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Home Safe in Apr-Jun.2009
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Grange Park FY3
'Alice' c.16th June 2009 - 30th Jun.2009

We have a visiting female ginger cat, she has been coming to us for a week now. We have named her Alice, I think she could be old and almost certainly pregnant.
Apparently 'Fluffy' is 18 years old and is not pregnant - now back with her owner.

St.Annes FY8
'Thomas' 20th Jun.2009 - 29th Jun.2009

Thomas a 13yr old neutered and chipped Sealpoint Siamese male with Blue eyes
Cream with Dark Brown ears, paws and tail, he has brown between his eyes and down his nose and only has his four main teeth remaining.
Thanks for your help, we found thomas over the weekend near the local golf course so he is now home safe and well!

Heald Green SK8
'Seti' 14th Jun.2009 - 29th Jun.2009

Seti a 12mth old neutered and chipped male
Sealpoint Siamese: Chocolate and Cream. Dark Chocolate face, paws and tail. Cream and Chocolate back. Cream tummy
Hi Sue,
Just to let you know….Seti has been found tonight.  Living only a few streets away he had muscled in on another cat who lived outside and taken over his bed/food.  Unfortunately, Rami his brother after being introduced fled to his sanctuary upstairs and Seti completely ignored him and just carried on trying to escape again.  We have spoken to the rehoming centre where we got the cats from as Seti I think will be much happier if he can be in an environment where he has a food source but is free to wander.
I am glad that we have found him as at least now he will have the same chance at a good life as Rami.
Thanks for your support during this time.

Sue Fussey

Knebworth SG3
RIP 'Sparky' 2nd May.2009 - 27th Jun.2009

Sparky a 2yr old neutered and chipped male with Yellow / Green eyes
Black with Two flashes of White, one on his chest/neck and one on
his private parts
Very sad news this evening, Sparky was taken into a vet this morning having been victim of RTA , a very special cat - RIP babe.
We'd like to say thank you to the person who took him to the vets to be scanned.

Greenwich SE10
'Sparky' 16th Nov.2008 - 25th Jun.2009

Sparky a 14mth old spayed and chipped DSH female with Yellowy Green eyes
Mainly White with a Grey tabby tail and tabby patches on her ears and a few patches on her side.
Her tail is long and fluffy with 3 or 4 little White rings.
Dear Sue,
We have some fantastic news! Sparky was returned to us last night, she had been found wandering the street a few miles away and was handing in to a rescue centre! She is well, a little dirty, tired and little feisty, but we are over the moon to have her back after 7 months!! Thank goodness she was microchipped.
I just wanted to say thank you for you support in the early days and the lovely posting on your website, it is really comforting to feel supported.
Best wishes,

Blackpool FY3
Sighting Mar.2009

A long haired Black and White cat seen wandering in the FY3 area
This cat has now found it's forever home

Freckleton PR4
'Ginger' 12th May.2009 - c.9th Jun.2009

Ginger a large 13yr old neutered DSH male with Green eyes
Ginger Barred: Marmalade Ginger colour with a tabby type of marking.
White under chin, chest and stomach with 4 White paws.Pink nose.
Had an abcess on his head at the time of his going missing
Could possibly be making his way to Warton.
Hi Sue !  Ginger has kept comming and going, five times in all. I have collected him from the old house three times and have found him wandering twice. He has stayed put at home now for three weeks so i am hoping he will settle finally. Thanks again for all your help and advice it really has helped us. Ginger is such a wonderful old thing, keep your fingers crossed !
Thanks again
Carole and Ginger !!

Blackpool FY1
'Mitze' missing 1st June.2009 - 24th Jun.2009
  • Mitze a 12yr old Spayed Persian female with Amber eyes
  • Blue - a mid grey long coat
    Hi Sue we have got Mitze back
    A lady from Baldwin grove rung to say a car had hit her rear end and she had run we arrived at 10ish last night and she had scarpered again so we did what you told us to keep talking to her
    Another little black and white cat had apparently befriended her so i talked to that cat we went away came back 1 hour later sat in the car the other cat got in our car for a while then I walked round talking to it while Keith stayed and watched in our car
    I found her on the road that backs onto Baldwin grove she answered when I was talking to the other cat so I kept walking slowly and calling her then sat on a wall and eventually managed to get her with a small soft blanket I threw over her head then carried her back
    We decided to come home to Oldham and she was perfectly fine in the car as if nothing had happened She is very knotty and quite boney but doesn/t seem injured in any way
    We are giving her drinks and small amounts of food and will take her to the vets tommorrow
    Thanks for all your help hope to speak to you soon take care
    Jackie Banham
    Thanks once again 
    The hard work put in by Mitze's humans is to be commended - travelling from Oldham for 2/3 days each week to search for her - Well done !

