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 93 Home Safe in Jul-Sept.2009
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Thaxted CM6
'Indiana' missing 20.Sept.2009 - 29. Sept.2009

Indiana a 6yr old DSH neutered male with Yellow / Green eyes
Black with 4 White Socks and a White vee neck with just a little White on the tip each side of his nose. His underside / tummy is White.

Thanks sue, been meaning to update the site/you but have been away.

Yes we poster'd the village and had at least 15 answers with most saying they'd seen a cat similar to his description near our old/previous house - so re invigorated my wife and I went out the next evening going door to door with leaflets and we found Indiana sitting on the doorstep of the third house we approached which was only 3 doors away from our old house ! - after 9 days he was thin but delighted to see us and after eating 4 cat food pouches in one sitting was back to his old self.

Its now been 2 weeks since we found him again and he seems to have settled in nicely to the new house and is happily going out again and returning here no problems - he now wears a collar and has been chipped and after his posters were plastered around the village including behind the bars of the local pubs and in the window of the shops (outside the local primary school was definitely the best place due to the interest from mums and kids) he's turned into something of a local celebrity.

Thank you for all the brilliant suggestions and your sites positive outlook of don't give up !!!!!
Best regards

David Smith

Oakington CB24
'Clarke' found 4th Aug.2009 - 30.Sept.2009
  • 'Clarke' a young neutered DSH adult male
  • Grey / Brown Tabby with Split on right ear as you look at him
  • Large and friendly
    Owner found.

    Julie Clarke

Southsea PO5
'Bonetti' missing since 21.Sept.2009

Bonetti a 2yr old DSH neutered and chipped male with Green eyes
Classic Tabby: Brown/Black Tabby - Some light Gingering though tummy and nose
Hi Sue
He is now back - we found him locked in a garage on Thursday evening - he is fine - thanks for the help and advice

Lomeshaye Village BB9
'Joey' missing since 18.Sept.2009 - 25.Sept.2009
  • Joey a 1yr old neutered DSH male with Yellow / Green eyes
  • White: Mainly White with a Black tail with a White tip at the
    end of the tail. Black in the middle of his back and Black ears.
    Hi Sue,
    Thanks for your reply. I have managed to find Joey last night after a full 7 days of him being missing. I have searched every night but amazingly after 3 hours of searching last night (fri 25 th ) I had given up the search for the night but he just appeared at my feet about 100 yards from my front door! He is very thin and needs feeding up but apart from that he is in one piece! Absolutely delighted. Don’t have a clue where he has been but he was very happy to be inside!!

    Ryan Usher

Kingston upon Thames KT2
'Pussycat' missing 17.Sept.2009 - 25.Sept.2009

Pussycat a 6yr old DSH neutered and chipped male with Yellow eyes
'Classic' Tabby with White paws and bib. Pink pads
Dear Sue

Pussycat's come home!! Yes, he's back. He came back today, thinner, absolutely filthy dirty, ravenously hungry and desperately thirsty. He ate two bowls of food and drank two bowls of water there and then. He's also much more nervous. I think he must have got trapped somewhere but eventually found his way out.
I took him straight to the vet. She's says he's dehydrated and can't have opened his bowels for a week and very very stressed but otherwise he's survived remarkably well. He's truly filthy dirty and all his white bits are dirty grey but she told me to let him settle down and he'll clean himself.

Now I have to let everyone know......
Meanwhile many thanks for all your help.
Best regards

Colchester CO4
'Junior' missing 17.Sept.2009 - 25.Sept.2009

Junior a 4yr old DSH neutered & chipped male with Yellow eyes
Ginger tabby ,tiny dot of White on his chest, small Stump
for a tail.
Great news junior came running through the door about an hour ago :) he must have got shut in some where as it been a week since he went missing, and he has lost a lot of weight, thank you any way
best wishes Maxine.

Morden SM4
'Alfie' missing since 12.Sept.2009 - 19.Sept.2009
  • Alfie a 2yr old neutered and chipped DSH male with Yellow eyes
  • Black and White: Black upper body, White stripe down one side of nose which goes under chin to a White chest then back to Black and then a White belly White paws with more White on back legs.
    Alfie has been found deceased - he loved and was loved, rest easy Alfie boy.

Blackpool FY4
'Simba' missing since 14.Sept.2009 - 17.Sept.2009

Simba a 5yr old short haired neutered and chipped Bengal male
Typical Bengal Brown Marl, small head
It only took a few seconds for Simba to take advantage of a small hole in the floorboards while workmen weren't looking..

Timperley WA15
'Small Tabby' found 28th Aug.2009

Small Tabby ; a young, DSH female with Green eyes
Grey Tabby with 4 White socks

I am writing to say that after a photo was shown in the local paper the cat has been reunited with the breeder.   
Sue McGeechan

Sawbridgeworth CM21
'Schmoo' missing since 3.Sept.2009 - 15.Sept.2009

Schmoo a 2yr old chipped and spayed female with Greeny Yellow eyes
Black: Shmoo is completely Black apart from literally a couple of White hairs under her chin. She is very small for her age, looks more like a 1 year old, very very vocal and friendly
Great news. Shmoo came home at 5am. She was hungry but looks like someone been feeding her. She is very happy to be home but keeps growling at her brother. Can they forget so quick? I think your theory was right someone was feeding her and shut her in and only just been let out. Fingers crossed she does not wander again but I promise I won't get into so much of a state about it. Who knows where she has been or what adventure she has had but I am so pleased she is home. Off to buy her a new coller and tag. Thank you for your help and support. I will tell everyone with a cat about your site.
Lisa and shmoo xxx 

Poulton FY6
'Poppy' missing 4th Sept.2009 - 10.Sept.2009

Poppy an 18mth old DSH spayed female with Yellow / Hazel eyes
Black and White: Black on top White underneath Pink nose - no collar as she didn't like wearing them and she always took it off.
 - just to let you know Poppy has returned home - she returned very weak and thirsty/hungry but she is fine now and is back to her normal self. She returned before the ad appeared. Thank you anyway. I will certainly use this service again and recommend it to others
Natalina Bragoli

Shepherds Bush W12
RIP 'Phoenix' missing 5.Sept.2009 - 12.Sept.2009
  • Phoenix a 7yr old entire DSH female with Yellow eyes
  • Black: All black with a bald belly from a previous flea allergy
    Hi Sue. Please could you remove Phoenix from the missing list.
    We found her in my neighbours garden.
    She had passed away.
    Thanks. Jemma
    Playing with Moggy's Gang at the bridge - RIP babe

Shepherds Bush W12
'Betty' missing 18.Aug.2009 - 10.Sept.2009
  • Betty a 1yr old spayed and chipped long haired female with Green eyes
  • Maine Coon : Mackeral Tabby markings with Brownish nose and tummy.
    I have fantastic news - Betty is back! Thanks to posters and leaflets, someone who lives at 43 Lime Grove phoned us yesterday evening to say that he had seen Betty from his window repeatedly at 4am on the other side of the road and had tried to catch her but she was too fast. He also told us she was limping.
    So David went out at 2am to watch for her, saw her at 3am and eventually coaxed her to him at 4am. She was scared, very thin, ravenous and rather stinky. She also has a couple of nasty wounds. Betty is at the vets now until tomorrow - she has a nasty collar wound but should be back to normal in a couple of weeks.

