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PR4 Freckleton
RTA found 19 October 2015
  • Fatal RTA involving a Classic Tabby and White cat
  • On the left hand verge as you come off the roundabout onto Preston New Road heading east.53°45'23.0"N 2°51'46.9"W
  • PR4 1HP.. in situe
  • Photo held

PR7 Buckshaw Village
Found July 2015
  • Found at the Petrol Station
  • A DSH Tabby / Tortie and White cat

PR4 Warton
Found July 2015
  • Found at the bottom of Butlers Meadow by the caravan park
  • A 5 - 6mth DSH Black cat with Green eyes and small White medallion
  • contact: text to 07946 398024

A584 PR4
Fatal RTA Found 15 May 2015
  • On the A584 about 100m from A583 junction
  • In the middle of a 50mph road.
  • A DSH Black cat with maybe some white on front

Weeton PR4
'Tootsie' Found March 2015
  • A young DSH Black and White cat
  • Found on The Close / Mythop Road
  • contact: 07823 883706  email

Kirkham PR4
Buddy Found 19 November 2014
  • A Fluffy entire male with Greeny coloured eyes
  • Tortie / Tabby  cat
  • Fund on Long Meadow
  • contact: 07592 590403  email

Penwortham PR1
RTA Found 1 December 2014
  • Victim of Fatal RTA
  • A DSH Tabby cat
  • By Co-op on Pope Lane
  • contact text to 07974 671689 quote ref c6896

Southport PR
Oscar found c.November 2014
  • Found on Montrose Avenue Blackpool crying and  a little burnt uner engine of a car just purchased in Southport .. also had broken tail
  • A DSH neutered male Ginger Tabby and White with Green eyes
  • contact: 07762 936110
  • settled with finders who will adopt if not claimed

Bretherton PR
Found 27 October 2014
  • A DSH Classic Ginger Tabby cat
  • contact: 07585 112473
  • more

Kirkham PR4
RTA 11 October 2014
  • By the Bell and Bottle pub
  • by roadside
  • A Full Tabby cat, medium sized no collar

Little Hooole PR4
RTA 26 September 2014
  • On the A59 in Little Hoole by the Fox Cub pub
  • A Black and White cat
  • taken to vets in Longton ( could be Ribbleton Vets 01772 616492)
  • contact :  07976 308324

Chorley PR6
Traffic incident 17 August 2014
  • On East Way outside the post office
  • A DSH Black and White cat
  • The cat ran into bushes behind the post office after going under the first wheel.It ran away and look alright but he wasn't sure whether it had suffered any internal injuries.

Preston Docks PR2
RTA 17 August 2014
  • On the A583 Slip Road off the dual carriageway down to the docks on the right hand side embankment.
  • A Ginger cat.
  • Hopefully will be removed by Preston Borough council for scanning.
  • contact: (text) 07714 003503

Coppull PR7
Saw 21 July 2014
  • In case anyone is searching  I saw at about 17.20
  • A young DSH Black cat
  • on Wigan Road.. went onto the Golf Course
  • contact email

Kirkham PR4
RTA found 9 July 2014
  • Fatal RTA involving A DSH Tabby cat
  • Blackpool Old Road / Campbells caravan site
  • contact email

Preston PR
Horatio found June 2014
  • A DSH neutered Ginger and White cat
  • Handed in to Vets4Pets Preston
  • Now with Easterleigh 07733 887842

Ingol PR2
Found April 2014
  • A DSH Black and White cat.. with Amber eyes
  • Very thin wearing collar
  • Found on Dukes Meadow
  • contact 07986 295952

Leyland PR25
Found February 2014
  • A Fluffy Birman or Oriental type entire male (British colour point ?)
  • Cream with points
  • contact Moggy 

A585 PR4
RTA 9 February 2014
  • Subject of fatal RTA 
  • On Fleetwood Road between Ribby Hall and the M55
  • A Black cat with Silver / White collar with a tag saying "Izzy" with no contact number. Found her on the way to work and stopped to move her to the side of a road and put a bag on her.
  • contact Moggy
  •  There is a change to the location.. now between the M55 roundabout and the Wesham roundabout.. had been moved by mid afternoon