Bispham FY2
'Stanley' 18th Jun.2009 - 22nd Jun.2009

Stanley a 6yr old neutered and chipped male with Green eyes
Maine Coon, Fluffy Dark Grey coat. Stan has a Pink nose , and long whiskers. He has White on his chin and a little bit on his chest. His underbelly is dark put has a lighter Brown colour in the middle which goes lighter towards his lower body. His paws are very large and the pads are black. He has a large fluffy tail which is dark. Quite talkative when spoken to.
Hi Sue. Thanks very much for your support and understanding.
I have to say these have been the worse 5 days of my life, thats saying something but its how much he means to me.
After all that time spent ( and money) he just came in!!!!
If I can make a donation to you though I would like to :)
All the best, Paul..A very happy cat owner

Ealing W3
'Joan' 16th Jun.2009 - 21st Jun.2009

Joan an 11mth old spayed and chipped Fluffy female with Amber eyes
Black with some Brown on her tail and back legs, She has been
spayed recently and has a shaved patch on her left hand side.
Hi Sue
Joan has been found. Please take the advert off the site.
I am so relieved and thankyou for your kind words.
Tess Malone

Greenwich SE9
RIP 'Coco' 16th Jun.2009 - c.19th Jun.2009

Coco a 12yr old DSH neutered male with Amber eyes
All Black with Grey guard hairs and whiskers
Has bald patches on tummy and 2 legs
Coco has been found RIP

Blackpool FY1
'Chico' found 18th May.2009

Been around for aprox. 3wks.
A young adult DSH neutered male with green eyes
Tabby with few spots and stripes with hint of Ginger. White paws and tummy and White tip to tail
Chico has now been adopted by his finder.

Blackpool FY3
'Chillie' 16th Jun.2009 - 19th Jun.2009

Chillie a 9mth old spayed and chipped female with Yellow eyes
Black with White: Chillie has a White moustache on her gorgeous Black face, she has 4 White paws and White on her underbelly
Hi Sue,
Yes its true our beautiful Chillie came back an hour ago.My husband was in the garden and he heard this very loud meouw and there she was!! We think that she may have been locked in somewhere as her collar was in tact, she didnt look as though she had been outside, and apart from being quite thin, she looks great. She has had a huge saucer of her faves tuna and wafer thin ham, a good drink and lots and lots of cuddles from us and Stan, and is now curled up in her favourite spot.
A huge thanks for all your dedication Sue. What a star you are, may God bless you and keep you strong.

Isleworth TW7
'Izzie' 16th June 2009 - 18th June 2009

Izzie a 2yr old chipped and spayed female with Yellow eyes
Mackeral Tabby with White paws, chest and nose.
Wearing her White collar with ID tag when she went missing
I am soooo relieved.  Thank you so much for your help and understanding.  She was in a hedge in a front garden a few streets away.  I was walking around slowly and she called back to me.  Michelle

Thought you might like to see a pic of Izzie sleeping on the chair once she was back safe and sound (she’s such a softie), and of her sister CJ.


Bellfield GU1
'Rowan' .May.2009

A Ginger and White DSH cat found in the area of Rowan Close..
"everything been sorted the owner of this cat called me this morning at 8  as he saw my poster of this lost cat and he would soon picking it up !!!!!! "

Twowatersfoot PL14
'Bertie' found May.2009 - 17th Jun.2009

Found camping out in a Greenhouse
A young DSH male - Marbled Tabby and White, talkative and friendly, no issues with other cats or dogs.
Bertie has now been adopted by his finder

Stoke Bishop BS9
'Lucky' 10th June.2009 - 13th Jun.2009

Lucky a 14yr old DSH male
Black with patch of White / Greying hair on chest
Missing from the area of Haytor Park..
He turned up last night at 2am.....
Thanks for your help
Best Regards
Jon Wicks

Horwich BL6
RIP 'Sammy' 31st May.2009 - 12th June.2009
  • Sammy a long haired neutered male with Green eyes
  • Black with White on chest and back paws , No tail
  • Wearing his Red collar with Silver Studs
    Just thought I would  let you know, not good news, Sammy was found  dead  today in a neighbors overgrown garden- I even went to their house the other day to ask could I check the garden, she told me she had already looked, I can't believe he was only seconds away from home.

Penarth CF64
'Arti' 19th May.2009 - 12th Jun.2009
Arti c3100 a Black and White cat lost in Penarth CF64

Arti a 9mth old DSH neutered male with mostly Yellow eyes
Mostly Black, with White paws, whiskers, nose, mouth
and bib, White patch on tummy. Symmetrical features, front paws less White than back paws. Glossy.
Good news, we found Arti. He had wandered quite a way from home, and was asking for food at someone's house, luckily she had seen my adverts and called. I am overjoyed and he seems very happy too.

Easton BS5
'Olly' 14th June.2009

Olly a 19yr old Neutered Brown Burmese boy with Green eyes
Brown with Rip in right ear about 1cm long.
A bit thin and motheaten looking..
Dear Sue
Olly has turned up safe and sound after spending the day sitting outside someone else's back door. the people who spotted him read an ad I'd posted on a local listings website, so it just goes to show websites work!
Thank you so, so much for putting Olly on your site so quickly and I wish you every success.
Catharine (and Olly who is reading this on my lap)

Websites and a speedy reaction on your part Catharine...
Well done !

Clifton PR4
'Tom' Oct.2008  - Jun.2009

'Tom' a Black and White entire male
All Black with a White mark on top lip which goes through his chin to join up with the bib, long White whiskers, White bib, Some White on Chest and lower abdomen, White toes and a White tip to his tail
Tom has now found his forever home

Tonbridge TN9
'Sophie' 11th Jun.2009 - 12th Jun.2009

Sophie a 1yr old chipped and spayed DSH female with Brown eyes
Black Stripey, pale brown tabby with White Chin and some cream on her face
Sophie turned up at 5.20am this morning.

