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  86 Home Safe in Oct-Dec.2009
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Ivybridge PL21
'Tubbs' found 23 Dec.2009
  • 'Tubbs' a DSH Female with Green eyes
  • Grey: Black Spots similliar to a leopard
  • In scruffy condition
  • Found in Woolms Meadow

    Hi Sue
    Good news Tubbs(snowball) was reunited with its owner on 31/12/2009. He (not she as I originally thought) had been missing since 2/12/2009 and had travelled 2 miles from his home.
    After taking tubbs(snowball) to the vet for a microchip scan the owner was contacted there and then and was very grateful as they assumed he was gone forever.
    Hi Sue
    The owners of Snowball (Tubbs, Frosty) canvassed their area of Ivybridge, and contacted their vets also. But on the off chance they placed a flyer in their original vets (the one I took snow to) and was identified by the chip also albeit a very young pic of snow on a flyer.
    With the help of my children and children in the street we canvassed neighbours and placed a flyer in the local shop, for snows owners, to no joy.
    Where Snow lives is the other end of the village therefore snow's appearance was a mystery, until the visit to the vets.
    Chipping any animal is a godsend. We are just grateful that his owners chipped snow and he wasn't abandoned.
    Yours very happily

Stoke Newington N16
RIP 'Monty' Missing 22. Nov.2009 - 24.Dec.2009

Monty a 3yr old neutered long haired male with Green eyes
Black with White chest / belly and feet..
Hi Sue,
Thank You for getting back to me. Unfortunately Monty has died. We found his body in the local park on Xmas eve. It appears that he had been intentionally killed by someone, or something. As his body was completely unmarked, but his beautiful bushy tail had been removed. We pray that he didn't suffer too long during his final moments.

We will all miss him so much.
Kind Regards,

It is thought that this incident could easily have been caused by a traffic accident, however - If anyone can offer any further information regarding the cause , we'd be happy to listen, in confidence if needbe.

please contact us at MyMoggy

Blackpool FY1
'RTA' found 24.Dec.2009 - 27.Dec.2009

A DSH cat found deceased.
Black and White - beautiful cat, well looked after
Finder holding for a day or two
This cat has found his / her owner and is now 'homesafe' RIP babe.

Middleton on Sea PO22
'Kitty' missing 22.Nov.2009 - 25 Dec.2009
  • Kitty an 18mth old chipped and spayed DSH female with Yellow eyes
  • White with Tabby markings and stripey tail. Pink nose
    Sue, good news, got Kitty back on Christmas Day!
    She was seen last week in a neighbours garden, but kept running off when they tried to approach her so I set a cat trap .........thin but otherwise fine and sooooo pleased to be home and out of the cold.
    Thank you for your support & Happy New Year!

Deerhurst GL19
'Thomas' missing 18.Dec.2009 - 24.Dec.2009

Thomas an 8yr old fluffy neutered and chipped Maine Coon male with Green eyes
Brown Mackeral Tabby No White
Wearing his collar + ID when he went missing
Just come back in to find ecstatic message on answer machine,the wanderer has returned. Very hungry & frightened but otherwise well.
any thanks for your help, Merry Christmas Elspeth Litchfield

Isleworth TW7
'Benny Boo' missing 21.Sept.2009 - 21.Dec.2009
  • Benny Boo a 10yr old neutered and chipped DSH male with Green eyes
  • Black and White :2 White front paws and 2 White back knee socks White chin carrying on down his chest and either side his tummy Under his nostrils is a White patch which looks like a butterfly or bow tie

    I have some wonderful news ben was found last night in Brighton ??????????
    I took off from here around six and didnt make it back till one in the morning
    I got snowed in on the motorway .
    But we are safe home now and Ben has seen a vet and is just suffering from trauma the best christmas present i have ever had in my hole life .
    Wishing you a very merry Christmas thanks for all your support and emails
     love Julia George and Benny Boo xxx

East Didsbury M20
RIP Jack missing 12.Dec.2009 - 19.Dec.2009

Jack an 18mth old DSH male
Black and White: he is 1 and a half years old and has been neutered. He is mostly black with a white tummy and back legs, long black tail and while paws, has a pink nose with white around his mouth running up to the bridge of his nose. He has very long legs and arms, he is quite a tall cat. He looks very much like the felix cat from the adverts.

Sad news that Jack has been found deceased nearby now homesafe with his humans - he was well loved.

Blackpool FY1
'Roger' found 14.Dec.2009 - 17.Dec.2009

'Roger' guestimated at 5-6yrs. Entire male
Persian X with maybe Maine Coone. Large cat, Large head.
Cream sides, Silvery Black back, may have recently been trimmed.
Friendly, docile been looked after - tolerates bathing etc..
Roger is Oscar and is 10yrs old - new to the area.
Homesafe thanks to Linda, Joanne and the Gazette advert.

Beeston NG9
'Biscuit' found 29.Nov.2009

'Biscuit' a Fluffy cat unsure of age or sex
White and Black cat.Black stripe on nose, Black tail with White tip. Mainly Black back and White belly and legs.
Hi Sue
The cat has been re-united with her owners - just this weekend. I put posters everywhere and they saw one!
It is always nice to have a happy ending!
Many thanks!

Marton FY4
'Milly' missing 6.Dec.2009 - 15.Dec.2009

Milly a 2yr old Fluffy entire female with Green eyes
Black and White:
Mainly Black with White paws and White chest
Hi Sue,
The BEST news, Milly is back. At 5.45 this morning she just came through the catflap.

She was a little dusty but she didn't look malnourished or anything (I had imagined her wasting away, locked up in a little-used garage within ear-shot of our calling but with no means of escape).

She has been been running about, almost hyper actively, for the last hour, in and out of the house as usual and been for food a bit more often than usual, but doesn't look any worse for wear.

Thank you so much for your support, it meant a lot that you had taken the time to look at the area. It was comforting to know at least someone else cared.
MIlly has just come into the room as I write this and she has got her 'Christmas collar' on.

Thank you so much again, we can now get Christmas back on track.

