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Cats found in the 'RM' postal area

Dagenham RM8
RTA found 13 July 2012
  • Black and White cat, no collar, think its female. Not sure of age but doesnt look like a young kitten but doesnt look old either.
  • Sadly involved in rta, found lying in gutter outside : Stoneglow Candles, Selinas Lane,Dagengam,Essex,RM8 1QH.
  • We have her with us for tonight, (13.7.2012) will take to vets tomorrow to check for microchip.  Photo's held

contact:07977 367353   

Purfleet RM19
'Billy' found November.2011
  • Billy a DSH entire male with Green eyes
  • Ginger
  • Found on the Ensign Trading Estate

contact:01708 860005    email

Purfleet RM19
'LooLoo' found 17 July.2011
  • LooLoo an aprox 1yr old DSH female with Green eyes
  • Black
  • In good condition
  • Found on Caspian Way

contact: email

Chafford Hundred RM16
'Chap' found c.March.2011
  • Chap an aprox 2yr old DLH male with Brown eyes
  • All Black.. Matted a very handsome long haired cat
  • Allows stroking when fed. Very vocal, rather on the thin side
  • Wandering the neighbourhood of Catharine Close
  • Comes into garden every evening now for feeding, not sure where he goes when he leaves us as he has shot off before we could follow him

contact: 01375 480174 email

Dagenham RM9
'KitKat' found 25.May.2010
  • KitKat aprox 6-7mth old DSH female with LIght Green eyes
  • Grey / White Tabby. It's an adorable grey kitten with a striped tail and White belly and a White mask around the mouth. Very friendly and cuddly
  • he came into my garden late at night and started meowing behind my door. As she is only a kitten and I had never seen her before I thought she may be lost so (because of the late hour) I decided to keep her for the night hoping to find the owner the next day.
  • Been around all day but cannot find the owner or anyone who knows who she belongs to. Taken her to the vet and she is not microchipped either.
  • Found on Dagenham Avenue

contact: 02082 527477 email

Harold Hill RM3
'Kitty' found 26.Sept.2009
  • 'Kitty'  a young long haired female with Green eyes
  • Tortoise shell coloured Tabby, kitten, wearing a Blue collar
  • Found on Gooshays Drive
    contact: 07930943315 email

Purfleet RM19
'RTA'  1st May 2008
  • Have reported a short hair black cat to thurrock council for collection, unsure of sex of cat. 
  • Found in purfleet by pass Thurrock, Essex on 1st May by first roundabout as coming from circus tavern end of A13.  I just wanted to let you know should any one in the area be looking for a cat of this description

Dagenham RM8
Found Feb.2008
  • Found in the area of Wayland Road..
  • A DLH Ginger cat - longhaired ginger very large and fluffy
    contact: 07940 708216 email

Upminster RM14
c. Apr.26th 2006
  • Upminster, Essex, Long Haired White cat, Blue eyes
  • Adult, but looks quite young,
  • Judging by reactions, it's deaf (I have a deaf cat too)
  • Wearing a burberry check collar Seems quite friendly and chatty
    : 07931 905681 email

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