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Beckenham BR3
Ivy missing since 29 September 2014
  • Ivy an 18mth old chipped..7661 DSH female
  • Ginger tabby and White
  • Missing from Olyffe Drive

Hayes BR2
Ginger missing since 7 November 2013
  • Ginger a 5yr old Fluffy neutered male with Yellow eyes
  • Classic Ginger and White, Bushy tail. Black specks on his nose
  • Missing from Wolfe Close

Beckenham BR3
'Joe' missing since 15 September 2012
  • Joe a 1yr old DSH spayed and chipped female with 'dull Gold' (Amber) eyes
  • Mackeral Tabby, lots of spots and stripes, dual tramline down back and few White hairs on chest.
  • Missing from Albemarle Road

Beckenham BR3
'Merlin' missing since 19 July 2012
  • Merlin a 6yr old neutered and chipped...9886 DSH male with Yellowy Green eyes
  • Classic Tabby (blotched)
  • Wearing his Cream / Beige collar when he went missing from The Mead
    REWARD !

Swanley BR8
'Pandora' missing since 27 July 2012
  • Pandora an aprox 6mth old DSH female with Yellow eyes
  • Tortie : Black with Brown and Black legs with White paws, belly, neck and chest, Brown patch on forhead. General patches of Brown and Black on her flanks and head
  • Missing from Crescent Gardens

Bromley BR2
'Pixie' missing since 19 August 2011
  • Pixie a 3yr old DSH spayed and chipped Female with Greeny Yellow eyes
  • White and Black : small cat mainly White with Patches of Black on her front paws, Black back with a small strip of White in the middle of the Black, White face with Black patch under chin, a Black nose and top of head
  • Missing from Cobham Close

Beckenhan BR3
'George' missing since 8.Oct.2010
  • George a 6yr old DSH neutered male with Green eyes
  • Tabby and White: George has a tabby face with a bit of White on his right cheek and an White chin. He has a White belly and bib. His front legs are White and his back legs are White and Tabby.
  • Missing from Ravenscroft Road
    REWARD !

West Wickham BR4
'Tyrone' missing since 3.Aug.2010
  • Tyrone a 6mth old DSH male with Brown eyes
  • Black and White. Black top, White underbelly, White paws and broad White streak on nose
  • Wearing his Blue and Black collar with ID when he went missing from
    The Avenue
Male: Entire: Blue / Black Collar: Chip....3201

Downham BR1
'Nelson' missing since  20.Nov.2009
  • Nelson a 1yr old DSH neutered male with Green eyes
  • Tabby: Black / Grey stripes with a small White patch on chin
  • Wearing his blue collar with ID when he went missing from Northover..
    REWARD !
more soon
Male: Neuter: Blue Collar+ID. No Chip

Bromley BR1
'Lizzie' missing since 25.Nov.2009
  • Lizzie a 9yr old DSH spayed female with vivid Green eyes
  • Black : with White socks, White "vest" and White moustache splodge mark on her face. Tail is slightly shorter than usual due to an injury.
  • Wearing her Red collar with ID when she went missing from
    Thornton Road
    REWARD !
more soon
Female: Spay: Red Collar: No Chip

West Wickham BR4
'Brad' missing since 8.Nov.2009
  • Brad or Bradley an 18mth old DSH neutered and chipped male with Yellow eyes
  • All White: Brad is an all White little boy who looks more like a girl. he looks and behaves more like an Oriental cat being very vocal, answering when called and with a slim body shape.
  • Brad was wearing his collar when he went missing from
    Grosvenor Road
    REWARD !
Male: Neuter: Collar: Chip....2301

West Wickham BR4
'Ali' missing
  • Ali an 8yr old spayed long haired female with Light Yellow eyes
  • Light Brown: Typical tabby markings, white under chin.
  • Missing from Langley Road
    REWARD !
Female: Spay: No Collar: No Chip