Barnoldswick BB18
'Stanley' missing 3.Dec.2009 - 12.Dec.2009
  • Stanley an 11yr old long haired male with Green eyes
  • Black: fur missing around neck where collar used to be. Broad nose, only got one canine tooth. Big cat, weighs 6.5kg

    Hi Sue, can't believe it, Stanley has come home about an hour ago! He's been missing 9 days now! He's a bit thinner and very hungry but other than that he's as bright as a button. Had been putting the dirty socks and the hoover contents out for the last 2 days, it may have been that! We're over the moon, just want to say thanks for all your help!!
    Warm wishes

Sherwood NG5
'Dylan' missing 9.Dec.2009 - 11.Dec.2009

Dylan a 13yr old neutered and chipped DSH male with Green / Hazel eyes.
Black and White: White bib, White paws, White tummy, White mark between his eyes
Wearing his 2 tone Blue collar when he went missing.
Brilliant news Sue we found Dylan locked in a garage.  he was hungry and dirty but none the worse for his 2 day adventure
thanks for all your help, it's much appreciated

Hartford Bridge RG27
RIP . 'Terry' missing 27.Nov.2009 - c.8.Dec.2009
  • Terry an 18mth old neutered and chipped Burmese male with Green eyes
  • Cream

    Hi Sue,
    Thanks so much for getting back to me but I am afraid our boy is longer with us. After a week of searching, posting leaflets and putting up posters we had a call from a farmer who said he had found him in his woods. Although we were 95% sure it was him we took him to the 24hr vets and had his microchip scanned. The vet confirmed that it was him and that there were no signs of there being a fight or accident. I guess we will never really know. 

    I miss him more than words can say and the house feels very different without him. His loss is far more than I can explain and at the moment I just feel like we will never get over it.

    I just wanted to say to that the service you offer has been of great comfort to us
    Kindest regards

Blackpool FY4
'Rasta' missing 5.Dec.2009 - 10.Dec.2009
  • Rasta a 15mth old Long haired neutered male with Yellow eyes
  • Black: with Brown fluffy hair on belly and at top of legs
  • Wearing his Gold collar when he went missing
    Many thanks for your advice; got up this morning looked out the window and saw a cat just like mine on the fence, my heart missed a beat. The fantastic news is that it was him, very hungry but otherwise ok. The best Xmas present ever! Having seen his sister killed at the weekend we assume he was looking for her and lost his way back.

Bexhill TN40
'Buffy' found 25th Jul.2009 - Dec.2009
  • 'Buffy' Fluffy Persian with Orange eyes, unsure of sex
  • Black all over
  • Very thin, can feel all the backbone. knotted up underneath with bits of bushes adhering as if been rough sleeping. extremely hungry
  • Buffy is now in good health, no owners have been found and so now Buffy has been found a super home.

Poulton le Fylde FY6
Tilly Found 15th Nov.2007 - Catchup
  • A young DSH female approx.6-12months old with Yellow eyes.
    Wearing collar with the name 'Tilly'
  • Black and White with Black nose and Black patch on left Shoulder
  • In fair condition. Has Fleas and possible infection of both ears, a small delicate cat hanging around our neighbourhood - comes when called.
    Tilly had been rehomed by local vets

Birstall LE4
'Maya' missing 9.Nov.2009 - 16.Nov.2009
  • Maya a 5yr old spayed and chipped long haired female with Green eyes
  • Dark Brown: Ginger and white around shoulders and neck. Slight ginger on body and tail.
    Hi Sue
    Sorry for late reply. My husband sadly passed away two weeks ago and on that very evening Maya turned up with a fractured hip. Its very odd. The day before we had both gone and posted letters to all the doors. Its like as if she knew.
    Anyway thank you for the email and i have now decided to keep Maya indoors.
    Kind regards

Pamber Heath RG26
'Bruce' missing since 21.Oct.2009 - 8.Dec.2009

Bruce an 11yr old neutered and chipped male
Tabby: Black & Grey with Greyish Brownish tummy and some White around mouth
Dear Sue, just to let you know that my cat Bruce who went missing from RG26 was found alive yesterday in the Mortimer area.  I think someone had been feeding him on a farm and then became concerned that he had gone quiet and had thought he was local and would wander home.  Anyway they took him to a local vet who scanned him and contacted me.  He is very thin, dehydrated and full of fleas.  I went to see him yesterday and he didn't seem to recognise me but I guess he was in shock and probably exhausted.  Thank you for your help.

Maggie Barrand

Earcroft BB3
'Milo' missing since 30.Nov.2009 - 7.Dec.2009
  • Milo a 10mth old DSH neutered male with Green eyes
  • Grey and White: Milo is distinctive Grey and White. He has a White tummy neck paws and diamond shape on his head. The rest is Grey.

    Hi Sue,
    After leafleting the surrounding blocks a lady rang to say she had seen him a few roads down, i ran down and found him i think he had got disorientated and didnt know his way back.  Many thanks for your help and advice.

    And keep up the good work, it is comforting to know there are people out there who can help.
    Many Thanks Liz Clarkson

Parkstone BH12
'Monty' missing 28.Oct.2009 - 8.Dec.2009
  • Monty a 2yr old neutered and chipped DSH male with Yellow / Green eyes
  • Dark Grey with fourWhite paws and White chest and belly.
    Dear Sue
    We have found Monty. He was turned into our Vets as a stray. He has been well-cared for, but has a lame left-rear foot. Thanks for all your help and advice during these difficult weeks. 
    An update

Abbots Langley WD5
'Victoria' missing 20.Nov.2009 - 7.Dec.2009
  • Victoria an 8mth old entire DSH female with Yellow & Green eyes
  • Black with white chest...three white paws and one black and white.
              This is my story about Victoria.
    Today is the day i will remember for ever and ever.....
    I got up as normal at 5am to get ready to go and look for Victoria
    armed with food, i went.
    Looking in all the bushes calling softly like Sue told me to.
    Walking slowly home so if she was around,she would smell my scent.
    I arrived home feeling so down that i had not found any trace of my has been 20days that there has been no sign. 
    I went to work thinking must put more posters out....try somewhere new this time... yes thats the way forward
    I had a very chat last night with our lovely Sue......We talked about alot of things...i could have spoke to her for hours...i found her so easy to talk...and she so careing
    We ended our chat with me saying...Sue i have done door to door leaflets.....posters and still nothing.
    Jan she said have you heard of the word Dowser   i replyed no... but i will try anything to try and get my baby back for christmas....Have look on the must look for one that is for pets.

