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Cats found in the 'SL' postal area


Maidenhead SL6
'RTA' found 15.Feb.2010

A Fluffy , White with Brown / Tabby markings and Tabby / Brown striped tail
Fatal RTA Cat sadly already passed away when I found him/her.
Found at the entrance to McGraw Hill House Car Park,Shoppenhangers Road
Cat taken to Pines Vetinary Clinic to be checked for microchip (no collar)
contact: 01628 822726 email

Maidenhead SL6
'RTA' 11th Jun.2009

Found on Waltham Road result of traffic accident
A Marbled Tabby and White cat with no tail
Photo held
- contact Moggy
contact: 01628 500620 email

Furze Platt SL6
'RTA' 20th Apr.2009

Found around 11am RTA on Gardner Road
A White fluffy cat, light brown around base of tail ?
Persian ?
Taken to Summerleaze Vets Surgery, Summerleaze Road SL6
contact : finder 07940 589278 email  vet: 01628 628121

Maidenhead SL6
'RTA' 6th Sept.2008

Found Fatal RTA on Bad Godesberg Way (A4), Maidenhead, SL6 (on the side heading towards Sough, next to the Kidwells Park Underpass)
Large looking cat, Tabby type markings but more light Brown/Sandy and black (Striped) than the usual 'grey stripes' Checked but no collar.

This has been reported to the RSPCA & Cats Protection but I was unable to move the cat from the side of the road. Surely must be someone's pet.
contact: 07834 220079 / 01628634711 email

Langley SL3
RTA 12th Feb.2008

Found Fatal RTA on the corner of Langley Road and Cockitt Road area of Langley
An all Black DSH male aprox 3-5yrs, with Green eyes.
Later that evening I knocked on lots of doors in the area I found him, but nobody recognised him. There was no tag on the collar, so I then took him to Penstone Vets, 26 London Road to see if he had a chip - he hadn't and they kindly took him in.

email  tel : Vet 01753 520636

Furze Platt SL6
RTA  12th Apr.2007

Long Haired Ginger cat found - Switchback road North Furze Platt Maidenhead, SL6
Very sad news that this cat has died from a road accident.
contact Summerleaze Vets in Maidenhead tel: 01628 624869

Windsor SL4
RTA. 30th Jul.2006

Accident reported involving a cat similar to Diego last Sunday evening on Bolton Road, Windsor.
Would the owner or witnesses please contact MyMoggy

Windsor & Eton Riverside Stn. SL4


I'm wondering if this lovely baby belongs to someone out there,. I couldn't get close enough to see whether they were male or female but for arguments sake I'm going to refer to "him".
e was at Windsor & Eton Riverside Station, I've had calls about 2 sightings now, one when he was actually on the platform (last Thursday) and then today when he was hanging around the car parks on either side of the train tracks......and yes he crossed them!!!
He was timid and kept moving away from the lovely people who were keeping an eye on him until I arrived. After a little coaxing (with food) I managed to get a bit closer to take the photo's. He has an eye missing, as you can see in the photo, but it looks clean so maybe not new. No collar. Bigger than Oz my cat and I'd say older too. Beautiful cat, pretty sure he's a Blue Burmese. Hopefully he has a home but with the recent sightings and his skittish behaviour I'm thinking not.


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