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Lutterworth LE17
Millie missing since 5 September 2012
  • Millie a DLH spayed female
  • Mackeral Tabby with Bushy tail & huge ears
  • Wearing her Red collar when she went missing from Alexander Drive
  • REWARD !

Hinckley LE10 Leo a 3yr old Oriental Shorthair: Solid Grey with Bright Green eyes
contact : 07534603995 or 01455 613132  email

Eyres Monsell LE2
'Fizz' missing since Aug .2011
  • Fizz a 7yr old DSH spayed female with Yellow / Amber eyes
  • White with Black : White with Black splodges all over. she has
    a White tummy & when  she's laying on her back she looks as if she has
    Black trousers & White socks on. Her most distinguished markings are on
    her face she's Black above her eyes & ears & she has a splodge on & around her nose (like a hitler moustache) & a Black dot on her chin.
  • Missing from Sturdee Road
    REWARD !
Female Spay

Rothley LE10
'Alfie' missing since 21.Apr.2010
  • Alfie a 20mth old neutered and chipped DSH male with Green eyes
  • Tabby : Grey/black stripey tabby. Quite slender in build. The tip of his tail is missing (hardly noticeable unless you look). Quite striking, greenish eyes - a very handsome cat!
  • Wearing his Blue collar with ID tag when he went missing from
    Town Green Street
    REWARD !
Male: Neuter : Blue Collar : Chipped

Sharnford LE10
'Bubble' missing since 7.Nov.2010
  • Bubble a 7yr old DLH neutered male with Green eyes
  • Black and White : Black coat with White bib, feet and whiskers. Coat is long and curly when wet. His Black sides can look Brown in sunlight. A large cat who had put on weight for the winter.
  • Missing from Park View
Male: Neuter

Earl Shilton LE9
'Nancy' missing since 6.Jan.2011
  • Nancy a 3yr old spayed female with Green eyes
  • Black all over
  • Wearing her Blue collar when she went missing from Mill Lane
Female: Spay: Blue Collar

Swepstone LE67
'Polka' missing since 6.Nov.2010
  • Polka a 4½yr old spayed and chipped DSH female with Amber eyes
  • Calico cat: White with random patches of Dark Grey and Ginger. Dark Grey and Ginger striped tail
  • Missing from Church Street
    REWARD !
Female: Spay: Chip.... 4673

Rothley LE7
'Poppy' missing since 3.Sept.2010
  • Poppy a 2½ yr old spayed Fluffy female with Green eyes
  • Black : All Black (Brown tinge in some lights, especially on tummy) longish fluffy fur. Big Bushy tail
  • Missing from Town Green Street
Female: Spay

Loughborough LE11
'Ollie' missing since 13.Jan.2010
  • Ollie a 4yr old neutered and chipped male with Green eyes
  • Tabby with White tummy, chest and paws
  • Missing from Storer Road
    REWARD !
Male: Neuter:: Chip....4278

Ashby-de-la-Zouch LE65
'Merlin' missing since 22.Jan.2010
  • Merlin an 18mth old neutered and chipped DSH male with Green eyes
  • Black and brown Classic tabby. White nose, tummy, feet and under chin. Tabby tail. Gorgeous symmetrical markings.
  • Missing from Wood Street
    REWARD !
Male: Neuter: Chip....7799

Loughborough LE11
'Nelson' missing since 27.Sept.2009
  • Nelson a 4yr old neutered male with Light Green / Yellow eyes
  • White : White with Black patches. Over one eye and side of face / head. Black nose and tail. Extra toe
  • Wearing his White & Silver collar when he went missing from Paget Street..
    REWARD !
Male: Neuter: White / Silver collar:

Hamilton LE5
'Alfie' missing since 3.Sept.2009
  • Alfie an 18mth old neutered and chipped DSH male with Yellow eyes
  • Black: Small built, completely Black with small nick out of his ear.
  • Missing from Brompton Road
    REWARD !
Male: Neuter: : Chip....0516

Burbage LE10
'Bobby' missing since 22nd Apr.2009
  • Bobby a 2yr old DSH chipped and neutered male
  • Black and Brown Tabby with White fur, on & under his chin
  • Wearing his Blue collar with ID when he went missing from the area of Garden Close..
    REWARD !
Male : Neuter : Blue Collar + ID; Chip....2955

Leiceser LE2
'Treacle' missing since 10th Oct.2008
  • Treacle a 15mth old DSH spayed female
  • A tortoise shell cat: but mostly Black with the odd
    Ginger marking. A large Ginger marking on her chest.
  • Missing from the area of Avenue Road Extension...
    REWARD !
Female: Spay:

Barrow Upon Soar LE12
'Frankie' missing since 6th Jul.2008
  • Frankie a 4yr old DSH male with Green eyes
  • Tabby and White
  • Missing from the area of Shirreffs Close..
Male: No Collar: No Chip

Birstall LE4
'Sox' missing since 22nd May.2007
  • Sox an 8yr old spayed DSH female with Amber eyes
  • Black with White blaze between her eyes nose and
  • mouth.Two front paws little White "soxs" Back left hand leg White
  • Missing from the area of The Meadway...
Female: Spay: No Collar: No Chip

Wigston Meadows LE18
'Berlioz' missing since 15th Sept.2006
  • Berlioz a 16mth old DSH chipped & neutered male with Yellow eyes.
  • Black - thin & lanky, long thin tail with a hard bit on the end, did have thinning fur near both eyes.
  • Wearing his Black collar with Yellow reflective eyes when he went missing from the area of Maidwell Close...
    REWARD !
Male: Neuter: Black & Yellow Collar: Chipped.

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