    We said goodbye......I thought Dowser now lets i searched and searched but couldn't find what i was looking for.....Then my cat called La-tina jumped on my lap...must have hit the keys or something
    beacause there in front of me was Dowser for pets   GREAT....lets have a go.
    I found that you could email...with no charge.
    I put a short message that said.....Can you help me find my Victoria who has been missing for so long.
    Pressed enter...and thought now you have to wait for a reply.
    I checked my emails so many times but nothing
    So that takes us back today monday the 7th of December
    Checked emails and they it is was the email i had been waiting for.
    The email from a man called James asked me to email back with more about Victoria.
    so i did.
    In the middle of the afternoon another email from James arrived.
    It said Victoria will be home in less that a week.
    as i read it for the second time...the phone rang....

    i think i have found your cat...
    you only live 3mins away...please come now and see.
    I couldn't get out of the house quick enough.
    And sure the lady open the door...there she was my baby my Victoria.
    She was a liitle worried but we cuddled and she started to purr.
    I must say the kind lady didn't want the reward.
      We are home now one big very very happy family....Victoria is looking good  a few fleas..but hey i can handle that
      I would like to say a big thank you to Sue for all her kindness while Victoria was missing....i couldn't have got her back without
    you Sue thats a fact...........Everything now is PURR-FECT    Jan

    Seems to me that Victoria is rather pleased to be home

Woolston SO19
'Cat' found 5.Nov.2009 - 7.Dec.2009

Traffic accident on Victoria Road
Tabby cat involved - is possibly ok.
Taken to Beech House Vetinerary Centre
Hi – I put up this found notice yesterday and we heard from the vets to say that the cat is fine and that the owner came forward too.

Thanks for your help.

Tisbury SP3
'Slipper' missing 16.Nov.2009 - 4.Nov.2009

Slipper a 11yr old DSH female with Yellow eyes
All Black with no white marks at all.
Very nervous disposition. Unlikely to meow much.
Wearing a blue collar with Green Staywell cat flap activator tab on it. when she went missing
I don’t know if you were giving out wonderful vibes or calling or something but we have FOUND Slipper!!!! She was only a few doors away and my daughter took a call from someone who had seen her notice about a lost cat and she went round and got her. She is very thin but otherwise OK. So she is back in the house and eating heartily . thank you so much for your help and kind words

Deeping St.Nicholas PE11
'Alex' missing 28.Nov.2009 - 3.Dec.2009

Alex a 10yr old DSH neutered male with Green eyes
Tabby: hes a Golden Tabby colour. he has half an ear this is due to having half of it removed as it had a tumour on it.
Hi sorry ive been really busy in the search of finding my cat and ive hardly been online. thankfully after 4 nights away he has been returned to me
We think he was trapped as he absolutley stank of diesel or oil although when i cleaned him with wipes there was hardly any residue of anything on him so he must have just been in somewhere with a car or somthing. i put leaflets through all the houses around me and i got a pnoecall late at night saying that they thought alex was in their garden sitting on a fence. i could hear him meowing in the background whilst on the phone and my heart sank as i thought Alex doesn't meow he just kind of squeaks. so i asked them to see if they could pick him up and put him somewhere safe and went to see if it was him. i really thought it wasn't going to be him but was so pleased when it was. i was surprised by how much weight he had lost but he is perfectly fine although he is still scared of going outside now. so we go out with him for the time being bless him.
many thanks

Jenny x

Hambleton FY6
RIP 'Bobby' missing 21.Nov.2009 - 3.Dec.2009
  • Bobby a 3yr old neutered and chipped male with Yellow eyes
  • White : Felix type Black & White face with one White eye and Black spot on nose. Couple of Black spots on back and Black tail

    Bad news Sue.  Bobby has been found.  He was killed on the road quite close to home.  Thank you for your efforts. 
    Kind Regards,
    Ruth Abram

Shoreham by Sea BN43
'Tiggy' missing 17.Nov.2009 - 30.Nov.2009
  • Tiggy a 4yr old Chipped and spayed fluffy female with Green / Gold eyes
  • Tortoiseshell : Black , Brown, Gold. 2 back legs are white with distingusihed black heart mark on left back leg
    We got a call last night to say someone had found our cat "Tiggy" the torty, chipped and neutered.  She has lost some weight but other than that quite well.
    Thank you for putting her on your web site.
    Gill White

West Wickham BR4
'Ralph' missing 26.Nov.2009 - 27.Nov.2009

Ralph an 8mth old entire DSH male with Orange eyes
Classic Tabby: Black and Beigy Brown striped Tabby, Long nose. White around mouth.

Just to confirm Ralph was found Friday night, cold and hungry but safe and well!

West Wickham BR4
RIP 'Spike' missing 13.Nov.2009 - 27.Nov.2009

Spike a 5-7yr old long haired neutered male with Green eyes
All Black
Hi Sue,
I've just received the news nobody wants to hear, unfortunately my Spike has died. He was killed instantly in the road.
I would like to thank you and Saffron for all your help though in the  last week. The work you do is amazing and really appreciated. It's fantastic to know there are caring people for cats in the area, and I for one in the future will keep a look out for cats and help owners in distress.

Many thanks once again for your help,
Alex Jablonski

Blackpool FY3
RIP 'Ziggy' missing 16.Nov.2009

Ziggy a 2yr old DSH male
Black: virtually all Black with just a small White tuft on chest
Quite a biggish cat.
Wearing his Silver collar when he went missing
Hi you don't have to put anything on the website now. He was run over last week I was putting some flyers out and a man came out to tell me he'd been knocked down. So thanks and good luck with this site

Burnley BB12
'Henry' found c. 25th Jul.2009 - 25th.Nov.2009
  • Henry a young adult neutered DSH male with Green eyes
  • Black: mainly Black White marking on his face extending down to his chest then Black untill his tummy which is White and four White socks. He has a small split in his right ear and has a small stump of a tail about 2 inches.
  • In good condition now. Have had him scanned - there is  no chip.
    Hi Sue.
    Please can you take Henry off your cats found register. I have been unable to trace his owner. He is now living with us and looking very healthy, settled in well
    Many Thanks

Blackpool FY1
RIP 'Molly' missing 11.Nov.2009 24.Nov.2009

Molly a 2yr old DSH spayed female with Green eyes
Black: has fur missing from Back legs and neck due to allergy
Wearing her Brown collar with studs when she went missing
Found decd. - a big thankyou to the gentleman who bought her home RIP babe.

