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Home Safe in Apr - Jun.2008
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Leeds LS14
'Puss' found 8th Mar.2008 - Apr.2008

Puss aprox 1yr old a DSH female with Gold eyes
A White cat with Ginger markings found in the area of Swarcliffe Drive...
Puss is on the verge of moving to her new forever home

High Wycombe HP13
'Saffy' 22nd Mar.2008 - 8th Apr.2008

Saffy aprox 7yrs + a DLH female with Green eyes
Found in the woods behind Forest Way...
Underweight, flea bitten, loss of fur on ears and behind

We have done all that you have already suggested and no-one has come forward for 3 weeks now. Saffy was not microchipped so no hope of finding the owners that way.

We have "adopted/fostered" Saffy in to our home and given her lots of loving care and attention, she is regularly seeing the vet at the moment as she has had to have 7 rotten teeth removed, was majorly underweight and is suffering from dermatitis where she was completely flea ridden. We also got her microchipped and have started her vaccinations for Flu & AIDS as she tested negative for these.
She has settled in well and is a very loving cat.

Leckhampton GL53
'Tybalt' 14th Mar.2008 - Apr.2008

Tybalt an 8mth old neutered and chipped DFH male with Yellow eyes.
Ginger and white Tabby with a big fluffy tail, pink nose and pads

Tybalt has now been found

Westcliffe on Sea SS0
'Hector' 14th Feb.2008 - 1st Apr.2008

Hector a 9yr old chipped and neutered male with Yellow eyes
Brownish Tabby all over with White under chin. Hector
has a very bushy thick coat at this time of year.
Hi Sue

Brilliant news - Hector was found last night about 10 roads away from me here in Westcliff on Sea.  A lady had been watching him taking food she was leaving out for the foxes for about a week.  She did not realise he was a Missing cat but was concerned because her persian kept attacking him so she rang me after getting my number from his collar. Where he had been for the previous 7 weeks is likely to remain a mystery but he doesn't look like he has been sleeping rough for very long if at all.
Thanks for all your help.
Sue Robertson

Buckland St. Mary TA20
Found 1st Sep.2006 - July 2007

'Ebony' an all Black DSH female with Green eyes.
Hungry & tired when found in Newtown...
Hi Sue,
We called her Kit-Kat found back in September 06.
We loved her dearly but she was sadly killed on the road last July.

Cleveleys FY5
'Blacky' 13th Mar.2008 - c.20th Mar.2008

Found in the area of Luton Road, Cleveleys
'Blacky' aprox 6-12mths DSH male with Green eyes
Black with a few fleks of white hair under
collar area
Blacky is now back with his humans

Shoreham by Sea BN43
'Barney Rubble' July 2007 - Apr.2008

Barney Rubble, aprox 9-12mth old DSH male with Gold eyes
Ginger & White, a Rich Ginger colour with strong classic tabby markings. White throat, chest, underparts and legs. White under both eyes. Long legged.
Found on the Grass verge, Shoreham-by-Sea flyover
Not neutered. No microchip. Found thin, traumatised and
covered in black oil. Fleas and tapeworm.
Hi Sue,
No one ever claimed poor Barney, but after getting him into better condition and neutering, microchipping etc, I managed to find him a forever home with some lovely people. They sent a card a while back in which they said, "He has settled with us really well and gets on fine with our other cat. He has such a lovely nature and we can't imagine being without him.  Thank you for letting us have him, he will never be homeless again!"  Judging by the photos they sent he is enjoying every comfort and has become a big, chunky lad!
Best wishes,

Reading RG30
'Bluey' missing since 28th Mar.2008

Bluey an 8mth old Entire DFH male with Blue eyes
A Tabby cross - White with Smoky Grey stripes on head & Dark Grey tail
Hi Sue,
Thanks for your e-mail and for all your notes on finding a lost cat.  Bluey has now turned up, I did loads of searches and I'd just put some posters in the evening, then he comes through the cat flap at 4am meowing and really hungry, I thought that because he was unneutered he must have been out "Tomming" but it was a worrying time so I have now got him neutered and microchipped to try and prevent it from happening again as there are many dangers where I live. 
Thanks again.

