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Cats Found in the 'WN' Postal area

A580 Wigan
RTA 9 October 2012
  • Fatal RTA on the East Lancs (a580) between Atherliegh way and Haydock turnoff,(was on the westbound side,on the way to haydock)
  • More near atherliegh way than haydock though,
  • I would have stopped to pick the cat up but the traffic was too heavy and too fast to stop,was right on the middle lines,(I'm sure was a Cat,wasn't in a good way to tell but wasn't a wild animal and was quite a big cat :( )
  • It looked All black quite fluffy.R.i.p kitty.
  • Map
  • contact:  07910 676407

Skelmersdale WN8
Found 24 August 2012
  • Black / Greyish cat  on Digmoor Rd just after the U-turn before the turn off to Birkrig
  • it looks injured and is looking up at the bushes in the middle of the dual carriageway  in Situe

Wigan WN
Found 8 April 2012

Hindley Green WN2
Princess found February 2012
  • A DSH Female
  • White and Black with a Black 'Kite' on her nose
  • Found on Lincoln Road

contact:  07595 678136 email

Pemberton WN5
Misty found January 2012
  • A DSH cat - sex unknown
  • Classic Tabby and White looks in good condition
  • Found on Alexander Crescent
  • Very timid

contact:  01942 215030

Garswood WN4
Thecat found September 2011
  • A DSH female
  • Classic.. full Tabby
  • Found on Garswood Road

contact: email

Poolstock WN3
'Lucky' found 6th July.2009

An aprox. 18mth old DSH entire male
General tabby marking Brown with stripes and
spots, small amount bengal with White chest paws and underbelly two small spots on the bridge of his nose
In good condition friendly but nervous not neuteured or chipped
as we took him to the vets to check
Found on our housing estate and being cared for by us

contact: 07715 748143 email

Bryn WN4
Found c.28th Jan.2008
A black cat has been found, a male. He was taken to the vets in Bryn, Ashton-in-Makerfield. He was wearing a collar but lost it. The phone is 01942 717777. The cat has been passed to the R.S.P.C.A. Anyone who thinks the cat belongs to them can phone the vets.

Billinge WN4
'Felix' found Apr.2007
c1692 'Felix' found in the Billinge area WN5

'Felix' a Ginger and White Tabby male tom cat.
Found at a farm in the Garswood Old Road area of Billinge
Seems in fairly good condition...

Would the person who recently contacted the finder about this cat, please get in touch again - she has lost your contact number.

contact: 07999 544616 email

Hindley Green WN2
'Harig' found Dec.2006

This black persian cat has been found by a kindly
person in Hindley Green,Wigan.
The cat turned up in December last year and could have strayed from home. The cat does have distinguishing marks which the owner would be aware of.

contact: 07775-627241

Billinge WN5
'Teabag' found 9th Oct.2006
'Teabag' found in Billinge WN5

'Teabag' a Tortoiseshell DSH female
Found at Bispham Hall Scout Estate, Crank Road, Billinge
White belly with black and ginger markings - Green eyes
Thin but ok.

contact: 07818 054998 email

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