    We are so thrilled to have her home. Thank you so much for all your help and support - it was very much appreciated.

    Best wishes,

North End PO2
'Patch' found Jul.2009 - 12.Sept.2009
  • 'Patch' a DSH neutered male with Yellow / Green eyes
  • White with Black patches and tail
  • Healthy.
    Patch has now adopted his finders.

Blackpool FY4
'Sunny' Found May.2009 - 4.Sept.2009
  • A DSH Black and White female aged about 12mths
    Hi Sue
    Just to give you an update on "sunny" (we've renamed her Tiddles)
    My other sister and my mum have been looking after Tiddles since they found her in April and she's now part of their home.  Although we have never been cat owners, Tiddles has become part of the family and she's such a beautiful little thing, we can't let her go now.   She'll be well looked after and she is getting all the love in the world from us.  
    Thank you for your help in trying to find her previous owners.  We'll never know the circumstances as to how she found us - whether she was just abandoned, or her owner died, or whether she got lost or ran away.  We will take good care of her and she will have a happy life with us.
    Thanks again.


    Dear Sue
    Sorry I'm a bit late in letting you know but just to let you know we have taken Tiddles to the vet and had her microchipped (my family clubbed together to get her  registered and checked over).  She has had an examination and seems to be in very good health.  She has had the first of her injections.  The vet seems to think she is about 3 years old.  Tiddles is very happy with us and we're so glad she found us.  She gives us lots of pleasure.

    If a cat has to choose a human, usually they do a good job - Tiddles' new humans at first were not at all sure they could be a 'catty' family - well done Tiddles, you have done an exceptional job in convincing them.

Gosforth NE3
'Perkins' missing 26th Jun.2009 - 5th Sept.2009

Perkins a spayed 4yr old Persian X female
Totally Black: Perkins is a beautiful black cat without any other
markings whatsoever.
Great news!  Perkins has returned!
I was standing at the kitchen sink on Saturday evening when something caught my eye in the garden.  There was Perkins as large as life on the flower bed.My son eventually managed to coax her into the house.  She's extremely thin and the hair on her tail a bit matted, but apart from that does not appear to have suffered any injury etc.  She mewed continously until she had eaten a large amount of food and now seems very content, purring loudly most of the time.  Heaven knows where she has been for the last 10 weeks but it's great to have her back again.

Thanks for all your help and support.

Love Sue Finkill xxx

Moorside OL1
'Elsie' missing 24.Aug..2009 - 8.Sept.2009

Elsie a 3yr old DLH spayed and chipped female with Yellow eyes
Black and White: four White paws and fluffy all black tail
hi sue
we have found our cat now
she wasnt far think she waas chased by a dog and lost her bearings. My partner helped a great deal and we decided to go out.
Calling her name when it was quiet in the early hours of the morning brought her home safe.
many thanks for letting us use your site and all the advise which helped her home in the end
many thanks

West Wickham BR4
'BooBoo' found 31.Aug.2009 - 6.Sept.2009

A young DSH cat with Green eyes - unsure of sex
All Black
Happily BooBoo has now been re-united with his owner.  On the suggestion of a neighbour we took him to the vet to see if he was microchipped and he was.  The owners were on holiday but their son came and picked Booboo up.
Many thanks.
Yours sincerely

Middleton M24
'Trouble' found 27th Jan.2009 - Aug.2009

'Trouble' aprox 12 - 18mth old DSH male
Black and White: with distinctive Black eye patch & a Black spot to side of nose
In the end we adopted the cat as nobody came forward to claim him
so if you can remove the listing from your web site
thanks though for all your help
many thanks
roy & julie Liddle

Manchester M40
'Catchup' - 'Alfie' found 1st May.2007

Alfie a young Adult DSH male with Yellow eyes
Black and White, His markings make him look like he's wearing
black eye liner. He stands quite tall and is very affectionate.
Hello Sue
Alfie is now called 'Bash' and is still with us. In fact, if anyone now tried to take him they'd have a fight on their hands.
Thanks for asking.
Phil Leyland

Marton FY4
'Domino' missing 26th Aug.2009 - 3.Sept.2009
  • Domino a 2yr old neutered & chipped DSH male
  • White: mostly White with 3 Black patches on left side and Black patch over left eye and ear. Black/Grey tail. Very distinctive.
    Hi Sue, thank you for contacting me. Domino is back, badly scratched and a bit chewed...... Many thanks again for your help. regards Rona

Bermondsey SE1
'Mae' missing 18.Aug.2009 - 6.Sept.2009
  • Mae a 2½yr old chipped and spayed DFH female with Green eyes
  • Mackeral Tabby (Brown) White paws and neck. Black spot on pad of back paw.

    Hi Sue
    Fantastic news...after all your emails and encouragement and armed with your new posters and ideas we went out again tonight looking for Mae.

    We walked just across the road from our house calling her and heard a faint cry. We started calling more and heard Mae’s distinctive meowing. We got a glimpse of her and whilst crying she ran to the house opposite ours in a basement which we didn’t even know existed! She must have been there all along right under our noses! After a few gentle calls she came running to me. She was so happy to see us and almost as though she couldn’t believe it herself! She has now got a croaky voice from all her crying! Apart from being dirty and underweight she seems fine and going straight to the vets tomorrow for a check up.

    We can’t thank you enough for all your help and support as if it wasn’t for your emails we would not have gone out tonight searching-we had all but given up hope of finding her. The work you are doing is fantastic and to actually have some feedback and ideas is so encouraging when you need it most.  Please let other people know, who have lost their pets not to give up hope as we have found Mae 26 days after she had gone missing and we were away at the time which not only makes you feel guilty but helpless too.

    We would like to donate some money to your website and have made a payment through paypal  which will hopefully assist you with all the good work you are doing to reunite pets with their owners.  

    We cant thank you enough

    Natalie, Kemal, big sister Cisci and of course the little minx Mae!!

Cleveleys FY5
'Molly' missing since 30.Aug.2009 - 5.Sept.2009

Molly a 17yr old DSH female
White Tummy and face with Brown fur from ears down her back and a White splodge on her back
Hi Sue
I did infact manage to get molly back last night (sataurday) from all the things i had done.

