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Cats lost in the 'NR' Postal area

Norwich NR2
Bobkat missing since 28 April 2012
  • Bobkat a Fluffy neutered and chipped...5174 male with yellow eyes
  • Classic Tabby.. Golden Brown and Dark Browns  White chin Golden belly Dark stripes on head and Black tipped ears which are bent over slightly
  • Missing from Highland Road
    REWARD !

Norwich NR3
'Copernicus' missing since 18.June.2011
  • Copernicus a 1yr old DSH chipped and spayed female with Amber eyes
  • Ginger with White bib and socks, looks young
  • Missing from Oak Street
  • REWARD !
Female : Spay : Chip... 5377

Bowthorpe NR5
'Jasper' missing since 1.May.2011
  • Jasper a 17mth old DLH neutered and chipped male with Green eyes
  • Grey with light Tabby markings
  • Missing from Harry Barber Close
Male: Neuter : Chipped

Gorleston NR31
'Smokey' missing since 26.Oct.2010
  • Smokey a 1yr old DSH entire male with Yellow eyes
  • Grey / Blue:  not long haired but soft Fluffy fur. Has light stripes on tail in the light. Looks same as the cat on the Sheba advert.
  • Missing from Colomb Road
Male: Entire

Lowestoft NR32
'Lily' missing since 1.Apr.2010
  • Lily a 3yr old DSH spayed and chipped female with Amber eyes
  • Ginger (no White) stripes, tip of tail has stripes
  • Wearing her Green collar with ID when she went missing from
    Norwich Road
    REWARD !
Female: Spay: Green Collar: Chipped..

Irstead NR12
'Dodge' missing since 25.Sept.2009
  • Dodge a 5yr old DSH neutered and chipped male with Green eyes
  • Black : All black but with a tiny bit of white on his neck, not visible until you are up close to him
  • Missing from The Shoal..
    REWARD !
Male: Neuter: No Collar: Chipped.

Gunthorpe NR24
'Tigger' missing since 22nd Dec.2008
  • Tigger a 5yr old neutered and chipped male with Yellow eyes
  • Marbled Tabby: Tiggy has dark grey tabby on her back but a startlingly
    white bib and under carriage with completely white legs and paws. Slimly built she is very agile. A real cat.
  • Missing from the area of Heath Lane..
Female: Spay: No Collar: Chip.... 9415

Shipmeadow NR34
'Mcvitie' missing since 18th Sept.2008
  • Mcvitie a 2yr old DSH neutered male with Amber eyes
  • Ginger with a White chest and White blaze on nose.
  • Missing from the vicinity of Bungay Vets, he'd just had a front leg removed.
    REWARD !
more soon
Male: Neuter: No Collar: No Chip

Hellesdon NR6
'Lucky' missing since 10th Jan.2008
  • Lucky a 2yr old neutered and chipped DSH male with Greenish eyes
  • Black & Sand Marbled Tabby
  • Missing from the area of Foxcotte Close...
    REWARD !
Male: Neuter: No Collar: Chip....0321

Spixworth NR10
'Lola' missing since 6th Oct.2007
  • Lola a 2yr 5mth old spayed and chipped Brown Spotted Bengal with Gold eyes.
  • Brown coat with black spots. White around her mouth and Spotted tummy.
  • Wearing her Black collar with ID when she went missing from the area of Crostwick Lane...
    REWARD !
Female: Spay; Black Collar + ID: Chipped

E.Dereham NR19
'Bootsie' missing since 22nd Mar.2007
  • Bootsie a DSH chipped male .
  • Black & White Tuxedo cat
  • missing from the area of Humbletoft Road...
more soon

Norwich NR2
'Kinney' missing since 26th Oct.2006
  • Kinney a 7yr old spayed & chipped female Persian with Green eyes.
  • Silver tabby persian- mainly light grey with darker grey tabby markings.
  • Wearing her Silver glitter collar when she went missing from the area of
    Winter Road...

    REWARD !
Female: Spayed: Silver collar: Chipped...

New Catton NR3
'Smokey' missing since 8th Sept.2005
  • Smokey a 6yr old male, neutered and chipped Tabby
  • Silvery grey and dark grey striped back with all white underneath
  • not wearing his collar when he went awol from the Rosebery Road area of New Catton in Norwich...
Male / Altered / No collar / Chip....6336