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Horton SL3
Tilly missing since 22 March 2012
  • Tilly a 1 yr old DSH spayed and chipped...1736 female with Yellowy Gold eyes
  • Black with White belly, White toes on front paws and White back legs, White ruff, around nose and mouth looks like a Black and White chess board.
  • Missing from Mill Lane

Datchet SL4 Boo Boo a DSH Tabby with White male 07947 576872 email c5630

Eton SL4 Timmy a 2yr old neutered Tabby with White male 07821 803609 email c5196a

Furtz Platt SL6
'Fifi' missing since 17 September 2011
  • Fifi a 5yr old chipped and spayed female with Green eyes
  • Tortoiseshell with distinctive strip down her nose
  • Missing from Malvern Road
    REWARD !
Female : Spay : Chipped

Taplow SL6
'Willow' missing since end July 2011
  • Willow a 15yr old DSH male with Green eyes
  • Tabby with White belly , slight chip out of ear (Burmese x)
  • Missing from Cardinals Walk
Male : Neuter

Ascot SL5
'Phoebe' missing since 14.Mar.2010
  • Phoebe a 10yr old long haired spayed female with Blue eyes
  • Blue-Cream Colourpoint Persian: Cream, Smoke on her face and ears. Her fur had recently been cut in areas so not long hair all over.
  • Missing from Brockenhurst Road
    REWARD !
Female: Spay: No Collar: No Chip

Bourne End SL8
'Milko' missing since 15.Sept.2009
  • Milko an 18mth old neutered & chippped Maine Coon / Norwegian Forest male with Yellow Green eyes
  • White with Charcoal patches
  • Missing from Chapman Lane..
    REWARD !
Mlale:Neuter:No collar: Chip 1939

Cippenham SL1
'Wispa' missing since 20th Dec.2008
  • Wispa an 18mth old spayed DFH female with Yellow eyes
  • Tortoishell: Brown / Black / Ginger: Ginger nose, ginger back left paw, very fluffy tail like a squirrels! Curly ginger belly.
  • Missing from the area of Moore Close..
    REWARD !
Female: Spay: No Collar: Chip....4543

Burnham SL1
'Jack' missing since 23rd Sept.2008
  • Jack a 7yr old Siamese X with Green eyes.
  • Grey and Black striped with White bib and White socks on each foot.
  • Wearing collar and ID when he went missing from the area of Bingham Road..
more soon
Male: Neuter: Collar + ID; Chipped

Maidenhead SL6
'Shadow' missing since 21st Feb.2008
  • Shadow a 6yr old neutered DSH male with Green eyes
  • Black with a a distinct cauliflower ear
  • Missing from the area of Hampden Road...
Male: Neuter: No Collar: No Chip

Maidenhead SL6
'Smudge' missing since 3rd May.2007
  • Smudge 3-4yr old neutered DSH male with Yellow Eyes
  • White with Black patches - Black hat and ears Black nose, Black on back
  • Missing from the area of Courtfields...
    REWARD !
Smudge: Spay: No Collar: No Chip

Cox Green SL6
'Ducati' missing since 6th Aug.2006
  • Ducati a 6½ yr old neutered & chipped male Siamese Tabby point with Blue eyes.
  • Pale Cream with Stripey tail, slim, small nick in his left ear. Answers to his name. White around his eyes & Black lips
  • Missing from the aea of Ockwells Rd, Cox Green in Maidenhead...
Male: Neuter: No Collar: Chipped.

Max could be in this area - please look out for him

Windsor SL4
'Diego' missing since 30th Jul.2006
  • Diego a 16mth old neutered male Cross Abyssinian with Green eyes.
  • A Long-haired Tabby with White markings around his mouth and down his neck.
  • Wearing his brown/black collar with ID tag (wrong phone number) when he went missing from the Bourne Avenue area of Windsor...
    REWARD !
Male: Neuter: Collar+ID: No Chip

Bourne End SL8
'Buster' missing since 7th Oct.2005
  • Buster is a Maine Coon pedigree,
  • Brown tabby, with a squirrel-like bushy tail, ruff and britches although rather on the small side for a Maine Coon
  • Missing from the Cores End Road area of Bourne End, Bucks...
  • Substantial reward offered for information leading to his safe return.
Male / Altered / No Collar / Chipped

'Sophie' missing since 20th Aug.2005
  • Sophie a petite female missing from the Fairfield Road area of Burnham...
  • all Black

'Oz' missing since 5th Aug.2005
  • Oz is a Lilac Burmese, Light Grey in colour, has big Light Green eyes & is 3 years old,
  • Missing from the Arborfield Close area of Slough.
    He is friendly on his terms...

Maidenhead SL6
'Jasmine' Missing since 17th Sept 2003
  • Jasmine, a small persian missing from the Moorfield Terrace area Maidenhead,
  • may now be around the Bracknell area.

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