Although i appreciate you putting molly on your web site i do have to say i am very disappointed with your service.
I paid to have molly listed on tuesday (via paypal for speed), i phoned and left a message on wednesday and then emailed on thursday and it has taken till saturday for you to reply to me. I am sure you understand the urgency when a cat has gone missing and certainly feel that this has not been portrayed within your business.

Sarah Rose

Bristol BS3
'Stevie' missing 30.Aug.2009 - 2.Sept.2009

Stevie a neutered and chipped DSH male with Green / Yellow eyes
Black with white bib, tum and paws.
Wearing his red collar when he went awol.
Please cancel the ad. Stevie came home last night.
Thanks, Carrie

Birchwood WA3
'Socks' found 25th Aug.2009 - 2.Sept.2009

Socks an aprox 4yr old DSH neutered male with Green eyes
Black and White: Black face, White chin and White paws.
In good condition. Very friendly cat.
Found at Airmiles, Birchwood Boulevard..
Hi Sue,
I have found him a home. Advertised him at work and someone has agreed to take him.
Thank you so much for your help.

All Manchester
'Tabby' found 20th Jul.2008

A Tabby Cat with Yellowish eyes
Brown, Black, Orange tabby cat
In Good condition -
The cat was found on top of a workvan which was heading through Longsight, Manchester.
The driver's last job had been in Newton Heath but he could not be sure that is where the cat 'got on'. He had been travelling to jobs all over Manchester this day.
Gosh I'm sorry. Ought to have updated way before now.  Tabby was successfully reunited with its owner a week after I found it.
Mel Quirke

Chorlton M21
'Black Cat' found 4th Aug.2009 - 1.Sept.09

Found in the Westfield Road area
A young adult DSH female with Yellowish eyes
Black: appears all black but has a few white hairs on chest and a small pure white patch hidden between back legs. Small notch in one ear
Dear Sue,
Hope you had a great holiday.  Please can you remove my listed found pet from your site as I have found it a home. 
All the best in your excellent work.

Cofton Hackett B45
'Smokes' found 12th Aug.2009 - 2nd Sept.2009
  • 'Smokes' a young DSH cat unsure of sex with Yellow eyes
  • Grey : all one colour sort of Grey. Tail darker
    'Smokes' has now found her human who wasn't too far away..

Sheffield S7
'Fudge' missing 6th Aug.2009 - 28th Aug.2009

Fudge an 18mth old chipped and spayed DSH female with Yellow eyes
Brindle Tortoiseshell.
Dark brown tortoiseshell, with some Ginger on chin and
patch of White and Caramel under chin

Hi Sue, wonderful news - Fudgie is home!! I can't tell you how happy we are to have her home after 22 days. It's a microchip success story because she was found ten miles away - a very kind person found her and didn't recognise her as a local cat, and didn't want her wandering around a dangerous road. So she took her to a vet who scanned her and contacted us. We were over the moon to get that call! We have no idea how she got that far away but she must have had some adventures.
Thank you so much for all your support, and for the Homesafe page - I've read it every day that Fudge has been missing to keep my spirits up. I'm so happy to be asking you to move our little Fudge from 'lost' to 'homesafe'

Blackpool FY4
'Jasper' found Jul.2009 - Aug.2009

An elderly neutered male in poor condition
Ginger and White wearing Red collar with leather type tag bearing the name Jasper.
According to his fosterer 'Jasper the ginger cat I have deciced to keep and he is doing well and has put on weight.'

Marton FY4
'TC' Found November 2008 - 28th Aug.2009
  • A Black and White neutered male found in the area of Lowesway Avenue
  • Mainly Black with a little White on chest and belly and tips of paws, unusual eyes Green/Brown
    Hi Sue
    Yes he is quite settled now, just a shame we didn't find his owners but he is happy to go in and out of the house now.

Kempshott Rise RG22
'Sidney' found 17th Mar.2009 - 28th Aug.2009
  • Sidney an aprox 7yr old DSH neutered male with Yellow eyes
  • Totally Black, few White hairs on chest and one front paw, nick on ear, bald on inside of rear legs from over grooming- but not recent as not red or pink.
  • Neutered male, bit bony on back and shoulders, still has shiny
    coat. Very friendly, confident with other cats in my house and doesn't mind children. Must be used to family life!
    Hello Sue
    I think that the time has come to take Sydney off Mymoggy as he is now part of the family! i have had a couple of contacts from people searching for their lost cat but none were the same. Thanks for your help in locating his owners, it would've been great to reunite him but time has moved on and this is his home now.
    Best wishes
    Jacquie Marsh

Dibbinsdale CH62
RIP 'Pagan' missing 26th Jul.2009 - 27th Aug.2009

Pagan a 10yr old DSH female
Tortoiseshell: Dark Orange / Black: a mixture of Brown, Black and Deep Orange with White starting around her mouth and covering her underbelly and legs.
Hi Sue,
So sorry to have to let you know that I found Pagan tonight deceased.
If you could take her off your site so that people aren't wasting their time looking for her I would be grateful.
Many thanks for all your help and support.
Susan. x

Bispham FY2
'Millom' found c.5th Aug.2009 - 18th Aug.2009

'Millom' aprox 2-3yr old neutered DSH male
All Black
a lady rang me after seeing the advert in the gazette and has offered a home for millom...

Bispham FY2
'Claude' found c.Mar.2009 - Aug.2009

'Claude' an adult DSH neutered male
Ginger Tabby and White

Dear Sue
Just a line to let you know my son's friend has taken Claude - on Monday.  So far so good.  They have a couple of large dogs, a cat and a rabbit so I was unsure if Claude would be ok but he was yesterday.  I would like to thank you for putting Claude on your website, I am sure many people and cats are in your debt.  I have informed Nichola and thanked her for her help.  My cat Cherry came into our garden a couple of times last week so I am hopeful he will return eventually, his booster is due before the end of August, it doesn't seem likely that I can get appointment and cat together before Monday but not to worry.
I really hope Claude will be happy and I am very grateful for your help.
Best wishes

South Shore FY4
'Elvis' missing 8th Aug.2009 - 26th Aug.2009

Elvis a 5yr old neutered DSH male
Black and White Large male, White around nose and down
chest to tummy and socks.

