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Cats Lost in the 'MK' postal area
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Milton Keynes MK2
Murphy missing since 11.January.2014
  • Murphy a 13yr old SH neutered male with Amber eyes
  • Brown coat.. nervous, astute and sharp witted.
  • missing from Queensway / Albert Street
  • REWARD !

Stantonbury MK45
Flossie missing since 26.July.2013
  • Flossie a 1yr old spayed and chipped...0329 DSH female with Green eyes
  • White with Black. Black and White face with a Black spot on her left front leg the back of her neck and another just above her shoulder.
  • Missing from Rossendale
  • REWARD !

Maulden MK45
Muzzey missing since 31.July.2012
  • Muzzey an 18yr old neutered DLH male with Green eyes
  • Black all over with missing 2 front teeth on left
  • Missing from Russell Crescent

Stony Stratford MK11
'Isabelle' missing since 2.July.2012
  • Isabelle aka Izzy a 5yr old DSH chipped..2991  and spayed female with Green eyes
  • Mackeral Full Tabby with White cheeks and neck
  • Missing from Clarence Road
    REWARD !

Furzton MK4  Ivan an SH Rosette Bengal  01908 502122 or 07882 306262 email c5107a

Stony Stratford MK11
'George' missing since 12.August.2011
  • George a 4½yr old DSH neutered and chipped male with Orange eyes
  • Pale Ginger.. George has thumbs! he has extra digits on all feet that
    make them look big.
  • He has white cheeks and a white chest and tummy and back legs.
  • Wearing his White / Red collar with ID when he went missing from
    High Street
    REWARD !
Male : Neuter : Red/White Collar : Chipped

Moggerhanger MK44
'Kasper' missing since 28.July.2011
  • Kasper a 1yr old DSH neutered and chipped male with Green / Corn coloured eyes
  • Pure White
  • Missing from Bedford Road
more soon
Male : Neuter : Chip...7124

Kempston MK42
'Gypsy aka Funny Face' missing since 29.Dec.2010
  • Gypsy a 1yr old DSH entire male with Green eyes
  • Tabby and White - Grey - Bluish Back (spotted in Grey) with White paws, White nose, White belly, Grey tiger tail
  • Missing from Gulliver Close
    Last seen by the River Ouse, Hillgrounds Road, bottom end
Male : Entire

Stony Stratford MK11
'Charlie' missing since 30th Apr.2009
  • Charlie an 18mth old neutered and chipped DSH male with 1 eye
  • Black
  • Missing from the area of Galley Hill..
    REWARD !
more soon
Male: Neuter : No Collar: Chipped.

Deandshanger MK19
'Charlie' missing since 19th Sept.2008
  • Charlie a 15mths old neutered and chipped DSH male with Yellow / Ginger eyes
  • Ginger tabby: All over Ginger. Very long tail.
  • Wearing his Black collar when he went missing from the area of
    Foxholes Close...
Male: Neuter: Black Collar: Chip....4574

Bedford MK42
'Narlah' missing since 28th Jul.2006
  • Narlah an 18mth old spayed DSH female Tabby with Green eyes.
  • Predominantly Light Brown. Brown and Black tabby, although I have heard some described as a Grey tabby. I would say Sandy coloured and Black. White patch under chin and Whitish around the mouth. Black spots on her stomach.
  • Missing from the area of Harefield Avenue...
Female: Spay: No Collar: No Chip

Bedford MK40
'Spot' missing since 29th May.2006
  • Spot a 14yr old neutered male DSH with Green eyes. Mainly black but has white markings on his feet and face mainly white on his face but has a black spot on his nose
  • Urgent, Spot is on medication, he is brain damaged & has seizures. Has to be found quickly
  • Missing from the Cobden Square area of Bedford...
Male: Neuter: No Collar: No Chip

Buckingham MK18
'Lily' missing since 13th Aug.2005
  • Lily a 2 year old female Brindle Tortie cat (Black with Ginger bits, no White)
  • She is microchipped and wearing her collar with ID tag
  • There is a generous reward offered for her safe return
Female : Altered : Collar +ID : Chipped

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