Leeds LS6
'Ginger' 25th May.2006 - Apr.08

Found a dsh male , Ginger with white muzzle & chest. Ginger legs with a quite thin tail & Yellow eyes
Looking a bit worn & dirty, hanging around gardens in the Cross Cliff Road area of Leeds

We've come to the conclusion that he is definitely a Ferrell tom, so can be removed as a found cat. "Gordon", as we've named him, still comes to visit every few months. Coincidentally, we've not seen him for a while, but as it happens he's just turned up for some food this very evening.

Woodingdean BN2
'Tabby' 26th Mar.2008 - Apr.2008

A DSH female Brown Tabby cat found in the area of Cowley Drive...
Aprox 2 yrs old with Green eyes
This Tabby has now found her humans

Battersea SW11
RIP 'Kato' 17th Oct.2007 - 13th Apr.2008

Kato a 4yr old neutered and chipped DSH male with Green eyes
Dark Brown Tabby
Wearing his Reflective collar with ID tag and magnet when he went missing
Hi Sue
It's been ages since we were in touch, but I wanted to let you know that I'm afraid our cat Kato was found today. He had been alive for the last six months, living in gardens not too far away from where we live, but he died this week in someone's back garden. We had left the posters up for three months, been door to door, had hundreds of calls and followed up every one, but none of them were Kato. As a result of these calls two stray cats were taken to Battersea and rehomed.

The family who found Kato said that they had seen him often, but because he had a collar on had assumed he belonged to someone a few doors up. We're devastated that we didn't find him, when he was alive all along and that it's too late to help him now, but we've got him home and he's buried in our garden. Thank you very much for your help and the lovely email you sent us when he first went missing. Keep up the good work and I'll try and get your links on to the websites I work on as soon as I can.
Best wishes and all the best for the future Anna

Riddlesden BD20
RIP  'Poppy' 17th Dec.2007 - 12th Apr.2008

Poppy a 4 yr old spayed and chipped DLH female with Green eyes
Chocolate Tortoiseshell - Poppy is a mix of colours - from Dark Brown to Pale Ginger. She has one very long White whisker which sticks out from all the others, she has a beautifully wicked little face which is dark on one side and lighter on the other. She has a really fluffy tail.

Hi Sue
Just to let you know that Poppy was found dead today in my neighbour's garden.  It looks like she nearly made it home but got hit by a car before she could get across the road safely. It looks like she has only been dead a couple of days.
I may have closure but I am absolutely heartbroken.  We plan to find a nice spot in the garden to bury her tomorrow.
Thanks for all your help and the great work you do.
Jo and Dianne

Lenham ME17
RIP  'Murphy' 3rd Apr.2008 - 5th Apr.2008

Murphy a 1yr old neutered and chipped DSH male with Yellow eyes
White Tummy and Legs and his back is mainly Black. His
face is White with Black patch on both ears and on his right side the patch goes half way across his eye
Hi Sue,
Thanks for your email.Unfortunatly we had a phonecall on the 5th April from someone saying that they had found him dead in their garden,he had been hit by a car. We are deeply upset,he was such a lovely boy and very special to us particularly as we hand reared him from 10 days old. I suppose the only good thing is at least we have closure and have him back with us. Thank you anyway

Bradford BD13
RIP  'Smudge' 4th Sept.2007 - 15th Apr.2008

Smudge a 13yr old DSH male
All Black and wearing his Metallic (Flourescent strip) collar with ID
Unfortunately I received a telephone call this morning and a lady saw a dead black cat near the area Smudge’s collar was recently found.
I went to look at the cat and it is Smudge.
I have brought him home and shall bury him in the back garden.
I am heartbroken and do not want to speak to anyone at the moment.
Thank you all very much for your help and support since September.
Love Mary x

Newington Green N16
'Ginge' 14th Apr.2008 - 17th Apr.2008
Ginge a Ginger LH cat homesafe in Newington Green N16

Ginge a 2yr old neutered and chipped male with very light Blue / Green eyes
Ginger stripes on body, with white whiskers and white
curly belly hair. Very long "mane" of hair around neck & chest. Fluffy tail. Tufts of fur between toes. Pink nose
I just wanted to let you know that we found our missing cat last night, trapped in a local flat.  He's fine, if a bit thin and dehydrated. 