Hi Sue
Just to let you know a lady phoned this evening saying she has our cat, he arrived with her 2 days after leaving here right up near the entrance of the airport.
She borrowed a cat cage and a lift off a neighbor and brought him home at 8pm tonight.  We were made up to see him, hes walking around the place sniffing and the other pets are happy he is home as are we all. The lady had tried a few places to find his home but on going to due to chatting to another lady looking for her cat she obtained our details and phoned us. Thank you very much for the service you provide to us cat owners without you our Elvis would still be missing. 
Julie & Family

Lee Chapel SS16
'Lewis' found 22nd Jul.2009 - 21st Aug.2009
  • 'Lewis' aprox. 5yr old Fluffy neutered male with Yellow eyes
  • Ginger: The face and shoulders have fluffy fur but the body and
    hind quarters have been shaved slightly. He has the appearance of a lion with its mane.
    Hi Sue
    We put adverts in the local vets and shops but no-one has come forward.
    A friend has offered to have him so could you remove Lewis from the found section.
    Thanks for your help and a great web site. I'll happily donate some money!
    Sean Clarkson

Ardmillan EH11
'Raccoon' found 5th Aug.2009 - 20th Aug.2009
  • 'Raccoon'  a young adult DSH male appears to be neutered
  • Tabby and White: White paws, nose to lip and under chin.
  • Looks like in generally good health and condition although a little hungry. Coat getting a bit dusty possibly from sleeping out side.
    Hungry and thirsty. Outside but sitting waiting for whatever reason. Already got a cat so cannot house. May take him to Cat and Dog home if abandoned any longer.
    Hi Sue
    I thought I would drop you an email to give you the good news.  The cat has a name, Marbles, and he is being reunited with his owner this morning.  Apparantly he and his bowls had been taken - not sure from what area.  He belonged to three little kids who are now very happy.  I can't tell you how pleased I am that he's been reunited with them.  I took him to the Cat Protection League yesterday morning and was worried all day and last night.  This morning I called and was given the good news. 
    Thank you for your help.  Can you change the advert to reunited or remove it.  Thanks again.  June

Kings Heath B14
'Noel' found Jan.2007 - Aug.2009
  • 'Noel' an aprox. 2yr old Ginger DSH male
  • White bib & Socks. Brown eyes.
  • Good condidtion, extremely tame and sociable
    Another 'catchup'

    Hi Sue,
    wow, this is going back, did this on behalf of a friend, no one ever claimed him in the end and a local neighbour of my friend fell in love with him, so he is all safe in his new home
    Many Thanks

Chilwell NG9
'Aslan' found end Jun.2009 - Aug.2009

' Aslan' a Fluffy Tabby cat
Ginger with stripes, a fluffy head and Short tail
Attempts at finding 'Aslan's' owner have failed, he has therefore been adopted by his finder.

Hagley DY9
'Patch' missing 15 Aug.2009 - 21 Aug.2009

Patch a 7yr old neutered DSH male with Green eyes
White with Greyish Black patches
Hello Sue,
Patch just turned up today out of the blue, we are all so pleased and he seems no worse for wear, plenty of miowing going on !
Simon & Hannah

Bromley BR2
'Millie' missing 10th Aug.2009 - 10th Aug.2009

Millie a 9yr old spayed and chipped female with Green eyes
Black / Gold : Millie is a 'Gold' coloured Tabby, with a White bib,
tummy and paws. She has a little White 'smudge' under her right nostril.
Dear Sue,
Just to let you know that Millie was found safe and sound today after someone responded to the missing leaflets. Apparently she frequents the local 'posh' houses looking for titbits. Sadly this has been encouraged by some well meaning people who have been feeding her! She is now at home where she belongs and is sleeping on the settee like the lady of the manor after a meal of fresh salmon and my daughter is smiling for the first time in over a week!
I hope you have many more happy returns!
Thank you,
Carol & Lindsay Hance (& Millie)

Looking at this from a different angle - Millie was prevented by wandering further afield due to the attentions of the 'posh people'
Cats often have a 'source' of treats, and as long as those offering them know that she has a loving home and do not entice her in except to deliver her back to her humans, then no harm done.

Normoss FY3
'Rosy' Found May.2009
  • A long haired (Fluffy) Dark Tortie cat
  • Looks to have been a stray for quite a long time
    Rosy has now been adopted by her finder

Shoreham by Sea BN43
'Yurei' found 17th Jul.2009 - 29th Jul.2009

Yurei aprox. 14yrs + a fluffy female
Pale Ginger Tabby with a small White throat.
Very thin and unwell
Found in West Street.
Yurei now renamed 'Suki' has been taken into care by Ron of Lost Cats Brighton.
Good news Suki is homesafe having been claimed by her humans within hours of arriving at Rons

Blackpool FY1
'Ginger' missing 1st Jul.2009 - 18th Aug.2009

Ginger an entire Male
Dark Ginger Marbled cat with White diamond under the chin.
Hi sue,just a quick text to let you know that ginger came home at 3am this morning.a lady on Longton rd rang me on sunday after seeing a poster on Sunday and said he had been coming through her cat flap for 5 weeks and she was going to try and catch him yesterday but he didnt come as he had . Going to have him neutered before i let him out again.he still may keep disappearing but i can't keep him locked up all the time as he likes going out.
Thanks for putting him on my moggy I appreciate it wishes

Grange Park FY3
'Tinker' missing 2nd Aug.2009

Tinker a 3yr old Neutered and Chipped DSH male with Green eyes
All Black with tiny fleck of White on chest.
Sorry Sue just got your e-mails I rang your husband and told you we have got tinker back with us > he was next door thankyou 4 all ur help cheryl

Caversham RG4
'Ash' found 6th Aug.2009 - 17th Aug.2009
  • 'Ash' a DSH cat - age and sex unknown
  • Been around for a while
  • Medium but under weight grey/ white tabby white tummy, & socks i think its a he - been living under my decking for months.
    We trapped Ash yesterday.He is currently at Oakley Vets 01189 - 479298 He will be going to Cat's Protection.The Vet's have said that he is an entire male aged between 1 & 5 years. Has been living rough for some time.
    Not micro- chipped. 
    Hi SueI had a phone call this evening, from Ash's owner's.They have picked him up & taken him home.He was 11 years old.  He did look it, lol! They have had him Micro-chipped today, at their vet's So all is good.  He can come off your register.Thank you very much for all your help.
    Regards Claire

Blackpool FY1
'George' missing 23rd Jul.2009 - 14th Aug.2009

George a 1yr old DSH neutered and chipped male with Yellow eyes
Light Brown Tabby : Brown with Black stripes
Hi Sue
Well, you will never guess what happened.  Well, you probably will.
When I got up this morning, I opened my bedroom door and George was sat there!  He seems ok but has a couple of sores on his back and head and he has fleas.  I don't know where he can have been.  He has been a bit tetchy and the other cats keep growling at him.  In turn he keeps slapping them!

Many thanks for your help and encouragement.  I really was starting to lose hope after 3 weeks!  George is fast asleep on the sofa at the moment.  Well, I suppose he has got 3 weeks of catnaps to catch up on!
Please could you remove George from your FY1 pages now?  Hopefully, he won't be going missing again for some time - or ever!
Thanks again!
 Clare Gorst

Worthing BN11
'Curly' missing 6th Aug.2009 - 12th Aug.2009
  • Curly a 16mth old Fluffy neutered and chipped male eith Orange eyes
  • Selkirk Rex: (similar to British Short Hair) Ginger and White, Has distinctive tail (genetic fault) which curls over his back like a dog.
    He turned up yesterday outside on a tiny ledge adjacent to our next door neighbour, hidden behind a vine.  I arrived home and heard these strangulated miaows, went down to the basement area looked up and there he was.  Obviously had not been there all the time but anyway fantastic.  Thanks for all your advice and sympathy.