Chislehurst BR7
'Millie' missing since 22nd Dec.2008
  • Millie a 7yr old spayed and chipped female
  • Dark Tabby : Black and Brown with White paws, chest, tummy and nose/chin. Has a small Pale Tan patch to the left of her nose with 2 small dark beauty spots. She is a small, slim cat with a very short, sleek coat.
  • Wearing her Pink collar when she went missing from Watts Lane
    REWARD !
Female: Spayed: Pink Collar: Chip....8823

West Wickham BR4
'Mini' missing since 14th Feb.2009
  • Mini a 2yr old spayed and chipped ~Tabby female (Bengal Cross) with Grey eyes
  • Mini is small in size, predominantly grey with black spots and a grey and black stripy tail. She's a friendly and intelligent cat with a very cute face.
  • Wearing her Black collar with ID when she went missing from the area of Rickhurst Lane / Westmorland Shops
    £200 REWARD !
Female: Spay: Black Collar +ID: Chipped

Chislehurst BR7
'Poppy' missing since 12th Sept.2008
  • Poppy a 1yr 5mth old spayed DSH female with Greenish Brown eyes.
  • Poppy has distinct ginger patches on her head and two ginger toes with pink pads on her left front foot, all her other pads are black, she is tabby overall (No White Bits) with a creamy tint to her belly.
  • Missing from the area of Lubbock Road..
    REWARD !
Female: Spay: No Collar: No Chip

Orpington BR5
'Mango' missing since 16th Oct.2008
  • Mango a 2yr old chipped and neutered DSH male with Green eyes
  • Black - totally
  • Missing from the area of Broom Avenue...
    REWARD !
Male: Neuter: No Collar: Chip....7726

West Wickham BR5
'Arthur' missing since 10th Sept.2008
  • Arthur a 2½yr old DSH spayed *Female*
  • Black with White front , White whiskers and White paws.
  • Missing from the area of Ravenswood Crescent...
    REWARD !
Female: Spay: No Collar: No Chip

St.Mary Cray BR5
'Shorty' missing since 10th May.2008
  • Shorty a 3yr old neutered and chipped DSH male with Green eyes.
  • Ginger with White feet, and half of his nose area is
    White too. He has a Darker "smudge" on his nose.
  • Missing from the area of Star Lane...
    REWARD !
Male : Neuter: No Collar: Chip .... 0569

Bromley BR1
'Tommy' missing since 27th apr.08
  • Tommy an aprox. 3yr old DSH entire male with Amber eyes
  • Ginger - Beautiful ginger cat - darkish Ginger with Caramel markings. Amber eyes which match his colourings. Very symetrical stripes. One tiny Greyish patch on one cheek. Odd dark whisker. Very long whiskers and 2 bunches of whiskers either side! White tipped tail. Largish cat - very healthy and quite heavy.
  • Missing from the area of Palace Grove...
Male: Entire: No Collar: No Chip

West Wickham BR4
'Cordercy' missing since 6th Oct.2007
  • Cordercy a 1yr 10mth old neutered DSH male with Pale Green eyes.
  • A Marbled Tabby, particular pronounced symmettrical markings.
    Pointed face with pale front & under belly. Has kink in the end of his tail and a very high pitched meow & very friendly
  • Missing from the area of Wickham Close...
    REWARD !
Male: Neuter: No Collar: No Chip.

Orpington BR5
'Barney' missing since 8th Jan.2008
  • Barney a 5 ½ yr old DLH neutered male with Green eyes
  • He is a black and white fluffy cat, looks similar to the 'felix' cat but with longer hair
  • Wearing his Black collar, studded with diamonds and with id tag when he went missing in the area of Wellington Road...
Male: Neuter: Black Collar: No Chip.

