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Halewood L35
Found 4 November 2014
  • Found at Manchester Dogs Home
  • A DSH Black and White cat
  • Chipped to Widnes detals out of date

Whiston L35
RTA found 19 November 2014
  • Fatal RTA Found nr Whiston Fire Station..
  • Now with Rutland House Veterinary Hospital, Abbotsfield Road, St Helens,
  • DSH Grey and White female with Red Bandana collar
  • Vets holding it for a couple of days
  • contact: 01744 853510
    Photo's held email

Bootle L30
Pixie found July 2014
  • An aprox 6mth old DSH Cat
  • Black and White
  • Found just off the Northern Perimeter Road by Copy Lane
  • contact : 07841 737164  email
  • more
    now with Cat Protection

Orrell Park L9
Mog found 8 June 2014
  • Found on Foinavon Close / Wood Brook Avenue
  • A young adult DSH male
  • Black with White paws and belly
  • In situe
  • contact: 07958 179068 email
  • More

Prescot L34
RTA found 28 April 2014
  • Victim of fatal RTA
  • a DSH White cat with Dark tail and markings on back no collar
  • on verge of Carlton Street.. off Grosvenor Road
  • later removed
  • contact: 07879 882694 (after 4pm)

West Derby L12
Marco found 10 January 2014
  • Marco a young DSH male with Golden eyes
  • Black with White neck and chest, White toes on front and White back legs and feet
  • Found on The Drive
  • contact 07795 070362 email

Prescot L35
Mog found December 2013
  • Mog a DSH neutered male
  • White with Tabby / Black patches
  • found on Plumtree Close
  • contact 07741 201655 email
  • more

Sefton L30
Willow found c.June 2013
  • Willow a young DSH female
  • Tabby, orignally wore a collar, now lost.. in good condition
  • in situe
  • contact: 07841 737164 email
  • more

Waterloo L22
Kitty found 31 March 2013
  • Kitty a DSH Black cat with White triangle on face, White bib and socks.
  • Grubby and obviously hungry.
  • Found on Ashdale Road
  • contact 07966 381981 email

Bootle L20
Bruno found 1 April 2013
  • Bruno an aprox 3yr old DLH male with Yellow eyes
  • Completely Black in poor condition.. tummy fur very matted
  • Found on Wolfenden Avenue
  • contact: 07724 803595 email

Norris Green L11
'Posie's Boy found 22 February 2013
  • Posie's Boy a young DLH male vetstimated at aprox 6yrs.
  • Black with White front paws, White back legs. Very fluffy though seems quite small under the badly knotted coat. May have been outside for some time
  • Found on Muirhead Ave East
    contact : email     More

Toxteth L8
Found 10 January 2013
  • Visiting residence on Solway Street
  • An adult fluffy Ginger and White cat
    contact: 07922 958160

Burscough L40
RTA found 9 January 2013
  • Fatal RTA A59 Liverpool Road / Moss Lane nr Burscough near to the entrance of farm where the car boot is held.
  • Young female quite a small cat
  • Dark Tortie
  • Now with C J Mason Vets will be kept for 1 week.
    contact: email  07845 921969    vets: 01772 335799

Ford L21
'Stripe' found June..2011
  • Stripe an aprox. 7-12mth old DSH male with Green eyes
  • Tabby: Brown and Cream stripes with a little Black in the Stripe. White under chin
  • Found on Green Lane

contact:07956 629857 email

Netherton L30
'Percy' found 15.Jul.2010
  • Percy a DSH neutered male with Green eyes
  • Black with White mark on chest and a small White dot on back leg.
  • A smallish cat.
  • Found in garden on Morgan Mews

contact:01512 845592 email

Fairfield L6
'Fluffy' found 27th Dec.2008

An aprox 12mth old Fluffy female with Yellow eyes
Black - Fluffy
Found living in a box in the yard of a property on Elstree Road...
Obviously lost.
contact: 07980 756630 email

Toxteth L8

'Pancake' found 5th Feb.2008

Found in the area of Croxteth Road
a DSH female about 3-6mths.
Coat a Greyish colour, in very good condition
contact: 07776 437764 email

Wallasey L44
RTA found 7th Nov.2007

Fatal RTA End of M53 approach to the Wallasey/Docks/ Liverpool tunnel/ back of mosslands playing fields. just recently happened at 2pm as cat is on the cheverons.
The cat has been reported to wirral street scene, please contact them to see if the cat has been collected as we are unaware if the cat was microchipped or had a collar on., Contact numbers :wirral street scene 0151 606 2004  map

Liverpool L7
Dec.21st 2005

Found one black and white female long haired cat, probably over  a year old but not by much.she has a very disitinctive collar (colour and shape) which shouldl allow instant identification 
She was found in the edge lane area of Liverpool on 21st december I am sure the cat's owner is looking for her as she is a very loving and nice cat and has been well looked after, she is not over keen on going out and is house trained She is not micro chipped


Found in Anfield, a neutered male Tabby aprox 3yrs old with White bib and stomach - back paws White, front paws - White mittens.
07813 324087  email

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