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" SS "

Southend SS2
RIP  decd cat found 07 January 2015
  • A decd DSH Tabby cat
  • by carpark entrance to Priory Park Victoria Road
  • Later removed

Vange SS16
'Pussycat' found 12 October 2013
  • Pussycat a Fluffy female with Browny Green eyes
  • Tabby Tortie with Ginger flash on nose
  • Rather unkempt when found on Clover Close
  • contact: 07403 159827   email
  • more

Wickford SS12
'Max' found Apr.2011
  • Max an aprox 6yr old Fluffy neutered male
  • Caramel and White coat No chip
  • Found on Doeshill Drive
  • In situe

contact: 01856 667566   email

Wick Meadows SS12
'October' found Oct.2010
  • October a DSH cat - age and sex unknown. Eyes, shade of Green
  • Ginger Tabby cat with 4 White socks
  • Has a bad cold
  • Found at Wick Meadows..
    3.Nov.2010 - Now with RSPCA,

contact:01268 571656 email

Basildon SS15
'Blacky' found Feb.2010
  • Blacky a DSH male with Green eyes. Age unknown
  • Black : plain Black, a  couple of White / Grey stray hairs. Big puffy cheeks, a longer toe nail that sticks out on back foot.
  • Tidy and neat looking cat, not sure if he is neutered
  • Found on Cressells

contact: email

Laindon SS15
'Holly' found 18.Dec.2009
  • Holly a young DSH cat with Green eyes unsure of sex Black : All Black In Good condition
  • Found on Mellow Purges, being looked after by finder
    contact: 01268 545377 email

Laindon SS15
'SleepyHead' found aprox 20th Jul.2009
  • 'Sleepyhead' a DSH cat with Yellowish eyes, unsure of age or sex. Black: Black shiny fur In good condition had injured paw but is ok now. friendly likes to be indoors.litter trained
  • Found in the area of New Century Road..
    contact: 07930 141006

Westcliffe on Sea SS0
'Bella' found 1st Jun.2009
  • 'Bella'  - Age, Sex unknown Yellow / Light Green eyes Brown with Dark Brown stripe markings. Three rings on end of tail Appears to be in good condition.:In garden of home address, visits my back garden every day and sleeps under rose bush every night. have not taken to vet yet as we are trying to identify owner and do not wish to take to rescue center and looking after as best we can
  • Found in the area of Glenwood Avenue
    contact: 01702 302930 email

Leigh on Sea SS9
'Rover' found 15th Feb.2009
  • 'Rover' a young neutered male with Amber eyesFound in the area of Glendale GardensBrown / Grey Tabby with Black markings.
  • In very good condition
    contact: 07906 382537 email

Wickford SS12
'PussPuss' found Summer 2008
  • Puss Puss a Long Haired cat with Green eyes
  • Found in the area of Margarite Way.. Black although in certain lights she has a slight chocolate colour. Also has a very tiny amount of white hairs on her chest. Very good condition, but seems to have a little of what looks
    like dandruff on her back.
  • She just turned up out of the blue. I made the mistake of feeding her and she never left. I have to say that she is very affectionate and all she wants is to sit on your lap.
  • She stays in our old lean-to/conservatory. She so wants to come in the house but we're not too keen on cats but would never want to see her hurt.

contact: 01268 561 817 email

Battlesbridge SS11
'Jess' found c.14th May.2008
  • Found in the area of the Hawk Pub.. A DSH female, White and black , striking Green eyes, half
    nose is Pink half Black.
  • She has kittens nearby somewhere, I am working on gaining her trust to let me know where they are but they may not even be alive :-(
    contact: 07790 017489 email

Rochford SS2
Found 17th Nov.2006
  • An all Black pregnant DSH female, slightly underweight aprox 1yr old with Orange eyes. Found her way to a farm in the Stambridge area
  • loves cuddles and hates to leave the feedroom for the cold. Could have arrived via one of the many caravans that come and go.
    contact: 07958 112537 email

Wickford  SS11
  • 2 cats being monitored and fed in the grounds of the Runwell Hospital, Runwell Chase, Wickford  SS11 7QE 1 Black & Fluffy
  • the other Black & White
    contact: 01702 524032

" SS "