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Hackney E17
Whiskers missing since 8 Jan 2016
c8072 Whisky a DSH Tabby and White cat lost in Hackney E17
  • Whiskers an aprox 3yr old DSH neutered female with distinctive Blue/Green eyes
  • Tabby with White belly and paws
  • Missing from Lower Coulston Road
    Said to have been handed in to the Coulston Road RSPCA shop and rehomed.. hoping the new owners will see this advert

Hackney E5
Buddy missing since 13 May 2015
  • Buddy a 21 mth old DLH neutered and chipped..8540 male with Green / Yellow eyes
  • Dark, full tabby , pale belly
  • Missing from Lower Clapton Road
  • REWARD !

Isle of Dogs E14
Charlie missing since 23 December 2012
  • Charlie a 13yr old DSH neutered and chipped...4461 male with Yellow eyes
  • Black with White under chin and on tummy
  • Missing from 2nd floor flat Cumberland Mills between Island Gardens Park / Great Eastern Pub

Hackney E8
Tomahawk missing since 14.October .2011
  • Tomahawk a 3yr old DSH neutered and chipped male with Green / Hazel / Grey eyes
  • Classic Tabby Only truest White is on his chin, mostly Beige with Black / Grey
  • Wearing his Leopard print collar when he went missing from Vixen Mews
    REWARD !
Male : Neuter : collar : Chipped

Walthamstowe E17 :Zippy a Black with White BSH / Siamese 07809 892096 / 0784 1111897  email c5180a :

North Chingford E4
Bourbon Crinkles missing since 19.July .2011
  • Bourbon Crinkles a neutered and chipped Long haired male with Green eyes
  • Selkirk Rex - Black / Grey.
  • Curly, black longhaired fur with a glossy very black
    face. He was shorn in May 2011 and was sporting a trendy short curly coat.
    Once it grows long again, it will have a dusting of ginger on the tips of the fur.
  • Wearing his Red collar when he went missing from Elmfield Road
    REWARD !
Male : Neuter : Red collar : Chip...9853

Chingford E4
Tyga missing since 25.May.2011
  • Tyga a 13mth old neutered Bengal male with Green eyes
  • Sand background Black spots
  • Missing from Heriot Avenue
    £100 REWARD !
Male : Neuter

Walthamstow Village E17
'NoName' missing since Oct.2009
  • NoName a 3yr old DSH neutered male with Green eyes
  • Tabby with very distinct markings. White fluffy underbelly and White tip on the end of his tail and White chin
  • Missing from Berryfield Close
Male : Neuter

Hackney E5
'Flix' missing since 5.June.2010
  • Flix a 4yr old chipped entire DSH male with Green eyes
  • Black : with Large White mark on breast and underbelly
  • Missing from Powerscroft Road
Male: Neuter: No Collar: Chipped

Highams Park E4
'Mabel' missing since 14.Dec.2009
  • Mabel a 12yr old spayed DSH female with Green eyes
  • Tortie / Tabby and White : Grey and Ginger mottled, White nose, front and paws, with Tabby markings on forehead and legs
  • Missing from Preston Avenue
Female: Spay: No Collar: No Chip

Tower Hamlets E2
'Calvin' missing since 28.Sept.2009
  • Calvin a 9yr old neutered DSH male
  • White with Ginger Patches
  • Missing from Elwin Street
Male: Neuter: No Collar: No Chip

Tower Hamlets E1
'Meenu' missing since 28th Dec.2008
  • Meenu an 8yr old DSH neutered male
  • White and Grey: Grey on nose, under chin and left leg.
  • Missing from the area of Cephas Street..
    REWARD !
Male: Neuter: No Collar: No Chip

Bethnal Green E2
'Wilbur' missing since 10th Feb.2008
  • Wilbur a 2yr old entire DSH male with Green eyes.
  • Grey/Brown striped tabby, Tan colour around his mouth.
  • Wearing his Blue collar when he went missing from the area of Bethnal Green Road...
Male: Entire: Blue Collar: No Chip.

