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Cats Found in the 'SK' postal area

Chapel-en-le-Frith SK23
Found October 2016
  • Young DSH Black female
  • with 3 kittens found back Thornbrook Road
  • now with Windyway Animal Sanctuary, Buxton Old Road SK11 0AP.
    Tel: 01625 422246.

Dukinfield SK16
Sinatra found September 2014
  • Sinatra an aprox 4yr old Oriental male with Blue eyes
  • Tan body with black face
  • Various injuries incl. pelvis injury and possible abcess
  • Otherwise in good condition
  • contact : 07814 396621 email

Stockport SK4
RTA found 17.October 2012
  • Fatal RTA on Gordon street at 3.25pm
  • A DSH Black cat wearing a Lilac / Purple collar
  • The cat was placed in the car park (of or opposite Collins Landscapes ) in a safe place.
  • contact: 07974 671689

Cheadle Hulme SK10
Melody found 9.July 2012
  • Melody a Fluffy female with Yellow / Gold eyes
  • Calico cat.. White Black and Ginger
  • Found at local stables
contact: 07500 867118 email

Carrbrook SK15
RTA' found 7.May 2012
  • Fatal RTA Found on Huddersfield Road
  • White cat with distinctive Tabby tail.. Body and head White.
  • contact  email

Carrbrook SK15
RTA' found 7.May 2012
  • Fatal RTA Found on Huddersfield Road
  • White cat with distinctive Tabby tail.. Body and head White.
  • contact  email

Hadfield SK13
RTA' found 10 Mar 2012
  • Fatal RTA Found on Hadfield Road
  • Grey and White cat
  • No other information

Gatley SK8
'Splodge' found 6Aug.2011
  • Splodge an aprox 4-6mth old DSH kitten cat with Green eyes
  • Mixture of Tabby and Marmalade colour, White chest and feet Pink nose
  • In fair condition, has some sores around nose and mouth as if been trapped and trying to get out.. Friendly
  • Found on Springfield Road

contact: 07909 653401 email

Stockport SK4
'Puss' found early.2011
  • Puss a Fluffy neutered male unsure of age
  • Black and White with Black blob under nose to one side. White 'bow' on his back
  • Found on Crossefield Road
  • Was being looked after by a lady in her garden but now is with
  • Woodcroft vets in Cheadle Hulme as his teeth were causing pain

contact: 01614 858444 email

Whiteley Green SK10
'Ginger' found 6 Mar.2011
  • Ginger a DSH cat
  • Pale Ginger with 4 White feet and White chest. Very vocal Very friendly
  • Found on Holehouse Lane
    Now with Windyways Sanctuary, Macclesfield

contact: 01625 573439 email

Stockport SK8
'Edward' found Jun.2010
  • Edward a DSH neutered male
  • Ginger
    Now with Ninelives
    contact: 01253 344396 email

Cheadle Hulme SK8
'CheekyBoy' found Jun.2010
  • CheekyBoy an aprox.2yr old DSH neutered male with Green eyes
  • Black and White: White Face with Black Nose and a little Black spot under nose. Black Chin, Black front left leg with white paw. White underneath. Lovely nature
  • Vet has checked: no chip, in good health..
  • Found on Moseley Road

contact: 07810 551404 email

Stockport SK3
'Cat' found 20.Mar.2010

'Cat' around 2yrs old a DSH female with Amber eyes
Tabby with White chest and White stripe on her nose
Found on Grenville Street

contact: 07977 534485 email


'Clover' was taken with her kittens as a stray to Heatons Animal Rescue Group in Jan 2005 She's approximately 2 years old. Semi-Long Haired.
Although she and her kittens have now been adopted, her new human feels as though her previous owners may still be looking for her..


Found 10th Feb.2006

Female , 4-8yrs old and very friendly. Was found in distress and injured. Has had surgery and is now on the mend to a full recovery being looked after by The Heatons Animal Rescue Group.
The following photographs could cause distress, but are thought necessary in order to warn folk of the dangers of an ill fitting collar.
If she is yours, please contact MyMoggy

Mottram SK14
'Ash' found Aug.2006

'Ash' found on Longdale Drive, Off John Kennedy Road, Mottram. A male DSH Light Grey colour almost like an ash colour (fur is grey but with hints of white in it), Light Green eyes, about 1 to 2 years of age (I think, I’m not 100% sure) I would now say it’s slim not thin. Distinctive marks – two small slices on left ear when facing you

contact: 07901 584119 email

Marple SK6
Found 18th Dec.2006

Found in the area of Mersey Way Shops, Stockport Town centre, Marple.
A DSH Tabby male with yellow eyes.
Beige / Black a tall, long cat. large nose, tiger-like. Long striped tail. Stripes down back, spots on side, white under chin. Black spot in roof of mouth. Young adult. Red bell on collar.
In good condition.
contact: 07751 137402 email

Stalybridge SK15
'Ruby' found 14th Dec.2006

Found in the area of Brushes Road, Stalybridge
An adult DSH female with Brown eyes
Black & White face, Black back, White chest & legs with black
spot on each back leg.   Cataract on right eye.
Very small cat & quite thin but fairly clean. Infected right eye which is being treated.

contact: 0161 288 6779 email

Cheadle Hulme SK8
RTA found 3rd march 2007

Dawson Road (near pertol station & Hyde Park Corner Car Radio
Store) Hyde Tameside SK8
A Long haired adult male Tabby, Grey with tan flecks with a white flash on the belly, white toes and Green eyes.
This cat is sadly the victim of a car accident. It wasn't myself who hit the cat, the person who did, drove off!!
This cat did not suffer as it was instant death and I cradled and stroked him till he went to rainbow bridge. Sadly there was nothing no-one could have done as it was a fatal blow to the head.
I did try a few houses on Dowson road to see if anyone knew who he belonged to but with no luck so I took him to Cheadle Hulme vets hospital and they will hold him there for 5 days and then he will be cremated and his ashes will be scattered on the crems cat garden.
This cat didnt have a collar on and the vet hospital was going to scan him.
If this is your cat, im truly sorry for your lost but he wasnt alone and I took good care of him and even gave him a kiss when I left him at the vets on your behalf.


email finder  tel: Vets Hosp. 0161 485 8444

Edgeley SK3
'Clews' found 2007

Clews a Siamese type male with Blue eyes
His short coat is a light Beige on the body, dark stripes on tail lighter stripes paws and some on face
Has some spots too, could be a bit of Bengal mix..
Looks asif it has lost quite a bit of weight. although does
not appear weak, still climbing walls and gates etc. looks fairly clean
Seen around Edgeley area, not seen the last few days.
?stray/ abandoned. noticed it first a few months ago. saw it recently and it looks as if it is losing weight.
Now with the Woodcroft Vet's Group.
Is this your cat, please get in touch

contact: 0161 486233 email

Dukinfield SK16
'Ginger Tom'

Possibly been around for some time.
An entire Ginger tom roaming the area of Kingsbridge Drive.
Could have arrived in the area after following the line of the nearby railway...
This cat is now with the RSPCA

Taddington SK17
'Ginger' found May.2008
I have found a ginger and white tom cat in Taddington, Derbyshire, which is 6 miles from Bakewell and Buxton. 
He is an unneutered Tom, youngish, no microchip, he had a collar with bell (now lost) and is VERY friendly and clearly used to being cared for. He has been in the vicinity of my house for at least 3 weeks.

contact: 01298 85277 email

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