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Chesterfield S41
Chi missing since 3 June.2016
  • Chi an aprox 8yr old DSH chipped & neutered male
  • Black and White with 2 small tears in his ears
  • Reflective collar
  • Missing from Shirland Street

Penistone S36
April missing since 28 August.2014
  • April a 7yr old DSH chipped & spayed female with Yellow / Green eyes
  • Mainly White with Black patches over eyes and on Body and tail
  • Missing from Wentworth Crescent
  • REWARD !

Barnsley S70
Saffron missing since 22 April.2014
  • Saffron a 3yr old chipped.. 1260 & spayed female with Green eyes
  • (Broken)Tabby : Brown / Black
  • Missing from Corporation Street
    REWARD !

Thurlstone S36
Tango missing since 24 June.2014
  • Tango a 7yr old DSH neutered & chipped male with Yellow eyes
  • Ginger with Cream. Lump over his left eye
  • Missing from Prospect

Oughtibridge S35
Bella missing since 10.August.2013
  • Bella a 10yr old DLH spayed and chipped...6739 female with Yellow eyes
  • Dark Tortie Body with White bib, Pink nose, Ginger around face, long White whiskers, White paws
  • Missing from Crag View Crescent
  • REWARD !

Sheffield S11
'Duchess' missing since 24.July.2013
  • Duchess a 4yr old spayed  and chipped female with Blue eyes
  • Lilac Tabby point Siamese. Cream with Striking Tabby markings on face paws and tail.
  • Missing from Rustlings Road
  • REWARD !

Staveley S43
'Levi' missing since 17.July.2012
  • Levi a 7yr old DSH neutered male with Yellow eyes
  • Black with White chest and paws, long White whiskers and eyebrows and White stripe between eyes Has a missing tooth left side and occasionally has a limp due to a left paw that can be sore due to RTA as a kitten
  • Missing from Wessington Drive
    REWARD !

Chapeltown S35
'Rocky' missing since 29.September .2010
  • Rocky a 1½ yr old DSH male
  • Ginger Tabby and White with Pink nose
  • Missing from Steven Crescent

Clay Cross S45
'Logan' missing since 3.June.2010
  • Logan a 1yr old neutered and Chipped DSH male with Yellow eyes
  • Ginger and White
  • Missing from Clay Lane
    REWARD !
Male: Neutered: No Collar: Chipped

Thurlstone S36
'Beanie' missing since 27.Mar.2010
  • Beanie a 3 ½ yr old neutered and chipped Long Haired male with Green eyes
  • Tabby: Black / Brown. Fluffy tail. M to forehead. Big paws.
  • Wearing his Silver collar when he went missing from Prospect
  • NB. possible sighting in Upper Midhopestones S30 on 15.April.
Male: Neuter: Silver Collar: Chipped.

Parson Cross S5
'Toby' missing since 29.Sept.2009
  • Toby a 6mth old DSH neutered male
  • Ginger and White - He has a shorter patch of hair on his front leg from recent vaccination. He is very loving. The very end of his tail is very white
  • Missing from Colley Drive..
    REWARD !
more soon
Male: Neuter: No Collar: No Chip

Totley S17
'Toby' missing since 2. Oct.2009
  • Toby an 18mth old DSH neutered and chipped male with Green / Yellow eyes
  • Silver Spotted Shorthair: Grey with Black stripes
  • Missing from Laverdene Avenue
    REWARD !
Male: Neuter : No Collar: Chip....1531

Hillsborough S6
'Chui' missing since 14th May.2009
  • Chui an 8mth old entire short haired male with Green eyes
  • Tabby with stripes and spots
  • Wearing his Silver collar with ID tag when he went missing from the area of Vere Road...
    REWARD !
Male: Entire: Silver Collar: No Chip

Ecclesall S11
'Scruffy' missing since 28th Feb.2009
  • Scruffy an 18yr old DLH male with Green eyes
  • White: Black and White with Black on the inside of his eyes
  • Wearing his Blue / Grey collar with magnet when he went missing from the area of Thompson Road.
    REWARD !
Male: Entire: Blue/Grey Collar: No Chip