Blackpool FY1
'Stevie' found Sept.2009 - Oct.2009

'Stevie' a young DSH 'was entire' male
Black with a little White - long and leggy
Found by Solicitor's office on Church Street
Now at Easterleigh
Stevie has now been rehomed

Yiewsley UB7
'Fluffcat' found 2009

Been around the gardens of St.Stephens Road for a few months.
A Completely Black DSH cat.
In good condition but very nervous.
A smooth coat but fluffier than another local black cat, hence the name! We are very close to the Grand Union canal.
He/she might have hitched a ride on a canal boat by mistake.

Fluffcat has now been adopted by his finders.
Found to be chipped but all efforts made by identichip to reach the owners have failed. a 30 day period was put into place before transferring details of ownership to his finders.

Hoping that this will remind everyone to ensure details are up to date..

West Wickham BR4
'Kitty' found 2009 - 22.Nov.2009

Kitty a fluffy cat age and sex unknown
White legs and belly, Brown & Ginger back.
Tatty fur, is obviously living rough. likes people & friendly.
Home Found, Kitty aka Rocky is 17yrs old and is known to the Bromley Cat protection league, all OK now.

Morden SW19
'Italics' missing 24.Sept.2009 -15.Nov.2009

Italics a 3yr old chipped long haired male with Green / Yellow eyes
Black: Italics is totally blck, he has a few (maybe 6) white
hairs on his chest. He is plumpish and SUPER friendly.
Hi Sue, Italics came home on Sunday. I haven't been at work to let you know.
Thanks so much :)

Farnborough BR6
'Bluey' (lost 26.Nov.2008) found aprox.19.Oct.2009 - 19.Nov.2009

'Bluey' a DSH male
Bluey Grey :
main body bluey grey colour. Face tabby markings light coloured markings around muzzle and legs Tabby type markings on chest think he his neutered male !!!! handsome in a pretty way
Sturdy type cat
Found full of fleas and dirty matted coat thin an hungry desperate to come indoors, he has now made himself at home with my 13 year old dog
Hi sue
Fantastic news and story
I took Bluey to the vets - he was microchiped - his owner got in touch immediately and came to pick him up tonight
His real name is Merlin and his been missing for wait for it nearly a year went missing last year 26/11/08
So a fantasic end and a very sad foster mum :-( but delighted he was reunited
Many thanks for your quick responce love Elaine xx

Westbrook CT9
'Steve' missing 14.Nov.2009 - 18.Nov.2009
  • Steve a 3-6yr old long haired male with Green eyes
  • Black and White: Top of left ear missing   Hernia on belly Black spot on chin Slightly over weight Very very nervous

    I actually did pretty much all of the things on this list... including not sleeping or eating with fear of wasting valuable time
    I finally got Steve back yesterday am.
    Im chuffed!

Bispham FY2
'Max' missing 11.Nov.2009 - 18.Nov.2009
  • Max a 4yr old DSH neutered and chipped male with Amber / Green eyes
  • Black: Black cat with white markings up the left hand side of his face and down his neck. White belly and white tips of paws.
    Max came back to us this afternoon.
    We are over the moon though!!
    Quite skinny but we are fattening him up.

    thanks again

South Shore FY4
'Snowbell' missing 10.Nov.2009 - 18.Nov.2009
  • Snowbell a 3yr old DSH female with Green eyes
  • Pure White : Deaf.
    Hi, Just to update you, Snowbell was found last night, she is now safe and well
    Thanks for everything.

c.25 May.2006 - catchup
  • A very small ginger and white female cat about 2/3 years
  • Found Llanelli Carmarthenshire,, Found in dock area,
  • May have been stray for a few weeks, has both fore legs shaved (vet op?)
    No contact with finder - presumed to have been rehomed

Llanelli  / Crosshands SA14/15
c.9.May.2006 - catchup
  • This Black & White male was found near LLanelli /Crosshands, Carmarthenshire he is about 10 months and neutered
    No Contact with finder - presumed to have been rehomed

South Shields NE34
'Barclay' found 26.Oct.2009 - 8.Nov.2009
  • 'Barclay' an aprox.4mth old DSH entire male with Yellow eyes
  • Black : no markings, very slight White beard on chest
  • Found, back of Barclays Bank, Bolden Lane.

    Ref "Barclay" he has been homed with a wonderful lady who has renamed him "Salem" and is settled in fine, thanks for your concern, Brian

Doncaster DN4
'Eccles' missing 10.Nov.2009 - 14.Nov.2009
  • Eccles a 1yr old chipped DSH male with Yellow eyes
  • Black small patches of white under his chin, at the front of his throat, a white cross on his feet, white on the tips of his front toes and white back feet.

    Hi Sue Great news! Eccles has returned home today, safe and well, after 4 days missing. It turns out that local leafleting is really worthwhile, as I had a phone call from a gentleman who said that he'd been away for a few days, and upon his return had found the leaflet in his letterbox. He went out to check his shed and sure enough Eccles was in there asleep on a pile of old blankets!

    Thanks so much for the service you provide!
    Best wishes

Blackpool FY1
'Trixie' missing 22nd Sept.2008 - 11.Nov.2009 (14mths awol)
  • Trixie a 10yr old DSH female with Green eyes
  • Black and White: Black with White chest, paws and White whiskers, small White mark on upper lip...

    Hi sue,
    I lost my cat trixie on the 22nd september last year, i put an advert on your website,....... well its great news, i got a phone call off a lady who lives on ashton road, 3 streets away from where i lived, and she had trixie.
    she had been feeding her for a month but before that we still dont know where she has been, only wish cats could talk. i took her to the vets and she is ok, a heart murmur but in good heath, its so good to have her back, i have two other cats now and hopefully they will all get on in time,
    so thank you very much
    im so happy
    karen earl

    Trixie, obviously happy to be home

Clayton le Woods PR5
'Merlin' missing 29 Sept.2009 -10.Nov.2009

Merlin a 12yr old neutered ¾  Persian male with Dark Grey eyes
Predominantly Grey
Wearing his Black collar with reflective images when he went missing
Hi all
Merlin has been found he was taken into the vets where he was recognised as fitting a description on the internet.  I like to thank everyone who took the time to publish him on their web sites and for the concern shown for his safe return.

Many thanks

Swords, Dublin
'Millie' missing 5.Oct.2009 - 12.Nov.2009

Millie a 2yr old DLH female with Green eyes
Tortie: Brown and Black hair with a tint of ginger and a bright ginger right paw!
Very distinctive looking
Millie has been found, not too far from home. She has been living under a shed for the last 5 weeks.