Poulton le Fylde FY6
'Squeaky' 27th Jan.2007 - 11th Jun.2009
  • Squeaky an elderly spayed female DSH.
  • Black with White - Felix type face.  White chest, nose, toes and a white 'ladder' from foot to halfway up back leg, small Black spot under white chin. Pink Nose
Poulton le Fylde FY6
'Boots' found c.Apr.2009
  • 'Boots'  a DSH cat with Yellow eyes
  • Black with a White muzzle, bib and White feet
    Hi Sue

    You once told me I should never give up hope and you were right even if I did have to wait 2 years and 4 months!!!!! Thank you so much for all your help and support. Squeaky is now back home. Although not in the best of health whatever happens now she is back resting quietly. Her brother on the other hand is not too happy but I am sure they will both come round eventually.(They are both now 17years old) I would also like to thank Angie and her family for finding her and taking care of her. Angie said she had not heard of MyMoggy until she called a local cattery about this 'stray cat' and they put her in touch with you, for which myself and family are eternally grateful.
    ..Squeak and Pip are still having a go at one another but they both had a quiet night. Squeaky is so affectionate and spent an hour on my lap last night and was none too happy when I had to move her. I know it’s not going to be easy and I will feel better when I have had her to the vets but we’ll get there (where ever ‘there’ is)!!!!!!!!! She’s now back with her family and whatever happens that’s the main thing. Unfortunately I have had to work today due to staff holidays but we have kept them both separate whilst we are out. Fingers crossed for when I get home.
    Many Thanks
    Jean and Family

    Thank you for letting me know how Squeaky is doing, we were and are worried about her as she was so docile when being examined by the vet.
    I hope things work out, for Jean's sake as much as Squeak's.
    I'll definitely keep an eye on Moggy now and have more of an idea of what to do in the future if a similar situation arises.
    Keep up the good work!
    Angie x

Blackpool FY4
RIP.. Found Dec.2008
  • A small Black cat found in the area of Broadway, South Shore
  • Black with a few White hairs on chest
  • Very thin, hungry when found
  • Presently being looked after with plenty of TLC
    Sorry to say that this little girl passed on one evening recently while having a cuddle with her finder  RIP babe

Stamford Hill N16
'Nancy' 2nd Jun.2009 - 8th Jun.2009

Nancy a 2yr old spayed and chipped DSH female with Green eyes
Mackeral Tabby : Brown and Black tabby stripes with a touch of White
under her chin.
Dear Sue,
Brilliant news-Nancy has been found!
Many thanks for your help and your useful website.
Best regards,

Banstead SM7
'Daisy' missing since 31st May.2009

Daisy a 1yr old chipped and spayed DSH female
White and Black: Daisy is mostly White, with Black all along her back, tail and face. She also has a Black nose.
I have wonderful news - Daisy returned this morning at 3.30 having been missing for almost 7 days.  No idea where she has been or what she has been up to, but apart from being slightly skinnier, she seems fine.  Thank you for your advice - I really appreciated it.
Best wishes

Ashton on Ribble PR2
'PussPuss' 28th May.2009 - 5th Jun.2009

'PussPuss' a DSH with Green / Hazel eyes
Black and White, mainly Black with all White socks on each foot. Black smudge on nose and sticks tongue out a lot! Small patch of Black fur on back of left front leg (rest of leg is White). Other three legs are Black.
Hi Sue,
PussPuss has been re-united with it's owner. Someone responded to the poster in the shop :o)
He is 13 years old and called 'Izzy', unfortunately the owner thinks he's gone a bit senile and he wanders off quite a lot.
However, he's home same now - so thanks for your help!

Canning Town E16
'Tommy' 3rd Jun.2009 - 6th Jun.2009

Tommy an 11mth old neutered fluffy male with Green eyes
Grey / Silver, Grey nose
Dear Sue,
Thank you for all your help, luckily for me Tommy was found.
 He was wandering around a nearby school's grounds. The cheeky sod even managed to slip into one of the classrooms and distrupt the whole class! I received the call this morning from one of the teachers, she obtained my number from one of the pupils who saw my poster on a bus stop.  I think he lost his way because his "girlfriend" plays in the park, he probably followed her and wondered off a bit too far, the school is a couple of roads behind the park and I hadn't walked around that part, I probably would've found him sooner if I had walked that area also. Besides putting up posters on lamp posts, estate entrances, and bus stops, I dropped flyers in my neighbours' letterboxes, registered him on the National Missing Pets Register, put an ad on gumtree, asked the children that live nearby to look out for him and walked the nearby streets at night. I am going to get him microchipped next week because I couldn't imagine this happenning again, the teacher told me she took him to the vet to see if he was microchipped and he wasn't. Whilst walking the streets, I saw just how many street cats there are in my area, most of them were nervous to come near me and they were so young, it really broke my heart and made me think how important it is to neuter your pets. I feel empowered and will start to find voluntary work to help this poor animals. 
Once again, thank you very much for all your help, this is an experience I will never forget! 

Carlisle CA3
'Lost Puss' 14th Dec.2008 - c.21st Dec.2008

A 5-12mth old DSH male with Yellow eyes
This very friendly little cat is predominantly Black with White shoulders, chest and legs. His left ear has Black and White. He has a Pink nose. Apparently the owners here waited a week before reporting this little one lost - all is well now and he is back home

Marton FY4
'GreyBoy' found Apr.09

Found in the area of Meanwood Avenue
Comes and goes sleeping in outdoor kennel
a Smokey Gray and White cat: Gray on nose, fairly small with round face, old and dirty looking. with Green eyes. Fairly timid
When he was eventually got into care, it was found that this old chap had leukemia and was rather poorly, the decision was made to pts. RIP babe.