A6 Garstang PR3
RTA 24 November 2013
  • Fatal RTA involving a Classic Tabby & White cat
    Distinctive markings on at least 3 legs
  • Outside Burlingham caravan park opposite the fire station on the A6 in Garstang
  • No collar..  Wyre borough council contacted
  • contact: 07749 964640 email
  • photo held

M55 PR4
RTA 14 November 2013
  • Fatal RTA involving a full Black cat
  • Opposite Premier Inn M55 Kirkham roundabout towards Kirkham in centre of road.
  • Unable to stop due to heavy traffic both ways
  • contact: email

Leyland PR25
Found 19 October 2013
  • Found visiting residence off Kingswood Road
  • A DSH Black and White neutered male
  • contact 07964 101220 email
  • more

Preston PR2
Found 19 October 2013
  • Found on Fylde Road
  • Fatal RTA involving a White and Ginger cat
  • contact: text to 07814 964844

Fullwood PR2
Found October 2013
  • Found on Lower Bank Road
  • A DSH all White cat with odd eyes
  • contact: to 07521 599424 email
  • more

Weeton Barracks PR4
Denzil found 15 July 2013
  • Denzil a 12 / 24mth old DSH entire male with Yellow eyes
  • Black with White paws, under chin and small fleck on back of neck
  • In situe
  • contact: 01253 836428 email
  • more

Kirkham PR4
Lucy found June 2013
  • Found on Chapel Walks
  • an aprox 1yr old DSH female with Green eyes
  • Tabby ..
  • contact 01772 684866 email
  • more

Westby PR4
found 25 July 2013
  • Found on Ballam Road / Westby Road
  • a DSH cat
  • Black with White markings on chin and down to the neck, four White paws and White back legs
  • contact: 07970 491715
  • more

Newton le Scales PR4
RTA 20 July 2013
  • RTA near the railing outside Texaco garage at newton
  • A Tabby cat

Wesham PR4
Cutey found June 2013
  • A Fluffy Tortie cat
  • Ginger with patches of Black / Brown and White
  • Found on Wesham Hall Road
  • contact: email 07588 876102
  • more

Deepdale PR2
Beauty found 12 May 2013
  • Found at Nando's , Deepdale retail park
  • a Black and White cat. with Green / Yellow eyes
  • Fluffy, Black chin and nose and with a Black spot under it's nose. Particularly friendly, very sweet
    Now with Lancashire Cat Rescue  contact: 01772 750263
  • more

A583 (The Dock Road) PR2
RTA found 13 May 2013
  • Fatal RTA on The Dock Road A583 in cycle lane between Renault Garage traffic lights and those at Macdonalds.
    A Fluffy Black cat.

Fulwood PR2
RTA found 25 March 2013
  • A SLH young adult entire male
  • Black and White.. wearing Black collar with small bell
  • Now with Watlng Street Vets 
  • contact: 01772 700671 / 07934 535543

Birkdale PR8
JImmy found January 2013
  • A DSH male with Green / Yellow eyes
  • Dark Grey
  • Visiting residence on Bedford Road
  • contact: 01704 809319

Southport PR8
Blackie found August 2012
  • A DSH neutered male
  • Black with Ginger fur on face. Stiff slightly bandy back legs. One ear has maybe ear tip missing. Distinctive meow and nervous
  • Found on Keswick Close
  • contact: 01704 577137

M55/M6 PR4
RTA 22 March 2013
  • Just under the bridge on the slip road from the m55 onto the m6 at Preston is a little Black kitty - I was unable to stop safely but he / she looked like they had passed! Looked quite small, 18mths at the outside - poor baby rip!!! Xxxx
  • contact:07879 773384 

Kirkham PR4
RTA 20 March 2013
  • Rta involving Black and White cat a583 near traffic lights
  • ( off Freckleton street) to Blackpool side of rd on verge 3pm
  • mainly Black face White ish middle and front paws Black back end still on side of rd could not get to it due to traffic ( will try later ) rip x 2 cars did stop at time but it was still there sorry for bad news
  • contact: 07588 876102

