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" FY7"

Fleetwood FY7
Lilly found 26 August 2013
  • Lilly a young DSH cat unsure of sex
  • Black and White.. Black under chin
  • Found on Milton street
  • contact: 07854 377797 email
  • more

Fleetwood FY7
RTA Found 13 February 2013
  • Victim of Fatal RTA by side of Fleetwood Road about 2 streets from Flakefleet Primary School towards the petrol station.
  • A DSH Black cat with White paws no collar no chip
  • Now with the Mount Vets Surgery
  • contact: 01253 875547

Fleetwood FY7
C5 Found 13 February 2013
  • An aprox 5-8yr old DSH female with Yellow eyes
  • Tortie and White : White tummy chest and legs
  • Very skinny
  • With Andrew Mellor LTD t/a David Wadsworth Vets 01253 357380

Fleetwood FY7
Found  24 January 2013
  • Injured cat found on Darbishire road Fleetwood
  • A Black female cat with White whiskers
  • With Greenways Vets 01253 729309 or 07432 681997

Fleetwood FY7
Found  c.9 October 2012
  • Found on Chatsworth Avenue
  • a young kitten
  • contact 07853144126

Fleetwood FY7
Gemma Found  c.29 April 2012
  • Gemma a Fluffy cat  unsure of sex
  • White with Black face and tail
  • Found on Hatfield Avenue
  • contact 01253 776122 email

Fleetwood FY7
Panther Found  January 2012
  • Panther a DSH male with Green eyes
  • Black.. Jet Black Glossy coat.. large cat
  • Found on Larkholme Parade
Contact: 07972 450266 email

Fleetwood FY7
RIP C4 Found  11 February 2012
  • Found on Eden Avenue
  • A 16-18wk old DSH entire male
  • Black
  • RTA fractured/dislocated hock -repositioned but died overnight.
    with David Wadsworth Veterinary Surgery   held for 7 days

contact:: 01253 357380

Fleetwood FY7
Litl'un found July.2011
  • Litl'un an aprox 6-12mth old DSH female with Yellow eyes
  • Black and White: Black back, tail, head, ears. White face, tummy, whiskers and eyebrows
  • Found at rear of property on Pharos Street.. in situe

contact: 01253 877311 or 07939 431796 email

Fleetwood FY7
found 8.Apr.2011
  • Hanging around the Ferry Cafe..
  • Grey and White cat with collar
  • In Situe

contact: 07796 796419

Fleetwood FY7
found 8.Apr.2011
  • Found hanging around the Esplanade and corner of Pharos Street
  • White kitten, beginning to look very dirty
  • Still in situe

contact: 07796 796419

Fleetwood FY7
'Ginger' found Mar.2009
  • 'Ginger' an adult male found sheltering in a garage in the Shakespeare Road area.
  • Vibrant Ginger with White on face, legs and chest.
    contact: 01253 882829