Euxton PR7
'Phoebe' missing since 26th May.2009

Phoebe a 6yr old LH chipped and spayed Maine Coon female with Green eyes
Silver Grey Tabby, White paws.
Thanks Sue for all the advice - just to let you know that Phoebe has returned safe and sound. She came back of her own accord yesterday after a week. Now desperate to go out again but unwilling to let her out - certainly for the next few days. Any advice?
Thanks again

Hitchin SG4
'Scoff' 25th May.2009 - 31st May.2009

Scoff a 2yr old DLH neutered male
Ginger: Very fluffy squirrel like tail Ginger with Blonde markings and a Blonde stomach very large cat
Hi sue
just to let you know that a neighbour found scoff in their garage today. hes must have been in there a week - very thin and traumatised but ok, amazing when you think of the hot weather we've been having lately. i put round leaflets to all the neighbours today asking them to look in their garages - thank goodness.
so alls well that ends well.
thanks for your help, your websites a fantastic idea

Pilling PR3
'Flicker' 16th May 2009 - c.26th May.2009

Visiting a garden on Garstang Road
A DSH entire male aprox 2-3yrs with Amber eyes
Barred Ginger:White tips to all four paws, Pale tip at tail. Rich ginger colour to barring
General condition good, no sign of any injuries and had good appetite! Has not been neutered. He is a bit jumpy with sudden movements and any noise, but is friendly and gentle when approached cautiously.
Keeps wandering off but returns for food.
Thanks for getting back to us. The owner responded to our leaflets and the cat is now back with its owners after 6mths.
Thanks for your time.
Regards  Margaret

He lives about half a mile down our road. We are in a very rural area with lots of fields, farms and barns, so there's lots of temptation for young cats. Apparently he'd been missing for 6 months! He's just paid us a visit this evening, resplendent in new collar with bell. I have just returned him home. We think he likes us but then again so do a lot of other "locals". Oh and the hedgehogs, they visit too, rather partial to IAMS chicken cat biscuits, We make sure there's plenty of water for them. 
If we had limitless cash we would happily take in our waifs and strays. Sadly we can only just afford the 7 we currently love and adore. I think what you are doing to help reunite lost cats with their owners is marvellous. Flicker, real name Nemo, wasn't one of our regulars and as he was so cute and friendly he had to belong to somebody. I'd seen your site advertised somewhere so immediately contacted you. Thankfully it all came good in the end.

You will see by the photo attached Nemo is a beautiful boy. Wouldn't it be wonderful if every story could have such a happy ending?
Thank you for running such a valuable website.

Sedgeley Village M7
'MewMew' 22nd May.2009 - 26th May.2009

MewMew a 10mth old neutered and chipped DSH male with Green eyes
Black: No distinctive features. Still a young cat, long legs and a long tail he's growing into. Occasional White hairs but only if you look closely.In direct sunlight he looks like there's a touch of Brown/Ginger in his coat. He isn't talkative unless he wants something then he uses his very loud 'mew' to get attention!
Hello Sue
Good news, MewMew has returned home, very hungry but none the worse for wear. He appeared late Tuesday night so I imagine he had got himself shut in somewhere. I guess we'll never know but it's so lovely to have him back again. I don't know if it's coincidence that I had scattered some of his cat litter outside the door that morning but if that's what got him back here then it certainly worked.
Thanks for all your advice.
Bridget HInchcliffe

St.Judes PL4
'Bell' missing since 24th Apr.2009

Bell a 7yr old DSH spayed female with Green eyes
Black. Her coat is thick and fluffy. She drooles when you stroke her but is timid.
i just wanted to let you know that bell was found only fifty yards away. she is alive and well, and glad to be back home.
SHe was gone for nearly two weeks. she was hiding under the neighbours floorboards.

Lancaster LA1
RIP 'Jess' 18th May.2009 - c.25th May.2009

Jess a 1yr old chipped and spayed DFH female with Greeny / Yellow eyes
Black and White, with a white patch on her back
Jess, she has been found, knocked over sadly.. Thanks Anyway

St.Eval PL27
RIP 'Ludo' missing since 8th May.2009

Ludo a 4½ yr old DSH spayed female with Yellow / Green eyes
Grey Tabby: Grey tabby on top. White underneath. Flash of White on
top of back left leg.
After exploring all weekend unfortunately we found Ludo yesterday. She had drowned in a water tank high in one of our workshops. Although it's got a cover we think it slipped when she jumped on it and she fell in... I checked it last week but couldn't see anything, but the water is very dark and if she was under the surface no way of seeing her. Very sad. And she would have drowned long before we would have realised she was missing. Poor thing. Just buried her under one of her favourite trees.

Thanks very much for all your help... And sorry to bear bad news.

Didsbury M20
'Gizmo' missing 10th May.2009 - 22nd May.2009

Gizmo a 2yr old DSH female with Green / Gold eyes
Black all over, a few White hairs on chest. No distinctive markings
Hi Sue,
Gizmo has found her way home this morning - she is healthy and in good spirits
Many thanks for your help and advice!
I hadn't seen your website before this, but it is a fantastic idea and great support.
Kind regards
Jo Bird

Hatfield AL10
'Max' 14th May.2009 - 16th May.2009

Max a 15yr old DSH neutered male with Yellow eyes
Dark Ginger Tabby - Not so much Tabby though.
White mouth,bib and legs. Small growth (colourless mole?) underneath nose on whisker pad. Dirty nose.
Over the weekend i registered my cat as missing.  Max has been found safe and well so you don't have to process his missing file.
Many Thanks
Mrs Duncombe-Love

Pipped to the post, but we still like to celebrate the homecoming..

