If George has adopted you please can you let me know - I need to know he's ok!!

Would everyone living and working in the vicinity and surrounding areas of
Central Beach, Lytham
Please keep a lookout for George

Search and Monitor all Sheds, Garages, Outbuildings in the hopes of finding him
Any information would be appreciated.

Please send for a ready to print
for display in any prominent position.

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We have only just started letting George out because of his age and the Area where we live. he was desperate to get out and has resorted to going out of the top window and going over the roof to the back of the house. He has to get over the wall to have access to anywhere else.

Maybe he's just being lazy and doesnt feel like leaping over the wall!

His tail is his best feature. When he walks around with it stood upright he looks like a scunk. Hopefully he's just gone out courting and will come back when he's ready!!

Spread the Word !
Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thank you

If you have contacts in this area and can forward (via email) a poster to them Please let us know