    Best wishes

Didsbury M20
Found Dec.2006
Black Cat found in Didsbury M20

Black cat found, DSH with Gold/ Green eyes, unsure of sex.
He is very run down, missing patches of fur and is grumpy but not aggressive, may have been missing for some time.
No collar, no chip
This cat has been found a new home

Blackpool fY1
'RTA Moky' found 10th Aug.2009 - 14th Aug.2009

Found this morning on Auburn Grove off Grasmere Road.
A Black cat wearing Silver collar with Fishbone pattern.
The collar had the name Moky but no other detail
Moky's owners have been found having responded to advert in the local paper. RIP babe
Thanks also to Madelaine for all the work she put in to this

Queens Park BN2
'Jazz' missing 4th Aug.2009 - c.10th Aug.2009

Jazz a 16wk old DSH entire female with Green eyes
Black with slight White bib and tiny White flecks over shoulders
Jazz is now homesafe

Bispham FY2
'Nora' missing since 5th Aug.2009 - 6th Aug.2009

Nora a 2yr old chipped and spayed female with Hazel eyes
Brown with Ginger / Caramel stripe on her forehead. Quite light on her tummy
Hi Sue,
I just sent details of my cat who went missing yesterday morning but I'm happy to say she is back!  Please don't put her details on your website - I'm sure there are some other poor people who need your services and you don't need to waste time with my entry.
Great service tho - keep up the good work.

Blackpool FY1
'Tinkerbell' missing since 6th Jul.2009 - 10th Aug.2009

Tinkerbell a 2yr old spayed DSH female
Tabby / Tortoiseshell: A right mixture. Black White and Ginger with tail with a Ginger hoop. Most noticeable are the 2 White back paws and a Ginger outside back leg.
Very pleased to report that Tinkerbell is now homesafe - very thin but otherwise ok, all booked in for a visit to her vet to make sure

St.Annes FY8
'Purdie' missing since 25th Jul.2009 - 1st Aug.2009

Purdie a 10yr old chipped and spayed DSH female with Green eyes
Black and White: Purdie is black and white with four white paws, white
tip on tail, Markings on chest look like a waistcoat

c3261 Purdie found 1st August 2009 (longest week of our lives!!)
i tried to find somewhere on line to let you know…she was found by a family on some scaffolding on a derelict house looking into their lounge!! We had put posters up in  the immediate streets and the postman had delivered (kindly) leaflets on his round…it was amazing how many black and white cats were found..then someone said her grand daughter commented on seeing a cat with a Winnie the pooh near a school so we went leafleting that area and she was found in that area…it is amazing how many grassed / ginnel areas around here…she was very hungry and has done nothing but eat and sleep since her return…

Thank you very much

Bensham NE8
'Pilchard' missing 1st Jun.2009 - 7th Aug.2009

Pilchard a 6yr old Fluffy neutered male with Yellow eyes
Tabby back, Spotty tummy
Wearing his Brown studded collar when he went missing
I got a phone call tonight, someone had found Pilchard, he is now safe at home!
Thank you for everything, Suzanne and Pilchard

Great Hallingbury CM22
'Miss Black' found 2nd Aug.2009 - 5th Aug.2009

Miss Black: Found in the area of The Grove..
A young DSH cat - unsure of sex, Green eyes.
Black with a few White flecks near shoulder
Thin and very hungry. Wandered into garden, In garden (for time being)
Hi Sue,
Thank you so much for your note - it is really great to know that people care so much.
Anyway I have great news - we had posted some flyers locally in our village and yesterday "Miss Black's" owner called to reclaim her.  She had disappeared about 10 days ago.  The owner lives about a mile away and he had rescued her after an RTA a month earlier had left her wandering dazed and confused.  He is known to us and is a fellow cat lover so I have no worries.
A happy ending - Miss Black was a darling for the few days we looked after her but would have had a difficult time with our own cat longer term
Thanks again - can you "deregister" my entry?
With kindest regards,

Fleetwood FY7
'Shadow' missing 24th Jul.2009 - 4th Aug.2009

Shadow a 2yr old neutered and chipped DLH male with Green eyes
Black : some faint Brown patches on his back. Has some distinctive white patches on back legs due to a skin disorder, ie been biting his fur away.
Hi Sue
Shadow came home.  Thanks for your help.  I was doing most of what you suggested but I put a bowl of fishy food outside as you advised, whether this was what did it or not I don't know, but he is a greedy cat!  The bowl was empty and there he was in the garden.  I couldn't believe my eyes, or my luck.  He was a bit worse for wear but I got him straight to the vets and although he's not right yet, he has antibiotics and he's slowly getting back to normal! 
Thanks again for all your help.  I can't tell you how happy I am to have him back. x

Plymouth PL1
'Thom' missing 1st Aug.2009 - 4th Aug.2009

Thom a 1yr old neutered DLH male with Amber eyes
Ginger Tabby with 4 white paws, the back left paw is more like a sock than just a white paw. He has a very distinct big fluffy tail.
Thanks Sue,
We have actually found him, we thought he had gone under some floor boards so my other half had a good idea about using the torch built into his phone and the video part to have a look under there, we thought we saw something, were busy trying to figure that out when the cat reappeared from an old, unused fireplace which had like a cubby hole bit in behind it.
So he's safe and sound, if not a bit sooty at the time, but he had a bath last night, I think he had just been very frightened by the whole ordeal, next time we need to go anywhere I will leave him here and get someone to visit I think, prevent him doing this sort of thing again in future!
Thanks again, I've been trying to track down everyone I've told to let them all know he's safe :)

Folkestone CT19
'Scruffy' found 30th Jul.2009 - 3rd Aug.2009

'Scruffy' aprox 2-3yr old DLH female with Green eyes
Red / Grey: Classic Tabby head, but Reddish/Grey body. White chin.
Slightly thin, but otherwise ok
Hi Sue,
She was lovely . We've taken her to the vet and there was no microchip, but we have now found the owner.
Many thanks

Eastwood SS2
'Oscar' missing 20th Jun.2009 - 2nd Aug.2009

Oscar a 12yr old neutered Fluffy male
Wearing his Orange collar when he went missing from
Bishop's House, Western Approaches.
Thanks ever sooo much Sue.....but got call last night they he'd been found, so picked up a very boney cat last night few miles away from where we were looking!
Thanks again!
Many thanks.
 Kind regards, 
Another successful long distance search - Oscar now homesafe in CM11