Fishponds BS16
'Matilda' March 09 - May.2009
  • 'Matilda' age unknown 'youngish' DSH female with Yellow eyes
  • White with Grey tabby markings. Smudge of Grey on her
    nose, tabby Grey tail, Grey tabby splodges on her back and ears.
    Very pretty cat.
    Hi Sue,
    Just an update on Matilda....her owners have not appeared and we have done all we can to find them -she hasn't got a  chip and hasn't been reported to Bristol Cats and Dogs home. It seems unlikely that she will be claimed now so we are going to keep her. She is very settled in and seems happy. We have had lots of fun getting her used to the cat flap! She did not take to it easily but loves it now and comes and goes as she pleases-she does spend most of her time on the sofa-probably making up for when she was homeless!
    Thanks for your help and for doing the website-its a great service
    Best Wishes

Pontypool NP4
'Magic' 20th Dec.2007 - May.2009

Found in the area of Blaendare Road
A DLH female with Gold / Yellow eyes
All Black.

Hello Sue, I would be happy to give you an update! We never found her owners, so we think that she was 'dropped off' around our area. I wanted to keep her and tried it for three days but my two evil old feline harridans were really mean to her, and I gave up. She found a good home with the lady who lives across the road from me, and is doing really well. She still remembers me and pops over to see me when the evil ones are not around! So I have some of the pleasure, but no worries! So, all is well! regards from Jilly   (^..^)

Pontypool NP4
'Molly' 11th May.2009 - 16th May.2009

Molly a DSH female with Green eyes
Grey and Black stripes with bits of White
Good news, i found my molly on saturday few miles away sat on some 1s doorstep

Eye PE6
'PJ' found July 2008

Tabby male found in Peterborough. No microchip, collar, no reponse to ads.  We've given him a loving home in Norfolk
Sad to report that PJ passed on in 2009 RIP babe

Furze Platt SL6
'Sally' 2nd Apr.2009 - 15th May.2009
  • Sally an 11yr old spayed DSH female with Yellowy Green eyes
  • Black and White: White paws, White around mouth and nose going up between her eyes, White bib.
    Hi sue
          just to let you know we had a phone call at 3pm yesterday from a lady asking if i had lost my cat as  she had found a black cat, i told her i had but my cat was black and white, she replied oh yes thats what i meant so i thought oh right here we go its going to be the same cat two people have caught for me already! then she said well i got your number from her collar..... and i went loopy i was in a shop at the time and i kept jumping up and down, people must have thought i was mad!!!
    I went to the school where she had been hanging around for about 2 weeks, about a mile away from home, walked into the staff room and she was curled up on a lady's lap sucking her jumper! i knew instantly it was her!
    She has a huge wound under her arm, she had at sometime had her arm caught in her collar, she is really skinny, 2.5kg and is covered in ticks, our vet says she is very lucky, another 24 hours and we wouldnt have her!
    She has got to have a big op in a couple of weeks once she has gained some weight, they are going to take a gauze like flap of skin from inside her stomach to use as a skin graft for her wound!
    We are so happy to have her home and she is happy to be home snuggled up in her usual spot!
    thank you
     sam sally and family x

'Chandy' circa June.2007 - May.2009

A Ginger boy has been visiting  a garden for food. He won't be caught at the moment but has allowed his finders to flea him.
Has been visiting for aprox. 2mths.
As far as I know Sue he still has a home and is living with the people who befriended him. He seems perfectly happy with them and no-one has responded to their posters.
love Pea

Mottingham SE9
'NutNut' 11th Dec.2008 - May.2009

'NutNut' found in the area of Castleton Road...
Aprox 5mths old DSH male
Black and White: Black body White feet and chest
Hi sue
still got nutnut looks like he's here to stay as nobody seems to have lost him never mind he's a lovely cat and i would'nt like to give him up now as had him for 5 months

Pontprennau CF23
'Zen' 4th May.2009 - 11th May.2009

Zen a 9mth old DSH neutered male with Golden eyes
Black : small smooth haired Black cat. He is quite small for
his age and is almost totally Black apart from a very faded V of White on his upper belly and another faded V of White on his lower belly.
Hi sue, 
Zen appeared back yesterday - quite thin
Trapped in a shed I think
Regards and thanks
Alex Coley

Freckleton PR4
'Ginger' 5th Apr.2009 - 10th May.2009

Ginger a 13yr old neutered DSH male with Green eyes
Ginger Barred: Marmalade Ginger colour with a tabby type of marking.
White under chin, chest and stomach with 4 White paws.Pink nose.
Hi Sue,
Just to let you know we got Ginger back after 4 weeks !! He had made his way back to a house we moved from 5 years ago. How I dont know but the girl next door recognised him. Hes ok but a bit thin, hopefully he will stay put. Thanks so much for your help. Please let me have your address again and who to make a cheque payable to and i will sent in a donation to your site as its such a good idea.Even though we luckly didnt need it your tips and just the support and help is great.
Thanks Carole

Glossop SK13
'Georgie' 23rd Apr.2009 - 7th May.2009

Georgie a 7? yr old fluffy female with Green eyes
White and Grey with little Black splodge on her nose.
No collar no chip
Very lovely temperament. Is clean and healthy probably a neutered female, I have deflead and wormed her.
Hi Sue, I'm glad you got in touch because I tried everything to email you off the site and failed! She was reunited with her owners on Thursday, so she's happily back at home now! Thank you for helping. Regards Vicky

