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Woodlesford LS26
Cleo missing since 31 August..2013
  • Cleo a 3yr old chipped...8852 & spayed SLH female with Pale Green eyes
  • White and Tortie..White on tummy, legs & chest, lower half of face & onto shoulders. Ginger, black & brown on top half of face, head, back & tail. Front legs fully White,left back leg has Ginger patch, left right leg has Black patch.
  • Wearing her Gold collar with magnet when she went missing from Sherwood Way
  • REWARD !

Alwoodley LS17
Ron missing since 20 September..2013
  • Ron a 7yr old neutered and chipped male eith Light Green eyes
  • Light Ginger with almost white tummy Mackeral Tabby markings on body
  • Wearing his Black collar with ID when he went missing from Deanswood Green
  • REWARD !

Roundhay LS8
Missing since 31 January..2013
  • a 10yr old spayed and chipped female
  • Tabby with White paws, a shorter than average tail following amputation.
  • Missing from Gledhow Lane

'Scamp' missing since 22 October..2011
  • Scamp a 16yr old spayed DSH Female with Yellow eyes
  • Ginger with small amounts of White
  • Very timid
  • Missing from Sandgate Drive
    REWARD !
Female : Spay

Chapel Allerton LS7
'Budge' missing since Aug..2007
  • Budge a DSH neutered male with Yellow eyes
  • Pure Black with a Brown marking at the back of his mouth and a few scars on his face, quite a large cat but not fat
  • Missing from Town Street
    REWARD !
Male: Neuter

Cookridge LS16
'Rafa' missing since 26.Oct.2010
  • Rafa a 2yr old neutered and chipped DSH male with Green / Yellow eyes
  • Silver Spotted Tabby: Grey and Black Stripey
  • Missing from Moseley Wood Gardens
    REWARD !
Male: Neuter: Chip....8877

Leeds LS8
'Timmy' missing since 10.Jul.2010
  • Timmy a 2yr old neutered and chipped DSH male with Yellow eyes
  • Tabby: Stripey Dark Brown. Quite small not fat.
  • Wearing his Gold Sparkly flea collar when he went missing from
    Foxglove Avenue
    REWARD !
Male: Neutered: Gold Collar: Chip....6762

Headingley LS6
'Monk' missing since 19.May.2010
  • Monk a 1yr old entire DSH male with Yellowy - Green eyes
  • Black all over apart from belly and paws. Has a really dark face. On the back of his back legs are slight bald patches
  • Missing from Escourt Terrace
Male : Entire: No Collar: No Chip

Newlay LS13
'Taffeta' missing since 16.Mar.2010
  • Taffeta a 10mth old Chipped and Spayed DSH female with Green eyes
  • Tortoiseshell and White: Small cat, all White belly, Patch Tortoiseshell on back, some Tabby markings on head. Loud miaow as half siamese
  • Missing from Baxendale Drive
    REWARD !
Female: Spay: No Collar: Chipped

Pudsey LS28
'Archie' missing since 20.Jan.2010
  • Archie a 7yr old DSH neutered male with Green eyes
  • Pale Ginger with lots of White on underside and legs
  • Left eye opaque lens - blind. Right eye partially opaque lens - partially sighted
  • Wearing his shiny Turquoise collar with Magnet when he went missing from Bankhouse
    REWARD !
more soon
Male: Neuter: Turquoise Collar: No Chip.

Pudsey LS28
'Sucki' missing since 31.Dec.2009
  • Sucki an 8yr old DSH male with just One eye
  • White and Black, mostly White with Black markings
  • Missing from Acres Hall Crescent..
    REWARD !
more soon
Male: Entire: No Collar: No Chip

Tadcaster LS24
'Poppy' missing since 13.Nov.2009
  • Poppy a 7mth old chipped and spayed long haired female with Green eyes
  • Black: All black with a very faint white patch on her chest.
  • Had an op recently so still has a patch of fur that hasn't fully grown back yet.
  • Wearing her Gold collar when she went missing from Stutton Road..
    REWARD !
more soon
Female: Spay: Gold Collar: Chipped

Micklefield LS25
'Priscilla' missing since 12th Apr.2008
Priscilla c2328 a Black with White cat lost in Micklefield LS25
  • Priscilla a 10mth old spayed and chipped DFH female with Green / Amber eyes.
  • Mainly Black with a small White patch on her chest and
    a small White patch between her back legs.
  • Missing from the area of Cliffe Terrace...
Female: Spay: No Collar: Chipped

Wortley LS12
'Sooty' missing since 25th Aug.2007
  • Sooty a 6yr old chipped DSH female
  • All Black with a 'tad of White' on her belly
  • Lost in Wortley...
Female: No Collar: Chipped.

Leeds 16
'Max and Penny' missing since 28th Jul.2007
  • Max a 14yr old DSH male Blind in one eye
  • All Black
  • Penny a 7yr old DSH female
  • Black with White flash on chest.
  • Both missing from the area of Latchmere View...
more soon

Chapel Allerton LS7
'Mia' missing since 16th May.2007
  • Mia a 10yr old spayed DSH female with Brownish eyes
  • Tortoise shell with one side of her face is lighter than the other and she has a ginger and white tummy. Her whiskers on one side are white and on the other side they are black.
  • Missing from the area of Gledhow Park Avenue...
    REWARD !
Female: Spay; No Collar: No Chip

Leeds LS8
'Sooty' missing May.2007
  • Sooty last seen at at the junction of Hollin Park Ave and Hollin Park Terrace Leeds 8
  • An all black, short-haired domestic, scarring on his right ear/cheek area, unnuetered and timid - medium sized cat
  • Could possibly be suffering due to an injury to the right front leg.  Escaped on the way to the vet.
    contact: 0113 2798341 email

Calverley LS28
'Mowgli' missing since 10th Nov.2006
  • Mowgli a 3yr old neutered & chipped SH male Bombay with Amber eyes
  • All Black small cat distinctive markings near ears -
    you can see his skin through the hair.
  • Missing from the area of Thornhill Street...
Male: Neuter: No Collar: Chip....1775

  • You may find Nelson in Cookridge, Leeds LS15 there is a possibility that he hitched a lift from Harrogate HG2
    Please look out for him

  • There is a possibility that you may find Danny in the 'LS' area.
    More information here

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