" We have children, Rosa was my little boys cat, he is 5, he's heart broken and very worried she has had no food. Please check sheds garages etc
or return her if you found her... ."

Rosa has been sneaking out the cat flap recently, we have been bringing her back in, we did not notice she had gone out. she was last seen around 5pm on thurs. we have her mother who is very distressed.

We have since had information given to us to the effect that Rosa had been taken to North Drive..

Im sure she'd have come back if she was near by, like I say we have her mother and the other cat loves her. we have a cat flap which she can get back in by.

Would everyone living and working in the vicinity and surrounding areas of
Palatine Road, Cleveleys

Please keep a lookout for Rosa

Search and Monitor all Sheds, Garages, Outbuildings in the hopes of finding her
Any information would be appreciated.

Please send for a ready to print
for display in any prominent position.
Help Fudge find her way home

Spread the Word !
Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thank you
If you have contacts in this area and can forward (via email) a poster to them Please let us know