Thornton Cleveleys FY5
'Tallulah' 29th Apr.2009 - 7th May.2009

Tallulah a 5mth old  X Siamese and Ragdoll female with Blue eyes and Pink nose.
Her coat is Mink with Cream bib and paws, Brown ears and tail

Hi, Hope you got my call regarding Tallulah, Tallulah Trisnan missing in the FY5 area. Cant believe our luck weve got her back. Thankyou for all your help and advice, Cant tell you how happy we are.
We received a phone call on Thursday night. A young man rang to say he found a cat, but he asked my husband where we lived as he didnt reconize the telephone code,
Well he was from Oldham and as we live in Clevelys Blackpool 60 something miles away we thought this was highly unlikely.anyway it was our Tallulah.  So glad we put the area code on her name tag, without this we would of surely lost her.
Tallulah has been checked over and apart from a sore on her tummy and a bit dehydrated the vet said shes  well. Thankgod.
So very lucky.We would also like to put a note on the found site of MyMoggy, to tell people our wonderful news. and not to give up hope. Because believe me I nearly did.
Havent stopped smiling.
Thanks again. Jacky Trisnan x
Moggy would like to add a note of thanks to the young man who noticed Tallulah and took her in - also to all her supporters in the Cleveleys area.

Whitby CH65
'Gandalf' 2nd May.2009 - 7th May.2009
  • 13+ yr British Short Hair
  • White tipped
  • Neutered male, poor condition.
  • In renal failure.
  • Found Chester Road..
  • He's now on a drip at our vets, must have been such a beautiful cat in his hey day, just skin and bones now.  so sad.
    Hi Sue
    Good news.  We found the owner of Gandalf, real name Blue.  He went missing as a strapping lad of only 7 years of age on Good Friday and appeared last weekend as an emaciated very old looking cat.  So we are guessing that he was locked in somewhere and being a big boy, survived on his "spare tyre".  After spending two days on a drip and being coaxed into eating again with roast chicken, the delighted owners will collect him later today.  Many thanks for your help.
    Gina, Ellesmere Port Cat Rescue

Tunbridge Wells TN2
'Dylan' 2nd May.2009- 6th May.2009

Dylan a 7yr old neutered and chipped DSH male with Green eyes
Tabby - Black with Orange - not Ginger but Black tabby with a lot of Orange colour. Leopard spots on his belly and White around his mouth.
Quite small for a fully grown male.
I called you yesterday about our missing cat, and fortunately our cat Dylan has returned home. He is quite sick, has had some sort of trauma to his belly/back leg and is very dehydrated, but he is at our vet's now and hopefully he will make a full recovery. Not out of the woods yet, but we're very hopeful.
Thank you for your help.

Andy Robinson

Blackpool FY3
'Sooty' Apr.2009 - 5th May.2009

Sooty a 7yr old spayed DSH female with Emerald Green eyes
Jet Black with flecks of White around her neck and a little bit of White between her back legs. She also has a short tail.
Sooty is homesafe after spending some time with a neighbour - a case of mistaken identity

Blackpool FY1
'Shilo' c.May 2008 - Apr.2009
  • 'Shilo' an aprox. 3yr old entire male
  • Black and White
    Shilo now has his forever home..

Arford GU35
'Monkey Man' missing since 24th Apr.2009
  • Monkey Man a 4yr old neutered Burmese male with Yellow with Green eyes Very Bright
  • Grey (Blue) Gorgeous silky grey coat (burmese clubs describe the
    grey as blue), defined ridges to the top of his head, quite a distinctive chin, wide snubby nose darker than the rest of him, and curved shape on profile, his fangs show, a couple of bald spots to his back legs

    Hello Sue,
    Monkey was found at 4pm this afternoon, he was in a garden about a mile away, thinner but healthy and now home and happy.
    Thank you so much for all your help.
    Have a lovely weekend.

St.Annes on Sea FY8
'Lulu' 4th Apr.09 - 29th Apr.09

Lulu a 3yr old chipped and spayed DSH female with Gold eyes
Gray/ Black/ Fawn Marbled Tabby with White bib and front paws. White back legs with a Black spot on back leg.

Dear Sue, Lulu is home. We got a phone call yesterday morning . She was about 1/2 mile away in someone's garden. I will fill you in with more details later. Thanks for all your advice and support.  



Cardonald G52
'Penguin' missing since 5th Apr.2009

Penguin an 18mth old DSH neutered and chipped male with Brown eyes
Black and White: has the front leg missing
Hi sue,
Sorry I did not recieve any other email from you. I checked my spam folder but there is nothing there either, however this does clear after so many days.
Thankfully Penguin is home now. He was taken to our local SSPCA centre..
Thank You for getting back to me though

Our routine mail was being returned as undeliverable - therefore a reminder to everyone to add our email addresses to your friends list and to check that online mailboxes are not over quota. Other than that not sure why these were not delivered.

