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Cats Found in the 'LE' postal area Cats Lost 

Lutterworth LE17
Tigger found c.17 Aug 2016
  • Tigger an entire DSH Full Classic Tabby cat
  • Found on Midland Court, Central Park
  • called daily for meals for last 6mths
  • contact: 07768 626901 email

Thringstone LE67
Socks found April 2013
  • Socks a DSH female aprox 3 - 6 yrs.. Greeny Brown eyes
  • Mackeral Tabby with White socks
  • Fit and healthy.
  • Visiting residence on Melrose Road
  • contact: 07789075485 email

Loughborough LE11
'Blackie' found 11 November.2011
  • Blackie an aprox 1yr old entire DSH male with Green eyes
  • All Black, large cat Very friendly with people but nervous around dogs and other cats
  • Found on Howden Close

contact:07811 974027 email

Leicester LE4
'Sophie' found June.2011
  • Sophie a DLH female with Bright Green eyes
  • Black and White, quite a fluffy large cat Not keen on strangers, very shy
  • In good condition but very hungry
  • Found in the area of Loughborough Road / outdoor pursuits centre
  • In situe

contact:07747 034844 email

Ragdale LE14
'Ed' found Jan.2010
  • Ed, a DSH entire male, young adult ? with Pale Green eyes
  • White with Ginger markings on head and ears. Has a bushy tail and slight mark on top of back
  • In good condition
  • Found on Hillside Close

contact:01664434200 email

Newfoundpool LE3
'Fluffboy' found 7.March.2010
  • Fluffboy, an entire young male with Greeny, Yellow very slanted eyes.
  • Black / Brown marbled Tabby: Brown tabby head, body is Brown and Black marble with long very feathery tail. Big, fluffy White bib, White curly furred belly and four White paws. Beautiful!
  • Still very kitten like. Very thin and dirty
  • I am pregnant so cant keep him for long.
  • He will be taken to Woodsìde Animal Centre, leicester in a few days. Such a shame as he is a right loveable rogue,so appreciative of warmth, food and fuss.

contact: 07759 824004

Ibstock LE67
'Lil' found 8.Sept.09
  • 'Lil' a young Fluffy female
  • Black and White: White feet and chest
  • A well looked after and very friendly little cat.
  • Found on Melbourne Road..

contact: 07956 450488 email

South Wigston LE18
'Puss' found Dec.2008
  • 'Puss' a DLH female found in the LE18 area
  • Tortie and White: White bib, Tortoiseshell with hints of Ginger
  • Living with the finder since Christmas
    contact: 0116 2782410 email
    Puss has now been taken into care..

Leicester LE3
'Tortie' found end Sept.2008
  • An aprox. 1yr old short haired female
  • Tortie - Black White and Ginger
  • Found in the area of Dorchester Road..
    contact: 01162 544413

Aylestone LE2
'Friendly' found 9th Apr.2008
  • Found in the area of Lutterworth Road..
  • a DSH entire male with Green eyes.
  • Grey & Brown 'Marbled' Tabby with white paws, nose & chest
    was a little thin but have now been feeding him & seems fine
contact : 07866 577307 / 07912 411030  email

Hinckley LE10
'Silva' registered Dec.2007
  • Found in the area of Park Road
  • a DSH female with Green eyes
  • Black and Silver striped back, White chest with patches of Ginger predominant on rear leg.
  • In Good condition. Sadly she isn’t micro chipped.
    The vet said she was only about 2 years old, never had a litter + been spayed and definitely from a friendly home.

contact: 01455 440604 email

Bede Island LE2
'Tom' found Oct.2006
  • 'Tom' aprox 2yrs, entire DSH male with Green eyes.
  • Black: His coat in good condition He is a little thin as he has been a stray for a while
  • Found near centre of Leicester Bede Island, has been a stray for
    possibly 4/5wks,  No Collar, No Chip
    contact: 01530 830591 email