Marton FY4
'Charlie' missing since 16th Apr.2008 - 23rd Apr. 2008

Charlie 9 mths old (approx) Entire DSH female with Orange eyes
Black and White short haired cat, predominately Black,
with distinctive White moustache like markings, White paws.
Pleased to announce that Charlie is homesafe

Black cat 6th Apr.2008 - Apr.08

A Black cat missing from Marcroft Avenue FY4 before Easter, has returned.
Looking for the owners who left the address at that time.
Another happy pusscat whose humans returned to find him

'Arthur' Feb.2008 - Apr.2008
Arthur c2272 a Black with White cat found in Blackpool FY1 

Found in the area of Blenheim Avenue FY1
'Arthur' aprox 2yr old DSH entire male with Green eyes
All black with a small white bib

Arthur has now found his forever home

Cleveleys FY5
Found c.Mar.2007

Found in the area of Stockdove Way, Cleveleys FY5
Neutered Male aprox 3-4yrs old .
Tabby and White
This little fellow gave us the slip and sneaked off to his forever home towards the end of last year

Abbeymeads SN25
RIP 'Barney' 12th Apr.2008 - 16th Apr.2008
Barney c2325 a Blue Persian lost in Abbeymeads SN25

Barney a 15yr old neutered Persian male with Orange eyes
Blue coat (Grey)

Sadly Barney who needed his daily medication passed away on the 17th April.    RIP babe.

Loughborough LE11
'Lissa' Found 10th Feb.2007

Lissa a fluffy female Tortie with yellow eyes.
Mottled colouring - Black & Ginger with White feet & bib.
This cat was found yesterday and appears to be lost and seems underweight. She is looking like she has decided to adopt us - obviously we would like to reunite her with her owner.
Hello there,
We ended up keeping this cat as she was never claimed. She now has a happy home with us.

Berscough L40
'Pip' 24th Mar.2008 - 23rd Apr.2008

Pip a 16mth old entire DSH male with Yellow eyes
All Black , very small, if you look closly enough you can see one or two odd white hairs on the top of his chest
Just want to thank you for  your help and let you know hes come back;)
e has a little chunk missing out of his ear but apart from that he's tip top. he is booked in friday to be neutered.
thank you again

Ossett WF5
'Fluffy' 20th Apr.2008 - 25th Apr.2008

Found a young fluffy Grey and White cat with Grey Blue eyes.
Hello, some great news ,this friday the cat was reunited with its owners after i let all the children know at school in assembley.we are so pleased what a lovely ending to the story.
best wishes  from Angela

Hunger Hill BL3
'Chester' 26th Mar.2008 - 26th Apr.2008

Chester a 4yr old neutered and chipped DLH male with Green eyes
Mostly Grey, with a White underbelly. He has White
feet and white legs, up to his knees. His tail is all Grey and fluffy.
Under his chin he has a Grey patch that looks like a goatee beard. He is a large cat, with unusually large feet.
Hello Sue,

He has been missing a month to the day!

A summary of the past 4 horrible weeks.
During the 1st 2 weeks we posted leaflets out to approx 500 houses, i.e. all those surrounding my house. I and my friends went out with clicker at all hours and all weathers.

On Wednesday a guy knocked on the door looking very sheepish, and looking at the poster in my window. I thought he was going to say that he had run chester over. He said that he had seen my poster in the shop window at the top of the street. He owns a building firm whose van parks next door to my house. He said that on around the time Chester went missing he was doing some work on a house on an estate 4 miles away. He remembers Chester jumping out of the back of his van when he opened the doors. I asked him which street, and he told me, so we decided to extend the search. This morning my friends went to the street and got out of the car. They did the clicker and he came out onto the street. They ran after him, and then he came out to them. They put him in the car, and brought him home!!!

He looks in good health, although he must be half his original weight. He sounds very very hoarse, but then he has been missing through rain, hail & snow. He is off to the vets on Monday for a check up!

Thank you very much for your kind emails and support - they made me continue to not give up hope. Afterall, he was found 4 miles away on the street he was dropped off on a month earlier.


Basingstoke RG21
'Gypsy' 1st May2008 - 2nd May.2008

Gypsy a 6yr old DSH chipped and spayed female with Green eyes
Mackeral tabby - Brown/Grey and Black mackeral tabby with White socks and bib. Has a Brown nose with a White bit on it.
Hi Sue,
Thanks for getting back to me but she actually turned up on Friday evening! She had been hiding in a garage just 2 doors away from us.
Many thanks

Western Park LE3
'Ester' Aug.2006 - May.2008

'Ester' All tabby - no White, Cream on tummy, wearing collar & has Amber eyes.
She has a long body and a very pretty face. No microchip - has been scanned by vet.

