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Saxton LS24
  • Middle aged DSH female - no chip
  • Tortie / Calico cat
  • Photo needed for ID purposes.. Text to 07974 671689

Armley LS12
  • Young (current guestimate is about 5 months)
  • Tabby male with white paws and bib, un-neutered and not micro-chipped - found in Armley area of Leeds.
  • contact: 01274 911490

Ilkley LS29
  • Blacky a young adult DSH cat with Green / Yellow eyes
  • All Black
  • Found on Bridge Lane / Middleton Road
    contact: email

Leeds LS

Garforth LS25
'Molly' found 8 June.2011
  • Molly an adult DSH female with Green eyes
  • Different Browns with 4 White paws and patches of White on stomach.
  • Gentle and timid,does not hunt.
  • Healthy , maybe a bit overweight
  • Found in Garforth.

contact: email

Pudsey LS28
'Tigger' found Juner.2011
  • Tigger a 9mth ish DSH entire female with Green eyes
  • Black and White. distinctive pattern on face, pretty much symmetrical black markings on face like a mask outlining eyes
  • In very poor condition when found, starving, dehydrated, dirty
  • Found on Bankhouse

contact: 01132360253 email

'RTA' found 25.Mar.2011
  • North Herts district council road side cleaners found a tabby cat with white paws
  • On friday 25th march In letchworth Baldock road area

contact:  01462 474000

Leeds LS16
RIP..'Peace' found 29.Jun.2010
  • Peace.. a 2yr + Large Fluffy cat with Hazel eyes unsure of sex
  • Pale Tabby
  • Large. Looks well looked after. Don't know if neutered
  • Found - victim of RTA Spen Lane north of Ring Road near the Co - op.
    Leeds 16
  • Taken to Tower Wood Vet, Tinshill Road, Leeds 16.
  • Knocked on loads of doors / left notice in co-op. Not microchipped - vet checked.
    contact: 07507 778840 email

Headingly LS6
'Ginger' found 23.Dec.2010
  • 'Ginger' a DSH cat with Yellow / Brown eyes. Unsure of age / sex
  • Ginger stripey cat with white paws & chest.
  • Very affectionate & friendly, healthy, meows alot
  • Healthy, happy, well fed. He has been living with us for a few weeks now, since just before christmas as the streets were empty & it was cold, he seemed lost, lost his way in the snow.
  • Found on Ash Road..
    contact: 07500 936105 email

Leeds LS8
'RTA' found 20.Dec.2009 8pm.
  • A medium sized Tortoiseshell / Tabby with Green eyes
  • Wearing no collar.
  • Found deceased , run over, by the pedestrian crossing on Harrogate Rd, the one near Little Dragon, Rustic Pine, Sheesh Mahal, Rajas, etc.
  • We enquired with local residents on Montreal Avenue, and left the cat with a resident just nearby who said he would leave leaflets around.
    contact: email

A6120 LS18
'RTA' found 24.Nov.2009
  • I saw what I believe was a run over Black and White cat on the Leeds ring road (A6120), apologies for not stopping but traffic was busy.
  • The exact location was just after the roundabout to Horsforth/Kirkstall, not far from the bus stop into Leeds.( ie Horsforth New Road, between the flower seller and Calverley Lane, on the Leeds side of the road. )
  • Sorry not to be able to offer any more info
    contact: email

Horsforth LS18
'RTA' found 5.Oct.2009
  • An adult DSH male
  • Black / Dark Grey. Big Cat 7 - 8 Kg. No collar. Found deceased, Would not have suffered.
  • Found already dead on road in Horsforth on Leeds Ring road between Horsforth and Rodley by Cragg Woods,
  • Taken to Holly House Vets late night opening, Moortown Leeds to check for chipping. No feedback
    contact: . 0113 236 9030 email

A659 LS22
'Ginger' found 18.Sept.2009
  • A young adult DSH entire male
  • All Ginger - No White, No collar
  • Found on A659 Road between Collingham and Wattle Syke Roundabout/ A1 Junction,
  • Sadly found deceased. Gently lifted and taken to vets to check for microhip - sadly no chip.
  • Taken to Holly House Vets, Leeds 468 Street Lane, Moortown, Leeds LS17 6HA   
    contact: 0113 236 9030

Ilkley LS29
'Gerry' found Jul.2009
  • 'Gerry' an adult DSH female
  • Black and White with short stubby tail. White whiskers
  • This cat spends all his time in my garden with my ragdoll cat, Tom.
    They are best mates!
  • Found in the area of Sedbergh Drive..
    contact: 07702 652924 email

Leeds LS12
'Smokey' found aprox. 1st Jul.2009
  • An aprox. 20mth old DSH cat, unsure of sex.
  • Smokey Grey with white face and paws - we think he/she had a pink collar a while ago as we thought it was a local cat but the collar is now missing.
  • Found in the area of Stanningley Road, moved into my kitchen
    contact: 01132 792706 email

Leeds LS8
'Pizza Cat'
  • Found in the area off Easterly Road, Gipton Wood / Amberton RD area
  • A DSH female
  • Black body with White on face . Had a silver collar on that had caught over one leg and was cutting into her neck, (we were eventually able to remove it) Very hungry as is probably pregnant but not in bad condition

contact: 01132 490108 email

Leeds LS1
'Kitten' found May 2008
  • Found in the area of 'The Dry Dock'  Woodhouse Lane.
  • A DSH Kitten aprox 4-5months old
  • Black, white socks, white face around jaw. Yellow eyes
  • Staying at a temporary home in Leeds until an owner can be found or the RSPCA can find someone to collect him.
    contact: 07515 427180 email