Marton FY4
'Gizmo' missing since 5th Apr.2009
  • Gizmo a 4yr old DFH neutered male with Yellow eyes
  • Black and White: Black mark on chin and Black mark on right side of nose
    Hi Sue
    Just want to let you know that Gizmo came home today!! I couldnt be happier! thankyou for your help

Havant PO9
'Megan' 15th Apr.2009 - 26th Apr.2009

Megan an 11mth old spayed DSH female with Amber eyes
Light coloured Tabby - quite petite
Hi Sue
Megan came home last night JJJ

I had began to give up hope but was putting off ‘phoning the council to see if she had been run over as I have a tooth abscess at the moment and feel really vulnerable with the medication and pain.
I heard a meow and thought it was Tabitha, Megan’s Mum, as they are almost identical.  Then when I got closer I realised it was my baby home.  What surprised me was that she wasn’t starving.  She was thirsty but only ate a little food.  She had lost her collar so maybe once her bell had gone she was a more successful hunter!!!  Megan wouldn’t leave me alone – much purring and meowing.  She is so happy to be home.  I asked her where she had got to but my knowledge of ‘cat’ isn’t that good so I couldn’t understand her reply.  Last night she was in her favourite sleeping place – the top of a large cat climber – and this morning we have had more big cuddles.
What a relief!!!!
Thank you for your help.  I had spread the contents of my vacuum over the bottom of my garden over the weekend and think that may have helped her find her way home.

Karen and Megan x

Cleeve Prior WR11
'Charlotte' found 27th Mar.2009
  • Charlotte aprox 8yrs+ a DSH female with Yellow / Green eyes
  • Tortoiseshell: with White bib and 4 White paws
  • Thin - coat in poor condition when found.
    Charlotte has settled in very well with her finders, and wishes to be considered as adopted.

Warlingham CR6
'Puskin' 19th Apr.2009 - 22nd Apr.2009
  • Puskin an 18yr old spayed DSH female with Yellow eyes
  • Tortoiseshell: Distictive upside down Ginger "V" shape across her
    Hi Sue
    Thank you so much for the valuable advice.  I've spent two days putting up posters everywhere and speaking to postmen and dog walkers and then on Wednesday morning I opened our front door and she was curled up on the doorstep in a blanket which I had left out for her just in case she came back.  I'm amazed as she doesn't know the area and I really thought she was lost.  Myself and my mum walked for miles and miles on Monday and Tuesday so I think she picked up our sent and found her way back.  She has sores on all of her paws and is really dirty, so she obviously had a big adventure, but I'm so relieved she's back home now with my mum and safe and sound.  Thanks again.

Cowplain PO8
'Jasper' missing since 16th Apr.2009

Jasper a 2yr old DSH neutered male with Blue eyes
Ginger and White Tabby - Ringlet markings on end of tail.

Found jasper! has been locked in a garage all this time, he is fine though just scared, thanks for all the help and advice

Winchester SO23
RIP 'Fred' 9th Apr.2009 - 21st Apr.2009

Fred a 1yr old spayed DSH female with Yellow / Green eyes
Black and White: Black fur with White paws, vest and tummy, very obvious White whiskers. A small cat.
Dear Sue,
I'm very sorry to say that we went this morning to view a small body in
Serco's deep freeze and it was Fred. The Cats' Protection people had
told me to phone Serco (they are our local waste contractors - dustbin men if you will) as they sometimes pick up bodies and always record
them. We'd tried them before but I'd failed to recognise the
description they gave of the only cat they had - wishful thinking made
me believe theirs had much less white on. But in the end the only
thing was to visit, so we did. They had picked her up from the police
station at 9.30 on the night she disappeared; someone had taken her in
there. We don't know anything about the person who took her in,
although I'm trying to find out, just to know where and how. Serco
couldn't have been nicer, and I'm hoping the police will help too, although officially they don't record anything to do with cats, but they must have made some note of the fact they at least contacted Serco.

Sad though we are, I think on the whole a swift death under someone's wheels is preferable to a slow death by starvation or dehydration
trapped somewhere. She'd had a very good day in the sun on the day
she died, playing with Ginger and chasing butterflies, and had had a pretty good year all in all - really a very much loved little cat.

Ginger definitely needs a companion, so we'll set about finding one.
We've been in this house for nearly 30 years and have always had cats,
and Fred is the first to go like this. So we won't give up.

Thank you for your help and support. You website is absolutely
brilliant. It needs to be there in the public conscience like the
Cats' Protection League and the RSPCA are - and much more useful than the latter.

Yours -

Marton FY4
'15wk old Rabbit' 25th Apr.2009

Young Caramel coloured Rabbit with distinctive Dark patch in middle of his back.
Our long eared pusscat aka Harvey Rabbit has been found under a neighbour's car, surveying the extended world beyond his back door. Big adventure for such a little fellow

Bispham FY2
'Clyde' 17th Apr.2009 - 25th Apr.2009
  • Clyde a 13yr old neutered DSH male with Green eyes
  • White and Black: Black back and tail. white front and legs. One white
    eye and one black eye. No fur on his nose so it is either very pink, or may have a black scab around it.
    we have found Clyde! we got a call about 30 minutes ago, a lady a few streets away had seen our poster, she has been feeding him for 3 days. he is very thin and seems a bit scared, he is behaving strangely. i'm going to keep my eye on him over the weekend and if he's the same on Monday, i'll take him to the vets.

Glanafon SA65
'Woody' 1st Mar.2009 - 20th Apr.2009
  • Woody a 14mth old Fluffy Tom Cat (part neutered) with Yellow eyes
  • Ginger with Cream swirls (looks like a target practice type of swirl on hips) (Marbled Tabby cat)
    Hi, just to let you know that my cat has been returned after 8 weeks, was on a farm over 3 miles away and the lady spotted one of my posters,
    thank you ----

Cheadle Hulme SK 8
RIP 'Hercules' 16th Apr.2009 -

Hercules a 1yr old chipped and neutered DSH male with Yellow eyes.
White all over
Wearing his Turquoise collar when he went missing...
Bad news here I'm affraid, we found poor hercules fallen on the train line close to our house.
Thankyou again for your time.
Kind regards
Collwyn Jones

Bispham FY2
'Dolly' 12th Apr.2009 - 19th Apr.2009

Dolly a 2½yr old spayed and chipped DSH female with Green eyes
Black like velvet: all Black except for a few White hairs on her chest and belly
Wearing her Pink leather collar when she went missing ...
Dear Sue,
Just to let you know that our little Dolly has arrived home after a full week of being missing - a bit thin but she will be soon be back to her usual plump self!

