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Snowy missing since 12 November 2014
  • Snowy a 3yr old DSH spayed female with Bi coloured eyes
  • Chipped to previous owners
  • All White wearing her Purple collar with Diamante flower studs
  • Missing from Kent Street
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Fleetwood FY7
Honey missing since April 2014
  • Honey a young chipped...9321 DSH female
  • Light Mackeral tabby Ginger and White cat
  • Missing from Ash Street
  • She will be older now

Fleetwood FY7
Ellie missing since 26 December 2013
  • Ellie a 1yr old DSH spayed female
  • Black with White diamond shape over nose
  • wearing her Blue collar when she went missing from Martindale

Fleetwood FY7
Joker missing since 10 December 2013
  • Joker a 5yr old DLH neutered and Chipped male with Green eyes
  • Black with White Smile, ruffle, bib and paws
  • Missing from Blakiston Street

Fleetwood FY7
Noel missing since 3 June 2013
  • Noel a 3½yr old neutered DSH male with Yellow eyes
  • Black with White neck, chest, belly and all four feet The two back legs are Black and White
  • Wearing 2 collars, 1 Silver & 1 Yellow + ID when he went missing form Shakespeare Road...

Fleetwood FY7
'Cuddly' missing since 1.September.2011
  • Cuddly a 3yr old DSH Neutered male with Green eyes
  • Black / Brownish coat medium sized cat
  • Missing from Lothian Avenue
    REWARD !
Male : Neuter :

Rossall FY7
'Charlie' missing since 1.July.2011
  • Charlie a 2yr old neutered and chipped DSH male with Green eyes
  • Tabby : Brown with Black tiger stripes
  • Missing from Wentworth Avenue
Male : Neuter : Chipped

Fleetwood FY7
'Socks' missing since 23.Dec.2010
  • Socks a 1yr old DSH spayed female
  • Black and White: White bib and whiskers, 4 White socks..1 rear sock longer than rest
  • Missing from Bold Street..
    This is a lookalike photo
Female: Spay : Maybe chipped to either Burnley or Bolton

Fleetwood FY7
'Patchi' missing since 28.Aug.2010
  • Patchi a 10+ yr old SH female with Yellow eyes
  • Turkish Van.. White with Ginger and Brown patches. she is very distinctive because she has thumbs on her two front paws.looks like she is wearing mittens
  • Missing from Chatsworth Avenue
    REWARD !
Female; Spay: No collar : No Chip

Fleetwood FY7
'Morgan' missing since 31.Jan.2010
  • Morgan a large chipped DSH Black and White cat - more Black than White
  • Has One White Ear, big face with big bold eyes.
  • He is nervous of people
  • Wearing his Red collar when he went
  • Missing from Buttermere Avenue.
Male: Neuter: Red Collar: Chipped.

Fleetwood FY7
'Drako' missing since May.2009
  • Drako an DLH Entire male
  • White with Black patches.
  • Missing in the area of Radcliffe Road..

Fleetwood FY7
'Perdy' missing since 27th Jul.2008
  • Perdy a 7- 8yr old Semi Long Haired Female with Greenish Amber eyes.
  • Dark Tabby, Tabby face, Brownish Black body, wearing a slighly worn Red plastic like collar with brass bell.
  • She has a Tan coloured belly and chin but has a White patch on her neck/chest just a thin line really.
  • Missing from the area of Rede Avenue...
Female: Red Collar: No Chip

Fleetwood FY7
'Badger' missing since 15th Jan.2008
  • Badger a 3yr old neutered and chipped DSH male with Amber eyes
  • Black and White : Has White tummy, front feet, White strip up nose and White cheeks. His back legs are all White except for a Black patch on his right heel. His head, back and tail are Black.
  • Missing from the area of Radcliffe Road...
    REWARD !
Male: Neuter: No Collar: Chipped.

Fleetwood FY7
'Bangles' missing since 18th Feb.2007
  • Bangles a 3yr old chipped & neutered male Bengal with Green eyes.
  • Brown with Very distinctive markings. He has black leopard type spots on his body and tummy. Striped legs like a tiger.
  • Missing from the area of Mersey Road...
    REWARD !!
Male: Neuter: No Collar: Chip....8518

Fleetwood FY7
'Jinx' missing since 13th Feb.2007
  • 'Jinx'  a 7mth old entire DSH female with Yellowy Green eyes
  • Jinx is generally tabby (classic) but with four white paws. she
    is white under her chin.
  • Wearing her Gold Glitter collar with id tag & magnet when she went missing in the area of Poulton Street...
Female: Entire: Gold Collar+id+magnet: No Chip

Fleetwood FY7
'Shera' missing since 1st Oct.2006
  • Shera an 18mth old entire DSH Tortie female with Black / Yellow eyes.
  • Mainly Ginger with White round the bottom half of the face, Black and Ginger all over the back and mainly White underneath.
  • Wearing her Red collar with ID tag when she went missing from the area of Milton Street...
Female: Entire: Red Collar+ID: No Chip.

Fleetwood FY7
'Alfie' missing since 17th Aug.2006
  • Alfie a 7mth old entire DSH male with Yellow eyes
  • White with one Grey smudge on his head & wearing his light Blue collar with bell.
  • Missing from the area of Edmondson Place....
    REWARD !
Male: Entire: Blue Collar: No Chip

Cala Gran, Fleetwood FY7
'Hankey' missing since 5th Mar.2006
  • Hankey a 1yr old Long Haired spayed female
  • All Black and wearing a Red Collar
  • when she went awol from Cala Gran Holiday Park...
Female: Altered: Red Collar: No Chip

Fleetwood FY7
'Jack' missing since 30th Nov.2005
  • Jack a 10yr old neutered male,
  • All Black except for a White patch on his neck / chest.
  • Wearing his yellow checked collar with tag when going awol in the
    Penrhos Avenue area of Fleetwood...
Male / Altered / Yellow Collar / No Chip

Fleetwood FY7
'Jess' missing since 24th.Apr.2005
  • Missing from Grange Road area , Fleetwood,
  • A spayed All Black Cat called Jess.
  • She is 8 years old with a placid and friendly nature...
  • Could be making her way back to Cleveleys

Fleetwood FY7
'Fluffy' missing since the 17th.Sept.2004
  • Long haired male Cat 
  • White with Grey tail and Grey patches
  • Fluffy was wearing his Blue collar when he went missing in the Rossall area of Fleetwood.
  • Fluffy's owners live in Oswaldtwistle, Accrington and are hoping that Fleetwood residents will do their best to help find him.