Leeds LS11
'Charlie' found 11th Oct.2007
  • Charlie a young DSH male with Green eyes
  • White with Light Ginger patches on body, White belly and
    chest, Ginger on top half of face and White on bottom half of face with Ginger around wiskers.
  • In good condition, seems well looked after.
  • Found at the White Rose Shopping centre Leeds West Yks,

contact: 01132 193125 email

Headingley LS6
'Elvis 2' found 3rd Sept.2007
  • 'Elvis 2' a DSH male with Yellow eyes.
  • Found in the area of Woodbridge Vale
  • He's a black & white tom with 4 white paws, not the
    tamest of cats, lets me stroke him but then scratches me.
    In great condition a bit on the skinny side.

Guiseley LS20
'Stray' found 18th Aug.2007
  • A DSH female aprox 2-5yrs old with Yellow eyes
  • Found in Guiseley.
  • Tabby head, back and tail, White underneath and legs, White patch on back and round nose.
  • Very good condition, only has 3 legs, left fore is missing / amputated. Very affectionate and obviously well looked after.
    contact: White Cross Vets, 01943 873147

Kirkstall LS5
'Tipsy' found 8th May.2007
  • Tipsy a 3-4mth old female DSH kitten.
  • Black and White.
  • Found in the area of Kepstorn Close...
    contact: 0113 216 5272 email

Leeds LS14
RTA found 21st Mar.2007
  • I have to report the sad news that I just lifted a dead large Black cat from the Leeds ring road near the roundabout for the A58 to Wetherby and where a residential road called Kingsmead joins the ring road. 
  • He was a big boy (about 14lbs as he felt the same weight as my big ginger tom).
  • He had no collar and it was about 8.20pm when I passed so I did not like to knock on any doors in the dark as I was on my own.  Obviously I would have rung a number had he worn a collar.  I also would have taken him to a vet to see if he were chipped in daylight hours. I left him on the grass verge in case his owners were looking, but if he’s there tomorrow I will take him to the vet to see if he is microchipped.
  • I have lost 2 cats to car accidents and I am so very very sorry for the owners.
  • He was still there when I passed by on my way to work so I stopped, wrapped him in a towel and took him to my vet to check for a chip.
    Holly House Veterinary Surgery 0113 236 9030
    Unfortunately there was no microchip when my vet scanned him.  The vet said they would put him in their Lost and found book and that he was an intact tom cat so could have traveled miles from his home and that they would send him to be cremated
  • He wouldn’t have suffered.  He would have passed away instantly and would not have felt a thing.  His body was cold when I found him – I think it probably happened in rush hour when it was dark. 
    I cried for him anyway and gave him a cuddle.

contact  0113 2174797

Central Leeds LS1
'Purrs' found 5th Mar.2007
  • Found in a car park close to Park Lane College, Pudsey, Leeds, currently being kept indoors.
  • 'Purrs' around 1yr old a DSH male with Green eyes.
  • Creamy ginger, head a bit persian shaped suggesting
    such heritage, very loud purr! Thin, evidently not properly eaten in a while when found, quite dirty too, unspayed.
    contact: 07940 158352 email

LS7/LS8 border
'Cat' Found 27th Nov.2006
  • 'Cat' a middle aged DSH , Black with small White marks on paws was found by a member of my family. In very poor condition.
  • Not been seen before in the area. Taken to vets, as was in a bad way, head lilting, coat in terrible condition and very thin. Sadly the cat was thought to have brain damage, was blind, and had CRF.
  • The vets treated the cat with great kindness, and the poor thing, being unable to recover, was PTS by the vets the next day.

Leeds LS7
'Grubby' found Mar.2006
  • 'Grubby' was found wandering round the flats where I live on the border of Chapel Allerton, Chapel Town and Harehills.
  • He adopted us and now lives with us & is well loved.
  • All White with Green eyes & is very well behaved and affectionate.
  • Despite him having a chip (address/ phone number wrong) an extensive search didn't find where he came from.
  • A bit worse for wear when he first arrived, the vet said he
    was fine. Now doing very well.
    contact: 07759 059991

Headingley LS6
'Hudson' found 27th Sept.2006
  • 'Hudson' a DSH All Tabby male
  • "We have found this cat in headingley (leeds) LS6 on 270906.
  • He is a male, approx 1-2 yrs old. has no chip and is in good health! we are desperate for him to return to his home! "

contact: 0113 275 8155.

Leeds LS12
'Anon' 1995/6
I've been thinking about a dead cat I found several years ago and wonder if maybe you could post something on your website.
 I was at university in Leeds. I worked in a petrol station in Geldard Road, Leeds, LS12. It was opposite the climbing wall. One day I got to work about five am and saw a ginger cat laying dead by the side of the road. I put it in a black bin liner and put it in the dustbin. I have two cats myself now and would act differently but at the time I didn't know what else to do.  
It would most likely have been 1995 or 1996. I can't remember if the cat was wearing a collar and if it was there definately wasn't a tag on it because I would have called the owners if there were.
I know it was a long time ago but on the off chance that the owners ever look on here they might know what happened to their cat. It was laying right at the side of the road and looked like it had died instantly. Not sure if this will make things better or worse for someone if they do think it might have been their cat but I would want to know...

Please Report all Found Cats