Regarding Ester. She is now Portia and is living with us. We tried every way we could to find her owner but no one came forward.
She is now a lovely bundle of mischief who I would not part with for the world, their loss is our gain.
She is still a very timid puss and I often wonder what her past history was but, we will continue to give her loads of love and hopefully she will come round in time.
She has been microchipped, had all her injections and been de-fleaed. She has a lovely warm bed in our bedroom right in front of the radiator - she is very much a warmth puss and loves to curl up wherever she can get heat, my husband says she is a typical female!!!!!

Many thanks for your help Sue,
Di  and Portia xxx

c.Mar.2007 - c.May2008

Found in the area of Beach Road, Fleetwood FY7
A Female Tabby with White feet approx 2-3yrs old.
Very soft and placid
Kitty now has her forever home

Hellesdon NR6
'Tabby' 27th Mar.2008 - 29th Apr.08

Found in the area of Foxcotte Close
A DSH neutered male Black and Sand Tabby cat.
Wearing a collar with bell when found.
Dear Sue,
The cat that turned up on our doorstep has a home I finally found out yesterday. Apparently, they had recently moved into the area and the cat was not happy with this or the new home. They think it was because the previous owners had a dog and the cat could still smell it. Anyway not only was he being looked after by us but also another family who lived across the road from the owners! No wonder he was chubby!! It gave me hope for my Lucky actually as I really hope he is being looked after.
I had called him Pugwash (After Captain Pugwash) and the other family had called him Leo but his name is Merlin. Many thanks

Maria Wilson
Leigh WN7
'Bailey' 25th Apr.2008 - 5th May.2008

Bailey an 8yr old Neutered Persian X male with Blue eyes
Sealpoint: Beige with Chocolate Brown, ears, feet and tail
Hi Sue, Great news Bailey has been found safe and well and returned to us. A kind hearted family let us know that he had been in their back garden crying for the past week he was quite a way from home so must have been lost and didn't know how to get back, many many thanks for all your help we are now reunited.xxx

Layton FY1
May. 2008 - 12th May.2008

A Black and White Long haired male
Found in Layton Cemetery
Charlie has gone back to his home on Talbot Road, he had escaped from his minder while his humans were away

Stretford M32
'Smokey'  7th May.2008 - 11th May.2008

Smokey an 18mth old neutered and chipped DSH male with Yellow eyes
Black all over with undertones of Brown and a hint of White / Grey on his chest and under his chin.
Just to let you know, our cat Smokey has now been found.
Many thanks,

Fareham PO16
'Milo' 22nd Aug.2007 - 15th May.2008

Milo a 6yr old DSH male with Yellow - Green eyes
Grey with Light Grey fluffy belly, Grey & Light Grey tiger striped front & back legs, Grey tail which has darker Grey rings down it, White chin & mouth.

Hi Sue
Well, I'm sure you guessed by the title that something good has happened.......well, I got a call at about 5pm from the cats protection, they had had a call from a 80 year old lady who had been feeding a 'stray' cat for about a month.  They had been round to scan it and the microchip number matches Milo's.

Well, as you can imagine, I didn't know what to do with myself well apart from cry tears of joy and thank them for bringing me the best news I could have wished for.
We've just got home from collecting him.  He's actually in rather good condition, maybe a little dirty and a little less heavy.  He recognised me instantly and came to be fussed.  He even let me pick him up to cuddle him.
Well, Milo is hiding under my bed as I write and Molly (his sister) is desperate to have a good old sniff of him.  Thankfully there is no hissing or fighting so obviously they recognise each other.
I appreciate this long journey hasn't quite ended yet - we are going to have to keep him in for about 3 weeks until he's settled in and everything.
Thanks for all your help and I'm pleased to say after NEARLY 9 MONTHS Milo can now be placed under 'home safe'.
So, the moral of the story is NEVER EVER GIVE UP HOPE!
Jannine X

This really is a success story for the microchip.
"Milo escaped from his cat carrier on wednesday 22nd August 2007 in the Bath Lane/Eastern Way area of Fareham after a trip to the vets to treat a large abscess to the rear of his right ear. At the time of his escape he had a bald patch where the abscess was situated. The vets is located about 6-8 miles (as the crow flies) from where he lives so will be lost and very frightened."

