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" CM "

Ongar CM5
Kitoo missing since 23. September. 2012
  • Kitoo an 8yr old Fluffy spayed female with Emerald eyes
  • X Persian Brown with a Chestnut colour down the spine due to sun bleaching. Notched left ear and long fluffy tail Very verbal and friendly
  • Wearing her Silver collar with tag when she went missing from High Street
    REWARD !

South Woodham Ferrers CM3
Ginger Jones missing since 27. May. 2012
  • Jones a 1yr old DSH neutered and chipped male with Gold eyes
  • Ginger tabby with a few spots
  • Missing from Paston Close
    REWARD !

Little Burstead CM12
Bobby missing since 10. September. 2011
  • Bobby a 7yr old neutered and chipped male with Green eyes
  • A SH Blue Bengal. Light Grey stripes and mottles on a pale Creamy background, with some light Apricot colour fur to chest and legs, also stomach is Aprictor colour with light Grey mottled leopard spots. freckle marks to ears from the sun. Very loud vocal cat and he makes an unusual mournful calling noise.
  • Missing from Broomhills Close
    REWARD !
Male : Neuter : Chipped

Old Harlow CM17
Macey missing since 19. July. 2011
  • Macey a 1yr old DSH neuterd and chipped male with Greenish eyes
  • Black and White : White front feet, White full length boot on back legs
    White chest and White half face, all rest of him is Black has a Pink nose
  • Wearing his Red collar with ID when he went missing from East Park
Male : Neuter : Collar : Chip... 6638

Old Harlow CM17
Little Boy missing since 23. May. 2011
  • A 1-2yr old DSH neutered and chipped DSH male with Yellow eyes
  • Black and White: Looks like Felix. the Black mask slightly longer on one side
  • Wearing his Gold Collar when he went missing from Joselyns
Male : Neuter : Collar : Chip... 2885

Great Notely CM77
missing since 10.Jan.2011
  • a 2yr old long haired spayed female with Amber / Brown eyes
  • Tortie, mainly Brown Black and Ginger flecks
  • Missing from Charlecote Road
Female: Spay

Chelmsford CM2
'Bailey' missing since 18.Dec.2010
  • Bailey a 4yr old Fluffy neutered and chipped male with Yellow eyes
  • Persian X  Black and White. White front paws and tummy. Black back and long bushy Black tail
  • missing from Mildmay Road
Male : Neuter : Chip....0578

Warley CM14
'Milly' missing since Feb.2009
  • Milly a 2yr old entire British Blue with Orange eyes
  • Blue/Grey with slightly darker rings on tail
  • Missing from Hampden Crescent
    REWARD !
Female: Entire: No Collar:

Broomfield CM1
'Flump' missing since 18.Oct.2009

Flump a 3yr old Fluffy female with Green eyes
Black and Ginger face, Ginger legs, White paws.
Missing from Mill Lane

Female: Spay:

Harlow CM20
'Tiggs ' missing since 6th Jul.2009

Tiggs a 3yr old spayed female
Gingery Mackeral Tabby with White : White feet and nose
Wearing her Silver and Blue collar when she went missing from The Hides.

Female : Spay: Siver & Blue collar:

Beckers Green CM7
'Sootie' missing since 8th Sept.2008

Sootie a 3yr old DSH male with Yellow eyes
All Black
Missing from the area of Tanners Meadow..

Male: ?: No Collar:

Cressing CM77
'Poppy' missing since 16th Jun.2008

Poppy a 4yr old spayed and chipped DSH female with Green eyes
Grey Tabby with White bib and paws
Missing from the area of The Street...

Female: No Collar: Chipped to Cat Rescue, Colchester

Witham CM8
'Tommy' missing since 10th Feb.2007

Tommy a 4mth entire male DSH Tabby Kitten with Blue eyes
Black & Grey stripes.
Missing from the area of Edmund Road...


Springfield CM1
'Jensen' missing since 22nd Jun.2006

Jensen a 2 yr old neutered & chipped male with Green eyes
DSH Classic Tabby wearing his Silver/Black irridescent collar with blue bone ID tag

Male:Neuter:Silver/Black Collar+ID Chip....2466

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