Ribbleton PR2
Scraggy found since c.December 2012
  • Scraggy a DSH White with Tabby cat
  • Taken up residence in garden on Woodside Avenue
  • contact : 07739188905  email
  • More

Grimsargh PR2
Bloo found since October 2012
  • Bloo a SH female with Green eyes
  • Coat very thick and wiry all over grey with faint hint of few lighter hairs on chest.
  • Visits resident for food, living in empty pipe.
  • contact : 07837 833687 email

Scorton PR3
Sally found since 29 November 2012
  • Sally an aprox 2/3yr old DLH female with Greenish eyes
  • Tabby facial markings, coat mixed Tortie / Tabby ?.. very fluffy and in generally good condition
  • Found on Snowhill Lane
    contact : 07931 731339 email

Preston PR5
RTA Found 9 October 2012
  • Victim of fatal RTA
  • On the north bound slip road of Junction 29 on the M6 (Preston bypass)
  • Believed to have been a Tabby cat wearing collar
  • In situe
    contact: 07754 171617

St Michaels PR3
RTA Found 9 October 2012
  • Victim of fatal RTA
  • On Rawcliffe Road by WhiteHall House ?
  • A Black cat with White bib
  • In situe

Cottam / Ingol PR4
RTA Found 22 September 2012
  • Victim of fatal RTA
  • On the roundabout near the Ancient Oak on Tom Benson Way
  • a DSH White with Ginger Tabby cat..
  • in situe
  • contact  email

Warton PR4
RTA Found 1 August 2012
  • Victim of fatal RTA
  • Found in Warton by Mill lane bus stop
  • a DSH Tabby and White cat  White chest and feet.
  • Later removed..
  • contact 07543 967425

Elswick PR4
Found July 2012
  • Found in Elswick
  • A Grey Cream BSH
  • contact 07708 972217

Chorley PR6
RTA Found July 2012
  • RTA on Eaves street.. involving a Tabby cat
  • Cat stable and being cared for by RSPCA Preston
  • contact 01772 792553 or 07922 109933


Ribbleton PR2
RTA Found 30 June 2012
  • FATAL RTA - black and white entire male
  • Red collar; no chip, no ID
  • Longridge Road, Ribbleton, Preston today, close to RSPCA.
  • Body held by RSPCA.
  • Anyone missing this cat please call 01772 792553 or 07922 109933.        

Chorley PR7
Found June 2012
  • Found around the Grill House on Bolton Road
  • a Chocolate point oriental type cat (Birman / Rag Doll ? )
    contact: 07803 905975                                  

Preston PR1
Found c.29 June 2012
  • Found visiting various shops around Preston town centre
  • A DSH neutered male
  • All Grey
    contact: 01253 344396                                 

Radburn Park PR6
RTA Found c.19. June 2012
  • On Sandy Lane heading towards the A6 in Clayton le Woods  on verge at entrance to Radburn Park estate.
  • Tabby Brown & Black.. well cared for. with Black collar - no id.
  • In Situe

Leyland PR26
Found c. 16 May 2012
  • A young DSH  female
  • Tabby
  • With Preston Cats Protection  opening hours Mon-Sat 9-6pm only
contact : 07922 109933 email

Spirit Found 23 May 2012
  • Spirit a young DSH ktten inside car engine in Preston
  • Tortie and White, friendly .
  • contact Preston RSPCA 01772 792553  / 07922 109933

Penwortham PR1
Found 14 May 2012
c5614 Peasey
  • A DSH White with Ginger cat
  • Possible collar mark
  • Found on Cromwell Road
  • contact : 07922 109933

Kirkham PR4
RTA Found May 2012
  • Found in layby on the A583 by Carr Hill School.. before Kirkham traffic lights from Preston
  • A Black with White cat subject of fatal RTA.
  • Neutered male, aprox 5yrs old   No chip.
  • Felix type face, white socks at the back ( photo held)
    Cat collected and taken to OakHill Vets Kirkham
    contact : 01772 681992

Fulwood PR2
Found May 2012
  • Found on Boys Lane
  • An aprox. 10/11mth old DSH entire male
  • Tabby with White toes, possibly white locket too bur not sure.
    Wearing distinctive Live Green Collar with Blue and Red Crystals.
    With Preston Cats Protection  opening hours Mon-Sat 9-6pm only
    contact : 07922 109933