Thanks must go to the lady who fed him and to Cat Protection.
& Well Done to Jannine and family who refused to give up on him, going to great lengths to flood the whole area with information and following up on every sighting reported to them.
Hi Sue
I'm glad I was the bearer of good news for you yesterday....I'm still smiling now! I didn't sleep very well and Milo (bless him) woke us at 4am.  I guess it's been his 'normal time' for hunting and feeding.  He seems to be quite happy to eat and he was talking to me this morning although I know he's itching to get out.  BUT dont worry he's not going anywhere for a good few weeks.
Feel free to tell others of my story - hopefully it will help them to never give up hope, also the absolute importence of microchipping - we would never have been reunited if it wasn't for his microchip!


Cats that travel are still in the minority, statistics show that most cats are usually found within a mile or two from home.
Wouldn't want these success stories to put anyone off the search for pets without chips.
Remember - chips are still a relatively new invention and

West Wickham / Beckenham BR3
'Cookie' May.2008

Cookie an aprox 4yr old Marbled Tabby female
Apart from seeming a little thin, is in good condition.
Cookie aka 'Mika' is now homesafe thanks to her microchip

Blackwater GU17
'Ginge' 23rd Feb.2008 - 9th May.2008

Ginge an 8yr old chipped DSH male with Yellow / Green eyes
Ginger, Identichip have described him as red stripey tabby.
He is ginger all over with a small white patch under his chin
Just a note to let you know of our terrific news - Ginge was found safe & well on Friday after nearly 11 weeks missing and 4 miles away !!
Luckily as Ginge is microchipped the vet near where he was found was able to trace us and reunite us and make Christmas come early - we can't believe it and nor can he - he keeps coming up for cuddles and purring so loudly.
Many Thanks Mel & Colin

Filton BS16
'Tortie' c.Mar.2008 - 15th May.2008

A 1-3yr old DSH Tortie cat with Greeny Yellow eyes
Found in the Filton area.
Excellent condition - obviously someone's pet
Hi Sue
Our lovely Miranda has now gone off to her new home after no success tracing her owners.
Thanks for your help

Thornton FY5
'Earl' Found Mar.2008

Found in Thornton.
A DSH neutered Grey and White male.
After a fruitless search for his owners, Earl has now found his forever home

Dorchester DT1
'Archie' 19th Sept.2006 - 20th May.2008

Archie an 8yr old neutered DSH male with Green eyes
Ginger with Tabby marking, no White, but tip of tail is very Pale

Hi Sue,
Its been 21 months and me and my mum have been searching every day for nearly two years, but today i got a phone call in response to a recent poster we put up.

We have him back! Today!  We cant believe it and it hasn't sunk in yet, Mum is in shock. He has been living in someone's garden since last October, we don't know where he was for the first year though. He was really thin when she found him but is now huge and fine.
He recognised mum straight away and also when she took him home, he knew he had returned home, he was so calm.
Thank you for all your help at the beginning, we put into practice what you told us. We have looked so much every day without fail, and cant quite believe we don't need to look anymore! I'm so happy, its lovely to stroke him.
It really is possible to get your cat back even after so much time, I hope no one gives up, because they can come home!
Thank you again
Charlotte and Lindsey x

A success story in more ways than one. Charlotte and Mum cared for other cats along the way, even rehomed a mule, and are now involved with their local feral group - well done both..
Our thanks too to the ladies who had been helping Archie, during the latter half of his time away from home.
Although there had been a definate sighting across fields a while back, he'd actually made his way back to within a mile of home.

Nottingham NG7
'Spoon' 10th May.2008 - 20th May.2008

Spoon, an 8mth old spayed and chipped DSH female
A Marbled Tabby, Brown coat with Black stripes, a White chin, chest, belly and socks.

I am happy to report that Spoon has returned home safe and sound.
So to give those others a bit of hope, I would love it if Spoon has made it to the homesafe page and please use the attached picture.

Thanks for all of your hard work,
Fleetwood FY7
'Arthur' 18th Mar.2008 - 23rd May.2008

Arthur, aprox 10yrs old a neutered DSH male .
Black with Black Mask and ears, white around mouth going down through chest to his tummy (tuxedo)
Has a Black heart shaped nose and White legs.
Missing from the area of Lancaster Gate...
Arthur was thought to have hitched a lift on the engine of a vehicle, jumping out in the area of the field by Millfield High School .