Blackpool FY1
RTA Found 12th Oct. 2007 - Nov.2009

Sadly, on Park Road FY1.
A Dark Tabby cat wearing a Silver collar with Purple patterns.
Kizzy has now found her humans and therefore closure. RIP

Gainsborough DN21
'Rocket' found 1.Nov.2009

'Rocket' a young Medium to Long haired kitten cat..
Silver Tabby.
Found in Lea Road
'Rocket' aka Binx has now gone home, all credit to his finder who went all out to find his owners and is now desperately sorry to see him go..

Port Sunlight CH62
'Jasper' missing since 1.Oct.2009 - 8.Nov.2009
  • Jasper a 2yr old neutered and chipped DSH male
  • Ginger and White stripes - Ginger Tom
  • Wearing his Black collar with ID when he went missing

    Hi Sue,
     I thought i would give you an update as Jasper was found yesterday in a garden centre in Formby. He is fit and well only a little hungry after his 5 weeks away. 
    Thanks for help

Halifax HX4
'Tinker' found end July.2009 - 8.Nov.2009
White with black patches DSH male
  • 'Tinker' a young DSH neutered male with Yellow eyes
  • White with Black patches. Round Black patch on chin.
    Very long black tail. Pink nose. No chip
  • House trained. Nervous, but affectionate. He was very skinny when first noticed but he is gaining weight now.

    Hi Sue,
    Just a note to let you know that we have decided to keep Tinker ourselves, after failing to find his original owner.
    Thanks for all your help.
    Fiona Sinfield (and Tinker)

Bethnal Green E2
'Edie' found 17.Sept.2009 - 6.Nov.2009
  • 'Edie'  a young DSH female Vet's opinion - 4yrs old.
  • Tabby and White: small female tabby with white bib, white stomach and
    legs, pink nose, large light green eyes.
  • Hungry and a bit scruffy, but very clean now.
    Hi Sue,
    No, we haven't had anyone claiming her, so yes please do move her to the homesafe pages, she's really settled in here!

Rochdale OL12
'Manx' found c.23rd Oct.2007 - Catchup

Have been asked to help out with a stray today, it is the Buckley Hall prison area of Rochdale, very thin, and a very unusual cat. Appears to be a dark brown and white (never seen a cat unless a pedigree with this colouring before), and also appears to be a Manx - has no tail full stop, it doesnt' feel like it has been removed by a vet either. Am taking him up to be checked for a microchip on Thurs, and will let you know
This cat was eventually rehomed through a pedigree rescue after no one coming forward.

Broughton PR3
RIP 'Tilly' missing 19.Oct.2009 - 7.Nov.2009

Tilly a 2yr old chipped and spayed DSH female with Green Eyes
Tortoiseshell: Black with Pink nose,
and three prominent Ginger stripes, on either side of her head (behind ears) down her neck.long in face, long ears and legs, slim, part feral
hi sue,
we found Tilly this morning, our neighbour was told by a friend that a cat had been knocked down, and unfortunately it was our baby girl.
We think she was on her way home  she was part feral and very adventurous, and i would never have changed that about our Tilly, she was free to express her self, and though she was a wild little whirlwind at times, she was so loving and warm.
it will take some time for the tears to stop, but at least we found her and she is home.we buried her in her favourite spot, so she is with us always.
i want to thankyou so much for your help and continuous support sue, it is not easy when you love something so much, and you dont know what to do with yourself. now i know what madeline's parents must have felt and still feel, a person is something different and the inormity great, but Tilly was a big part of the family, and me and my family are grateful for all your help.
thank you sue x

Uckfield TN22
RIP 'Nutmeg' missing 26.Oct.2009 - 3.Nov.2009

Nutmeg a 6mth old DLH female with Brown / Green eyes
Light Ginger with long fluffy tail
Nutmeg has been found deceased, she had managed to reach her favourite bush before passing to the bridge.
Play hard babe, you are loved.

Weston Coyney ST3
'Ela' missing 17.Oct. 2009 - 3.Nov.2009
  • Ela a 7yr old entire British Shorthair female with Brown / Green eyes
  • Blue - Very flat nose and face

    This is an email to let you know that Ela the Blue British SHorthair has been found safe and well yesterday (03.11.09).

    She was found three streets away form where she went missing, she is quite skinny but otherwise ok. It seems she has been trying to fend for herself during the two and a half weeks she has been missing for. She was found the day before we were due to move house which is extremely licky. We are very happy to have her back and she is settling in well in her new house with the other cats.

    I would like to thankyou for all the help you have given is in our search for Ela.

    Many Thanks
    Rosanna Martin

Freckleton PR4
'Oscar' missing 22.Oct.2009 - 2.Nov.2009

Oscar a 4yr old neutered and chipped Birman male
Cream with Chocolate;
Hes beautiful cream and fluffy with a chocolate face,tail and paws.With bright blue eyes.

Im so happy oscar has been found!!!
He was in blackburn,god knows how he got there but the people who found him saw him on a website we put him on!!! A happy ending xxx

Upminster RM14
RIP 'Bobcat' found 22.Oct.2009
  • 'Bobcat'  a DSH female - could be elderly.
  • ns-serif"> Grey Tabby cat.. very poor condition, teeth missing, and very thin..and possibly deaf, not sure of age..could be old or young cat thats had an accident
  • Found on steps to house on Corbets Road..

    Hi Sue...sadly i had to take "bobcat" (which turned out to be an old lady) into the vets on sunday as she was in pain...the vets said she was old,with kidney/thyroid problems and would prob not make it through any treatment so the most humane thing would be to put her to sleep..which was very sad,but for the best i think...thanks for coming back to me,..Sam

Chingford E4
'Peter' missing 13.October.2009 - 31.Oct.2009

Peter a 6mth old DSH neutered and chipped male with Blue eyes
Black and White: Peter has white feet and a black chin
Hi Sue,
He has come home - just through the cat flap is if nothing had happened.
I'm keeping him in for a while and purchasing a name tag etc


Male: Neuter: No Collar : Chip....0695

Ashton PR2
Found 4th Jun.2006 - a Catchup
  • An DSH adult Dark Tabby with Pale Green eyes , a very thin tail, very short haired, looks like an older cat, has a long face
  • Is hungry but in good condition
    hi Sue
    his owner contacted me and collected him. sorry I thought I had emailed you at the time