Freckleton PR4
RTA  c.3 April 2012
  • Going from Freckleton to Preston just past Clifton Marsh but before Blackpool Road. and in the outside lane..
  • A Fluffy Black cat (no white could be smokey grey) subject of fatal RTA
    contact: email

Eccleston PR7
Charles found  c.18 March 2012
  • Charles a DSH entire male with Yellow / Green eyes like saucers
  • All Black. Timid and cries a lot. Friendly once he trusts you
  • Found on Draper Avenue
    contact:  07936 030669 email

Kirkham PR4
RTA Found  22 March 2012
  • RTA in situe on road opposite vets and near station as.. going through Kirkham
  • White with Tabby cat
    contact: 07588 876102

Farringdon Park PR1
RTA Found  March 2012
  • RTA found by A1 Motorcycles Tulketh Road.
  • A Black Cat
  • Now with vets Baxter Marwood & Brown
  • Owner needed
    contact : 01772 743933   email

Farringdon Park PR1
Milly Found  March 2012
  • Milly a Fluffy female
  • Black and White
  • Living rough .. badly matted etc. now clipped
  • With Preston Cats Protection  opening hours Mon-Sat 9-6pm only

               contact : 07922 109933 email

Churchtown PR9
Found  18 February 2012
  • A DSH entire male
  • Black and White : White paws Tummy and Whiskers
  • Wearing Red Collar with bell
  • Found in Churchtown

                  contact : 07860 552570 email

Preston PR1
Found  21 February 2012
  • A DSH female
  • Tabby / Tortie - with Ginger
  • Found on Great Avenham Street

                  contact : 01772 792553 

Adlington PR6
Sally found  c. November 2011
  • Sally an aprox 18yr old chipped (to Huddersfield) DSH female
  • Tortie and White
  • Chip details out of date
  • Now with Preston Cats Protection  opening hours Mon-Sat 9-6pm only

                  contact : 07922 109933 email

Adlington PR6
2 Kittens found  c. 6 February 2012
  • 2 Kittens aprox 5mths old
  • one Black the other Black and White
  • Found on Chester Place

                  contact : 07922 109933

Preston PR1
Bo found  January .2012
  • Bo a neutered DSH male with Green eyes
  • Black with white patch on chest
  • in Good condition
  • Found outside Guild Centre Lords Walk
  • Bo has since been found to have a chip awaiting contact from owners.
    Chipped as 'Turkey'

                  contact : 07828 799137   email

Fulwood PR2
Thomasina found  c.December .2011
  • Thomasina an aprox 5yr old female
  • Brown Classic Tabby
    Now with Preston Cats Protection  opening hours Mon-Sat 9-6pm only

                  contact : 07922 109933 email

Preston PR1
Found  September .2011
  • An Adult female no chip Yellow collar
  • All Grey
  • Been a stray in the Charnock Street area since September 2011
  • Recently found to have a terminal and painful cancer
  • Sadly PTS

                  contact : 07974 671689 quote c5490

Bamber Bridge PR5
Kitty found  November 22 January .2012
  • a DSH male aprox 6mths old
  • Black and White - distinctive markings Beige collar
  • Thin and hungry when found

                  contact : 01772 715202 / 07922 109933

Chorley PR6/7
Tara and Rosie found  November .2011
  • Tara & kitten aprox 2yrs and 7mths respectively
  • Both Classic tabby Tara with a White 'locket'
  • Now with Preston Cats Protection  opening hours Mon-Sat 9-6pm only

                  contact : 07922 109933 email

Ashton PR2
Josie found  October .2011
  • Josie a spayed adult Fluffy female
  • White and Tabby
  • A stray since at least mid October last year. She is now in our care.
  • Now with Preston Cats Protection  opening hours Mon-Sat 9-6pm only

                  contact : 07922 109933 email

Ribbleton PR2
BamBam found  April .2011
  • BamBam a young neutered male
  • Black and White
  • A stray in the Ribbleton area of Preston since at least mid-April last year. The people who were feeding him took him with them when they moved at New Year. He is now in our care.
  • Now with Preston Cats Protection  opening hours Mon-Sat 9-6pm only

