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Cockerham LA2
Found October 2014
  • Found at the Manor Inn been around for a while
  • A DSH neutered Ginger and White tabby cat
  • contact (text) to 07974 671689  ref: c6842 Cocker.
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Heysham LA3
Found 1 July 2013
  • Does anyone recognise this cat? He is a lovely old man who was found Heysham area on Monday.
    He appears to have an injury to his back leg.
    He has a chip but it appears not to have up to date information attached.
    with Bay Vets Ltd.. Phone Morecambe branch on 01524 410867
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  • Owners or Good home needed

Lancaster LA1
RTA Gingerfluff found 22 March 2013
  • Subject of Fatal RTA at A6 Beaumont Bridge
  • A SLH lightish Ginger with White underparts, quite small very beautiful.
  • No collar
  • In situe.. Moved from the pavement to the other side of a hedge on the east side of Beaumont Bridge, where there's a grassy triangle nearly opposite Spar.
  • contact: email

Lancaster LA1
Charlie found 4 January 2012
  • Charlie a young adult DSH female with Green eyes
  • Black and White: with White socks, has patches on back where fur seems to be regrowing
  • In good condition .. a little small and thin, fights with other cats, not litter trained.. and probably not spayed.
  • Found on Briery Street

contact  email

Scotforth LA1
'Pussykins' found c.16.Nov.2009
  • 'Pussykins' aprox. 1 - 2yr old DSH female with Green eyes (Black spot in left eye)
  • White with Brown, Tan and White. From eyes down to and incl front paws - White. Tan spot left of mouth Black spot just below mouth. Wearing flea collar.when found - no chip...
  • In Good condition
  • Now with Blea Tarn Animal Refuge

contact: 01524 65495  email

Morecambe LA4
'Steve' found 1.Nov.2009
  • 'Steve' a DSH entire male with Yellowy eyes, age unknown.
  • Tabby and White: mainly tabby, with White bib, White paws and White bands around hind legs
  • Very well looked after. someone must be missing him, very affectionate
  • Found on Stone Jetty, Morecambe

contact: 07760 393824 email

Lancaster LA1
'Gigiragabonedancingbear' found Sept.2008
  • Gigi (for short) was found in the area of Westham Street
  • A young DSH male with Green eyes.
  • Black with a small white mark under his chin. He has a red collar with a white fleecy lining.  He is quite a tall slender cat.
  • Gigi visits our home 3 times a day, he is often at the top of the street near the allotments. But he is very often sat on our doorstep. The neighbours were worried about his size, but he has put on weight now.
  • We are happy to look after him if his owner cannot be found, but we would like to reunite him with his loved ones, or at least try to.
    contact: 07837 607946 email

Lancaster LA1
'Tabby' found 9th Jan.2006
  • Found at the BP service Station, Slyne Road.
  • A female dsh Tabby cat c.5mths old. White "socks" on back legs and White mittens on front paws
  • Good coat but may be pregnant. Soon to be fostered by local CP volunteers
contact: 07966 528683   email

Ackenthwaite LA7
'Lady' Found 17th Jul.2006
  • 'Lady' a DSH female around 15yrs old Grey back with White legs, belly
  • White bib extends around the back of her neck (tuxedo type) She has Amber eyes.
  • Very thin, no teeth, half a tail, Very small for estimated age.
contact: 07970 290133   email

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