Astley Village PR7
Found c.22nd Jul.2006 - a Catchup
  • A 1-2 yr old DSH male. All Black with a few white hairs on chest. Green eyes
  • Very thin when first arrived, has had treatment for flees and worms from my local vet and is looking better
    hello there sue. i unfortunately could not find the owner but did manage to find him a very good home with a family member to which i must say he rules the home very well :-)

Mereside FY4
'Velcro' missing 14.Oct.2009 - 28.Oct.2009

Velcro, a 1yr old spayed DSH female with Green eyes
Black : all Black very few White hairs on chest. smooth coat like velvet.
WOW.... sue.... velcro . is HOME... i just had two young lads, knock on my door, with a black kitten, its her.. my girl, i was a bit, wary at firsst as she wasnt her usually cheeky self, but i know its her, OMG. i have no idea what to feel... but, shes home..
they said, she has been sitting out side of his moms house, at the top of the street, in like a alcove thingy. for the past week, and he saw my poster in the chip shop.. WOW... im sooooooooooooooooo happy..... thanks for helping me... its been a real help..

Henleaze BS9
'Freddie' missing 11.Oct.2009 - 27.Oct.2009

Freddie a 2yr old DSH neutered and chipped male with Green eyes
Black and White :
White tummy. Has black outline round his eyes. Quite long and big for a cat his age. Very nervous
Hi there
Thanks for email. I've actually since managed to find him! I put some fliers up and he was spotted nearby. I then went close to where he was spotted and called for him and he eventually came out of hiding and managed to lure him back into his cat basket with some food.

He's been quite jumpy since back home and is miaowing constantly but hopefully he will settle back in soon.

Thanks again for your help.

Saxilby LN1
'Crystal' missing since 27.Sept.2009 - 26.Oct.2009
  • Crystal a 13yr old spayed Long Haired Siberian Forest female
  • Tortoiseshell: Shades of black brown and orange but with very distinctive white lower face, bib and paws.Very white whiskers.

    Dear Sue

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your help, advice, care and consideration with regard to our lost Chrissie (tortie and white 13 year partially blind female lost from Saxilby, Lincoln on 27 September), I am sure you will be as pleased as we are to know that she has been found safe and well after 4 weeks wandering. A lady about half a mile away on the opposite side of the same road rang to say she recognised our photograph as a cat she had seen hiding behind their garage. With a bit of enticing we managed to get Chrissie out and by the time we backed the car into our drive she was purring in my wife’s arms. Chrissie is slowly settling back into her old surroundings and looking for familiar ‘smells’. The other three cats are a little apprehensive. Her brother cautiously sniffs her but seems to accept her, the other (young) male is far more suspicious and keeps looking at her quizzically. The young (previously feral) female is extremely unsure and hisses when they meet; she went from being the subservient female in the house to being the only female in the house for the last 4 weeks and now has to accept an older female back again.

    Chrissie is much. much, thinner than she used to be and we will, of course, be taking her to the vet once she has settled in for a couple of days, a) for a general check up and b) to follow up on her blindness and blood pressure conditions. As you might expect her ventures out of the house over the next few weeks will be supervised and very closely monitored for several months to come.

    We are extremely grateful for all the consideration shown by almost everyone we have come into contact with over the past 4 weeks and for all the help publicity and advice we have received.

    Again, our eternal gratitude and words can not describe the pleasure we get from writing to you with news of a positive outcome.

    Our very best regards
    Reg & Flo Hewitt

Retford DN22
Found c.10th Jan.2006

Small female shorthaired black cat, wearing turquoise flea collar with blank tag, found in Cannon Square area of Retford, Nottinghamshire
This cat has now moved to a local rescue
Will have been rehomed..

Lurgan BT66
'Moulie' found 19.Oct.2009

'Moulie' a young DSH female
White with Tortie markings on head and tail
Found at Moutrays Service Station, Lurgan, Woodlane area.
The owners came to get her this morning, they had asked in a local shop, and they sent them our way.

Bispham FY2
'Baby' found c.Christmas 2007 - 2009
  • 'Baby' aprox. 7-9mths or small DSH cat found in the area of Toronto Avenue, Bispham
  • A light Beige colour similar to that of a Siamese, though not actually Siamese
  • Very scared and even now will not approach the finder.
    Baby is still in the area, but is now known to live locally

Staining FY3
'Oliver' found 19.Oct.2009 - 20.Oct.2009
  • 'Oliver' aprox. 6mths old, entire male with Amber eyes
  • All Black, No White

    Hi Sue
    Just to let you know we found the owner of the kitten,
    He was only from the next street, we will probably see him again no doubt but hopefully when he is a bit older and has had his injections and been spayed!!!

Ratho Station EH28
'Harley' missing since 27.Sept.2009

Harley a 2yr old chipped and spayed DSH female with Big Yellow eyes
Thick Black coat
Hi Sue
I am sorry I thought I had already emailed you. Thank you for placing my advertisement and also all your help.
The good news is that Harley has been found.
My father had been out looking for her at the weekend and found her about 3 miles away. 
We are in a built up area but there is lots of farmland around about.  We know that she does usually venture to the place that she was eventually found, however we think she possibly got disorientated as the fields had been very full of crops, then all of a sudden, the farmer flattened them, so my theory is that she didn’t recognise the field to come over to get back home.
She seemed a bit lost and a bit hungry but she is now very happy to be home.
Am so happy.  Thank you for all your help and all the good work that you do.
Kind regards

Pyrford GU22
RIP Cisco missing 8.Oct.2009 - c.18.Oct.2009

A 5yr old DSH neutered and chipped Tabby male with Green eyes
Typical Tabby, Stripey pale Brown with Cream. White under belly
Hi Sue,
Thanks so much for the update, but sorry to report that we found Cisco dead a few days ago.
He wasn’t that far from home, but over a main-ish road, in an area where we found out he’d played a lot. We presume hit by a car, and crawled into the bushes to die.
Anyway, we are glad that at least we found him, and he’s buried in the garden.
Thanks so much for your help, and kind words,

Westbury on Trym BS10

Maisie a DSH female
White with Tabby patches
After distributing 200 leaflets in the local area the cat turned up - rather hungry!  She had been locked in a garage.
All is well. Many thanks for getting back to me.

Southville BS3
'Omar' missing 10.Sept.2009 - Oct.2009

Omar an 18mth old neutered DSH male with Green eyes
Black with White from between eyes over mouth, and down to chest.
White feet.
Hi Sue,
Omar was very close to home, thank goodness. He was rather skinny and scared but is now safe and sound.