Bromley BR2
'Jasper' missing since 14th Nov.2006
  • Jasper a 2yr old neutered & chipped Male Burmese Cream with Almond / Green eyes
  • Creamy Red coat. Creamy under-belly and paws and a smooth silky and Creamy Red coat and tail.
  • Wearing his collar when he went missing from the area of Ravens Close...
Male: Neuter: Collar: Chip....0206

Swanley BR7
'Lucy' missing since 4th Aug.2006
  • Lucy an 8yr old spayed & chipped DSH female with Green eyes.
  • Black and White, Her Black hair on head and back has been bleached by the sun to Brown.
  • Missing from the area of Rowan Road
    REWARD !
Female:Speyed: No Collar: Chip....

West Wickham
'Tiger' missing since 25th Jul.2006
  • Tiger a 5yr old DSH neutered male Mackeral Tabby with Green eyes
  • Black stripes on Brown. Small tear on left ear. Small white area under chin.
  • Missing from the Pickhurst Lane
Male: Neuter: No Collar: No Chip

Downe BR6
'Cheshire' missing since Jan.2006
  • Cheshire a 5yr old Ginger Tabby and White Tom cat. Semi Feral, extremely timid.
  • Missing from the Luxted Road
Male: Unaltered: No Collar: No Chip

Orpington BR5
'Andreas' missing since 26th Nov.2005
  • Andreas is a short haired, neutered male
  • Tabby with distinctive stripy markings and an ‘M’ mark on his forehead. He was not wearing a collar, but is micro-chipped. He is VERY timid and will run if approached.
Male / Altered / No Collar / Chip ....7985

Bromley BR2
'Marmaduke' missing since 26th Nov.2005
  • Marmaduke is a 2yr old Ginger male with dark ginger markings, the tip of his tail is lighter ginger than the rest of him and quite pointy.
  • He is Chipped but wasn't wearing a collar when he went missing from the Croydon Road area near Keston in Bromley...
Male / Altered / No Collar / Chipped

Bromley BR1
'Yanoush' missing since 8th Dec.2004
  • Yanoush (Yani) a 5 year old Black & White short haired neutered male has been missing from the Blythe Road area of Bromley since Wednesday 8th December.
  • He is mainly Black, White underneath with White socks - the Left side of his whisker area is also White.
  • He was not wearing his collar when he went missing.  Yani needs medical treatment and needs to be found. 

West Wickham BR4
'Bunker' missing since 16th Jun.2005
  • Bunker, a large but not fat Black & White short haired male cat missing since Thursday 16th June from the Wickham Court rd area of West Wickham.
  • He has a White belly, Black tail, White front legs and mainly White back legs...

West Wickham BR4
'Ziggy' missing since 7th May.2005
  • Ziggy missing from the Harvest Bank Road area of West Wickham.
  • A 1yr old Ginger & White Chipped & Neutered Male with dark Tabby markings (swirls) on his back, the usual Tabby stripes on his head, a White bib & paws and a White tip to his tail...
Male / Altered / No Collar / Chip .....6516  

Pratts Bottom BR6
'Sean' missing since 23rd.May 2005
  • Sean a big 3 year old Black handsome neutered Male missing from the Orchard Road area of Pratts Bottom since Monday the 23rd May.
  • He will be very timid and may hide in the daylight and come out at night...

Sundridge TN14
'Simba' missing since 24th Feb.2005
  • Originally missing from New Road area of Sundridge,
  • Simba  a Ginger Tom with White Feet, White tail tip and White chest. He is an extremely friendly & talkative cat, often found in neighbouring homes and garages.
    A reward of £200 is offered for his safe return

Update - We may have a possible sighting in Park Field Way, next to the 'Crooked Billet Harvester (map) on Bromley Common. A story has come in re a Ginger cat hitching a lift in a furniture van.
This is an appeal for All residents in the area to get in touch with us or directly with his owner if there are any further sightings

Hayes BR2
'Fluffy' . missing since 23.Apr.2003
  • There'll be no mistaking this beautiful cat.
  • A Tortie Persian
  • Fluffy was wearing a green collar at the time she went missing - she is chipped.
  • Any information at all is welcome.

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