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" TF "

Telford TF7
RTA found 4 March.2014
  • A DSH blk cat chilling in carpark in we drove off it had got up and clearly had a major road accident in jury on its back leg looked terrible....
  • Summer Hill in Telford in the carpark of residence numbers 11,13
  • Returned to look but had gone.
  • Anyone finding this cat please send us a photo and take to nearest vet.

Telford TF2
Poppy found 17 May.2013
  • An aprox 2yr old DLH female with Yellow eyes
  • Black and White 4 White socks and White bib.. in good condition
  • Found on Church Road.
  • contact: 07785 505792 email
  • more

Telford TF3
Star found 9pm 26 June.2012
  • Found at Telford Bridge retail park in the bushes between Halfords car park & the bus stop on the main road
  • A DSH Dark Grey with White mouth / chin & collar / neck
  • Couldnt see collar and couldnt get close enough to get better description. Well looked after kitty but was limping at side of road before running off into bushes.
    Contact: 01952 594720 email

Telford TF3
Maccy found c.18 February.2012
  • A DSH cat
  • Classic Tabby
  • Found at Macdonalds .. Telford retail park
  • Now with local rescue

contact : 07922109933

Much Wenlock TF13
'Fluffy' found c.October.2011
  • Fluffy a DLH cat unsure of sex
  • Tabby, thin when found
  • Found on Hodgecroft

contact : 07525 025589 : email

Newport TF10
'Unknown' found 6.May.2010
  • Unknown a long haired cat with Yellow eyes
  • White with Black
  • Found in the region of Daniels Cross

contact : email

Wellington TF1
'Sooty' found 17th Nov.2008
  • 'Sooty' aprox. 5yr old DLH female
  • Long Dark Brown / Black coat.
  • Found in the area of Orleton Terrace..
    Contact: email

Sutton Hill TF7
'Meg' found beginning of Oct.2008
  • Meg a young female with Green eyes
  • Black : Tortoiseshell mainly Black with Ginger over her left eye and down her nose and she has one White whisker on her left too
  • Well looked after
  • Found in the area of Solway Drive...

Shawbirch TF1
'Carry' found c.13th Nov.2007
  • Found in the area of Swift Gate, a DSH Black female aprox 1yr old with Green eyes.
  • Black with a white spot under her chin which carried on under her belly.
  • Good Condition although vet seems to think that she may now be pregnant, or she just needs worming.
    contact: 07841 622733 or 07868 759086 email

A442 Hollinswood
'Miffy' found 7th Oct.2007
  • A small Black cat with some White on her tummy.(sex unknown)
  • on the A442(queensway) southbound just past the slip road from
    Hollinswood interchange, about 200 yards onto the dual carriageway on the central reservation., as far as I know still on the A442 - we were unable to help as it is a busy road -
  • I contacted the council who will need a police escort to stop the traffic to collect this poor puss. She has probably been there for a couple of weeks as the lady who phoned said she first saw this cat 2 weeks ago and was driving down the road again yesterday and was still there so she phoned me-seen poster in Asda- in case it was ours.
    contact: 01952 594720 email

Woodside TF7
'Woody' found Sept.2007
  • Woody a 2-3yr old DSH cat with Green eyes
  • All black with lovely green eyes a few bits on white on
    chest and belly
  • Found in the area of Waltondale...
  • nice coat and looks well he eats a lot and has filled out in the past few weeks since the finders have been feeding him on the doorstep

contact: 01952 594720 email

Ironbridge TF8
'Louis' found Aug.2007
  • Louis a DSH male with Yellow / Green eyes
  • All Black
  • Found in the area of Waterloo Street, Ironbridge
  • Fine now - was very thin when he first visited waterloo street
    but the lady there has been feeding him for quite a few weeks now and he comes round every day.
    contact 01952 594720 email

Little Dawley TF4
'Mr Bo Jangles' found Sept.2007
  • Mr Bo Jangles a 2-3yr old DSH male with Yellow Green eyes
  • All Black with tiny White bit on chest
  • In healthy condition
    contact 01952 594720 email

" TF "