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Cats Found in the 'TA' postal area

Taunton TA1
'MeeMee' found 7.Oct.2010
  • MeeMee an aprox 8mth old DSH Entire female
  • Tabby / Stripes
  • Found on Byron Road / Keats Road

contact: 01823 349341 email

West Lydford TA11
'Stranger' found Dec.2007
  • 'Stranger' aprox 2yrs neutered DSH male.
  • Black with few White hairs in ears , very friendly & affectionate. "Notch" of fur missing near tip of tail.
  • This lovely friendly cat has been hanging around since December 2007, but until last week we thought he lived elsewhere in the village & was just visiting us to hunt in the outbuildings. Now we realise he is a stray and is sheltering in our garage so we have started feeding him.
  • Has a tiny squeak instead of a miaow. Hope to be able to catch him soon & take to vet to check for microchip
contact: 07891 740157 email

Wrangway TA21
Found c.18th Sept.2006
  • Predominantly white tortoiseshell cat. Does not look
    that old.
  • Arrived in my garage whilst I was feeding my other cats at
    Wrangway, Wellington, Not sure where it is living by day, but arrives at feed time, and appears on the patio at night.
  • Scratch over one eye where area appears sore. Very hungry
    when first arrived, but comes for food now when I am feeding our other cats.
  • ery nervous initially, but getting braver by the day and today I was able to pick her up.
    contact: 07974 026231 email

Stawley TA21
Found 9th Aug.2006
  • A female DSH Ginger tortoishell
  • Very healthy, looks like it has been well loved
  • Found at Stawley, Wellington now Safely at a farm near Wellington, Somerset
    Contact: 01823 672 446