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" RG "

Binfield RG32
Found  c.28 December .2014
  • a DSH  female 
  • Classic  Grey Tabby
  • Found by Challis Place
  • contact: 07827 952199
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Reading RG30
Dandy found  c.19 September .2013
  • Dandy a Fluffy cat Chipped but not registered
  • Black and White, good coat, well fed and loves the bed.. very vocal with big eyes
  • 4 White socks and bib.
  • Found on Bath Road, had followed guests home from the local pub
  • contact:  07580 172437 email
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Beggarwood RG22
Tony found  8 January.2012
  • Tony a DSH entire male with Green eyes
  • Grey Tabby. Good condition. Well groomed
  • Found on Blunt Road

contact: 01256 396906 email

Hook RG27
Found July.2011
  • Ishy an aprox 2/3yr old SH female with Green eyes
  • Bengal Red Spotted in great health
  • Given in to Hook Vet Centre, presently in Foster in Aldershot,
    KumfyKatz Rescue's Aldershot Foster Home.

contact: 07590 495086 email

Wokingham RG41
'Tommy' found c.28 May.2011
  • Tommy a young DSH male
  • Ginger very friendly nature
  • Tommy is sleeping at the factory and being fed daily by the workers, he is staying there overnight/weekends.
  • Did originally have a collar but has not worn it for some time - Tommy is the name the workers have given him
  • Living in and around a business in Molly Millars Lane

contact: 07738 636715 email

Basingstoke RG21
'Daisy' found end of June.2010
  • Daisy a long haired female with Yellow eyes
  • White with Ginger patch on head,Ginger tail and some Ginger on face. Long haired and fluffy
  • Scruffy, has fleas, little bit thin.
  • Found in Basingstoke Town Centre
  • Now with Gough & Partners Vets awaiting a foster home or to go to rescue Tel: 01256 465409

contact: 07817 438762 email

Reading RG40
'Skittles' found 26.Mar.2010
  • Skittles a 4-6mth old DSH female
  • Tabby
  • In 'OK' condition
  • Found in the Grafton Road area
    contact: 07917 304778 email

Tranmere RG10
'Crunchie' found November.2009
  • Crunchie a large long haired entire male with Yellow / Green eyes
  • Ginger and White
  • Quite skinny
  • Found on Grove Road
    contact: 07841 426665 email

Bracknell RG12
'Mickey' found Jan.2010
  • Mickey an aprox 5yr old DSH male with right eye missing otherwise Yellow.
  • Completely Black, believe he's neutered very solid cat very good condition though worms suspected
  • Comes into the house daily for food and TLC currently residing on sofa
  • Wearing collar with the name 'Mickey' on it..
  • Found on Grange Road..
    contact: 01344 456205

Cheeky Chappy !!

Bracknell RG12
'Mickey' found 3.Jan.2010
  • Mickey a long haired cat not sure of sex or age
  • Black wearing Collar with name 'Mickey' he has only one eye..
  • Very friendly but sad..
  • Found on Shepherds Hill...
    contact: 01344 860894 email

Sonning Common RG4
'Purdey' found 6.Nov.2009
  • Purdey a mature DSH female
  • Dark Tortie: Black Brown and Ginger
  • Looks younger than she is. Looks like she may have had a collar on at some point, good condition coat, little bit ribby, has a broken tooth (but maybe new break).
  • Found on Westleigh Drive

contact: 07795 220222 email

Sonning Common RG4
'Monty' found Feb.2007
  • 'Monty' A Fluffy male cat who has a dark tabby coat with back and tan markings.
  • His back is striped and he has swirls of colour on his sides. His tummy is an apricot colour and much paler than the rest of his fur. He has a little ginger nose and a white mouth. His tail is black. His eyes are amber/green and sometimes look a bit crossed!
  • Very thick shiny fur in great condition. However is very thin under all the fluff. Is always hungry!
  • He is being regularly fed and sheltered by the household he "adopted" in Sonning Common.

contact: 07887 748465 email

" RG "
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