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Cats found in the 'WF' postal area

Dewsbury WF12
Found October 2016
  • Found by Owl Lane
  • A DSH tabby and white cat
  • contact: text to 07974 671689 ref c8123

Tingley WF3
Black Jack found November.2013
  • Black Jack an aprox 5mth old DSH entire male
  • All Black
  • Found on Broadcroft Chase
  • contact: 07796 591381 email

'Izzy' found December.2011
  • Izzy a petite DSH female with Gold eyes
  • White with a Black tail and Black patch on head and Black right ear
  • Found on Rawfield Lane
contact: 07549 550524 email

Castleford WF10
'Leo' found 24.May.2011
  • Leo a young fluffy male with Brownish eyes
  • Ginger tabby : An absolutely adorable little ginger/fluffy stripy male
  • A little thin but generally looks well
  • Found on Wheatcroft

contact: 01977 550178 email

Wakefield WF2
'Laddie' found 1.Aug.2010
  • Laddie an aprox 6yr old DSH male with Green eyes
  • Black and White, Black body, White paws and bib, White tip on nose
  • wearing a Gold collar and bell
  • Not sure if neutured. Ears tatty, bit rough around edges but very friendly
  • Found on Chald Lane near Cineworld

contact: 01924 380693 email

Pontefract WF8
'Boots' found Dec.2009
  • 'Boots' about 5 - 8 yrs old, DSH neutered male with Yellow eyes
  • Black coat with W hite underbelly, paws, bib and chin. White on left side of nose. White whiskers. Wearing collar with stripes across it and a tinkly bell. no tag and vet has verified not chipped. Lovely temperament , loves attention, house trained and knows what a cat flap is. Obviously a loved pet got lost.
  • as told a neutered male by vet who did not lift the tail but definitely nothing bulging!!! Was very thin and starving. Slept for four days solid. Appears to be an older cat with little interest in going outside. Was covered in scabbed bumps that we thought was flea bites but could be a skin condition.
  • Found next to Valley Gardens Park and Town End junction..

contact: 07980 612541 email

Crofton WF4
'Slim Jim' found 17th Aug.2009
  • 'Slim Jim' a DSH cat with Green eyes.
  • Age and sex unknown
  • Tabby with White muzzle and chin, White patch on upper
    chest. White whiskers Very thin
  • Found on Ashdene Drive..

contact: (text to) 07974 671689   email

'Tommy' found 28th Jul.2008
  • 'Tommy' an entire Fluffy adult male
  • Tabby cat with White feet
  • Good condition, not neutered,
  • Found in a pet carrier in the Chequerfields Estate, Pontefract.
    contact: 01977 674379 email

2 cats in recycling centre in Dewsbury 2007

The centre receives waste from all over the country therefore the following cats could have arrived from anywhere.

Cat 1
female/ White and Black /slim build


Cat 2
Tabby /was wearing a collar with a disc that has since come off, appears to be deaf

Arrived separately two weeks apart, the cats have been at the centre since around January-March 2007, but this is an
approximate date, it could have been some time earlier
or later.

They refuse to be caught despite all attempts to get them away from dangerous machinery.
Hoping to find the owners who may be able to approach / entice them.

contact: Independent Cat Rescue 01924 500138 email

Dewsbury WF12
'Dan' found Feb.2007

'Dan' a Fluffy male , Tortoiseshell & Grey.
Found in the area of Caledonian Road/ Hill Crest Road...
A very timid Large fluffy grey tortoiseshell, green eyes,large feet
Seems similar to a Maine Coon
Seems in good condition but very wary of people.Could have
come from farm and houses near by which are now vacated.
Wearing Gold (sparkly ?)collar...
contact: 01924 51200 email

Batley WF17
RTA found 25th Sept.2006

Seen today dead at side of road presumably from RTA a white and Tabby cat possibly a male as it looked a big cat, location main road leading to ikea retail park from large traffic lights on road leading to Dewsbury. think may be classed as Batley area. In case any one has lost their cat of this description.
(We were travelling on bradford road turned left at major traffic lights onto huddersfield road going towards ikea, the cat was at the right side of the road near the junction with church street)

Purston WF7

Young adult male, Tabby & White found in the Bedford Close area of Purston nr Pontefract.
White nose area extending to bib and lower half and wearing a yellow collar with bell. - Very friendly. He is content to stay with his adopted family until his own humans find him. Please note his collar has been changed - was yellow.                                    


Please Report all Found Cats