Hi Sue.
He was found a couple miles away.
They had seen oscar for about a week and had been shooing him away, when they spoke to their sister who lived in the area where I leaflet dropped and put 2&2 together, so I would say door leaflets are the best way, albeit oscar could have been about a mile away by the time I started (2 weeks after missing as on hols!). So the 2500 I dropped missed him.
Thanks for all your help and advise.
Warm regards,

Bingley BD16
'Lyla' found 10th Jul.2009 - 30th Jul.2009

'Lyla'  a young DSH female
Black: predominantly Black / Black smudge right side of Nose, large White patch on right hind leg
Hello Sue
Just a line to let you know that "Lyla " 3214 has now been rehomed to a loving family by Haworth cat Rescue.
We were unsuccesful in finding her owner, even though we advertised her everywhere.  She now has a nice new home,collar &disc !, and of course a microchip!.
Thanks very much for your help it is appreciated.
Geraldine Smith

Sandhurst GU47
'Colin' found 26th Jul.2009

Colin aprox 12yr old DSH cat, unsure of sex.
Black with White: White face, one of his fangs is missing. Very skinny when found, vets said he could have an over active thyroid gland
Hello Sue,
i took him to the vets on Tuesday afternoon and his owners picked him up three hours later.
He had been on walkabout since the 11th July.
Needless to say the owners were very happy to see him back. His actual name was Biggie.
Great website by the way.

Hackney N1
'Munki' missing 25th Jul.2009 - 27th Jul.2009

Munki a 2yr old neutered and chipped DSH male with Green eyes
Black / Grey Tabby. Black and grey stripes, extra long tail. Very mall
white spot on chest. Overall slender cat and extremely agile.
Am writing to say Munki has just returned. He appears to be in good health and we feel he must have been locked in somewhere and released after the weekend. We are so very relieved.
Many thanks
Natalie Tiddy

Chiswick W4
'Daisy' missing 25th Jul.2009 - 27th Jul.2009

Daisy a 7mth old spayed female with Orange eyes
British Shorthair / Tonkinese X :Brown with black stripes
Daisy has a prodominantly greyish/brownish coat with black stripes throughout her entire body. She has recently been spayed and still has the hair shaved on her left side. She also has orange eyes typical of a shorthair
Hi Sue,
We have found her!!! My girlfriend has just got home and she was in one of the neighbors apartments.
Thank you anyway, it’s good to see people really care about cats Shane

Blackpool FY3
'Tabby' found Mar.2009 - July.2009
'Tabby' a Mackeral tabby cat found in Blackpool FY3
  • 'Tabby' aprox 2yr old DSH mackeral tabby Male , no collar, no chip.
  • No White - dark tabby tail.
    Just emailing to let you know tabby ref number c2977 is now a permanent resisdent with me no one ever came forward to claim him and i have looked after him since March
    I don't think i could bear to give him up now, i have wormed him and he has been treated for fleas and his hair has grown back i have taken him to the vets and they said he is very healthy and has been neutered so i know he was owned at one time so i am asking please could you now put he has a permanent home many thanks for your help
    xx Nicki

Caversham RG4
RIP 'Barney' missing 13th Jul.2009 - 27th Jul.2009

Barney a 2yr old DSH neutered male with Yellow eyes
Black and White: mainly Black four White paws White under up to his chin with tiny White tick on mouth has a nick out of his left ear (small v) shape
Hi sueI
Found Barney dead  tonight under my decking i dont know what happened to him I'm totally devastated he was only two and really healthy my poor Barney.

Loxley S6
'Stripe' missing 22nd Jul.2009 - 28th jul.2009

Stripe a 6yr old neutered and chipped DLH male with Green eyes
Brown Tabby: chunky ex tomcat. has distinctive mark from previous injury.
Dear Sue,
i'm pleased to tell you that stripe has just returned home!  he is fine, just hungry and thirsty!
kind regards

Hopwood B48
'Charlie' missing since 28th May.2009
Charlie c3185 an all Grey male lost in Hopwood B48

Charlie a neutered 6yr old DSH male
All Grey
Missing from the Feral Paddock of Cramar Cat Rescue, Redditch Road
Hi Sue,
It's Charlie!!!!!!!!!!  I went to the lady's house (Penny) this morning and after about 20 minutes, he turned up and came straight to me for fuss! I stayed about 45 minutes (cos Penny had to go out) and it was just as tho' he hadn't been away! He was nervous with her tho-everytime she moved, he'd run, but not far! He was rolling on the grass and on the drive and seemed happy.

Penny says she'd love to keep him if he gets to the stage of going into the house, and she's willing to try with him. She saw he's not feral the way he was with me, he just scared.I wish i could have him myself, but  my cat, who's very loving and placid, doesn't seem to like other cats, so it isn't an option. At least he's being fed properly, twice a day, and lies in the kids wendy house to shelter from the rain, or sun himself! Brilliant! Thanks for all your help and advice
Shirley x

Camberley GU15
RIP 'Gizbo' 9th Jun.2009 - 24th Jul.2009

Gizbo a 2yr old entire male
Siamese X: White and Brown
Wearing his metallic collar when he went missing
Sadly animal rescue got in touch with me today with some bad news gizbo had been hit by a car and was recognised by the posters that i had put up
Now my son can grieve
Many thanks for texting me

Blackpool FY1
'Leelo' missing since 19th Jun.2009
  • Leelo a 12mth old spayed and chipped DSH female with Yellow - Green eyes
  • Brown: Mix of Dark Brown, Ginger and White, White bib and chin, half left back leg striped Ginger, two back feet White, chest mainly White.
    Hi Sue!
    I am very pleased to let you know that Leelo has been found today, she wasn't far from our home only a few streets away. A man living on a street nearby had seen our leaflet in the local newsagent and rang as he had been feeding her chicken for the last few days! I'm so happy it was her and that she is back home with us :D She is slightly skinnier than when we last saw her but other than that she is in perfect condition and as talkative as usual!
    Thank you so much for all your help, the hoover dust may have just kept her in the area until we found her.
    All the best,
    Amanda and Katie

Buckskin RG22
'Socks' 24th Jun.2009 - 20th Jul.2009

Socks a 1½yr old DSH entire male
Black with 4 white feet, white on chest up to his chin with a black marking underneath his chin.

Sue, just to let you know socks is home safe now. I had a phone call from the council on Monday 20th June saying to telephone Brunswick Vets as they may have socks he was handed in on the 28th June (only 4 days after he was missing) he came in by the RSPCA after being cliped by a car. When they examined him he had to have a wire in his jaw and was showing signs of cat flu. When i arrived it was to my joy that it was him and he was ok. They allowed me to take him home straight away. Now he is settled and doing very well and improving everyday. We are so happy
Thanks for your support

Harlow Carr HG3
RIP 'Molly' 11th July.2009 - c.22nd Jul.2009

Molly a 2yr old apayed and chipped female with Bright Blue eyes
Ragdoll : Fluffy White coat : Molly has a white body and 4 white paws and grey ears, face and legs and tail
Molly has been found decd. RIP

Blackpool FY4
'Bonnie' 14th Jun.2009 - 15th Jul.2009

Bonnie a 13mth old spayed and chipped DSH female
Tortie / White: Brown/Black upper body, White lower half
Great news. Bonnie is back!!