Omar has gone on to help another lost pusscat who is in need of a photo

Elswick PR4
'Izzy' missing 9.Oct.2009 - 16.Oct.2009

Izzy a 4½mth old Fluffy female with Green eyes
semi-long coat,with a Orange tint, very long fluffy tail she has a White chin, her feet underneath and pads are Black.
Hi Sue
We found her,we put used ca litter all over our garden which is 31/2 acres plus everything out the hoovers, she returned to the back garden at 7pm on Tuesday night looking scruffy, she was starving hungry, she has not left myside since even now she is sat on my computer desk purring her head off, i think the cat litter worked, Thankyou for your help,
Laura and Izzy xxx

Rugby CV21
'Arthur' Found Feb.2007 - 2009
  • 'Arthur'  around 4-5yrs old. An all Black DLH male with Yellow eyes.
  • Not skinny, but coat a bit patchy (mange??) Very wary at first, now becoming more confident and loving attention, stroking etc.

    I did have one reply in response to your notice, and I also informed all the local vets of Arthur's presence in our garage, but on investigation, it wasn't the same cat (cat of the lady who replied was castrated and Arthur wasn't)

    After 3 months' living in the garage, Arthur's timidity was gradually overcome- he realised we weren't going to kick him, I think. Eventually he ventured in through the cat-flap and started to sleep in the kitchen. We got him checked over by vet, de-fleaed, de-wormed, vaccinated and castrated. For 18 months he lived in the kitchen while our original two cats were confined to the rest of the house (they hated the new boy and tried to drive him away.) Eventually we were able to let him into the rest of the house, and the 3 cats now tolerate each other with only the occasional growl and hiss. So life is much easier not having to remember to keep the kitchen door shut all the time.

    Arthur has grown sleek and handsome. He is the most affectionate cat I have ever had- clearly very grateful for being rescued from a miserable existence on the street. He has a runny-eye problem which the vet has not been able to sort out, and sometimes gets fur-balls, but apart from that has no problems. At about 10.30 p.m. he makes it clear that it's time to go to bed, and follows us around, jumping into my arms whenever  he gets a chance, (makes teeth-cleaning difficult, with a purring, nuzzling cat in your arms) until we are in bed, when he snuggles up on the duvet on top of me, or between the two of us, and snores away the night. He has an uncanny ability to spot where the hot water bottle is and then to lie on top of it.

    So although Arthur was not re-united with his previous owner, he has gained a good home and two devoted new owners.

    Best wishes for the good job you are doing re-uniting lost cats with their owners.

    Yours sincerely, Rosemary King

Fleet GU51
'Scratch' found 25.Sept.2009 - 12.Oct.2009

'Scratch' a DSH male age unknown with Yellow eyes
Black with a few stray Grey hairs.
 Looks and sounds like a siamese cross.
Very thin, right ear bent over and crumpled, sore front leg  and generally looks in need of attention
Hi Sue,
Funny you should email - I was just thinking about updating you.
I found his owners. He doesn't live a million miles away and is just a bit old. He seems to have managed a good trick of looking like he needs a bit of attention as some other neighbours also felt sorry for him and took him to a vet. He's been fed by about 3 different people!
His owners have confirmed that he is fine and his ear is an old injury.

Thanks again.

Dagenham RM8
'Puss Puss' missing 25.Sept.2009 - 10.Oct.2009
  • Puss Puss a 5yr old DSH neutered male
  • Complete Tabby

    Hi Sue,
    Thanks for advertising Puss Puss as missing. I just wanted to let you know, He was in a serious car accident on Saturday morning but a great guy found him, and rang rspca. They said they would be upto 6 hours so this amazing man sat with him from 7.30am until 9.30am as he didn't drive and didn't know the area as he was house sitting for his friend. At 9.30am another amazing man walked passed to post a letter and offered to take PussPuss to the vets.

    On arrival, the vet said he was in such a bad way that they wanted to put him to sleep but thanks to the men, they agreed to try to save him. I found out this on the Sunday and thank god, I have now got him home.

    He is still in quite a bad way, has 2 breaks in his pelvis, smashed bladder and internal injuries but the vet said he is now out of danger,. He is in a cage for at least 12 weeks but is looking so much better already.

    Although I found Puss myself, if it wasn't for the likes of yourself, I would have gone completely out of my mind with worry. Thanks for your time and trouble in advertising for Puss Puss.  Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes  Sarah

    Everyone - please send get well vibes for PussPuss
    & a huge thankyou to a couple of absolute 'saints' out there.

St.Werburghs BS2
'Gilbert' missing since 8th Aug.2009 - 12.Oct.2009

Gilbert a 12yr old neutered and chipped DSH male with Green eyes
Black and White: with White nose and very big White whiskers.
Wearing his Pink collar with ID when he went missing from Tyne Street.
Possibility of his having hitched a lift anywhere between BS2 and BS16
Hi Sue
Just to let you know, we found Gilbert today!!!! He was handed into a vet in Fishponds by someone who thought he might be a stray, and they scanned his microchip (and the rescue place we got him from contacted us). We have just picked him up. He is very skinny and missing a few patches of fur, but otherwise was as happy to see us and as we were to see him. A happy ending!

Thank you for all you help and helping us never give up.
Very best wishes
Justin Kerswell   
Just heard that our Gilbert passed away last year (2012)  RIP

Bispham FY2

 RIP Puddin' missing 11th Sept.2009 - Oct.2009

  • Puddin a 2yr old neutered Persian male with Amber eyes
  • Brown In true light he is the colour of old Copper on his top coat.  Underneath he is paler.  He has his summer coat which is sleak and shiny on top but still retains fluffy baby fur underneath which is a lilac smoke..

    Pudding victim of RTA, now at the bridge - happily waiting...

    My husband and the Insurance Company have since rung the chap that originally called in response to the Gazette Advert.  He now admits that he did put Pudding in the bin for collection on 14.09.09 and had not called the Council.  The description he has given fully confirms it was my Pudding so I have now resolved myself to the fact he has gone.  Ive come to terms with it now but its funny how the mind deals with loss, I dream about him most nights but he never answers me when I call him nor does he turn his head round, he just keeps grooming himself in a lovely garden.  My husband thinks Ive lost the plot but its my way of dealing with it I suppose.  

