" FY8"

Lytham St Annes FY8
Found 14 October 2015
  • DSH White with Tortie cat
  • Found in Lytham St Annes
  • Currently with Vets4Pets  Squires Gate Blackpool
  • Contact  01253 685100

St Annes FY8
RTA Found 14 October 2015
  • Fatal RTA St Annes Road East
  • Black and White cat with Red collar
    It's at the vetinary health centre on Greenaway's in St Anne's 01253 729309.
    contact  finder 07789 699100

St Annes FY8
Found March 2015
  • A DSH female
  • Dark Tortie, kink in end of tail broken at an early age acc. to vet
  • Found on Eaves Road
  • Contact: 07774 211295

St Annes FY8
RTA found c.10 March 2015
  • Fatal RTA : a small DSH Black and White female cat
  • Chipped...2155 but unregistered
  • Found on Queensway
  • Now with Greenways Vets  01253 729309

St Annes FY8
Found 1 October .2014
  • A DSH female
  • Tabby / Tortie and White
  • Found on Rodney avenue with collar injury
  • Now with Greenways Vets  01253 729309
  • more

St Annes FY8
Geena found June .2014
  • Geena a young DSH Black and White female
  • In good condition
  • Found by Harvester pub St Annes
  • contact: Easterleigh  07733 887842

St Annes FY8
Kreugar found December .2013
  • A DSH entire male with Blue eyes
  • Ginger and White
  • Regular visitor of residence on Clover Avenue
  • contact: 07714 786038 email

St Annes FY8
Found December .2013
  • A DSH Black cat in good condition and people friendly
  • Wearing collar and bell when found on Arundel Road
  • In Situe
  • contact: 07913 048631

Lytham St Annes FY8
Found 16 December .2013
  • Garfield a DSH neutered & chipped male
  • a full Ginger Tabby cat .. has unusual Sternum.. and chipped to Chippenham not updated
  • No collar when found on Sedwell Close
  • contact: 07773 152672 email

St Annes FY8
Found 19 November .2013
  • An aprox 6yr old ? DLH female with Yellow eyes
  • Pale Ginger ..  very friendly
  • Found on Bartle Road
  • contact: 07803 796284 email

St Annes FY8
RTA found 9 September .2013
  • RTA Found by 421 Clifton Road
  • an adult but small DSH Black and White cat
  • Now with Greenways Vets  01253 729309

St Annes FY8
Anutha found 10 January .2013
  • An aprox 8yr old DSH male
  • Black and White
  • Visiting a residence on Eaves Road
  • contact:: 07590 290132

Lytham FY8
Dave found 10 January .2013
  • A young DSH Tabby cat with Green eyes
  • Mainly Black dark Grey and Brown
  • Found on Haymarket
  • contact 07979 342067 email  more

St Annes FY8
Oracle found 11 January .2013
  • A senior DSH female
  • Tabby and White.. no chip
  • found sitting in the middle of the road.. Leach Lane
  • contact: 07849 276570 email

St Annes FY8
Found November.2012
  • A DLH Black and White cat
  • has White legs and undercarriage
  • Found on Park Road
    contact: 07708 972217 

Lytham St Annes FY8
Found June.2012
  • An aprox 1yr old DSH cat with Green eyes
  • Black and White . Black body, White legs distinctive Black mark under chin.
  • In good condition, a little thin.  Has a collar mark around her neck.
  • Found on St  Andrews Road South
contact: 01253 723436 email

Lytham St Annes FY8
Found June.2012
  • A cat roaming in woods at Hall Park Centre
    near Hole in One pub on Forest Drive.
  • If anyone in the area is missing a cat, please contact   01253 795100

Lytham FY8
Found May.2012
  • A large DSH male cat
  • Grey with lighter stripes on head chest and legs.
  • Very tame, friendly
  • Found at Helical Technology , Dock Road
  • contact: Sarah Blythe 03333 444546

St Annes FY8
Found 2 May.2012

St Annes FY8
RTA Found 22 March.2012
  • Fatal RTA found on Kilnhouse Lane
  • A 3 Legged Tabby cat no collar
    contact: 07813 904838  email

St Annes FY8
Mischief Found January.2012
  • Found on St Albans Road
  • A DSH Tabby & White cat - unsure of sex
  • Comes to be fed morning and evening!, Just comes at mealtimes.
  • Now wearing collar with 'ring me' message ..
contact: 07891 178656 email

Lytham FY8
Found 14 December.2011
  • Found on Riversleigh Avenue
  • an aprox 6yr old DSH cat
  • Black and White: Black nose and back, White cheeks and forehead , White bib.
  • Looks tired and not in good health. Crying continually.
contact: 07979 750909 email

Lytham FY8
Found .September .2011
  • Found on Mythop Road been around for a while
  • An adult male - big cat
  • All Black
  • has terminal illness - needs his owner before too late.
  • With Nine Lives
    Now sadly decd
contact: 01253 344396