                  contact : 07922 109933 email

Fulwood PR2
Eric found  January .2012
  • Eric an aprox 8yr old neutered male
  • Tabby and White
  • Stray for at least 5 mths before being taken into care
  • Playful and affectionate... tested positive for HIV on admittance.
  • Now with Preston Cats Protection  opening hours Mon-Sat 9-6pm only

                  contact : 07922 109933 email

Catterall PR3
Found c.4 Jan .2012
  • Fatal RTA between Cock Robin Lane and turnoff to Blackpool
  • In Layby
  • Grey cat

               contact : email

Preston PR1
Found c.November .2011
  • Timmy a DSH male
  • Black and White
  • Now with Preston Cats Protection  opening hours Mon-Sat 9-6pm only

               contact : 07922 109933 email

Longridge PR3
Found c.September .2011
  • Lizzie an aprox 2yr old Fluffy female
  • Tortie / Tabby cat
  • Now with Preston Cats Protection  opening hours Mon-Sat 9-6pm only

               contact : 07922 109933 email

Lostock Hall PR5
Found 7. December .2011
  • An aprox 6mth old kitten
  • Tortoiseshell

              contact : 01257 264923 / 07779 259440

New Longton PR4
Kit found c.November .2011
  • Kit a DSH neutered Black and White male
  • c.5-6yrs no collar no chip
  • appears used to other cats, very friendly
  • Found on Boundary Close

              contact:07922 109933 email

Bilsborrow PR3
Poppy found 7.November.2011
  • Poppy an aprox 1yr old DSH female with Green eyes
  • White & Black Distinctive Pink ears and a small Black blob to the left side of her nose. Unsure if neutered.
  • Found at Myerscough College St. Michaels Road
    contact : 01995 642222 ext 2029   email

Warton PR4
RTA found 22.November.2011
  • PR4 Lytham Road, by West End Lane garage.
  • RTA black cat wearing a mainly blue collar.
  • contact: 01253 658658

Fulwood PR2
Frank found c.October.2011
  • Frank an aprox 6 - 8mth old DSH male
  • Full Mackeral ? Tabby
  • Found by Brookfield Primary School
  • No collar no chip
    Now with Abbey Vets, Conway Drive

contact: 01772  718774

Freckleton PR4
ScruffBag found c.August.2011
  • Scruffbag an entire DSH male with Green eyes
  • Tabby : White face Tabby cap and saddle Pink nose
  • Thin, limping on back left leg, damaged right ear.
  • Found on School Lane

contact: 07718 587874 email

Chorley PR7
Boots found 11. October .2011
  • Boots a young DSH female
  • Black and White.. Small cat . White legs and belly, Black and White face. White mark on back / side. Very friendly and cheeky
  • In good condition, a little underweight
  • Found at St Lauence's School off Park Road

contact: 01257 275145 email

Penwortham PR1
'Ratbag' found September.2011
  • Ratbag an aprox 3yr old DSH nuetered male
  • Black and White. in good condition
  • Found on Kensington Avenue

contact: 01772 744749

Kirkham PR4
'Buddy' found July.2011
  • Buddy a DSH Tabby cat with Green / Yellow eyes
  • Found on Park Road.. still in situe
  • General health good
  • We have had the cat checked at a local vet,it is not chipped,is female and appears to be middle aged,and in reaonable condition.
    It is very restless and insists on living on the street.

contact: 01772 671585 email

Kirkham PR4
'Pip' found c.23.June.2011
  • Pip an aprox 6 or 7yr old DSH female Tabby cat
  • Wearing a Black collar.. no chip
  • First seen on flat garage roof on Victoria Road
  • A few days later still hanging around.. very friendly

contact: email

Withnell PR6
'Double Trouble' found June.2011
  • A DSH cat
  • Black with tiny White patch on chest
  • Quite timid
  • Has been hanging around the area recently very hungry
    "stealing" food from my cats bowls in kitchen . looks healthy but need brushing
  • Found on Oakmere Avenue

contact: 07751 805555 email

Withnell PR6
'Double Trouble' found June.2011
  • A DLH cat
  • Mainly Black with felix style White patches
  • Not as timid as the cat above.. c4958
  • Found on Oakmere Avenue