High Wincobank S9
'Jarvis' missing since 22nd Feb.2008
  • Jarvis a 3½ yr old neutered and chipped male with Amber eyes
  • A Red Tabby - Pale Ginger with Paler Oyster (Marbled) Tabby markings
  • Missing from the area of Fort Hill Road...
Male: Neuter: No Collar: Chip....2718

New Whittington S43
'Cleo' missing since 29th Sept.2007
  • Cleo a 2yr old entire but chipped female Tortie Point Siamese with Blue eyes
  • Her short coat is Off White with typical siamese markings of Black face pointed ears, pointy face, Black front paws, Stripey tail
  • Wearing her Red Collar with id tag when she went missing from the area of Grasscroft Park...
    REWARD !
Female: Entire: Red Collar: Chip....9393

Barrow Hill S43
'Harley' missing since 10th Sept.2007
  • Harley a 3yr old neutered DSH male with Amber eyes.
  • Ginger - Dark and light Ginger in a marble affect pattern. White
    around mouth. Spotty Belly. Stripey ontop of head, around legs and around tail. Chipped front canine tooth. Thin 3 inch long scar down his tail.
  • Missing from the area of Brooks Road...
Male: Neuter: No Collar: No Chip

Stradbroke S13
'Casper' missing since 1st Sept.2007
  • Casper 8 ½ yr old entire DFH male with Brown eyes
  • His long coat is mainly Black with flecks of Brown/Ginger
  • Wearing his Red collar with bell when he went missing from the area of Glenholme Way...
more soon
Male: Entire: Red collar: No Chip.

Cawthorne S75
'Doris' missing since 22nd Apr.2007
  • Doris a 5yr old spayed and chipped female Bengal with Turquoise eyes
  • Golden Brown with darker Brown spots and stripes
  • Her tummy is cream and fluffy with smaller brown spots.
    Her tail is ringed with gray/brown and black stripes with a black tip. Her chin is white.
  • Missing from the area of Tivydale...
Female: Spay: No Collar: Chipped

Lodge Moor S10
'Mimi' missing since 25th Sept.2006
  • Mimi a 3yr old chipped & spayed DLH female with Green eyes
  • Black, Medium sized & very fluffy with enormous green eyes.
  • Big black fluffy tail Tiny white 'star' on her chest & Big furry paddy paws.
  • Wearing her White collar when she went missing from the area of
    Winchester Road...
Female: Spay: White Collar: Chipped/

  • Sammy could be in this area please look out for her

Penistone S36
'Oscar' missing since 12th Dec. 2005
  • Oscar, a 8-9 year old male
  • medium sized neutered Classic Tabby with a White bib/underbelly and also has a patch a White just below his nose.
  • No collar and isn't chipped.
  • Missing from the Chapelfield Lane area of Penistone...
Male / Altered / No Collar / No Chip

Dalton S65
'Jodie' missing since c14th Sept. 2005
  • Jodie is a 2yr old chipped & spayed female
  • Brown Tabby and White with small patches of Ginger tabby,
  • Missing from the Wilson Drive area of Dalton, Rotherham...
Female / Altered / No Collar / Chip....4735

Dalton S65
'Monty' missing since 16th Aug.2001
  • Monty a tall lanky Male Neutered and Chipped.
  • All Black
  • He was wearing a silver coloured reflective flea collar when he went missing.
  • Missing from the Wilson Drive area of Dalton, Rotherham,
Male/Neutered/Silver Collar/ Chip....4430

Goldthorpe S63
'Leah' missing since 15th Jun.2005
Leah of Goldthorpe
  • Leah a small 11 month old shorthair female cat.
  • All Black,
  • She has amber eyes is spayed but has no collar or chip
  • missing from the Railway View area of Goldthorpe...
Female / Altered / No Collar / No Chip