Lytham FY8
'Charlie' found .August.2011
  • Charlie an aprox 6yr old  DSH neutered male
  • Tabby cat
  • Chipped ...2224 registered to Easterleigh before rehoming.
  • Found in the area of Westbank Avenue

contact: 07500 115224

Lytham FY8
'Timmy' found .June.2011
  • Timmy an aprox 2yr old DSH neutered male been around for a while
  • Marbled Tabby and White
  • Scarred and timid when found
  • Now looking good, and very friendly having been fed for the last few weeks.
  • Found on Forest Drive

contact: 07970 289839

Lytham FY8
'GaGa' found 3.June.2011
  • Ga Ga an aprox 6mth old DSH female with maybe Green eyes
  • Black and White: Mostly black with white chest and paws. white around
    the mouth and nose with a black "beauty spot" to the left of her nose.
    Also, a short patch on her side - presumably where she's been spayed.
  • Seems in good condition
  • In Situe : Badgers Walk

contact: 07841 594901    email

Lytham FY8
'RTA' found 21.May.2011
  • A Black and White victim of RTA on Mythop Road
  • the cat had been hit by a car & was taken to Greenways Vets Lytham who said it had broken its leg & pelvis but when i rang the next day they said it had passed way

contact email


Lytham St Annes FY8
'Handsome Stranger ' found 10.Feb.2011
  • Handsome a young adult entire male with Yellow eyes
  • Black : All Black with a White patch under his nose and all 4 paws are White.
  • Wearing a Gold flea collar when found on Fieldway

contact:01253 723210 email

Lytham FY8
'Sooty' found Nov.2010
  • Sooty a DSH / Fluffy male
  • All Black
  • Found on Dock Road

contact: 07708 972217 email

Lytham FY8
'Minstrel' found Nov.2010
  • Minstrel a DSH Female
  • Black and White
  • Very small for her age, very timid.
  • Found on Dock Road

contact: 07708 972217 email

Lytham FY8
'Mo' found Dec.2010
  • Mo a recently spayed DSH female
  • Tortie and White cat
  • Found in the area of Ballam Road

contact:07708 972217 email

Ansdell FY8
'Sunny' found c.oct.2010
  • Sunny a DSH mature cat with mismatched eyes
  • Mainly White: with Black ears and back. quite fat.
  • No collar, no chip

contact: email

St Annes FY8
'RTA' found 11.Sept.2010
  • Aprox 6.30am on the corner of Derwent Ave and Kilnhouse Lane not far from the petrol station on kilnhouse lane
  • the cat looked like it was fully grown and was Long Haired Dark Brown/Black..
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news

contact: email

St.Annes FY8
'Gismo' found March.2010
  • Gismo an aprox 10/11yr old Persian female
  • Silver / Blue. possible deafness and is weak on her back legs. Very matted hair underneath when found
    Good home waiting if unclaimed.
    Contact: 07972 102873

St.Annes FY8
'Puss' found 7.Feb.2010
  • 'Puss' a young DSH female with Green eyes
  • Black: Black on top, White under belly. Front paws Black with White socks. Back legs White with Black marks, small area of White around the mouth and a nick on tip of left ear.
  • In Good condition
  • Found on Eaves Road
    contact: 07774 211295 email

St.Annes FY8
' Via the Grapevine' found Jan.2010
  • A ' Dark Brown ' ? Siamese / Oriental
  • Wearing collar
  • Being held at MeadowGreen Cattery
    contact: 01772 687301

Lytham St.Annes FY8

'Darling' found Nov.2009

  • A DSH cat.
  • Pale Apricot / Ginger on Top, Creamy White underneath
  • Pretty and affectionate.
  • Found in Reedy Acre Place

contact: text to 07974 671689 email

St.Annes FY8
'Persian' found May.2009
  • Small featured Dark Grey Persian with collar no tag.
  • Found at the Spar Shop on Whalley Place.
  • Picked up by the RSPCA - Longview on Tuesday.. 2nd June'09
    contact: 01253 763991

Fairhaven FY8
'Ginger' found c.15th May.2009
  • 'Ginger'  a cat with two chips..
  • a DSH Ginger and White female aprox 11yrs old acc. to vet.
  • Previously chipped to owners in Yorkshire who rehomed her.
  • Friendly and well cared for..
  • Found in the area of Myra Road
  • Now with Charnwood Cattery, Division Lane..

contact:  01253 762596

St.Annes FY8
'Holly' Found 13th Dec.2007
  • At St.Annes YMCA
  • A young DSH female with Green eyes
  • Ginger on top and Cream underneath
  • Very thin and had been with-out food for a considerable amount of time. Full of fleas and both ears were dirty and infected. No collar or id tag. Although her teeth suggest she is young her poor condition makes her look very old.
    contact: 01253 726776

Ansdell FY8
Found c.May.2008
  • In Ansdell, a Long Haired Domestic male.
  • Tabby and White.
    contact: MyMoggy quoting the ref: no. c2384

" FY8"
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