Happy to say that Arthur has now been found, though in sad circumstances having been involved in a traffic accident.
Touch and go at first but now looks as though he may pull through. Today (Tuesday 28th)

Hello Sue,

Just to let you know that the vet has telephoned me to say that Arthur is much brighter today and has eaten from his food tray for the first time. His jaw is getting mended today. Once he's recovered from that, they will remove his eye and finally, put a pin in his leg. Can't wait to get him home and see if he remembers us. I am so happy, but sad that he has had to suffer so much in order to be reunited with us.
Thanks for all your support and advice.

Hoping that Moggy fans everywhere will join in sending him 'good vibes' giving him the strength to make it all the way.
Thanks go to the children who saw the accident and ran to a neighbour closeby.
Thanks to that lady who searched for Arthur who had jumped a fence and run off into bushes, found him and rang the RSPCA.
Thanks to the RSPCA who responded immediately in getting him into Mere Road Vets and then put 2 & 2 together in notifying his humans.
Thanks to Mere Road Vets who kept him going over a very long weekend before transfering him to the Mount Vets in Fleetwood.
Thanks to the Mount Vets who, helped by the well wishes of Arthurs friends and Moggy people will be able to put Arthur back together again.
Thanks lastly and most importantly to Arthur's humans who refused to give up on him, and who have been trying continually to get a photo to us.

One final mention for T-Mobile, seems as though they have had the whole team there on the case to help retreive and get this photo to us.  Well done.

We'd like to announce that Arthur is now home and doing well.
Lee SE12
'Daffy' 24th May.2008 - 29th May.2008

Daffy a 12yr old DSH femle
Tortie and White : Daffy has white on the tips of her paws and on her chest. She has white on her chin and a black spot within it. She has a black face with the black running up between her eyes and white whiskers.
A phone call today bought the very happy news of Daffy being found. Her humans have been searching frantically after Daffy escaped immediately after being adopted, by jumping from the balcony of their flat - happily Daffy has been passed as ok by local vet and is settling into her new home.

Cleveleys FY5
'Sirus' 18th May.2008 - 20th May.2008

Sirus a 9mth old neutered DFH male with Green eyes
Dark Grey with White feet.
Sirus came back! we're so happy, it looks as if he had been locked in a neigbours shed, thank you any way.

Lytham St.Annes FY8
'Spike' 7th Oct.2007 - 3rd June.2008
Spike c2044 a Marbled Tabby and White cat lost in Lytham St.Annes FY8

Spike a 4yr old neutered and chipped DSH male with Green eyes
Tabby with White paws and a White chest
Missing from the area of Heeley Road...

Hi Sue,
 Just to say that unbelievably 'Spike' is back safe and sound with us tonight after 7 months on the run. He comes back to us slightly larger so I think somebody's been taking good care of him & he seems in very good condition. My daughter, who's only 18 months was over the moon to see him, i didn't think she'd remember! Spike recognised me straight away and seems to have settled back well into our family.
It just goes to show never give up and always try a little further afield as spike was found 1 mile away!
Big thanks to everybody who has helped find him at MyMoggy and Mrs Pritchard who helped us get him back where he belongs

Belinda xx

We'd like to add David at the old address to the thankyou list for giving us the clue, and to 2nd Chance rescue who did most of the running around.

A50 DE65
Found 6th Sept.2007 - June 2008

Young female black and white cat found on A50, close to where it meets the A38 on Thursday 6th sept (Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire) showing clipped fur from spay. This cat has now been rehomed

Blackpool FY1
'Ginger' 21st May.2008 - 2nd June.2008

'Ginger' a DLH cat with Light Gold eyes
Long Haired Ginger with Blonde markings (similar to a
tiger). Black marking around the mouth.
The cat is healthy and well looked after and does not appear
to have been on the road for long.

