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" CF "

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Pentrebane CF5  Zac a chipped...4595 DSH Black cat 07973 466917 email c4756a

Bridgend CF31
'Moriarty' missing since 17.Mar.2011
  • Moriarty a 10mth old chipped , Long Haired entire male with Yellow / Green eyes
  • Ginger and White with White chest and underbelly , very bushy / fluffy tail
  • Wearing his White collar when he went missing from Mount Earl
Mlale : Entire: White Collar: Chipped

Penybanc SA18
'Lorri' missing since 20.Jan.2011
  • Lorri an aprox 6yr old DSH female
  • White and Black: Black and White with Black right eye
  • Missing from The Repair Centre, River side (Penybanc Road)
  • There is a possibility that Lorri could have hitched a lift to the Pontyclun area CF72

Pencoedtre Village CF63
'Cymba' missing since 20.Aug.2010
  • Cymba an 18mth old neutered and chipped Abbysinian male
  • Sorrel Silver (dark Cream)
  • Quite slim with a very vocal and affectionate nature And a touch of Gingivitus and Halitosis
  • Missing from Cwlwm Cariad
Male: Neuter

Brdgend CF31
'Jinx' missing since 17.June.2010
  • Jinx a 3yr old Entire chipped female with Green eyes
  • Abby / Tabby X. Mid Brown. Ticked brown fur with Tabby markings on head, tail and legs. White paws, bib mask and tip of tail
  • Wearing her flourescent Orange collar when she went missing from
    Oaklands Road
Female: Entire: Orange Collar: Chipped

Cathays CF24
'Casper' missing since 11.May.2010
  • Casper a 9mth old DSH neutered male with Orange / Brown eyes
  • Ginger with Marbled Darker Ginger markings
  • Wearing his Purple collar with ID when he went missing from Rhymney Street
    REWARD !
Male :Neuter: Purple Collar: No Chip

Barry CF62
'Mow Mow' missing since 17.Apr.2010
  • Mow Mow a 2yr old Fluffy entire male with Green eyes
  • White, Black, Tabby: White with Black 'saddle' and huge fluffy tail. Tabby mask across top of face / head
  • Missing from York Place
    REWARD !
Male: Entire: No Collar: No Chip

Pantmawr CF14
'Smartie' missing since 19.Dec.2009

Smartie a 22mth old apayed DSH female with Green eyes
Dark Brown Tortoiseshell , flecks of Ginger on top. Ginger / beige patches under chin and on belly. More Ginger around right eye. Pink spot on nose.
Missing from Heol Ffynnon Wen.

Female: Spay: No Collar: No Chip

Tonypandy CF40
'Puss' missing since 2nd Mar.2009

Puss a 2½yr old spayed female with Green eyes
Tortoiseshell: White: She has a White coat with a Ginger tail and Ginger ears, with a bit of Black on her head.
Missing from the Penrhiwfer area of Tonypandy

Female: Spay: No Collar: No Chip

Treharris CF46
'Stella' missing since 8th Apr.2008

Stella a chipped and spayed 3yr old Fluffy 'Classic' Tabby with Yellow eyes
She is predominantly Silver. However she has some
Ginger markings on her mainly underneath. She has a White chin / neck.
Wearing her Pink collar with ID and magnet when she went missing from the area of Cardiff Road...

Female: Spay: Pink Collar: Chipped

Efail Isaf CF38
'Roxy' missing since 23rd Aug.2008

Roxy an 18yr old DSH female with Marble Green eyes
Ginger and White, White down the neck, Ginger legs and White feet.
Missing from the area of Heol Dowlais...

would Roxy's owner please contact us via email
Female: No Collar No Chip.

Boverton CF61
'Che' missing since 3rd Mar.2008
Che c2286 a Pure Black cat lost in Boverton CF61

Che a 4yr old neutered DSH male with Yellow eyes
Just a lovely Black cat
Missing from the area of Trebeferad...

Male: Neuter: No Collar: No Chip

Canton CF11
'Jake' missing since 9th Aug.2007

Jake a 10yr old DLH neutered and chipped male with Green eyes
Pure ginger, long fluffy coat. He is missing one of his bottom canine teeth after it was removed by the vet.
Missing from the area of Graham Walk...

Male: Neuter: No Collar: Chipped

Victoria Park CF5
'Lucy' missing since

Lucy - missing from the area of Daisy Street

Pentrebane CF5
'Skye' missing since 5th Dec.2006

Skye a 1yr old spayed & chipped DSH female with Green eyes
Mostly White with two large Black patches on head, some
Black / Tabby patches on neck and body. One Brown toe and a long, mostly Black / Tabby tail.
Missing from the area of Beech Road...

Female:Spay:No Collar: Chip....0230

'Harry' missing since 14th Dec.2005

Harry 3yr old Grey Classic Tabby, a complete Tom who wasn't wearing his collar when he went missing outside the PDSA, Bute St, Cardigan Bay.
Fur missing on back leg due to injury...

Male : Unaltered : No Collar : No Chip

" CF "