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"  BL "

Bury BL9

Bella missing since 8 March 2012
  • Bella a DSH female
  • Dark Tortie, Ginger to one half of chin and chest
  • Missing from Gigg Lane

Horwich BL6

Twilight missing since 8 March 2012
  • Twilight a 1yr old Fluffy entire male
  • Dark Grey stripes on tail
  • Timid rescue cat
  • Missing from Lee Lane

Deane BL3

'Lucy' missing since 6.August.2011
  • Lucy a 9yr old Fluffy chipped and spayed female with Green eyes
  • Tabby and White: Stomach paws, chest, front and back of neck are White. Her back,top of her head and tail are tabby. Most of her lower face is white with her ears and above the eyes tabby. She has a tabby spot on the left side of her nose.
  • Missing from Kylemore Avenue
  • REWARD !
Female : spay : chipped

Daisy HIll BL5

'Milo' missing since 24.August.2011
  • Milo a 3½ yr old DSH neutered male with Green eyes (may be chipped)
  • All Black
  • Missing from Leigh Road
Male : Neuter

Horwich BL6

'Tilly' missing since 29.July.2011
  • Tilly a 2yr old SH neutered and chipped DSH male
  • Tabby Brown / White: Diamond shape white patch on top of head, brown and black stripes down tail, back and back paws, white chest and neck. White front paws with brown and black stripes
  • Missing from Owsten Court
Male: Neuter : Chip... 5809

Westhoughton BL5

'Rio' missing since 4.Mar..2011
  • Rio a 12mth old DSH neutered and chipped male with Ginger eyes
  • All Ginger
  • Wearing his Blue collar when he went missing from Bamber Croft
male: Neuter : Blue Collar : Chip... 7322

Bromley Cross BL2
'Sox' missing since 8.Feb.2011
  • Sox a 1yr old neutered and chipped DSH male with Green / Yellow eyes
  • Black with White nose, 4 White paws, White chest and small amount of White on tummy
  • Wearing his Blue collar with ID when he went missing from Aire Drive
Male : Neuter: Blue Collar : Chip... 9823

Ramsbottom BL0
'Teddy' missing since 12.Sept.2010
  • Teddy a 3yr old neutered male with Yellow eyes
  • Britsh Short Har: Blue (Grey) Big Blue BSH with very striking Yellow eyes
  • Missing from George Road
Male: Neuter: No Collar: No Chip

Lostock BL6
'Tom' missing since 25.May.2010
  • Tom a 12yr old neutered male with Green eyes
  • All Ginger
  • Missing from Shaftesbury Avenue
Male: Neuter: No Collar: No Chip

Westhoughton BL5
'Smokey' missing since 14.Apr.2010
  • Smokey a 10mth old entire male with Amber eyes
  • Siamese Cross: Grey / Blue. Mainly Grey with White chest, belly , half White back legs, small bits of White on front paws. also has a small line of White on left side of his mouth and under chin.
  • Missing from Coverdale Road
Male: Entire : No Collar: No Chip

Astley Bridge BL1
'Macca' missing since 15.Apr.2010
  • Macca a 4yr old Long haired female with Yellow eyes
  • Tortoiseshell: Chocolate Brown / Light Brown / Ginger
  • Missing from Holly Mill Crescent
    REWARD !
more soon
Female: Spay: No Collar: No Chip

Sharples BL1
'Oliver' missing since 7th Nov.2007
  • Oliver an 18mth old neutered and chipped DSH male with Yellow eyes
  • Ginger Tabby cat with White chin, chest, tummy and feet.
    Also has a small patch of White fur on his top lip
  • Missing from the area of Stonyhurst Avenue...
Male: Neuter: No Collar: Chip....8217

'Felix' missing since Sept. 2004
  • Felix is black and white (mainly white) with black markings on his nose area & both ears like a cap, back and nearly full tail and neutered.
  • Missing from Chorley Old Road, near Morrisons Supermarket, Bolton

'Benny'  missing since 23/24th Sept.2004
  • Benny aged 2 yrs semi-long haired
  • Salmony in colour (very pale ginger) and neutered.
  • Missing from Chorley Old Road, near Morrisons Supermarket, Bolton

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