood Avenue
  • A young entire DSH male
  • Black with few White hairs on chest
    contact: 01253 867369 / 01253 692541 / 07768 288032

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
found 15.sept.2009
  • Found on Hillylaid Road
  • An old Black cat - Blind !
  • Now with vet..
    contact 01253 860346

Cleveleys FY5
'Moggs' found 7Sept.2009
  • A Tabby and White cat unsure of age or sex
  • Brown/ Black stripes with White chest (quite alot of white)
  • Very poorly, some sort of infection
  • Found - Kelvin Road,
    Now at Wadsworths Vets (Carlos) contact: 01253 357380

Cleveleys FY5
'Charlie' found Aug.2009
  • Charlie a young DSH entire male with Amber eyes
  • Tabby and White: White faced, tabby back
  • In Excellent condition
  • Found off St.George's Avenue..
    contact: 01253 825410 email

Cleveleys FY5
'Beau' found Jun.2009
  • An adult fluffy male - was visiting house on Kirkstone Drive..
  • Black with White.. White on face.
  • Not afraid to use available cat flaps..
  • Last seen Wednesday 24th June.
    If anyone in the area notices this cat, please get in touch..
    contact: 07973 490095

Thornton FY5
Found May.2009
Found on Raikes Road in Thornton.
Black and White cat
He is quite destinctive with a half black and white face
contact: 01253 823728

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
'Price' found Mar.2009
  • Been around aprox.2weeks in the area of Woodland Avenue
  • 3-4yr old ? DSH Tabby cross
  • White body with small tabby patch on back, Tabby head with brown stripes especially around 1 ear. Blackish tail with white stripes. Also wearing Blue collar (no tag).
  • Getting very thin but have not been able to get close enough
    yet to check other details.

contact: 07588 880155 email

Cleveleys FY5
'Lexie' found 2nd Jan.2009
  • 'Lexie' an aprox 1yr old DSH female with Yellowy eyes
  • White and Tabby: Predominantly White, with large Brown and Black tabby patches. Pink nose. Striped tail. Possibly housecat, no undercoat.
  • Found on Rossall Beach Promenade, behind Rossall School.
  • Had a vet checkup, appears to be fine, no microchip.

contact: 01253 867988 email

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
RIP 'Belle' found Aug.2008
  • 'Belle' a semi long haired cat (sex unknown) with Greenish Amber eyes.
  • Dark Tabby: Tabby face, brownish black body , wearing a red collar with brass bell
  • Traumatised and unapproachable but with good appetite.
  • Found in the area of Allandale Avenue...
  • Belle was found to be injured such that the vet thought it kinder for her to be PTS

contact: MyMoggy

Thornton FY5
'Sam' found May.2008
  • 'Sam' a DSH cat found in the area of Woodland Avenue, Thornton
  • All Black apart from a few White hairs below collar area where a collar may once have been.
  • Has a broken lower tooth..
contact: 07826 441352 email

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
'Lisa' found 17th Jan.2008
  • Found in the area of Bedford Avenue
  • A 4mth old DSH female.
  • Black in colour with a hint of Ginger. She has White fur on every paw and has a White stripe across her front leg.
contact: 07876 450368 email

" FY5 "