Many thanks

Layton FY3
'JT' 11th Apr.2009 - 19th Apr.2009

JT a 9mth old neutered DLH male with Greenish eyes
Black with White stripe running from chin down down
belly.White tips on paws front 2.very bushy tail.
Wearing his Blue Chelsea football club collar with ID barrel when he went missing
Dear sue I would like  to say many thanks for all your postive thoughts J.T has been found after a week misssing just over duel carriage way he had been locked in a shed . I cannot thank you enough. I will become eyes in the comunity for any one else needing help and keep your web site on my favourites .many thanks again 
Angela Green .xx

July 2010
Moggy received the sad news that JT had passed away, victim of RTA
Play hard at the Bridge babe, we will remember you

Gilmorton LE17
'Kitty' 11th Mar.2009 - 17th Apr.2009
  • 'Kitty' an adolescent DSH female with Yellow eyes
  • Gray and Black Tabby with four White socks and White bib
  • In very good condition - very friendly - seems attracted to children
    Kitty has now been adopted by her finder

Blackpool FY4
'Tigger aka Daisy' c.March 2009 - Apr.2009
  • Tigger a 15yr old spayed DSH female
  • Tortie: Black, Ginger and White
  • Suffers from Epilepsy
  • NB. Tigger first went missing in Dec.2008 - She was found and taken to cat rescue as a stray and chipped by them with the name of Daisy - She is now missing once more

    Pleased to report that Tigger has been found

New Waltham DN36
'Lucy' 8th Apr.2009 - c.12th Apr.2009

Lucy a 14yr old spayed and chipped DSH female with Green / Yellow eyes
Tabby Ginger and White: Green/Gold tabby shade Ginger and White patches, White belly and socks.

lucy has now been found by leafletting around the area she was lost, we had three sightings and then the third day a lady saw her at the bottom of her garden and called to get us. we think not eating and probably barely drinking has possibly kick started kindney failure. shes dehydrated but will hopefully rehydrate herself but we might take her to vet on tuesday if shes still unhappy.
thank you

Sevenoaks TN13
'CoCo' missing since 23rd Mar.2009
  • CoCo an 8yr old chipped and spayed DSH female with Yellow eyes
  • Chocolate coloured silky fur with Grey, slightly fluffy undercoat. She has yellow eyes, is small (weighs about 3.5 Kg) and her back legs are slightly stiff when she walks.
    I'm absolutely delighted to report that Coco walked into the kitchen about an hour ago!!! She's a bit thinner, very hungry and thirsty but otherwise seems to be absolutely fine.
    I'm thrilled that she's back and so grateful for all the support that you've given me! Thank you so much.
    All the best

Blackpool FY3
'Omar' 1st Mar.2009 - 7th Apr.2009

Omar a 5yr old neutered Abysinian Siamese cross male with Blue eyes
Cream with Brown stripes
Hello, thank you for all your help but we have found Omar

Blackpool FY4
'Milo' 14th Mar.2009 - 7th Apr.2009
  • Milo a 1yr old entire male with Green eyes
  • Silver/Grey Tabby, White paws and White smudge on nose.
    Hi there
    Just to let you know that we have now been reunited with Milo and he is home safe and sound.  After a poster drop a kind lady rang to say she had spotted him in her neighbours garden.  He had sustained a small injury from what we presume was a fight but he has been stiched and cleaned up and he is now back to his normal self.
    Many Thanks for your assiatance,

Harlington UB3
'Taters' missing 17th Mar.2009 - 9th Apr.2009

Taters a 2yr old neutered long haired cat with Yellow eyes
Black : a very large Black cat with great big bushy tail.

Taters just came home!!!
I am so pleased to have him back. He has lots of horrible ticks on him soi I am taking him tomorrow to the vet. Doesn't seem to bother him but they are awful things.

Slough SL2
'Domino' found 4th Apr.2009

'Domino'  a long haired cat with Green eyes age and sex unknown.
Black / White: Approximately 50/50 black & white. Black ears, white
Good condition, seems to be well groomed and well fed.
Hi Sue,
Sorry to be a complete pain, but I have good news. Domino's owner got in touch with one of the local vets I had notified. As it turns out she only lives about 5 doors down from me!!! She's gone home now, so you'll have to take her off the system I'm afraid.
Many thanks for your help,

Blackpool FY4
'Moko' 1st Apr. 2009 - 3rd Apr.2009
  • Moko a 5yr old neutered and chipped male.
  • Mackeral Tabby - No White. A large cat.
    Pleased to announce that after combing the area, Moko's human found him trapped in a neighbouring garage.

We at Moggy do our best to be here for all those 'Moggy' People who need support - we take no credit for finding the cats on our homesafe pages - that is due to the humans who go through untold traumas, and heartache to get their loved ones back and we salute you.
Also to our Moggy helpers who lend a hand with all sorts of tasks including acting as lookout and helping with the internet or actively joining in with the distribution of posters and fliers - thankyou all.
Thanks also to the Rescuers who work tirelessly to find owners or provide forever homes for their charges - Well done.