On wed. 15th we had a phone call from someone shopping on highfield road who thought she had seen bonnie near the old library, (she had seen the ad in the gazette). A search proved fruitless but I put a few posters on lamposts around the area.

Then on Sat.18th a lady phoned to say that bonnie was in her garden (a poster was on the lampost by her front gate) and she was certain it was bonnie. My daughter and I rushed round but by then bonnie had moved from the garden. After about a 20min search we were about to call it a day when she literally ran in front of us 20yds away. When we called her name she stopped, looked at us then ran round the corner. We rushed around and there she was sitting in a garden. My daughter called to her, she came and was swiftly grabbed!

She was smelly, thin and hungry.

Now she is fine. Being de-fleaed, eating like a horse and has been checked over by the vet. (and she has a new collar, just in case!!)

So, after five weeks we have her back. The newspaper advert and the lampost posters have come up trumps. We also put about 100 fliers through doors in the streets around us.

Many thanks for your help.
Ken Spittall

Lutton PE8
'Alfie' 13th Jul.2009 - 21st Jul.2009

Alfie a 3yr old neutered DLH male
Black :
Large slim cat with very long tail. Long coat that is sleek rather than fluffy. Unusual long nose and face.
Hi Sue
Thanks so much for your help.
My cat Alfie has finally returned home. He is thin & sleepy but well. I think that he may have been shut in somewhere.
Keep up the terrific work and thank you.
Mandy c3226

Thornton Hough CH63
'Robbie' 5th Jun.2009 - 13th Jul.2009

Robbie a 6yr old neutered and chipped DSH male with Gold eyes
Silver / Grey Tabby. Tabby is more evident on his under side and on his face.
Wearing a Red collar with ID
Hi Sue, just to let you know by a massive stroke of luck i have found Robbie.!! I can not believe my luck. I found him last sun/mon morning on a field in Thornton Hough. I had decided that one of the only possible chances was to start looking at night, other than him arriving in someone's back garden,which was a possibility. I suppose you have to think like a cat;hopefully!. As i thought it was a lot quieter on the sunday night than the previous saturday; i arrived around 12.40 in the morning and took myself onto the field near some of the 'sightings' from some of the locals .After shaking some cat treats,calling him and roaming with my torch for around 20 mins i couldn't believe it that i could hear him! I stood on the spot as i could not see him at all as it was so dark; he came to me!!!!!!. I COULD NOT BELIVE IT!!. It was the longest walk back to the car, behind allotments with no or little view, i just kept talking to him and stroking him, to say my heart was nearly coming out of my chest is a slight understatement!!! It was very tricky getting my keys out my pocket to the car,but i managed, one arm holding him a little tighter, to be honest i think he was that relived i probably thought it would be harder to get him in the car etc as being lost for 5weeks and three days was going to be very traumatic for him; and me. I drove home very slowly, robbie yowling all the way, of which he did for the next two days, the vet told me he'd obviously had a traumatic time, but was relived to be home! The vet gave him a worm tab,checked him over and said he was in relatively good health other than he had lost a lot of weight but was ok. Two days later he was back there with an abscess on his face; so he is now on antibiotics for a week. Overall he seems fine and very HAPPY to be home; like myself, although Poppy my other cat has been a little put out as she has been top cat for 5 weeks or so. Overall the people of Thornton Hough have been great in contacting me and just to see how i am, which is MUCH MORE THAN I CAN SAY FOR MIKE JONES the OWNER of the KENNELS; of which i am going to get some 'advice' on where i stand!. My neighbour and friends have all been great in offering help etc; but i think ultimately in finding your cat it is going to be the owner and the owner alone(meaning the final faze as they will frightened!)if you understand cats enough .I have gone down every route available to me and have spent hours and hours in 'TH' making myself familiar there,delivering over 500 posters in houses,churches .village halls,schools,farms,pubs,wi's,hotels,vets, shops,friends work places, and of course homes.It has been so hard as it is such a rural area of which gave me no hope what so ever! But it just go's to show that to NEVER GIVE UP!!! WHAT SO EVER!!!!! IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO!!. I want to thank you for all of your support and guidance and hope my story is of some hope to your other customers who are going to have a happy ending like myself, ps Robbie is curled up on the couch while i am typing this!!!.
Thankyou, Ann.

Calmore SO23
'Elvie' 12th Jul.2009 - 18th Jul.2009

Elvie a 5yr old chipped and spayed female
Sealpoint Siamese: Dark Brown tail, legs and face, Cream chest and tummy, Light Brown along back. Big bright blue eyes. Tail is always curled right back.
Good evening
thank you for your reply but I am very very please to let you know that we managed to catch Elvie in a cat trap lent to us by a lady from cat welfare. Elvie seems fine, just hungry and tired and very pleased to be home!
Thanks again :O)
Kind Regards

Tongham GU10
'Alfie' 12th Jul.2009 - 18th Jul.2009

A85lfie a 6yr old DSH male
Black and White : Alfie is a black and white male, medium sized.
White front feet and white back feet and legs. White bib & chin, black nose.
Hi Sue
Thank you for all your help. I am pleased to let you know that my cat Alfie arrived home last night, we received a call from a neighbour saying he had just walked past their house then he appeared at the back door, its most likely he was locked in I think. Very relieved!
Thank you again.

Fleetwood FY7
'Jess' 16th May.2009 - 13th Jul.2009

'Jess' a Fluffy female with Yellowy Green eyes
Black / White / touch of Brown : Black and White mostly with long and short hair
Pleased to say that Jess has now been reunited with her owners

Oakham LE15
'Jamie-Lee' missing since 21st June.2009

Jamie a 9yr old spayed and chipped DSH female
A calico cat - White with Black and Ginger splotches. She has one
white and one ginger cheek
Dear Sue
We have now found out cat (yay!) so you can remove the ad from your website.
Many thanks

Bingley BD16
'Joanie' Apr.2009

Found on Bingley Main Street, very near petrol station, nearly hit by wagon, wandering backwards and forwards across road
Mainly Black - a Dark Tortie with some Ginger and White with Green eyes
Quite thin and very hungry.
Joanie has now found her forever home.

