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Cats found in the 'SG' postal area

Arlesley SG15
Found October 2014
  • A DSH entire male
  • Black and White.. in good condition
    contact : 07974 671689 (text)
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SG4 / SG6 / SG18
Stowaway found .16 February.2012
  • A Stowaway could have hitched a ride from Hitchin, Letchworth or Biggleswade
  • A neutered Black cat with White paws
    contact : 07810 637570

Cherry Green SG9
Felix found .January..2012
  • Felix a DSH cat with Green/Yellow eyes
  • Black and White Felix type Symmetical face, Back back White paws and tummy
  • Reasonable condition, Nervous
  • Found at neighbouring farm

contact: 01763 271984    email

Chasten Hill SG6
Honey found 20.Jun..2011
  • A senior DLH dilute ? tortie cat
  • Marbled Bluish Grey with Ginger patches
  • Possible victim of RTA.. sustained head injury
  • Found on Chasten Hill
  • Now with vets.
    Found to have a tumour of the ear and mouth.. deemed kinder to pts as was incurable.. RIP Honey babe.

contact: 07400 223383 email

Stevenage SG2
'Millie' found 20.Jun..2011
  • Millie an aprox 6-9mth old DSH Female
  • Mackeral Tabby
  • In good condition has ticks
  • In situe visiting garden on Nodes Drive

contact: 07966 008232 email

Townley SG6
'RTA' found week beg. 2nd May.2011
  • Collected by the council this week
  • a black and white cat with a purple collar 


Stevenage SG1
'Missy' found Aug.2010
  • Missy a young fluffy female with Yellowy Green eyes
  • Tortoise-shell Lots of Ginger. She is quite distinctive one Black ear one Ginger, one front leg Ginger the other sort of Tabby, all feet are White she has a lot of Ginger all over her back
  • She is in pretty good condition very clean a bit thin, very friendly now that I have started to feed her ,still quite scared at any sudden movement .
  • Found in garden on Walkern Road

contact: 01438-350989   email

Baldock SG7
'Callie' found 24.May.2010
  • Callie aprox.2yr old DSH female
  • Black with Ginger, White feed and chest
  • In good condition , but a bit thin
  • Found on Pryor Road

contact: 01462 630881 email

Letchworth SG6
'Bibble' found aprox Sept.2009
  • 'Bibble'  DSH entire male with Green / Amber eyes
  • Grey Marbled Tabby and White: Grey and black swirl tabby markings to most of back, top of head down to eyes and tail. White lower face, bib, tummy and legs.
  • Also white patch on back. Green eyes, pink nose with black markings, did have fur loss to one hind leg, now regrown, appears to have small scar across bridge of nose. Small nick out of top of left ear.
  • Has been sneaking in and eating our cats food plus food I have put down for him, has healthy appetite.
  • Found on Lordship Lane.

contact: 01462 626757 email

Ware SG12
'Tibster' found 13.Dec.2009

'Tibster' an approx 7mth old DSH male
Black and White: White face with Black nose area and White whiskers. Black all along back with White chest.
Found on Parnel Road

Now with Chestnut Vets, Hoe Lane
contact: 01920 468874

Ware SG12
'Laddie' found 15.Dec.2009

'Laddie' an aprox.7mth old DSH male
White and Black: White Face Black Nose Black Back White front
Found on Parnel Road
Now with Chestnut Vets, Hoe Lane
contact: 01920 468874 email

Hertford North SG14
'Kitten' found 26th Jul.2009

'Kitten' a young fluffy female
Grey with White socks
Found in the area of Dimsdale Street
contact: 07855 545339 email

Langford SG18
'Colin' found 29th Mar.2009

Colin a DSH Black cat. Thought to be an entire tom though not entirely sure.
Found Church Street..
now with Boness Vets, 125 Bedford Road, Barton-le-Clay, Bedfordshire MK45 4LP

contact: 01582 883013

Stevenage SG1
'Phoebe' found 4th Oct.2008

'Phoebe' aprox 5/6yr ? DSH female with Green eyes
Black with slight white markings on chest.
Good condition, clean and not malnourished.
contact: 01438 721296 email

A505 SG8
'RTA' found 18th Dec.2007

A505 after the roundabout for Cambridge (A10) from Royston
heading towards Melbourn. Cat located short distance from the entrance of Hyde Hill Farm just before the dual carriageway ends. , Still on the side of the road. (18th Dec.)
Black - Passed away - probably very recently. Last 24/48 hours
contact: 07724 044489

Biggleswade SG18
Found 25jun07

I have just had a ginger cat turn up, average size, short hair, quite a pale ginger, no noticeable white markings that I could see.  Very hungry so have fed it (although hungry it only wanted wet food not dry) and hopefully it now knows where to come back to for a feed.  It was friendly in a nervous way and let me touch it.  No collar.  No idea of it is male or female.  One of mine is really distressed by it (the hedgehog whose dinner it scoffed wasn’t best pleased either) so I can’t take it in but it is mild this evening and there is plenty of shelter in my garden, plus a pond to drink from.  Obviously I will feed it in the morning if it is around.

Update 30th Jun.
This cat has moved on, if anyone in the area thinks they know of him please let us know. We'd like to keep tabs on him.

Aston SG2
'Einstein' found 3rd May.2007

'Einstein'  found outside Aston St.Mary's School, School Lane.
A beautiful Tabby cat with over large Green eyes
Very thin and dirty but looks as though it did at one time have a collar.
contact: 01438 216445

Biggleswade SG18
'Frosty' found 16th Dec.2006

'Frosty' a very small DSH Female Pure White cat with Yellow
eyes. Very thin with a "baggy" tummy
Found in the area of Sun Street...
contact: 07775 906630  email

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