    I would like to thank you for your help and continued support.  Please let me know if I can assist you and MYMOGGY in any way.

    Joanne  xxx 

Blackpool FY3
'Tibbie' missing 2.Oct..2009 - 5.Oct.2009

Tibbie a 13mth old spayed and chipped DSH female with Amber eyes
Tabby and White
Hi, to inform you that Tibbie was found late last night, she somehow managed to get underneath my neighbours kitchen floor and obviously couldnt find her way out again. she is a little dirty but besides that is absolutely fine. thankyou

Ashton PR2
'Smokey' found 2.Oct.2009

'Smokey' an entire DSH male with Yellow / Dark Cream coloured eyes
Smokey Grey
Not neutered, slim, small and a little scruffy looking
Found on Wellington Road, visiting local charity shop..
The cat I found went back to his owner a few days later they had only just moved to the area and he was finding his patch.
Thanks again.

Blackpool FY1
'Tiddles' found Jun.2009 - Oct.2009

A Black and White DSH cat with Green eyes
Black back and tail. White tummy and legs. Black around the eyes and White around the nose with a Black mark on chin. Pink nose and white whiskers.
Unsure of sex but if it is a male it has been neutered.
Very thin but not injured in any way
Hi Sue
Tiddles found his parents via the PDSA. We took him to see if he had been tagged and he had and his owners were contacted. His real name was Oscar and he lived in the Preston New Road area of Blackpool
Thanks Angela

Kirkstall LS4
'Petal' found early Sept.2009 - 10.Oct.2009

'Petal' a young fluffy female with Green eyes
Tabby with White chest, stomach and paws. White face with smudges of Tabby on it. Very fluffy tail.
Seems well, but was starving when found.
Petal has now been adopted by her finder

Motherwell ML1
'Gandor' missing 23.Sept.2009 - 7.Oct.2009

Gandor a 1yr old DSH neutered male with Green / Light Brown eyes
Tabby with Black stripes Brown chin, White chest, White paws
Hi Sue,
Thanks for your email.
My cat Gandor turned up on Wednesday morning (7th of October) 2 weeks to the day after he went missing! I am absolutely over the moon and life is all good again. I hate to admit that I had almost given up hope of him coming home, so the morning I heard his big, loud voice shouting to get in, I almost didn't believe it. I was too scared to go back to sleep again in case I woke up and it had been a dream (I had had a dream a couple of hours earlier of that same thing and was devastated to wake up and find it was only a dream).

I think he must have been stuck in someone's shed or garage as his fur was dry, but he was very, very skinny. Since he came home, he has been drinking a lot of cat milk, eating a little canned food and a little dried food, but has been very keen on tuna, which I know I shouldn't give him too much of, but at the moment I want to give him anything at all that he will eat to put some meat back on his bones. He has a bit of a limp, but I think it is because his muscles have wasted away. Any advice you can give to help him build back up again would be very much appreciated.

Now, 6 days later, he is much, much stronger and getting back to his cheeky ways.

I knew he wouldn't have gone to live somewhere else, and by the desperation in his voice that morning, I think he knew exactly where his home was and came running straight home from where he had been stuck.

Thanks again and I hope there are more success stories to come for you.

Kind regards,


Daybrook NG5
'Lola' missing since 20.Aug.2009 - 6.Oct.2009

Lola a 4yr old chipped Fluffy female with Green eyes
Black and White: more white on her front half and belly, black on the top of her head, back and back end.
Wearing her Pink collar with magnet and ID barrel
Hi Sue
Sorry its taken a while to get back to you but I have fantastic news, we have found Lola! We had a call from someone in a nearby street (only about 100 metres from home) to say she was in their garden, we went straight over and there she was! She was in an awful state, skin and bones and had a horrible injury where she had got her front leg through her collar and had opened up a wound on her chest. Luckily she recognised us straight away and we had no problem getting hold of her, we took her straight to the PDSA hospital where she had an operation to remove her collar and sew up the wound. There is a small chance if the wound doesn't heal well that she may lose her front leg but as each day passes hopefully that chance gets smaller. So, she's at home now recouperating and being spoilt rotten. We have no idea where she was, if she was trapped or if the injury caused her to lose weight, who knows but we found her just in the nick of time I think.
Thanks for all your advice and best of luck in helping others, if you could update Lola to being home safe I would appreciate it!!

Many thanks and best wishes

Blackpool FY1
'CheekyBoy' found c.14.Sept.2009 - 2.Oct.2009

'Cheeky Boy' a DSH male
Tabby and White with four White legs.On back of one leg has Black mark. Healthy and very friendly
Cheeky Boy has been reunited with his family. 
A lady answered  my ad in the Gazette this afternoon.  Would you believe they live in Raikes Parade at the other end from me.  They moved here from North Shore  just over a month ago. They have two cats the other is a female and is chipped but the tom is not.
His name is "Mally" and  he was obviously pleased to see them but I expect he will come back regularly so I won't feed him any more until he gets fed up. And I have taken his "tent" down.
They say they will put a collar on him now. Also they say he is 15 years old! 

So a happy ending and I can stop worrying about him
Thanks so much for your help.  I have told lots of people about your website.


Lytham St.Annes FY8
'Harry' found 15th March 2009 - 4.Oct.2009

Harry and aprox 6+ years old DSH neutered male with Yellow eyes
Darkish Tabby, no White
In good condition. Very friendly, gentle nature, has been well looked after, not chipped, very hungry when found.
Hi Sue,
Harry - please update this entry to reflect the fact that Harry has been found a new home courtesy of Cat's Paws.
"Good luck Harry in your new home"
Many thanks again - keep up the good work

Clair Chatburn

Wolverton MK12
'RTA' found 8th Jul.2009
  • White with Black markings
  • Found in Anson Road..lying under plants obviously not well.
  • Now with RSPCA who feel it has been knocked by a car.
    contact: Milton Keynes & North Bucks RSPCA
    Presumed to have been rehomed after being asked to remove entry

We at Moggy do our best to be here for all those 'Moggy' People who need support - we take no credit for finding the cats on our homesafe pages - that is due to the humans who go through untold traumas, and heartache to get their loved ones back and we salute you.
Also to our Moggy helpers who lend a hand with all sorts of tasks including acting as lookout and helping with the internet or actively joining in with the distribution of posters and fliers - thankyou all.
Thanks also to the Rescuers who work tirelessly to find owners or provide forever homes for their charges - Well done.