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Hilsea PO3
'Tibby' found 9.November 2011
  • Tibby a young neutered DSH male with Green eyes
  • Tabby Black and Grey, White bib and socks.
  • Ulcer in one eye, possible due to catfight or knock ?
  • In very good condition

contact: 07821 464413 email

Hayling Island PO11
'Sam' found 20.August 2011
  • Sam a Fluffy cat with Green eyes
  • White with Grey: Large Grey patches over one eye and half over the other, quite fluffy, Black patch over nose
  • Found in Pepper Close / Church Road area
  • in situe

contact: 02392 460966 email

Havant PO9
'Socks' found 2.Oct.2010
  • Socks an aprox 6mth old DSH male with Amber eyes
  • Tabby with two White back paws
  • Good condition, very friendly
  • Found on Eastern Road

contact: 07899 916180 email

Waterlooville PO7
'Edmund' found 21.Apr.2010
  • Edmund a young fluffy cat unsure of sex, with Amber eyes
  • Ginger and White. White face and under body
  • Found on Hambledon Road - between Waterlooville and Denmead
    contact: 07919 537112 email

Chichester PO19
'Charlie' found 25th Feb.2009
  • 'Charlie' around 1yr old an entire DLH male with Yellow eyes
  • Black with White bib and socks.
  • Very thin with bite to rear right leg
  • Found at Chichester Train Station

Havant PO9
'Tabby' found early 2008
  • Tabby an adult DSH cat - sex unknown.
  • Marbled Tabby and White
  • Found in the area of Eastern Road...
  • Although Tabby does come in and eat here I have five cats and five kittens of my own so s/he doesn't stay long! S/he won't let me touch her/him and runs away as soon as I approach.

    Tabby has been around for a few months but disappears for weeks at a time so I thought s/he had a home and was just being cheeky and coming in for some extra food from my cats' bowls.

    At one point s/he had a bad limp but the next time I saw her/him s/he was fine which made me even more sure that s/he did have an owner.

    S/he has been hanging around continuously the past few days and seems much hungrier. I have checked with the neighbours I didn't ask before and no-one has any knowledge of him/her so I think the poor love is lost.
contact: 07899 916180 email

Chichester Marina PO20
'Mr.H' found 22nd Jul.2007
  • Found between H & I jetty in the marina, an aprox. 4-5yr old Burmese cross moggy with Yellow eyes
  • Lovely Dark Brown/Black head and Brown body. Long body
    and legs.
  • Very gentle and loving, seems lost without his family. Won't go outside, too scared.  Eats for England! I think he wants to go home, but loves us too. no claws out even when you do something he doesn't particlarly like.
    In very poor condition when found, now flea free and getting glossy. Eats 4 pouches gravy Whiskas a day plus dried food!!

contact: 01243 513504 email

Barnham PO22
'Silva' found 1st Feb.2007
  • 'Silva' a Silvery Grey aprox 1½-2yrs old with Black nose & White chest, tummy & paws - Very affectionate.
contact: 01243 552621  email

Southsea PO4
'Tramp' found 17/18th Oct.2006
  • 'Tramp' a DSH entire male with Yellow eyes Estimated at around 6yrs old.
  • Grey with White Triangle on Chest, White "Toes" & Right Side of "Cheek"

Bedhampton PO9
'Lester' found Early Sept.2006
  • 'Lester' a 1-2yr old entire DSH male
  • Very pale Tabby Ginger, striking Yellow/Brown eyes, long tail.
    In excellent condition...

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