Dear Sue, I am happy to report that the found cat (ginger) has been reunited with its owner.  My husband and I had designed some posters with the cats photograph and displayed them in shop windows in our local area.  It was a friend of the owner who saw the poster and informed the owner that we had found his cat.  We had the cat for approximately 7days and we took the greatest care to ensure that he was as comfortable as possible during his stay with us.  We already own a very old cat, hence our eagerness to have the found cat reunited.
Many thanks for your help and support.
Irene Harrison
Thornton Cleveleys FY5
'Timmy' 27th May 2008 -  3rd June.2008

Timmy an elderly DSH male with Blue/Green eyes
Black with just a few White hairs on his chest not noticeable unless very close. One protruding tooth. Cannot retract claws. Ears sometimes not very erect. Looks a bit thin and elderly.
Please to announce that Timmy has been found hiding under a bush aprox 1 mile away.
Thanks to the finder who gave him food and water while waiting for his humans to arrive.

Strensall YO32
'RTA' 25th May.2008

In the Durlston Drive area with injuries
a young Fluffy cat with Green eyes
Coat - White, grey and brown
Hi Sue
The cat was claimed by it's owner, after we took it to our local vets, who found that it was microchipped.
Thank you. Regards Paul

Heaton NE6
'Max' 25th May.2008 - 5th June.2008

Max a 1yr old entire DSH male with Yellow eyes
Ginger and White, Max has a Ginger back with White legs and stomach; he is very small for a tom cat and has a scratch on his nose from a bigger cat.
Hi Sue,
I am emailing with fantastic news, that Max has been found! Andy was out flyering and saw him, just two streets away, noticeably thinner and a bit grubby but otherwise completely ok. He has just been eating and sleeping since he came back! He has also been incredibly cuddly and we are so pleased and relieved to have him back. We’re getting him checked out tomorrow, just in case there is any damage, but he seems like just the same cat. We think he went along the main road one night and then was too confused to go back. Thank you so much for your help in finding him; we are so pleased that this is a success story!
Thanks again,

Hi Sue,
Don't know if Soph has already been in touch, but thanks for all the advice, greatly appreciated and rigorously followed!
I found Max yesterday, and apart from being a wee bit skinny and grubby, he's in good form :)

New Eltham SE9
'Sonny' missing since 18th May.2008

Sonny a 2yr old neutered male with Green / Yellow eyes
Black all over with a small White patch on his chest. He has a long body and is well fed.
Hi Sue,
I'm not sure if I emailled you, apologies if not, but Sonny was found live and well a couple of roads away
Thanks for your help
Gemma and Will

Peacock WF2
'Hardy' 18th May.2008 - 10th June.2008

Hardy a 6mth old chipped DSH cat with Ginger eyes
A Marbled Siamese Tabby mix, Ginger, Red and Blonde. He has very striking markings consisting of spots and stripes. He has a Blonde belly with small Ginger spots going upwards in pairs
Hi Sue
I am emailing to let you know that Hardy has now been found. He was near Penistone at the other side of Barnsley, we are so pleased to have him home safe. 
Hardy was picked up by a kind lady who is a carer for elderly people at the side of a busy road, the lady took Hardy to work with her and a lady whom she cares for rang her friend who is a volunteer for a cat organisation, her friend took Hardy to a local vet to see if he was chipped, i was then contacted and drove 30 miles to pick Hardy up.
Thank you so much for your help Sue, having Hardy's picture and details on the world wide web was such a comfort whilst he was missing.
All the best and thanks again

South Shore FY4
'Elvis' missing since 19th Mar.2008

Elvis a 7yr old neutered and chipped male Maine coon with Yellow eyes.
Short coat is Blue (Dk Grey) colour all over
Elvis has now been found

Clifton PR4
'JC' May.2008 - 13June.2008

'JC' a DSH cat been around for a few weeks.
Black and White
Found in the area of Lodge Lane...
Pleased to announce that JC is now back home

Little Sutton CH66
RIP 'Sonia' 23rd May.2007 - June.2008

Sonja, a 10yr plus DSH female, found in Little Sutton
All Black, skinny and matted coat (may suffer with hyperthyroidism or has been straying for a while)
Got id barrel on collar, but empty!
Hi Sue
Sad news.  Sonia, your ref c1760, died recently after a year in fostercare.  Not bad for a little old cat who was given a fortnight to live last year...  Still sad though. 

Best wishes
Ellesmere Port Cat Rescue
Cobham KT11
'Smudge' 6th Jun.2008 - 17th Jun.2008

Smudge a 3yr old neutered DSH male with Green eyes
Black and White - Black on back, white on front, black
smudge under chin.

