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Sale M33
Found September 2016
  • A DSH Black and White cat
  • Rather poorly
  • Found on Chester Road
  • email

Walkden M28
Found July 2014
  • A Fluffy Grey and White cat with Greeny Yellow eyes
  • Very malnourished
  • wearing collar when found on Waverly Road
  • contact: 07790 114410 email
  • more

Worsley Village M28
Found Decd June.2014
  • Found decd in local canal
  • a DSH Black or Tortie cat (difficult to make out)

Atherton M46
RTA found 10 June.2013
  • Victim of RTA
  • White body,Tabby tail,Black marks over ears and top of head,
  • Vet said female unchipped,
  • Junction Car Bank St and Bolton Road,Atherton on 4 AM Monday 10th June,
  • Taken to nearby Petmedics at Unit A1 wardley industrial estate.
  • contact Vets: 0161 794 4999

Astley M29
'Des' found Jan.2011
  • Des a Young DSH entire male
  • Grey / Black Tortie / Tabby

contact:01942 893110 email

Denton M34
'Princess' found 18.Oct.2010
  • Princess an aprox 16-20wk old DSH spayed female with Blue eyes
  • Black and White: just had operation on side
  • Wearing her Pink collar when found on Peter Street

contact: 07940 221742 email

Little Hulton M38
'Sparkle' found 10.Oct.2010
  • Sparkle, a young DSH cat
  • Black with White socks on all paws, one going up to the rear knee, and a White upside down V on face.
  • Wearing sparkly Green tatty collar with bell
  • Cat in our garden that kept running into the house and being friendly and curious this afternoon, it is still sat outside and looking for ways to get in.

Audenshaw M34
'Youngster' found 3.Sept.2010
  • Young DSH female
  • All Black. Wearing a Red Collar, very affectionate cat.
  • Lovely cat, well looked after
  • Found on Slate Lane
    Collected by RSPCA - helpline 0300 1234 555/ local branch 07977 757273 email

Whalley Range M16
'Young Ginger' found 4.Jul.2010
  • Young Ginger, long haired with Green eyes - age and sex 'not sure'
  • Ginger Stripey Tabby
  • Found on College Road

contact:07528 866657 email

Cadishead M44
'ScaredyCat' found c.10.Apr.2010
  • ScaredyCat an adult long haired cat with small, Bright Blue eys
  • Birman ? Creamy White with light Greyish 'splotches' along its back. Long haired tail in a Sable / Milky Coffee colour. Similar paches on paws. Face & ears Grey with hint of White on nose.
  • Blue collar with Diamante ? Maybe an ID tag at some point - now missing.
  • Initially underweight, desperate for food. Coat looked good at first but becoming more unkempt.
  • Very nervous around humans, flinches if approached, even with food
  • Has bitten when attempt was made to pick up to take to vets for scan.
  • Found on Kenmore Grove

Levenshulme M19
'Beastie' found 7.May.2010
  • Beastie a young ? DSH cat - usure of sex. Green eyes
  • Black and White: Blotchy Black and White, one eye Black patch, Black nose and chin, Miaows a lot
  • Skinny but seems fine. Reluctant to leave our house which is why i think he is lost
  • Found on Old Hall Lane

contact: 07811 352102 email

Fallowfield M14
'Baba' found c.8.Dec.2009
  • 'Baba' a young DSH cat
  • Black and White: has a big Black smudge on its nose, Black and White coat.
  • Found on Horton Road..
    contact: 07722 857925 email

Manchester M22
'Moggie' found Dec.2009
  • 'Moggie' a youngish DSH cat with Huge Green eyes
  • Tabby: Ginger round mark on bottom lip / chin
  • In good condition - living around my house. Cannot rehome due to having taken in 2 strays already.
  • Found on Carling Drive..

contact: email

Middleton M24
'Buster' found c.2007
  • 'Buster' an adult DSH male
  • Black coat, White front feet, White bib and back feet are White with White socks - piece missing from his left ear.
  • In good condition, not sure if neutered, could not get close enough.
    Off Oldham Road near to Townley Street Roaming the above area and has been for approximately two years or more. Goes into houses on occasion for food and attention, but he never stays long, as he seems very wary of people in general.

contact: email  07904 718815

Stretford M32
'Pishi' found 12.Jul.2009
  • 'Pishi' an adult Long Haired Tabby (Maine Coon ?) with Gold / Green eyes.
  • Dark Brown and Beige stripes with White circle around mouth.
  • Wearing Green collar
  • Either female or neutered male
  • Lives outdoors and gets fed daily
  • Found on Urmston Lane..

contact: 07855 097183 email

Flixton M41
'Tinkerbell' found 2005
  • 'Tinkerbell' a long haired Tabby and White cat
  • In very good condition, neutered, a little overweight !
  • Found in the region of Cheriton Road...

contact:07939 649076 email

Stretford M32
'Emma' found October 2007
'Emma' c2074 found in Stretford M32

Emma is a black and white female cat picked up today from Braemar Avenue, Stretford, Manchester.
She is not microchipped, and has no collar, but has worn one in the past. She is an older lady, but no definite age as yet.
She is friendly, but has very poor sight and so she needed immediate help or she could have hurt herself. She also has some other medical concerns that are being seen to.
She has very kindly been taken in by Paws Inn Cat Rescue in Weaverham, Cheshire after drawing a blank from all local rescues in the area.
Local vets will be contacted in the morning and posters have already been put up locally.
She has been named Emma (after the little girl that first looked after her when she walked into a wall) until we find out her real name.

Manchester Airport M90
'Jazz' found 15th May.2007

Jazz a 4/6mth old DSH female with Blue eyes
Black with White socks and chest
Hungry, thin but fed now and looking good
contact: 07796 851381 email

Stockport M34
'Puddles' found c.Oct.2006

'Puddles' a DSH female 1yr old.
Completely Black big green eyes,quite thin and friendy
Condition : Thin and has some scabs on its body I think due to flea bite reaction maybe
Found in the area of Springfield Street...
contact: 01613 359299 email

Audenshaw M34
RTA Sept.2006

Black and white cat found outside 137 Denton Road, Audenshaw was covered with a white cloth
This is the only information I have on it

Denton M34
Found c.29th Sept.2006

Young Black kitten with Red collar on, Hyde Road, Denton
contact 07967 351 666

Tyldesley M29
BlackCat found 19th Jul.2006

RTA. Manchester Road, Tyldesley.Black cat, unknown sex, unknown age or if collared. White paws, possible white tip of tail
Contact: 078494 12379 email