Clapton E5
'Fluffy' missing since 24th Dec.2007
  • Fluffy a 10yr old entire DFH male with Yellow eyes
  • His fluffy coat is Black with a White triangle from nose down to neck.  White belly and front paws as well as back legs. Black spot on nose.
  • Not neutered and no collar.
  • Missing from the area of Redwald Road...
Male: Entire: No Collar: No Chip

Bethnal Green E2
'Beetsch' missing since 21st Nov.2007
  • Beetsch a 14mth old DSH chipped male with Green eyes
  • Black glossy fur all over with subtle White hairs on his chest - not visible from a distance.
  • Missing from the area of Bethnal Green Road...
    REWARD !
Male: Chip....4860

West Ham E15
'Molly' missing since 16th Aug.2007
  • Molly a 2yr old Spayed and Chipped DSH female
  • Grey Brown Tabby widely spaced dark tabby markings on grey/brown background. 2 distinct dark strips both front legs at 'elbow' level. Long Cream fur on belly with Grey spots. Long tail with very thick fur, with dark bands along the length.
  • Wearing her Pink and Blue collar with id tag when she went missing from the area of Memorial Avenue...
    REWARD !
Female: Spay: Pink & Blue Collar +ID; Chip....6862

Walthamstow E17
'Kit Kat' missing since 16th Jun.2007
  • Kit Kat a 6mth old Chipped DSH female eith Yellow / Green eyes
  • Her top coat is Grey/Black tabby. Her underbelly is
    White. Her face is predominantly White with Tan markings around her mouth.
  • Missing from the area of Beulah Road...
    REWARD !
Female: Chipped

Walthamstow E17
'Annie' missing since 12th Jun.2007
  • Annie a 10mth old DSH spayed and chipped female with Green eyes.
  • A Tortoise shell with White, she is a Black and Ginger coat with a White belly, White chin and triangle next to her nose, also half a Ginger face and 1 Ginger ear all her feet are White.
  • Wearing her Black collar when she went missing in Walthamstow...
Female: Spay: Black Collar: Chipped

Walthamstow E17
'Henry' missing since 31st Dec.2006
  • Henry 6yr old neutered DSH male with (Green ?) eyes
  • General colouring :ginger/white. prominent canine teeth protruding from mouth. black spots on gums
  • Missing from the area of Winns Terrace...
    REWARD !
Male:Neuter: Ginger Collar: no Chip

Stepney / Limehouse E1
'Roxie' missing since 25th Dec.2006
  • Roxie a 2yr old spayed & chipped DSH female with Green/Yellow eyes.
  • Quite a petite and timid cat - Black/Dark brown with a tiny White tuft on her chest
  • Missing from the area of Edward Mann Close...
  • REWARD !
Female: Spay: No Collar: Chip....4356

South Woodford E18
'Stars' missing since 17th Nov.2006
  • Stars an 11yr old neutered male DSH Tabby with Green eyes
  • Black/Brown, White chin, chest, paws, fair/blonde strips to each back teeth, only front teeth.
  • Wearing his Bright Blue collar when he went missing in the area of Rivenhall Gardens...
    REWARD !
Male:Neuter:Blue Collar: No Chip

Hackney E8
'Kenny' missing since 12th Sept.2006
  • Kenny (might not respond) a 9mth old DSH entire female with Shiny green, black rimmed eyes.
  • A Calico (black, ginger, white) Kenny's markings are absolutely beautiful. Her face is half black and half ginger, her shiny green eyes are rimmed with black, her neck is white, her back is almost totally black, with a few faint ginger specks here and there, and a bigger ginger stripe runs down one of her back legs.
  • Wearing her Pink-Purple collar when she went missing from the area of Brownlow Road, Hackney...
    REWARD !
Female: Entire: Pink/Purple Collar: No Chip

Walthamstow E17
'Picaworth' missing since 19th Dec.2005
  • Picaworth a 2yr old chipped male neuter with Green eyes.
  • He is a Burmilla with Brown shaded pattern
  • Missing from the Brunswick Street area of Walthamstowe...
    REWARD !
Male: Neuter: No Collar: Chip....8614

Isle of Dogs E14
'Vegas' missing since 16th Jun.2006
  • Vegas a Green eyed 5yr old spayed female.
  • DSH Black & White - Mostly black on top, white chest and tummy. Black face. White socks and White "garter" ring around back leg.
  • Wearing her Yellow Collar when she went awol from the Barnfield Place area of the Isle of Dogs, East London...
Female: Spay: Yellow Collar+ID+Magnet: Chipped

Walthamstow E17
'Biscuit' missing since 14th Dec.2005
  • Biscuit an 11½yr old Torti & White spayed female
  • missing from the St.John's Road area of Walthamstow, London,
  • not wearing her collar when she went awol
Female / Altered / No Collar / No Chip

Isle of Dogs E14
'Mr.P' missing since 2nd Oct. 2005
  • Mr.P aka P.Pops a LH, Fluffy, Marmalade Ginger neutered and chipped male
  • Distinctive White splash on left hand side. He also has a White underbelly with White paws and White on his face. Green eyes and a big fluffy fox like tail.
  • Last seen wearing his Red collar with disc when he went awol from the Blythe Close area of the Isle of Dogs, East London...
Male / Altered / Red Collar / chip....7052