..."'When' you find him Wendy. Have to think positive"

Hi Sue
You are so right! He came home last night, very skinny i think he has been shut in for the last 12 days. Thankyou for all your help and advice.

Sheffield S3
'Gatita' 14th Jun.2008

Found A Long haired male with Green eyes
Tabby / Grey and Black
Seems fit and well and is in good condition

Hi Sue
Thanks for your email. Thankfully her owner saw an advert I'd put in the local pharmacy today. She phoned me and it was obvious she was the owner when she described the cat's mannerisms. She has just been round to collect her so it's a happy ending
Kind regards Stef

Burnage M19
'Harvey' missing 11th Jun.2008 - 13th Jun.2008

Harvey a 1yr old Neutered and chipped DSH male with Green eyes
All Black
Hi Sue,
Many thanks for your extremely helpful response, but I am delighted to report that Harvey is home! He was away for 48 hours, then came trotting through the cat flap as though nothing was wrong! He has since disappeared for a day or two at a time twice (and is not hungry when he returns), so we think he has adopted some other people. We have now put a collar and tag with my phone number from him, we are hoping that whoever is feeding him might call so at least we will know where he goes. At least he is safe and well.

Thanks again,

Marton Moss FY4
'Zoe' 16th Jun.2008

Zoe a 3yr old DSH female with Green eyes-
Black and White- White nose and part of cheeks and middle of eyes up to ears. Black rest of face. White coat underneath of body stretching up to face. White paws. right ear slightly bent.

Zoe had been sighted across a main road, hiding in bushes.
She followed her human home, arriving later after her human had walked round the area talking and calling her.

Havant PO9
'Tigger' 24th Jun.2008 - 28th Jun.2008

Tigger a 1yr old neutered DSH male with Green eyes
Ginger Tabby.

HE’S HOME!!!!!
I went out after work yesterday putting posters up and exploring the local allotment and calling and calling all to no avail but I felt better doing something.

I heard a lot of noise downstairs while I was snuggled in bed watching Casualty but just thought it was my cats arguing over their supper (I currently have four other cats and five four week old kittens (who have good homes to go to)).  When I went downstairs there was Tigger who looked very surprised when I lifted him up and covered him in kisses.

He seemed very unsettled and although I wanted to shut him in my bedroom he became so distressed I had to let him out.  He went out of the cat flap but came back later and has spent a lot of time on my bed.  He is now purring again and playing.  He is incredibly thin but only picking at his food – and he has a wide choice I have put down for him.  I wormed him last night – he was due and I thought I’d do it just in case he disappears again.  He seems to have ear mites and his gums look a bit white.  I will take him to the vet tomorrow for a check up and to get him microchipped, although I hope that trauma doesn’t make him want to leave home again!!

Thank you so much for your help.  It’s wonderful to know that there are people like you around who know what to do when fur family go missing.  I just hope he never strays again.  My other cats are all female, spayed, apart from Tabitha, and don’t go far at all, but they are much older than Tigger and quite lazy!! 

Am spending lots of time at home today so I can spoil the wanderer!!

Thank you again.  Karen

Keighley BD22
'Cookie' 19th June.2008 - 28th June.2008

Cookie an 18mth old spayed and chipped DSH female with Yellow eyes.
Completely Black except for a few White hairs on her
Cookie returned at 4am this morning. She has a large gash in her side and we are presuming she got frightened and squeezed herself in somewhere, causing the wound, which looks quite old and has scabbed over. We can only presume, thanks to our leaflets and posters, that someone opened their garage or outhouse and let her out, allowing her to make her way home.

Thanks so much for all your help. It is a great service that lost and found websites exist.

Tammy Dawson

Dinas Powys CF64
'Belle' 15th June.2008 - 30th June.2008

Belle a spayed and chipped DSH female with Green Eyes.
Tortoiseshell Ginger / Black / White.
Thanks Sue,
Belle the cat has returned! We posted about 60 fliers and kept food out twice a day, which was the main draw for her.
Thanks for the good advice!

We at Moggy do our best to be here for all those 'Moggy' People who need support - we take no credit for finding the cats on our homesafe pages - that is due to the humans who go through untold traumas, distress and heartache to get their loved ones back and we salute you.
Thanks also to the Rescuers who work tirelessly to find owners or provide forever homes for their charges - Well done.