contact: 07751 805555 email

Longridge PR3
'April' found April.2011
  • A DSH cat with maybe Green eyes?
  • White and Black
  • Found on Calfcote Lane

contact:01772 780147 email

Southport PR9
'RTA' found 10.Feb.2011
  • RTA Grey cat
  • I witnessed a cat hit by a car on Lytham Road, Southport this morning at about 9.15am. The driver did not stop. I searched for the cat, which must have been injured, but did not find it.
  • If you live on Lytham Road, please search your gardens and sheds for this injured cat.
  • Any information needed..

contact: email

Kirkham PR4
'RTA' found 26.Oct.2010
  • Large Tabby cat victim of RTA
  • Found at Kirkham roundabout.. the cat was placed on the grass verge and contacted RSPCA and later, Blackpool council.
  • Efforts made to find owner locally were unsuccessful

contact: 07956 848861

Warton PR4
'Birley' found c.June.2010
  • Birley a 5-8yr old DSH neutered male
  • Ginger and White, quite a lot of White all underbelly, paws and part of face
  • Found at Birley Arms, Bryning Lane
  • Now in foster care

contact: Cat Rescue 01253 720357 email


Clifton PR4
'RTA' found 22.Apr.2010
  • A Black Dark Tortie (brindle) Cat Sadly decd. victim of RTA
  • On Blackpool Road just past Dobies below the Dobies sign.
  • On left hand side going towards Blackpool. In the grass very close to the edge.
    Cat now retrieved and left with vet who will hold until next Tuesday.
    (have photo) No chip..
    contact: 07974 671689 email

Lea PR2
'Presto' found 6mar.2010
  • Presto a Fluffy cat with Green eyes
  • All Black no White
  • Found on Blackpool Road
    contact: 07766 808051 email

Kirkham PR4
'Hailey' found 20.Dec.2009
  • 'Hailey' a small female possibly quite young.Green / Amber eyes
  • Black and White - Felix type markings with distinctive nose markings
  • We have taken her in out of the cold as she appeared with two inches of snow. She keeps coming back when we let her out but I am loath to leave her out as she is a lean cat and has been sneezing. She is toilet trained and in good condition so I am sure that someone must be missing her.
  • She has been looked at by a vet, she is healthy, unsure of age or whether she has been spayed. No id tag.
  • Found on Swarbrick Street..
    contact: 07732 670957 email

Pilling PR3
'Chicken' found Sept.2009 - Ammended
  • 'Chicken' a young adult DSH female with Yellowy eyesMarbled Tabby - bold Black : Beautifully marked tabby.Turned up looking lean & hungry approx. 2-3 weeks ago in my back garden (PR3 - Pilling), Comes am and pm (sometimes in between) for food and a cuddle! Although lean, coat and overall condition is very good.
  • Extremely friendly and vocal, more interested in nuzzling than eating!
    Likes to be stroked whilst at the bowl. I think this is a loved cat that has somehow got lost. Appears when I call "where are you chicken" :)
  • Found on Garstang Road..
  • It was noted that Chicken was having problems with feeding - a vet visit confirms her as being an Older adult.. has had dental treatment in the past and is suffering from gingivitis, currently being treated.. She is also developing cataracts.
    The finders are convinced that 'Chicken' is someone's loved pet - could everyone in the area please pass the word.

contact: 01253 799112 email

Freckleton PR4
'Silki' found Oct.2009
  • Persian female
  • Dark Cream with Brown points
  • She will have been dematted during her initial stay with the local vets

contact: 01772 634079

Wesham PR4
'Calico Cat' found Oct.2009
  • A Calico Cat been around since early spring..
  • White with Black and Ginger - Fluffy to Long coat.
  • Visiting garden in Wesham
contact: 07773 811263 email

Deepdale retail park PR1
'Precious' found 19.Oct.2009
  • On Blackpool Road in the bushes near the carwash
  • A DSH Black and White cat
  • Was very busy I couldn't stop and see - still there I didn't know what to do.

