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Cats Found in the 'GU' postal area

Park Barn GU2
Star found May 2014
  • A DSH White with Black / Grey
  • Visiting residence on Clover Road

contact: 07979 148300 email

Aldershot GU11
'Baby' found April 2012
  • A DSH female
  • White with Black patches. White tip on tail - four White paws one back leg Black - Black marking from forehead to left eye like a spear
  • Found at Adershot FC / BT Exchange

contact: 07739 179795 email

Salamanca Park GU11
'WhitePaws' found 15.Jan.2011
  • Whitepaws an aprox.1-2yr old DSH entire male with Yellow / Green eyes
  • Tabby : Black / Grey coat, White paws, White bib.
  • Found on Lowe Close

contact: 07525 337386

Woking GU22
'RTA' 18th Jun.2009

Traffic accident victim outside CapGemini on Forge End on the verge
"This is a very busy main road.Poor thing was Brownish coloured, I first thought it was a Brown Tabby but could have been a Brown Tortie with little Ginger stripes, it was hard to see.
Someone may be searching for their pet"
contact: email
location to be confirmed

Mychett GU16
'Tabby' found Nov.2008

Reports of a poster seen while walking the ranges.
"Tabby cat found"
contact the Canal Centre (Mytchett) 01252 370073

Keogh Barracks GU12
'Felix' found 11th Nov.2008

'Felix' : A little Black and White entire tom cat with with Yellow eyes. Looks like Felix, very friendly.
Wearing a scruffy collar . Been in area for week or so, does not appear to have home and very hungry.
Sleeping rough.
contact: 07796993344 email

Hurtwood, GU6
'Woodie' found 20th Jan.2008

'Woodie' 8yrs plus an entire DSH male
Predominantly Black with some White
Found in Hurtwood, Cranleigh
Good condition, poor teeth, friendly but shy

Farnborough GU14
'Houdini' found 27th Nov.2007

'Houdini' found in Asda's Carpark
A DSH Tabby and White cat with a Grey nose.
Good condition, well fed.

contact: 07880 690085 email

Bagshot GU19
'Charlie' found end of Apr.2007

Charlie around 5yrs old DSH male with Greeny Yellow eyes
Black with large White streak across his back, 4 White
paws, small White mark on his nose and a White tummy
Found in the area of Hawkesworth Drive...
Has a bit of a limp to back leg otherwise ok
contact: 07813 327482 email

Yateley GU46
'Pickle' found 14th May.2007

Pickle a Long Haired cat found in the area of Kings Glade has been around for about a month.
Creamy Ginger with some darker rings on tail and Amber eyes. Wearing silver reflective collar but no tag. Someone has left a 'do you own this cat' tag on with the number of a vet on it but the rain has washed the main number away and no owner has removed the tag, so cat must have been wandering for a few weeks at least.
Slim but not boney - soft fur, not matted.
contact: 07740 723681 email

Guildford GU12
'Jules' Found 5th Apr.2007

A Long Haired Black and White cat.
Sex unknown
Black with White bib, White front mittens, White short socks at the back.

contact : 01252 343635 email

Fleet GU51
'Persia' found 9th Jan.2007

'Persia' a Tortie (Black/Orange) female with faded Green eyes.
Found in the area of Kenilworth Road
Bit matted, very frightened, Not chipped. Vet has checked her
over for us. Was very hungery but now fed. Will continue to look after her till claimed
contact: 01252 624723 email

Farnborough GU14
'Hal' found 7th Jan.2007

Hal an adult DSH male (possibly British Shorthair) with Pale Orange eyes.
Cream / Pale Ginger, faint Tabby markings, more pronounced on tail, darker bands to tail and Cream tip - a lovely chunky boy. Good condition, no obvious fleas. May have front tooth missing
?bloody gum. Not braved trying to open mouth. Hungry when found. Very friendly and bold - comes into house via cat flap and ignores my five cats!

contact: 07951 287921    email

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