Tunbridge Wells TN1
'Cracker' 6th Jul.2009 -

Cracker a 12yr old neutered and chipped Fluffy male
Golden Tabby on White: White bib and lower half of face, tabby above eyes and through his ears. Brown freckle on right side of mouth

Cracker came home badly injured last night as is now with the vet.
Many thanks
Vivienne Roberts

Beckenham BR3
'Meuw' c. Jan.2009 - 9th Jul.2009

'Meuw'  an adult DSH cat with Green / Amber eyes
Age and sex unknown
Black and White Tuxedo cat : Black face, white whiskers, white belly, white paws
Thankfully, we captured him. He had escaped twice from the Cats' Protection trap, so I bought one from which is all wire. You put the food under the wire treadle and that's how we got him, last Thursday. It is a boy. It is a wildcat! Completely. I took it to the Foxgrove vets who neutered it etc. and then the lovely people from Bromley Cats' Protection took it to a feral cat farm in Halstead where it will be given regular food and freedom to wander. A happy future for him, and for my own cats at last the freedom from fear of attack, and for me freedom from the heartache of hungry cat haunting us.

Many thanks for your interest and concern.

Quarry Bank DY5
'Truly' 3rd Jul.2009 - 9th Jul.2009

Truly a 6yr old spayed and chipped female with Gold eyes
British Short Hair: Blue - self colour.
Hello Sue,
Good news!!! 
She came home in the early hours of this morning all of her own accord, none the worse for wear!  I'm so relieved, I need to sleep for a fortnight!

Thanks so much for all of your help.
With kind Regards,
Mrs.Tracey Sharman.

Blackpool FY2
'Evadne' 4th Jul.2009 - 6th Jul.2009

Aged aprox 6mths. Fluffy female
Snowshoe: Cream coat with Coffee ears tail and mask
In good condition.

Good news in that the owner has come and claimed the kitten back this morning. She was due to be chipped later this week apparently.
I would have posted a photo, but dratted mobile broadband was unspeakable over the weekend.
Thanks for your time.
Andy Walmsley

Adlington PR7
'Brian' missing since 1st Jun.2009
  • Brian a 1yr old chipped and neutered DSH male
  • Ginger and White: White muzzle markings on sides like a target. rings on tail
    Hi sue
    No Brian the little rascal came home, tail between the legs and sorry for him self. But he’s ok and happy again,
    Many thanks

Quarry Bank DY5
'Missy' found 28th June.2009
  • 'Missy' age and sex uncertain, DSH with Green eyes
  • Grey: This cat is all grey and has the most striking green eyes.
  • Quite slim. Very good condition, seems well fed and is very friendly.
    Loves a fuss, but seems like it is lost!!
    Thankfully the owners responded to a local "found" ad I put in our local paper. He had wandered off and got lost. Many thanks for your email.
    Love Jane

Wigston LE18
'Skidzy' missing since 11th Jun.2009

Skidzy a 5yr old long haired neutered male
Black: He is mainly black with a white beard, belly and paws.
He has a pink nose with a black mark on it and big white whiskers
Wearing his Black collar with ID when he went missing from
Church Nook
Hi. we have now found our cat. He had somehow got to a village 7 miles away and was taken in by a lovely lady. Haven't stopped smiling since we went to collect him!

Many thanks for your help, keep up the good work!
Best regards.

Laycock BD22
'Jasmin' 29th Jun.2009 - 5th Jul.2009

Jasmin a 1yr old female Chinchilla Persian
Her long coat is White , tear stains near eyes

Hi Sue
I would like to give you the good news Jasmin was found this morning safe ,A lady got our phone number off 1 of the posters we had on a lamp-post phoned to say she thinks this may be the cat we are looking for and she was in her garden under some shrubs.
We went straight away,it was her.
My husband spent 10 mins crawling though bushes to get to her,she was very dirty hungry,thirsty and tired she as done nothing but sleep.
She was also very weak,I did all the thinks you said empty the hoover put her litter tray out,socks out.
Really think this has helped Jasmin come home.
I would like to say a big thank-you for all your help and advice,Reward was paid along with a big bunch of flowers
                                                    Thank-You again

Hillsborough S6
'Zippy' 25th Jun.2009 - 30th Jun.2009

Zippy a 7yr old neutered and chipped DSH male with Amber eyes
Full Ginger Tabby. Zippy is a large ginger male with a stripy tail. Big
amber eyes and friendly.
Wearing his Blue collar with ID when he went missing
Great news tonight...
Zippy is home, he was trapped in next door but one's house....he's purring like mad but is very thin and his hair is coming out in clumps?
Thank you for all your help, can Zippy be taken from lost section??
Thanks Melissa and Zippy xx

Platt Bridge WN2
'Sox' 26th May.2009 - 1st Jul.2009
  • Sox a 3½ yr old spayed and chipped DSH female with Yellow / Green eyes
  • Black and White : Half and half - mainly Black on top and White underneath. four White paws like socks or boots. Pink nose and White whiskers.
  • Wearing a Pink collar with ID
    Hi Sue
    I registered my cat Sox from WN postal area, Platt Bridge Wigan Chip 2711... She went missing on the 26th May 09.
    However I have good news Sox has been found after 5 weeks! She was in an empty rented house and must have got stuck there when the builders left. She was actually only 4 doors up from me in all that time. It upsets me to think she could of heard us shouting her and coming home from work but we couldn’t hear her :o( the neighbour who lives next door to the empty house saw her sat in the window at the back. Anyway she is home safe now at last and receiving lots of tlc and treats after going quite skinny. Thanks again for posting her on your site.

    Regards Kelly

Blackpool FY4
'Squeek' missing since 20th Jun.2009

Squeek a 15yr old spayed DSH female with Gold / Dark eyes
Dark Tortie: Mottled Black/Brown, Black colour at a distance, but on closer inspection lots of Brown bits making her a "mottled" colour that you only get with female cats. Bald bits on neck from wearing collar.
Hi Sue,
She has returned!  We were sure that something had happened, as she is a true home bird who does not wander.  Fantastic. 
All the best and keep up the good work!

Blackpool FY1
'Leela' 28th Jun.2009 - 1st Jul.2009

Leela a 2yr old spayed DSH female
Black and White: Black and White with White spot on the middle of her
Hi sue just to let u know that we found our cat Leela  she was next door in our neighbours house thankyou anyaway for your help:)

Beckenham BR3
'Louis' 25th Jun.2009 - 1st.Jul.2009

Louis a 3yr old neutered and chipped DSH male
Black with no markings
Louis returned home after 6 days away

We at Moggy do our best to be here for all those 'Moggy' People who need support - we take no credit for finding the cats on our homesafe pages - that is due to the humans who go through untold traumas, and heartache to get their loved ones back and we salute you.
Also to our Moggy helpers who lend a hand with all sorts of tasks including acting as lookout and helping with the internet or actively joining in with the distribution of posters and fliers - thankyou all.
Thanks also to the Rescuers who work tirelessly to find owners or provide forever homes for their charges - Well done.