Fulwood PR2
'Felix' found end of August 2009
  • 'Felix' an entire DSH Black and White cat In Good condition
  • Found in the area of Chindits Way
    Owners or Good home needed

contact: 07708 972217 or text to 07974 671689 email

Wrea Green PR4
'Titch' found 15th Aug.2009
  • Titch a young DSH female with Green eyes All Black
  • Underfed and dehydrated.
    Found at The Grapes, Wrea Green

contact: 07713 148387 email

Garstang PR3
'Mandy' found July.2009
  • Found in Garstang.. 'Mandy' an elderly DSH female
  • Tabby and White
    Now with Blackpool Cats in Care

contact: 07708 972217 email

Nr Kirkham PR4
Lloyd found Feb.2009
  • A Grey Tabby neutered male picked up in the area of Wyvale / World of Water - Preston New Road. Has chip & was registered as lost 3yrs ago - original owner is willing to allow Lloyd to stay with present family if we can find them.
  • If you think you are Lloyd's minder, please contact Nichola on
    07708 972217

Haighton PR2
'Fluff' found c.Sept. 2008
  • 'Fluff' aprox 6yrs old sex unknown. with Hazel eyes Long haired Black / Brown and some White. Distinct brown/black long fluffy fur with definate markings around face
  • Has been visiting a property on Green Lane since September 2008.
    Being taken care of by local family

contact: 01257 260629 / 07710 66 24 99 email

Kirkham PR2
'Marlon' found 10th May.2008
  • An adult DSH cat found the area of Regency Crescent White with top half of face Ginger.  Ginger and White ears.
    Two Ginger patches in middle of back. A Ginger patch on each side of rump.  Four White feet.  Ginger and White ringed tail.
  • A largish cat in fair condition
    contact: 0792 201 5922 email

M55 Kirkham
'RTA' 24th Apr.2008
  • On the hard shoulder of the M55 going from Blackpool to Kirham, and between the 1ml and ½ ml signs before the Kirkham turn off.
  • A Black cat, may just have had a splash of white but can't be sure of this
    contact MyMoggy

Woodplumpton PR4
'Smokey' found Aug.2007
  • Smokey a young male DSH cat. Black White and Tabby, very clean and friendly and not a feral cat. His teeth seem to be in good condition as is his coat.
  • He has been living under one of our sheds for a week or two.

contact: 01772 690395 email

Preston PR1
Found 27th Apr.2007
  • Lady Street Preston, a traffic accident involving a chubby Long Haired Black and White male cat.

Kirkham PR4
'Mowie' Found c.Jan.2007
  • Mowie found in the area of Church St. Kirkham. A Dark Tortie cat with collar mark and recent spay scar.
  • Very thin when found, but showing great improvement now.
    At Easterleigh 01253 789185

Bamber Bridge PR5
'Pickles' Found Apr.2007
  • 'Pickles'  aprox 3yr old female Abyssinian.
  • Brown coat (usual or Sorrel)
    contact: SRPCC Cat Welfare Trust 07855 842707 email

Warton PR4
'Sunny' found in Blackpool
  • 'Sunny' a Grey & White cat now at Easterleigh found in Warton

contact: Easterleigh 01253 789185

Freckleton PR4
Found late summer 2006
  • Black & White cat been around for a while in the area of Green Lane West. Felix type face, Black down to nose White feet & tummy. All long hairs on the face are White.
  • In decent condition, quite friendly.
    contact: MyMoggy

Ingol PR2
Found 2nd Aug.2006
  • Found at Tag Lane, Ingol
  • An elderly Tortie female, White tummy / Ginger & Black patches.
    No collar, no chip
    Tel: 01772 726745

Warton PR4
  • Taken into a vet in Lytham by 2 Paramedics, a stray tabby found in Warton
  • Could have been missing for a while - very thin and malnourished otherwise thought to be uninjured...

contact: 01253 737187 Pemble & Cowgill

Wesham PR4
c.13th Mar.2006
  • A LH all Black cat except for White chest and paws has been visiting a house in Princess Ave., Wesham via the cat flap. The house owner hasn't been able to read the tag on the cat's collar but believes the information begins with 'Boots'
  • The question is - is this cat a stray ?
    Please contact MyMoggy if you can enlighten us.