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" L "

Lydiate L31
Bella missing since 6 May 2015
  • Bella a 1yr old DSH spayed female with Green eyes
  • Black with White splodge on nose , White tummy and some White on paws
  • Small for age, slight build
  • missing from Virginia Avenue


Bootle L20
Buddy missing since 18 February 2014
  • Buddy a 3yr old neutered & chipped male
  • Tabby with White chest and paws
  • Missing from Lydiate Road
  • REWARD !

Whiston L35
Olly missing since 9 February 2014
  • Olly a 2½yr old neutered and chipped...1661 LH male with Green eyes
  • Tabby very large boy..
  • Missing from Martock


Formby L37
Tom missing since 1 January 2014
  • Tom a 6mth old LH neutered and chipped male
  • Grey Tabby and wearing collar when he went missing from
    College Avenue
    REWARD !

Rainhill L35
Rascal missing since 16 October.2013
  • Rascal an aprox 12yr old dsh female with Green eyes
  • Grey Tortie with White under some Ginger
  • Thyroid problem.. very thin needs daily medication
  • missing from Second Avenue
more soon

Knowsley Village L34
Lola missing since 24 August.2013
  • Lola a 3yr old LH spayed female with Amber eyes
  • Her long coat is Lilac / Grey
  • Missing from Fountain Road
more soon

Huyton L36
Tigerlilly aka Tiggs missing since 5 March.2013
  • Tiggs a 2yr old DSH female with Yellowy eyes
  • Torbie and White.. White chest, legs and Black spot on head.
  • Wearing her Red collar when she went missing from Northwood Road
    REWARD !

Sefton Mill L29
Mia missing since 5 November.2012
  • Mia a 1yr old DSH spayed and chipped female with Green / Brown eyes
  • Classic Tabby with White bib and paws
  • Missing from Mill Weir Gardens
  • REWARD !

Kirkby L33
'Shadow' missing since 28 February.2012
  • Shadow a 5mth old entire female with Green eyes
  • Black with a few White hairs on chest
  • Wearing her Red Collar with bell when she went missing from Clorain Road
    REWARD !

Bootle L20
'Boo Boo' missing since 4.May.2011
  • Boo Boo an 18mth old DSH spayed female with Blue eyes
  • Mainly White and Grey patches and Ginger patches and Ginger tail
  • Missing from Peel Road
    REWARD !

Croxteth L11
'Garfield' missing since 12.Dec.2009
  • Garfield a 3yr old DSH entire male with Green eyes
  • Ginger with a few White markings also on his tail, Pink nose, very friendly, gets along with dogs. No Collar.
  • Missing from Countess Park
    REWARD !
Male: Entire: No Collar: No Chip

Garston L19
'Sooty' missing since 2.Dec.2009
  • Sooty an 18mth old DSH neutered and chipped male with Green eyes
  • Black: All black with a tiny white mark on bib
  • Wearing his Blue Diamante collar when he went
  • Missing from Brodie Avenue
    REWARD ! .
Male: Neuter: Blue Collar: Chip....6013

Mossley HIll L18
'Jingo' missing since 27.Jul.2009

Jingo a 5yr old DSH spayed and chipped female with Green eyes
Red Tabby and White: Red Ginger with Red and White face.
Missing from the Back Alley of Penny Lane..

more soon
Female: Spay: No Collar: Chipped

Norris Green L11
'Marmalade' missing since 27th May.2008
  • Marmalade a 2½ yr old neutered male with Green eyes
  • Ginger Tabby and White Ginger and white striped coat and tail with white at the end and white around his mouth.
  • Wearing his Silver Glitter collar when he went missing from the area of Inner Forum..
    REWARD !
Male: Neuter: Silver Glitter Collar: No Chip

Litherland L21
'Sadie' missing since 29th Jan.2007
  • Sadie a 2yr old DLH entire female with Green eyes
  • A Tortoiseshell / Calico cat - Gold, Black and White, she has a distinctive mark in her eye and curves up her left paw from an accident
  • Wearing her Black Diamante collar when she went missing from the area of Hatton Hill Road...
    REWARD !
Female: Black Diamante Collar: No chip

West Derby L12
'Stella' missing since 4th Feb.2006
  • Stella, a 7yr old entire DSH female with Green eyes
  • Black and White with White Smudge on her nose, 4 White paws a White triangle under her chin and White tip of Tail
  • Missing from the area of Lisleholme Crescent...
Female: Entire: No Collar: Chip.... 7956

Hale Village L24
'Gadget' missing since 24th Nov.2006
  • Gadget an 18mth old neutered DSH male with Green eyes
  • Ginger, stripes with a white patch under his chin
  • Missing in the area of Kildare Close...
    REWARD !
Male: Neuter: No Collar: No Chip.

" L "