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Burnley BB10
Bluebell missing since 4 November 2014
  • Bluebell a 2yr old spayed female with Green eyes
  • Tabby fluffy underbelly and one side of her tail is fluffy
  • Wearing her Tabby collar when she went missing from Barley Grove

Darwen BB3
Solo missing since 16 March.2014
  • Solo a 1yr old DSH neutered male with Amber eyes
  • Ginger Tabby
  • Missing from Walmsley Close

Darwen BB3
Bubbles missing since 22 March.2014
  • Bubbles a 14yr old neutered male with Green eyes
  • Ginger and Orange top and back with White belly and 4 paws
  • One of his teeth is prominent and visible over his top lip. also has small lump on back leg at top near tail.  Grumpy when picked up
  • Missing from Bedford street.. last seen by Yip Chippy on Bedford Road
  • Needs urgent medical treatment for mouth injury

Barnoldswick BB18
Garfield missing since 8 February .2014
  • Garfield
  • Ginger Classic Tabby
  • Missing from Brogden Street

Barnoldswick BB18
One Eyed Jack missing since 8 February .2014
  • One Eyed Jack an aprox 7yr old DSH neutered and chipped...3856 male
  • A large Black and White cat with One eye
  • Missing from Brogden Street .. new to the area

Accrington BB5
Mixy missing since 25 October.2013
  • Mixy a 5yr old DSH spayed female with Yellow eyes
  • White with Black smudges with 1 under her nose
  • Wearing her Red Sparkly collar when she went missing from Malt Street

Roelee BB1
Millie missing since 23.March.2012
  • Millie a 5mth old DSH female with Dark Green eyes
  • Black White and Ginger, she has a Black patch going down her nose
  • Wearing her Silver glittery collar when she went missing from
    Pemberton Street
Female Entire Collar

Beardwood BB2
'Samu' missing since 10.Apr.2011
  • Samu a DSH entire male with Blue eyes
  • Light Brown and White : Very dark Brown tail and ears. Dark Brown mask like markings on his face.
  • Missing from Edmonson Drive
    REWARD !
Male :

Accrington BB5
'Amy' missing since 19.Dec.2010
  • Amy a 3yr old DSH chipped & apayed female with light Green / Brown eyes
  • Black and White  Black on top and White chin, underbelly, chest and paws.
  • Missing from Pickup Street
Female : Spay : Chipped

Haslingden BB4

'Bestie' missing since 20.Nov.2010

  • Bestie a 7mth old spayed Fluffy female with Yellow eyes
  • Ragdoll Mix: Black with White bib. White paws/ Quite a large long tail for her size which is very fluffy
  • Wearing her Pink Collar when she went missing from Helmshore Road
Female: Spay: Pink Collar

Darwen BB3
'Cory' missing since 22.May.2010
  • Cory a 13 yr old neutered DSH Male with Yellow eyes
  • Grey and White
  • Missing from Hartington Road..
Male: Neutered : No Collar: No Chip.

Darwen BB3
'Cinder' missing since May.2010
  • Cinder a 1yr old Pregnant female with Orange eyes
  • Dark Tortie: Brown with Ginger and Black
  • On the point of giving birth
  • Missing from Bolton Road
Female: Entire: No Collar: No Chip

Barnoldswick BB18
'Monty' missing since 10.Mar.2010
  • Monty a 3yr old neutered DSH male with Bright Yellow eyes
  • Black, no markings - pure Black with his Yellow eyes and
  • Gold Sparkle Collar with tag
  • Missing from Mosley Street
more soon
Male: Neuter: Gold Collar: No Chip

Clitheroe BB7
'Sooty' missing since 1st Jun.2009
  • Sooty a 9yr old neutered DSH male with Green eyes
  • Black and White: Black Nose
  • Wearing his Burgandy collar with Magnet when he went missing from Brownlow Street..
    REWARD !
Male: Neuter: Burgandy collar: No Chip

Haslingden BB4
'Jackson' missing since 29th Apr.2009
  • Jackson an 8mth old Fluffy Entire male with Green eyes
  • Mostly black upper body. White underneath. White 'thumb
    print' top of head! his tail was getting quite fluffy. Mixture of white hairs forming on upper black coat also getting fluffy.
  • Wearing his Blue collar when he went missing from the area of Derwent Close..
Male: Entire: Blue Collar: No Chip

Burnley BB10
'Brewster' missing since January 2009
  • Brewster a 6yr old neutered and chipped DSH male with Yellow eyes
  • Grey / Black Tabby with Grey paws.
  • Missing from the area of Chislehurst Grove...
more soon
Male : Neuter : No Collar : Chipped

Darwen BB3
Multiple cats missing 10th Feb.2009
  • A property on Stansfield Street was broken into - Multiple cats and carriers were taken.
  • Any information appreciated, please look out for these around the internet, newspaper / online sale ads etc..

Accrington BB5
'Fiesta' missing since 18th Nov.08
  • Fiesta a 1yr old neutered and chipped DSH male
  • Black, with White under his nose and all down his neck and stomach. There is a faint White line down the middle of his face. Front right leg is White up to just past the elbow and front left paw is White the rest of the leg is Black. He has random blotches of White on his back.
  • Recent tail amputation!!
  • Missing from the area of Bold Street...
    REWARD !
Male: Neuter: No Collar: Chip.... 2349

Darwen BB3
'Felix' missing since 3rd Aug.2007
  • Felix a 12yr old DSH male with Green / Brown eyes
  • Black and white, has a small bald patch at the base of
    his tail where he had an op on his tail last year due to an abscess
  • Wearing his Blue / Black collar when he went missing from the area of Woodbank Avenue...
    REWARD !
Male: Blue/Black Collar: No Chip

Clayton-le-Moors BB5
'Jasmine' missing since 31st Dec.2006
  • Jasmine a 10yr old spayed DSH female
  • Black head, ears, chin, back & tail. Small white stripe over right eye, White chest & tummy, mainly White lower legs & paws with Black on upper rear legs and upper left leg, Black at back of right leg. White underneath beginning of tail near bottom.
  • Missing from the area of Meadowside Avenue...
Female:Entire: No Collar: No Chip

Whalley BB7
'Joey' missing since 6th Feb.2006
  • Joey, a 10 mth old Unaltered male,
  • Black with White paws and chest, markings under his nose make him easy to identify.
  • Joey was not wearing his collar when he went awol from the Riddings Lane area of Whalley, Clitheroe...
Male : Unaltered : No Collar : No Chip

Darwen BB3
'Tiffany' missing since 4th Oct.2005
  • Tiffany a small black female cat (short haired) missing from the Hodgson St area of Darwen, Lancashire.
  • She was wearing her Red collar with Gold tag when she went missing, although there is reason to believe that the collar may have been lost or changed...
Female / Altered / Red collar + Tag / No Chip

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